I could barely suppress my excitement as I walked into the salon. Finally, I would get what my tired, overworked muscles deserved. I'd been waiting for this for months, not having enough money, or having too much work to do, but now I was in the perfect spot to get a full body massage.

I'd only had a professional massage once before, and it was just on my feet. The full body was much more expensive, and from what I'd heard from a friend of mine, they were much more enjoyable. Given that I spent every day lifting heavy materials onto roofs, working in the hot sun, I felt I could treat myself for a day.

As I waited for my masseuse, I looked through my news feed on facebook, liking the funny and entertaining posts, and ignoring the stupid, overrated things about love and relationships. I had no intimate life to speak of, given that very few people knew I was a homosexual.

I've always known I was gay; I discovered who I was at a young age, in a 'this one time at band camp' experience. Only difference was that I was camping as a boy scout instead. Yeah, I know; pause for ironic laughter.

I was forced to be masculine as possible growing up, so now, no one suspected me, being 6'3 and almost 200 pounds of pure muscle-a man's man. And I never planned to let on at work, where people would probably kick my ass, despite my size, since I was just 'a dumbass faggot'.

I sensed somebody standing in front of me, and when I looked up, I almost dropped my damn phone. There was an absolutely gorgeous young man in front of me. He was almost as big as I was, and probably a few years younger, maybe twenty. He didn't look like he worked out, but like he was naturally strong, and very muscular, though not like I was. He had shining green eyes and a light tan covering what I could see of his soft skin. He looked like a living Greek sculpture; there wasn't a feature on his face even slightly out of proportion. His shoulders were broad and tapered down to a slim waist. He was wearing a black, skin-hugging T-shirt that looked like it would split at the seams, and light khakis that showed off his muscular legs, the fabric just a little snug around his groin. His dirty blond hair was wild, like he'd been sleeping, and it gave him a boyish look, despite his size.

"You're Gavin?" he asked, glancing down at the clipboard in his hands. I noticed that his hands were well-groomed and very clean, and thick, and they looked really strong. His voice was as amazing as his body, an almost musical baritone, although it still sounded youthful, almost naïve, in a way.

I realized that I was staring at him, slackjawed, while he looked back at me, waiting for an answer. Quickly, I straightened up, coughing and mumbling a, "Y-yeah, that's me."

His smile turned into a sincere grin, and I found that his teeth were white and straight, and his lips were full, and pink, and kissable. I found myself smiling back, just a little, put at ease by that gorgeous face. "Hi, Gavin. I'm Jeremy, your masseur today. You wanted the full body, deep tissue treatment, right?"

I nodded, not trusting myself to speak. He led me through the hallways in back, to a room for the massage. I followed behind him, my eyes glued to his beautiful bubble butt. His hips swayed as he walked, just a little bit, enough to make me feel like I was being coaxed forward by the sight. I noticed that I had a raging hard-on in my jeans, and I told my cock to calm down, that he was most likely straight anyway, but since when does the damn thing listen to reason? I was just glad the sexy hunk was in front and couldn't see me.

The room was dimly lit, with a massage table, a chair, and a small table with a collection of little bottles of oil. The place smelled like something fresh, like a forest that's never been touched by humans before. It was warm, but not uncomfortably warm. The room had a relaxing aura about it, and I immediately felt calmer when I stepped inside.

"Go on ahead and take off your clothes," Jeremy said. He handed me a fluffy white towel. "If you want, you can cover up with this."

I was blushing furiously. He was facing me now, and it was impossible to miss the huge amount of wood I was sprouting in my pants, which pointed uncomfortably to the side. Was it just me, or did his eyes linger there a little longer than normal? I looked away and reluctantly scanned the room for somewhere private to change, to no avail.

"Don't worry, Gavin," he said, shrugging off the awkward moment. "This happens to a lot of guys that are really looking forward to a good massage. This is your first time, isn't it?"

"Am I really that obvious?" I was thankful that he at least didn't know the real cause of my erection.

He laughed, and I couldn't help but grin a tiny bit, too. "You kind of stand out. Just looking at you makes me tense. Just wait, though; an hour from now, you'll be a brand new person. Now, go ahead and undress."

He turned around out of respect, and dealt with the oils on the table. I still hesitated, standing awkwardly beside the chair. If I didn't have a stiffy, I would be fine, but I had never been naked in front of a guy without being moments away from quick, discreet, largely unsatisfying sex, and even that hadn't been in months.

Jeremy heard that I wasn't moving. "You don't have to take off your clothes, but if you want my professional opinion, the experience wouldn't be worth what you paid. Or, I could give you a refund, though it looks like you could really use this."

"No, I do want this; need it, actually. Sorry, I'm just nervous." Quickly, I took off all my clothes and threw them on the chair. When I took off my pants and my boxer-briefs, my cock slapped against my abs, and I realized I was already dripping precum. I was really glad Jeremy's back was turned, and he couldn't see my attention-starved member as it cried out for release. I almost forgot how big it was; a stunning nine inches hard, and as thick as my wrist.

He talked to me while I changed; he talked about the type of oils he'd use on me, how he'd start on my back and then work on my front. He sounded like a professional, and listening to him speak put me at ease. It was comforting, somehow, and it made me feel less embarrassed.

My cock would. Not. Quit. It tented the front of the towel as I checked out his muscled back, and his tight ass. My dick twitched, reaching out for him, and I sighed in longing before I could stop myself, caught up in wishing I could have him. He realized I was done and turned around, a bottle of oil in his hand. He looked at me, wide-eyed, openly checking out my build.

"Wow, Gavin. You must work out like crazy, huh?"

I gave him a half-smile and shrugged, puffing my chest out a little, proud of my muscles. "Nah. All natural right here; I just work outside a lot."

"Damn. I'm jealous now." He flashed that perfect smile, and I smiled back, both of us ignoring the tent still in my towel as he stroked my ego.

"You're nothing to laugh at; you're almost as big as I am."

He smiled shyly. "Thanks. I live at the gym, when I'm not working."

"Really? It doesn't even look like you have to work for those muscles."

His face got just a little red and he tried to hide it. He had me lie down on my stomach on the table. I ended up having to let my hard on rest against my stomach to keep it from causing me incredible pain. Jeremy did this thing, though, where my towel was stretched over my ass like a narrow blanket, rather than being wrapped around me, which made it easier to make my wood comfortable. Amazingly, I managed to keep my cock out of sight, then forced underneath me before Jeremy could see it. I kept asking my deprived rod, please, why won't you shut up??? But it only throbbed more, twitching uncomfortably underneath me. God, I needed to get off.

I felt beautiful Jeremy stand beside me, about to begin, rubbing some oil on his hands. The oil smelled good, like coconut and something else I couldn't put my finger on. I sighed happily, knowing that soon the boy's hands would be all over me.

Jeremy started spreading the oil into my skin on my shoulders, rather than massage immediately. The oil was surprisingly warm, but it didn't burn; it was just comfortable. His initially light touches gradually got firmer and firmer, until soon, he was kneading my shoulders for all he was worth. I groaned in pleasure as he slowly unknotted my muscles.

"Oh God, Jeremy, those hands of yours are pure magic," I said as he worked out a particularly bad kink under my right shoulder blade. He just chuckled and kept rubbing me. I smiled, relaxing, letting my mind wander while my body was healed and soothed by this marvelous young man's hands.

After he had worked his way across my shoulders, down the backs of my arms, and down to my lower back, he stopped and started on my calves and my hamstrings. Surprisingly, my muscled legs, especially my thighs, needed this even more than my back. I moaned and melted into the padded table as he massaged the backs of my thighs.

Jeremy really was a miracle worker. The way he touched me was overwhelmingly peaceful. I was so, so relaxed, I couldn't help but let my thoughts drift off again. I realized I was falling asleep, it felt so damn good.

After some amount of time had passed (I didn't know how much exactly, I was floating in and out of consciousness), I felt his hands leave me, just before they got to my ass. I brought myself back to life, and realized why he had stopped.

I grunted as I stopped rubbing against the table. I realized that my body had been trying to get itself off while I was miles away, openly humping the soft rubber table with my erection during the massage. I had gotten so close to the edge I could barely stand it. I was panting heavily with lust, trying to think of something to say to the young man. Of course, I was drawing a complete, painfully mortifying, blank. Oh, shit.

Jeremy spoke first. "Been a while, huh?" His tone confused me; I didn't know by his voice if he was trying to laugh it off and hide how uncomfortable he was, or if just maybe, he was coming onto me.

I couldn't help but make a sound between a desperate sigh and a hoarse chuckle. "Too long," I muttered. Yes, I had anonymous sex, but I hadn't even done that in months. "I'm so sorry."

"Don't apologize. I know how you feel."

I frowned and looked up to ask him how the hell somebody that looked like him got no action. I froze when I saw him standing by my head, his crotch inches from my face. There was no mistaking the outline of a hard dick in his shorts, a BIG dick, fighting the confines of his pants and pointing straight at me. I looked up at his face in disbelief. His beautiful green eyes were filled to the brim with lust, and uncertainty, and raw need, like mine probably were. His soft face asked a nervous question, hoping he hadn't misread the signs.

I turned over and sat up, barely making an effort to keep myself covered now. Gently, I gripped his shoulders and pulled him down to where I sat. Our lips met, and I immediately forgot any kiss I'd had before him. His mouth was soft, and warm, and passionately returned my embrace.

When we finally pulled away for air, both our heads were spinning, and he smiled at me like a little kid. Well, technically, like a big kid, though that was beside the point. I looked at the door, then at him. "Will we be safe? I mean, no one's going to walk in, right?"

He stood up straight, looking so big and powerful, yet youthful before me, then hurried off and flipped the lock on the door. "Now they won't."

He sauntered toward me, taking off his shirt and kicking off his flip-flops as he went. His chest was broad and sculpted flawlessly. He was hairless, and looked soft to the touch. He could easily have been a male model.

He stood in front of me, looking me up and down admirably. He reached out caressed my cheek with his fingertips, making me shiver. "You look so strong, so...male," he whispered. He looked deeply into my eyes, holding my gaze like I was in a trance. "Lie down, on your back this time."

I did as he said, always staring into his deep green eyes. He pulled the towel off of me, leaving me fully nude on his table. He broke eye contact at last, and raked his eyes up and down my body, his gaze definitely extra attentive to my pulsing dick as it stood proudly upright, a sticky dribble of precum on the long shaft. I almost felt high as he looked at me; I felt utterly admired, worshipped. I felt like his god, for a minute, and I couldn't get enough.

Jeremy leaned in close, first planting light kisses all over my face, then sucking lightly on my neck. "I'm gonna make you beg for it, big man."

He buried his face in my chest hair, inhaling deeply, and then moaned into me. He was getting off on my scent, and that made me need him even more.

I wanted him to keep going, but Jeremy had other plans. He put more oil on his hands, then liberally coated me with half a bottle. Slowly, he continued the deep tissue massage, working my shoulders and chest. I cried out with even the tiniest amount of pressure, turned on more than ever before.

"I love it so much when I hear you moan," Jeremy murmured seductively in my ear, sliding his tongue in and making me gasp. "I love that rich, deep voice. It's like magic."

I swear this kid was going to make me blow my load before my poor cock was ever even touched.

The sensual contact between us was more than merely a service provided, now; it was lewd, and erotic, and hot enough to burn. I swear I was harder than I'd ever been before; maybe it was from the warm, slippery fluid between his hands and my body, maybe it was the tender way that he released the tension in my muscles. I think it was the fact that, in my entire adult life, no one had looked at me like that, had touched me like that, with such raw, powerful emotion. Nobody had ever looked at me and touched me like they were instantly and unalterably in love with me, rather than simply in lust with me. I was twenty six, and I had never had a real lover. This man, though, Jeremy, made me feel truly cherished, if only for a moment.

He finished my massage with extreme leisure, making me moan and groan until my throat was dry. I was barely able to keep from writhing on the table; my hands clung to the edges of the table above my head for some sense of stability. My cock hurt, the ruby head twitching and anticipating and spurting precum like a deranged faucet. When he got down to my pelvic bone, I desperately hoped he would touch my dick. Jeeeezus, how I wanted him to touch my dick. I looked at him, and I realized that at some point, his pants had disappeared, giving me a perfect view of his huge, dripping, uncut rod. I gaped in amazement; he was even bigger than me! He had to have been at least ten inches, and as thick as a soda can. His balls were the size of oranges, and hung low between his thighs. I realized that his tan didn't end around his sweet package. The thought of him tanning naked, getting hard and jerking off somewhere outside in the middle of the day was hotter than any other fantasy I'd ever had. My mouth was watering. He gave me a sexy smile, and leaned in towards my cock. I managed to get a thought through the lust fogging my brain, and held him back by his shoulder just in time.

He looked stunned for a moment. He saw the uncertain look in my face, which made his turn confused, then wary.

"Are you clean?" we asked each other at the same time, after a pregnant moment.

"I get tested all the time."

"I've always used a condom."

I let out a sigh of relief, then kissed him full on the lips, sliding my tongue into his mouth. He pulled away after a moment, and went back down to my cock. He ran his tongue up and down my shaft, and kissed my cockhead, lapping up a bead of my clear man juice. I shuddered and whimpered, which was new for me.

He put his hands on my thighs and began massaging, simultaneously tucking one of my heavy balls into his mouth. He sucked and lightly bit down on the full sack, bringing me closer to the edge than I imagined, then alternating, making sure that each got as much attention as possible. I tweaked my dusky nipples with one hand, and reached down and caressed his smooth, bare back with the other. He moaned, and I grunted from the vibrations.

"Please," I found myself moaning. "Please, just let me go. Let me cum. Oh God, I need to come. I need...need it so...so much..." I really was not the begging type; this kid made me do things I didn't even know I would, but I liked it. Just when I thought I couldn't take any more, he let go of my balls, and stuffed all nine inches down his warm, slick, heavenly throat, burying his nose in my pubic hair on the first swallow, before staying absolutely still, becoming a sheath for my cock.

To say that I came is the understatement of the year. Every bit of pent-up sexual energy from the last few months (among other things) came bursting out of me at once. It was so intense that it was painful. It was a good kind of painful, though, like a deep tissue massage. I screamed uncontrollably, though Jeremy clapped a powerful hand over my mouth, silencing me. He sucked me hard, swallowing my cum as fast as it came pouring out of me. My eyes rolled back in my head, and I convulsed harder than I ever had. I was completely lost beyond coherence in the waves of euphoria, and lust, and love. In that moment, I loved that boy more than anyone or anything I'd ever known.

It took t least thirty seconds for my orgasm to subside, and I was convinced that I had choked my poor Jeremy to death. When I finally calmed down, I realized that I was on the floor by the table, drenched in sweat and oil, with no clue how I got there. The kid was on his hand and knees, still sucking, trying to milk just a little bit more sweet cream out of me. I moaned and forced him off my oversensitive cock, letting him know it was too much. He looked at me and gave me a grin to make me melt, a single drop of cum running down his chin.

Devoid of strength, my head flopped down onto the floor, which suddenly seemed like a very warm, comfortable place. Unable to speak, I took his hand and gently pulled him towards me. Once he straddled me, I licked the cum from his perfect face, and then he kissed me, sharing the taste of delicious seed.

"I've never seen anybody buck like that," he whispered. "You came up at least three feet off the table."

I couldn't really do more at that point than breathe and let Jeremy do what he wanted. He was still very hot and bothered, and needed release almost as much as I had. He buried his face in my chest, taking in as much of my musk as he possibly could. He was breathing so deep, I swore he was on the verge of hyperventilating. I watched him through heavy-lidded eyes, fighting off unconsciousness. I didn't want to miss a second of this beautiful kid.

When Jeremy was finally done inhaling me, he came back up and invaded my mouth with his tongue. I did my best to return it through the haze. He broke away and nibbled on my earlobe, making me gasp despite my lethargy. He pulled back and gazed down at me with a mischievous look in his brilliant emerald eyes."I want you to fuck my ass," he whispered, grinding against me for emphasis. "I want you to be my first."

I perked up immediately, making him chuckle. "Your first?" I asked quietly, sliding my arms around his waist, wide awake.

He batted his eyes at me, moving his hips a little and rubbing his dick against my own cock and balls for stimulation. "I've fucked other guys, but because of my size, I've never...ben on the receiving end. You're the only man I've met who's even bigger than me."

"We need to remedy that, don't we?"

I felt myself hardening again as I sat up and held him in my arms. I reached around him and slid a finger between his ass cheeks. He bit back a moan, staring at me lustily. He had me mesmerized before; I was under his control, enthralled by his bright green eyes. Now, though, he was all mine, to do with whatever I pleased.

I stood, albeit shakily, and helped him onto the table. I put him on his hands and knees and looked over his ass as he bared it to me. It was probably the only thing with any fat on it: a thin layer, just enough to make it look bubbly and fuckable and inviting.

"Oh, I love that," he moaned as I ran my fingers over his silky cheeks. "Your hands are so big, and rough. They feel wonderful."

"It's going to get even better," I murmured, gripping the juicy round globes and gently squeezed. He shivered, pushing his ass back into me. I smiled; he was ready.

Jeremy gasped when he felt me biting that luscious, round butt, sucking on the skin and marking him. It was heaven, having my mouth on that warm, meaty ass. He didn't smell like ass, but he smelled clean, hearty, just like the rest of him. I spread him apart with my hands and stuck my face in between the delicious, melon-like ass cheeks, my lips searching until they found his untouched rosebud.

He shuddered in ecstasy when I kissed and sucked on his sweet hole, getting him nice and hot and ready for me. He sat there, moaning, his voice getting a little more high-pitched with the pleasure I gave him. He told me, through his heavy breath, that he'd never been eaten out, that his virgin ass had never been touched, and to please be gentle. I promised I would and pushed into him, my wet tongue probing new parts of him that had never been explored before. I felt him contract, then force his muscles to relax as I prepared him for my cock.

"Oh my God," he whispered, completely still on the table, as if moving would make me stop. I smiled, my face still stuffed into his cheeks. He was the tightest thing I'd ever eaten out, and soon, my fat, revived cock would be stuffed inside him. It twitched again at the thought. As I probed and licked and slurped, I reached around and stroked his huge dick. I still couldn't get over how big he was; I knew that at some point, I would need him inside me. For now, though, I was more than content to make him my own.

I stood up, leaving a parting hickey on his silky skin. He looked back at me, as sad as a kicked puppy at the loss of stimulation. I smiled, walked around the table, and kissed him on the lips, reaching down and caressing his piss-slit with the pad of my thumb. He moaned into my mouth a little, sounding significantly more feminine than he was when I initially met him.

"I'm going to make you mine. You want that, don't you."

"Please, yes. Please, take me now..." He stood on his knees and threw his arms around me, begging me for release. He forced my hard dick between his legs, under his own package, and started grinding up against me.

I danced out of his reach, loving the control I had over him, making him get back down on his hands. I felt omnipotent, deciding what he felt and when.

I chose one of the bottles of oil from the table, making Jeremy's desperate, hopeless eyes light up. "Get on your back, Whore," I growled, my own words surprising me.

He looked a little nervous, but did as I said, looking back at me submissively with his bright, innocent green eyes, making him seem so much smaller than he really was, yet still so big. A growl of longing came from deep in my chest as I watched him, and an edgy, lusty smile twitched at the corners of his talented mouth. I was still the one in control, right?

I went over to him again and pinned his hands down above him with my own, reaffirming my dominance. I wasn't forceful enough to keep him there, if he struggled; I doubt I could really keep him down, if he didn't want me to--it would be an even fight normally, but I made it obvious who was in charge at the moment. He stared up at me, panting, giving himself over as a helpless virgin. I sucked on his pink, hard nipples, making him yelp and cry out. His hard little nubs felt so good on my lips and on my tongue, like little cocks, one after the other.

Eventually, I ran my mouth down his body, taking my sweet time over his hard abs and his navel. I got down to his cock, taking the head between my lips without hesitation. His hips bucked a little at the sensation, trying to get more of his shaft inside me, and his newly freed hands came down to hold my head, rubbing my short black hair in his fingers. I drooled on his delicious, meaty dick and licked the head, making loud slurping noises, distracting him from the pain of what was still to come; I didn't want him to be stressed and clench up while I was opening him. Without letting on what I was up to, I lubed up my fingers with the massage oil and plunged two in his ass to the first joint.

"Ugh, ah!" he cried, feeling the pain in the sudden penetration. It hurt him a little, I knew from the way he gripped my head, but it was dulled by my mouth on his cock. I could hardly believe how tight he was. My fingers barely fit inside, and I had no clue how I would stretch him open enough for my dick. I just kept it up, and started pushing my fingers in and out gently, letting him adjust. It wasn't long at all before his grunts of pleasure-mingled-pain were full-fledged moans of ecstasy, begging me to go further.

Ten minutes later, I had four fingers inside him, carefully pumping his boypussy. I had to stop sucking his cock, otherwise he would've cum too early. As it was, one wrong breath would set him off. He was almost crying now he was so aroused, his cock grown at least another inch since I first saw it. He was tearing at his beautiful hair, frantically trying to convince me he was ready for my cock. "Gavin, PLEEEASE stick your dick in my ass. I want to be impaled by your huge man-meat. I want you to show me, and teach me what it's like to be fucked, to be possessed by pure masculinity. Oh, Ahh, that's so good...please, more..."

Now, who on Earth could resist an invitation like that?

I quickly lubed up my cock, completely recovered and itching for more action. Jeremy watched every move I made. He knew what was coming, and though he wanted more than anything for it to happen, no amount of cocksucking would ease the agony of that first real penetration.

I had to put his shirt in his mouth, so that nobody out in the halls could hear him cry out. "It's just while the pain lasts," I soothed quietly. "It won't be for long, just a few moments and you'll feel pleasure like you've never known; I guarantee it."

He nodded and whispered, "I'm scared...but I need this."

I nodded, understanding exactly what he felt, and kissed him passionately, losing myself, for a second, in his lips. When we were done, I gently tucked the soft cotton fabric where my tongue had just been, improvising a gag.

I spread his perfect, muscular legs and put myself deep between them, pouring more oil in his crack for extra lubrication. I rubbed it in slowly, letting my fingers slip down into those round, firm cheeks, lightly stroking his virgin, ready hole. He shivered and whined, sounding like a little twink, making my heart and my dick jump. He looked deeply into my eyes as I lined up my cock. It was so intense, like he was piercing my very soul with his eyes.

I began to push the head into him, as careful and tender as I could be. His eyes went wide and he yelled into the rag with sheer anguish. Instinctively, his muscles clenched up, only making it worse.

"Easy," I murmured, stroking his smooth chest. "You need to be totally relaxed, otherwise it's hell."

He took a deep breath and nodded shakily, his eyes brimming with hurt, scared tears. I sympathized with him; I remembered well how painful my first time was.

I gently pushed the rest of the head into his hole, leaving only the shaft. I was focusing on the sight of my dick penetrating him, and when I looked back up to comfort him, he looked relieved. He exhaled and smiled at me a little, his face drenched in sweat.

I smiled back, a devilish grin, then continued to push the rest of my dick inside him. I watched his face contort into an erotic mix of agony and euphoria as I pushed ever deeper, my cock an unstoppable object. It took several minutes for me to get my entire rod stuffed inside the young man, moving slow to let him accommodate me. He was letting out low, guttural sounds, his arms and legs wrapping around me. He took the gag out of his mouth, since we were past the worst of the pain, and told me it felt like it would never end, it was so damn long. It took everything in me not to cum in him yet.

Once it was finally all stuffed inside, he told me to fuck his ass hard, take his cherry completely with my monster dick. So I did, I fucked him like a madman, plunging in and out with everything I had. He began to hump his ass back at me with each of my thrusts. I rubbed my cockhead up against his prostate, feeling that little nut, loving the way he pulled me down and sucked on my neck and my chest each time I did, stifling his cries.

I felt his cock throbbing between us, almost in time with my own as I buried it deep inside him, over and over and over again. We were both so close now...

I locked my lips to his as we came, both of us screaming into each other. I buried myself to he hilt inside him, and my second load pulsed deep into his warm, hot ass, and his jetted out all over us. As we came, our tongues stiffened in each others' mouths, locked around one another in our bliss. We held onto each other like it was the last cum of our lives, our arms flexing and squeezing as he bucked under me, my own body rigid and still.

I noticed, when we were done, that we were on the floor again; they really needed to make those tables wider. We were both entirely wasted, a sweaty, half-dead mass of buff, tangled limbs. I felt his head on my shoulder, his arms wrapped around me, our broad chests moving together as we breathed slowly, trying to recover enough to think, at the very least. I was in Heaven, despite the fact that I hadn't been able to have him fuck me.

"When do I need to leave?" I asked quietly, trying not to think of how much it will break my heart to be away from this radiant man. I was so used to relationships ending the second we had both been satisfied.

He laughed tiredly. His voice was a rough, sexy grumble as he spoke. "I saw you walk in, and I cancelled the rest of my appointments for the day. I was going to take my time with you, whether we had sex or not. I regret nothing."

I buried my face in his cute blond hair, taking in the smell of man and sex. "You are so beautiful it hurts," I murmured. I could feel him smile.

"I think we should schedule another appointment; you're so pumped up with tension." He pinched my side for emphasis, tickling me, making me jump. I nipped his earlobe in revenge, making him try and hold back a moan. "If you can come see me at my apartment, I can give you a session free of charge."

I think my heart skipped a beat; maybe I would be able to get fucked by that monster tool, after all. "When can I make an appointment?" I asked, pulling him up to me and running my tongue from his jaw to his neck, making him groan.

"Does tonight work for you?"

I smiled bigger than I had all day. "You bet, Handsome." I kissed him, and thought, maybe it wouldn't be so bad to come out, if I had this gorgeous pack of toned muscles, and the tender mind that went with it, by my side. As we dressed each other, our lips barely parting, I could not wait for my next massage.




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