The thumping of the music could be heard a block away. It was a familiar song, and as I walked toward the bar I began to sing along in my head. The night air was crisp and my hands were buried in the coat pockets of my lambskin leather jacket. The light from the street lamps was broken slightly by the bare limbs of the trees that lined Logan. I had not parked in the parking lot which was dedicated to the bar crowd on weekend evenings. Instead I park on the street, thought it would make for a quicker escape should I need to leave in a hurry.

As I approached the bar the music became louder, as the doors were open as usual to allow for some fresh cool air to enter into the now over heated bar. As I stepped into the doorway reaching for my id, the first thing to hit me was the smell, a combination of sweat, cheap cologne and alcohol. I flashed my id. Which was just a formality, the doorman new me by name. I stepped into the sea of bodies pressed up against each other. It was a busy Friday night, and the crowd was over capacity for sure. I scanned the room, so many men so little time.

I stepped up to the bar and ordered my usual, rum and coke. I took my drink and made my way through the crowd past the restrooms and the trough, and toward the back patio. The smokers patio, the ceiling of which was lined with old license plates, and I set my drink on a wooden high top and pulled a fresh pack of cigarettes from my jacket, and packed them well before opening them. As I did so I noticed there were only about 5 guys on the patio, the die hards. They were puffing away on their own cigarettes and trying to stay as close to the space heaters that hung from the corners of the covered patio.

I knew one of the guys by name, the others I only recognized their faces. They were chatting about the triangle, and old bar that closed many years ago. I had never been, since it closed long before I moved to Denver. I pulled a cigarette from the pack and placed it between my lips. My mouth watered as I removed a lighter from the front pocket of my jeans and lit the cigarette. Inhaling the sweet toxic fumes I had grown to love over the last 25 years.

I sipped my drink in between drags from the cigarette and listened to the conversation which seemed pointless, yet amusing to them. I was more interested in the bulges in there jeans than the conversation on their lips. After all, I only came here for one thing.

I finished my cigarette without saying a word and drink in hand walked back into the bar. The back bar was just to my left and I could hear there was a different kind of music playing. More techno, of course as usual it was darker and the small mirrored dance floor was packed. Men of all ages and sizes were pressed up against each other, bouncing with the beat. I slithered through the crowd that was between the back bar and the dance floor and made my way around the gyrating men and stepped back into the main bar.

The bleachers along the far wall were full, guys chatting, some necking, and some just staring. The 2 pool tables were full as were the dart boards, and there was plenty to choose from this evening. I spotted a guy I had tried to get with once before, he was tall, 6'4, long black hair that flowed over his shoulders. His lean body was accented well by the tight mesh muscle shirt he wore. His jeans were low on his hips and the bulge in his pants entered the room before he did. His legs were muscular from what I could tell, but get those jeans off and I'd know for sure. His face was handsome, not perfect; he actually had a large scar across his forehead. But the eyes were a steel grey that seemed to look into your soul. I decided then and there tonight was the night.

I had seen him many other nights, he always left alone, but tonight he would leave with me. I watched him from the corner I had slinked into and he was drinking a beer and laughing with some guys at one end of the bar. He would brush his hair back and tuck it behind his ear when he laughed. He was definitely attractive, but there was something else. He never really talked much just seemed to listen and laugh. I found that intriguing. Most of the guys in here never shut up.

I finished my drink and placed the empty glass on the tray which was placed on the top of a trash can in the corner. As I did so, he began to make his way around the bar toward the trough. The trough was my favorite part of the bar; the lighting was red and just bright enough to see the guy standing across from you as he urinated into the trough. I followed him this time. There was no one else at the trough, which was astonishing with this size of a crowd.

He stepped up to the trough and unzipped his jeans and pulled out a long, yet thin member. He stood there for a few seconds, one hand on his cock the other on his hip and waited for the stream to begin. I slid next to him, almost touching and removed my shorter yet thicker cock from my pants and proceeded to urinate with him. I made it obvious that I was looking at it and even licked my lips. He noticed and when the stream finished gently stretched it out a little.

I began to stroke my own and it immediately began to stiffen. He stroked his in time with me. He was watching my cock grow as intently as I was watching his. Yes, you want this as bad as I want that, I thought to myself.

I slowly moved my free hand around to his firm back side and began messaging his ass. He didn't pull away, that was a good sign. He was growing and I noticed 2 other guys stepping up to the trough on the opposite side. We were giving them a show if nothing else.

Now overt sexual acts were not allowed. There was no chance of either of us going down on the other here. So I leaned in pressing my lips against his ears and whispered, "Let's get out of here."

He nodded and tucked his now fully erect member back into his jeans. I did the same and lead the way. He followed close to me as we wound our way through the bar to the front door. Once out in the cold air and bright lights I put my arm around his waist and asked, "Your place or mine?"

He said mine, and I lead him to my waiting Toyota. We got into the car and I pulled out of the spot and turned onto 18th. I was only a few miles away off of Broadway, but before I could get on to Broadway he had his hands in my lap and was rubbing my still throbbing cock through my jeans.

My apartment was not far away, but I was in pain the entire way there. The bulge in my pants was throbbing and his hand rubbing against the denim was only making it worse. I tried to concentrate on the road, but his hands were distracting me. He leaned over and began nibbling on my neck. I wanted to pull over and take him right then and there, but I had to get him to the privacy of my home. I parked in front of the building and entered through the security door. We ran up the two flights of stairs to the third floor and I clumsily unlocked the door while he pressed his body up against me and ran his hands over my stomach and chest.

I pushed the door open and we went into the living room which was lit only by the street lamps streaming through the window. I slammed the door shut and spun him around to face me. We locked lips, his tongue pressing into my mouth and mingled with my own. He tasted of beer and pepperoni. His hands traveled down my back and grasped firmly the cheeks of my buttocks. I pressed him closer to me and could feel his hard member pressing against mine. We continued to kiss as I slowly moved backwards towards the bedroom. I wasn't letting go of him. This was what I had been waiting for.

When we finally made our way into the bedroom, I fell backwards onto the queen bed pulling him down onto me. He moved his mouth onto my neck and began to nibble gently then harder. I let out a sigh, or was it a moan? I pulled his shirt up over his head and quickly removed my coat and shirt. He pushed me back down on to the bed and took my left nipple in his mouth, licking and biting. My breath was getting shorter and my entire body convulsed.

I ran my hands over his smooth back as he moved on to my right nipple. I pressed his head into my chest as he bit down harder and I let out a delicious moan. He moved back up to my neck and continued to nibble away. I couldn't take any more of this. I needed him inside me. I rolled over pushing him into the down duvet and knelt above him straddling his thighs. I frantically undid his belt and unbuttoned his jeans. Underneath was a tight pair of bikini briefs. I pulled his pants and briefs down to his ankles removed his shoes and then slipped off the rest of his clothes.

He lay there naked and exposed his cock was standing at full attention and it was beautiful, long and slightly thin with a nice head. It was perfectly straight, and kneeling on the bed straddling his legs I bent down and licked the tip with my tongue. He moaned slightly. I wrapped my lips around the head and sucking gently ran my tongue around the entire head, teasing it. I felt it flex and heard him moan louder. I slowly slid it into my mouth working my lips down to the base, burying it deep down my throat. His entire body arched and a deep groan of pleasure emanated from his lips, one hand went to the back of my head and held it in place for a moment.

Then I began to slide it in and out of my mouth. Slowly at first, taking my time enjoying the feel of the silky skin as it slid over my lips tongue and throat. His breathing became heavy and his moans of satisfaction became louder. I quickened the pace, feeling it pulse in my warm wet mouth. I knew it wouldn't take long for him to finish. It never did, I was the best cocksucker in town and knew it.

He began to shake all over he, his hands where griping the duvet and his cock throbbed as I slid my mouth up and down the shaft. My hands where kneading his firm round buttocks as I quickened my pace. He shivered several more times, his breathing was short and his moans were load, and I knew by the pulsing in my mouth he was about ready to release his load.

When he finally did release his load his entire body went rigid, as he arched his back lifting off the bed and shoving his rock hard cock as far as he could down my throat. My lips were pressed up against his soft pubs and he let out a loud cry of ecstasy. I felt him pump his hot creamy load down my throat and I greedily swallowed every drop. His body continued to spasm as I moved my lips up to the head, and using my tongue teased out the last few drops.

It was sweet and I couldn't get enough, as he gasped quickly for air. I savored the taste as he settled back in the bed panting heavily. I stood up and looked down at his spent body; his cock was still fairly hard, just starting to soften a little. His chest was heaving as he tried to catch his breath. My own cock was still throbbing in my jeans, and I could feel it was damp with pre-cum.

I stood there for several minutes as his breathing slowed to normal, and his member became flaccid again. He was quite beautiful lying there completely satisfied, but I had gotten what I wanted and it was time for him to go. I thanked him for coming over and handed him his clothes so he could dress. He remarked how it was the best blowjob he had ever had and I simply responded, "I know."

He asked if there was anything he could do for me, but I declined. I showed him to the door and he asked if he could have my number, and I refused. This was a onetime thing, and there was no need to exchange numbers or eve names. I still didn't know what his was. I told him I'd see him around, and he said he would love to do it again, and I said, maybe.

He left and I returned to the bedroom, removed what was left of my clothes and climbed into bed. I was still hard and it pressed against the satin sheet. I took pushed back the covers and remembering the feel of his cock in m mouth took hold of my own throbbing member and began stroking it, slowly at first then faster and faster, till I too was panting and convulsing, and eventually exploded. Warm cream hit my face, neck, chest and belly. Nice load, I thought. I wiped my hand on my thigh hip and rolled over and fell asleep.



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