in 2010 the artist Dwayne Carter jr also knows as Lil Wayne was arrested and sentenced to a year in prison

but...what happen to him while he was locked up?.......

uh oh looks like we got some fresh meat up in dis bitch yelled a prisoner. wayne and a guard walked pass the cells filled with thuggish horny prisoners who cant wait to get them a piece of the new guy. wayne looked straight ahead as prisoners yelled and grabbed at him. alright carter heres your cell you got 5 min to strip boy. harris dont say i didnt do you any favors said the guard as he left the cell. well well well...if aint mr weezy himself. wayne turned around and saw t.i shirtless on the top bunk with a porn mag and his dick out with his hand around it. tip i thought that was you. tip jumped out of his bed stuffed his dick in his pants and shaked wayne's hand. wat up bro when you get here?. just now. looks like you the new fresh meat huh? man i aint worried bout dem niggas let em try sumtin. tip looked at weezy knowin that weezy is going to regret those words. harris! carter! get ya ass naked and get out here! yelled the guard weezy and tip looked at each other than striped.both rappers stepped out there cells and saw the rest of the prisoners naked watin for the guards orders.the guards checked the cells then stepped back out. aight ladies head to the showers.the men walked into the showers and started to bath wayne stood next to tip as they both cleaned up when he heard some snickering wayne turned around and saw notin but turnt to tip who had a shocked look on his face as if he saw a ghost all tip could do is say why? wayne looked down and say tip had dropped his soap wayne looked and saw a tall dark chocolate man walked up to tip. you know how this go.. pick it up. tears ran down tip's face as he bent down to pick up the soap the man laughed as tip bent down. the fog from the showers blurred everything but then weezy heard a scream he knew who it was fog cleared up near him and he could see ti bent over screaming his heart out as the man fucked him and shoved his dick in tips mouth. after a few min's the man left t.i bent back up and walked out the shower. weezy followed him both grabbed the clothes and went back to their cells. aye umm you aight. im fine. tip said coldly.aight.tip went to bed so did weezy. wayne started to drift off to sleep when he heard some sound he kept his eyes clothes and act like he was sleeping when he felt the covers being pulled off him he laid still as he felt a hot breath touch his neck.damn you sexy. wayne turned around and saw tip smilin at him. nigga what da fuck you doin. bro dont try to act all hard wit me you know you want sum of dis dick. nigga if you dont back yo ass up. what you gon do huh? waynejumped out his bed. nigga i aint playin wit u.bro ima make you wish you didnt hop out that bed. tip grabbed weezy pushed him down and jumped on him.get off me dude. naw bro i been wantin to get my dick in this ass since you got here so stop fightin and relax. wayne knew it was useless to fight tip since he was stronger than him. wat you going to do to me? first you gon get my dick wet so i can slide that ass easy. tip raise off weezy and pulled his hard dick out. wayne mouth droped when he saw tips dick. 9in uncut and when the skin pulled back a fat head. come on nigga i wanna feel dem lips wrap around my dick. wayne sighed and puts his lips around tip's dick sucking on wat he could handle when he felt tip's hand push his head straight into his pubes. wayne gaged hard and thought he would choke to death when he felt ti pull him off. damn yo mouth felt good had to pull before i cummed. wayne catched his breath. damn that shit is big almost choked me. just wait till it slide in that tight ass. laughed tip. strip nigga. wayne stood up and stripped out his prison suit, pulled off his boxers and stood there naked. tip did the same. aight lay on your back. wayne layed there as tip grabbed his legs and dropped to his ass. wayne didnt know wat tip was doin till he felt tip's hot tounge slide in his ass. tip licked, sucked and poked around wayne asshole all wayne could do is moan from the way tip worked his tounge in wayne's ass. yea nigga moan for me moan like a lil bitch. tip said as he slide his finger in wayne's ass. wayne couldnt take it he started to black out from the pleasure he was gettin from tip's finger and tounge play. he finally came to his senses when he felt tip tryin to push his way in. as tip started to slide in wayne let out the loudest scream ever. he has never felt pain like this ever. tears ran down waynes face as tip slide that 9in dick in him. he felt the pain let up when tip had stoped. calm down bro im in you already. wayne could feel tip's fat dick head poke on his prostate. wayne let out a quiet moan as tip grind on him. wayne couldnt belive it hes gettin fucked by a guy and is lovin it. tips dick must been doin wonders on him cuz the next thing wayne knew he was yellin at tip to fuck him. tip worked his dick in and out wayne ass he was lovin the sound of wayne moaning and beggin for his dick. tip closed his eyes when he felt sumtin warm on his chest he looked down and saw that wayne had cummed this sent tip over the top before he could warn wayne he felt his load shot out his dick like a bullet into wayne's ass .wayne gasped as he felt tip's hot cum fill his ass up. tip stayed in wayne for a bit then pulled out. damn that was sum good ass. wayne got up and grabbed his clothes. naw bro you aint gettin dressed. wat why?. because you goin to sleep wit me tonight tip said as he climbed into waynes bed. sounds good to me. tip wrapped his arms around wayne and drifted off to sleep. i could get use to this while im up in here said wayne as he fell asleep. few months later wayne was released. he was asked in a interview about prison. he said wasnt ass bad as i thought.

The End




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