The four of us sat on the bridge, laughing and giggling about who-fucking-knows-what. Everything was funny! Everything was calm. For the first time in a while, I'd felt like I'd belonged.

Diesel was standing awkwardly as he imitated the school's wrestling coach. I had never met him before, but the other two found it hilarious.

"GAWD DAMMIT VINCENT!" He carried on. "ARE YOU WRESTLIN' OR PLAYIN' TAG?" The three of them continued their laughter as I stood and brushed my pants off. They grew silent and stared at me.

"What?" Oh my God is there something on my face? Graydon stood up.

"I feel like we've been ignoring you." He says, his weird expression and red, glassy eyes invoke laughter from me. He lifts a brow in confusion. I reach up, grabbing on to his ears and wiggling them.

"You got a weird lookin' face." I say, staring at him. I have no idea what possessed me, but without thinking, I lean in and kiss his cheek. A smile instantly creeps over his face.

"Hey! No fair! I want one too!" Vincent whined as he got up and shoved Graydon out of the way. He turned his cheek for me to kiss, but as I leaned in, he quickly turned his head and I collided with those beautiful lips of his. He wrapped his arms behind the small of my back, kissing me again and again. Jesusjesusjesusjesusjesusjesus. I could hardly even think straight. I felt him being pulled away, and Diesel's bulky form took his place.

"My turn." He grinned, putting his hands in the place where Ven's arms were. He leaned down a little, fitting his mouth to mine. I felt his tongue flicking against my lips, begging for entry. I parted my lips slightly, letting his tongue dance with mine. Without warning, his hands moved down and closed around my ass, lifting me up a bit. LORD CHRIST. I uttered a slight moan and pulled away, just enough to stare at him. He was nibbling the corner of his lip again.

"Now THAT is no fucking fair!" I heard Graydon say from behind me. Diesel let go and I looked down just in time to see him adjust his boner. I turned around, my face felt like burning coals.

"I wish you two would fuck off! He's mine! Im the one who fucking saw him first!" Ven pouted, crossing his arms. Graydon wiggled his finger in front of Ven.

"Sorry to burst yer bubble, sport, but I saw him before school even fucking started. So, by default, YOU two need to fuck off." He said with a smile. He grabbed me around the waist and lifted me up, then began assaulting my neck and face with a barrage of kisses.

"OKAY OKAY!" I cried between laughs and Graydon finally put me down. I cleared my throat and brushed myself off, even though there was nothing on me. "I'm not the last slice of pizza, you guys can't just claim me, ya know. That's kidnapping and slavery." I said with a wink and a smile as I began to walk across the bridge. The three of them stood laughing for a moment, then I heard their steps following mine. Was this actually happening? Do I actually have guys fighting over me? At my last school, I wouldn't have even gotten so much as a stare from anyone. But here... What's so different here?

"What do you guys wanna do now?" Ven asked, running his hands through his hair and slicking it back.

"Well fifth period is over in..." Diesel stopped to check his phone. "Seven minutes. I know you guys probably want to get to sixth." He stopped and looked at me. "Or we could just skip the rest of the day?" Graydon shook his head.

"Can't. Ms.Geoprey is gonna skin me if I miss any more of her class. Plus I already have makeup work I need to do, so I'll catch up with you guys later." He fist-bumped Diesel and Vincent, then stopped and hugged me. "You're still coming to practice after school, right?" He asks. I nod at him and he turns and walks away. I watch him all the way to the fence.

"I have Hickson and he kinda lives in my neighborhood, sooooooo let's go Connor." He said grabbing my arm.

"Hold the fuck up." Diesel stopped him, taking my other arm in his massive hand. "Don't make him leave just because you have to." Ven's face turned upward in disgust. "Well there is no way in hell I'm leaving you two alone so you can rape him." "It ain't rape if he likes it, buddy." Diesel replied, winking in my direction. I turned, attempting to hide my smile. He released my arm. Ven took that as a sign of retreat and yanked me in his direction. "Well, wait! Can I at least walk you to class?" "No." Ven quipped. "Not you, moron." Diesel retorted. He came up to my side, taking my hand in his. He ran his free hand through his hair and grinned warmly. "Stupid moronic asshole piece of shit..." Ven silently vented to himself.

Back on campus, students were still running about to reach their designated areas as the "one-minute-warning" bell rang. I was still accompanied by the two wrestlers and they've been butting heads ever since we stepped foot on the track. "No, you can't walk him to class. I'M walking him to class, so beat it, Beefcake." Vincent stated sternly as he placed his arm around my waist. Diesel crossed his arms over his massive chest and rolled his eyes. I could feel Ven's fingers drawing circles against my hip-bone. "I love how you're making all of Connor's decisions for him." He said, holding his hand out to me. "Let me see your schedule, kiddo." I reached into my back pocket and removed the folded, crumpled class schedule. He took from my hand and skimmed over it, eyes jumping from one place to another. A coy grin spread over his face like a wild flame. "Guess who has wood-shop with me..." He said, folding the paper and sliding it into my front pocket. "No fucking way..." Ven groaned, letting his hand fall from my side. Diesel looked at me, once again, biting his lip, and placed his hand where Ven's had been. "Let's go, babe." He said as we began walking. Diesel turned back and winked at Ven, then pulled me closer so my head was against his muscular pec. As we rounded the corner of the 400 building, I heard the final bell ring, signaling that any students still in the halls were considered tardy. "Am I going to get in trouble for being late?" I asked. "Not if you're with me, you're not." He answered, opening the 300 building's glass door for me to walk in. The building's hallway had a chilly temp, due to the A/C blasting from the vents in the ceiling. This floor was checkered with beige and chocolate brown tiles and smelled of sawdust. I could hear the whirring of machinery a few doors down. "Here we go again..." I thought. The awkward stares as the "New Kid" enters the classroom. Or the even more awkward thought that people are probably whispering about you. Or the even more more awkward moment when the teacher introduces you to the entire class. I could already feel the embarrassment taking over. Diesel walked forward and held the door open for me. "After you, Madame." He said, with a smile. As I walked by, I shoved him. It felt like pushing an SUV. Upon entering, I realized that I wasn't the center of attention. Due to the loud melody of mechanics, no one even heard me come in. I could hardly hear myself think. "What?" I shouted over the noise as I realized Diesel had something. "I said the teacher is the old guy with the clipboard!" He repeated a little louder. I didn't bother shouting back, just nodded and headed towards the instructor. He seemed to be taking attendance, stopping occasionally to grimace at the piles of wood chippings scattered across the navy blue carpeting. He paused to pull his oval shaped glasses from the white curls of hair on his head and place them over his eyes. "Hi, uh, my name is Connor. I'm new." I waited for a response, but he didn't look up. I took another step forward. "Uhm, I'm Connor. I'm a new student." I repeated a little louder this time. Still not even a blink in my direction. Is he def? "Hey, Gramps!" Diesel shouted from behind me, making me jump. The old man's head snapped up quickly, his eyes locking on mine. He put on a smile. "What's your name, young man?" He asked. "Connor." I answered. "I'm new." "Well hello, Calvin. Welcome to Boone High. I'm-" "Not 'Calvin'." Diesel interrupted. "Connor." "Ohhhhhh! Ok. Isn't 'Donna' a girls' name?" He mused, scratching his head. "CONNOR." I yelled, and at that exact moment, three more saws powered on. "I thought you said it wasn't 'Calvin'." He frowned. Diesel face-palmed. "CONNOR!" Diesel and I both shouted. The saws stopped and the entire class stared in our direction. Diesel turned around. "Well what the fuck are you all looking at? Mind your god damn business!" He ordered. He received a few disgusted looks, but the saws then cut back on and everyone went about their day. We turned back to see the old man staring at us wide-eyed, but he quickly fixed his expression. "Ok, Collin, just have a seat anywhere." He said, looking back down at his clipboard. Diesel opened his mouth to speak, but I raised my hand to silence him. "Fuck it. I'm Collin." I said, slightly annoyed. Diesel chuckled, leading me over to a pair of seats to the far right. When we were seated, a student walked over to us. He was a few inches taller than me and had slicked brown hair. His emerald eyes seemed to expand behind the plastic safety goggles that covered them. "Can I see the schematics for our project?" he asked. "Didn't make any." He stated, flatly. "How do you plan to build your part of the bridge then?" "I'm not." "Well then how do you expect to get a grade on this assignment, Dee?" He pressed on, crossing his arm and tilting his head slightly. Diesel locked his eyes on the student in front of him, biting his lip in his usual fashion. The boy quickly sucked in a breath. "I'm pretty sure someone as sexy and smart as yourself can figure something out." He cooed, his usual bass lowered to almost a rumbling growl of hypnotic charm. "As a matter of fact, I was kind of hoping I wouldn't have to do any work... Maybe you can do my half for me? I would like that a lot, Pierce." He said, leaning forward and resting his elbows on the table. "Plus, if you do this little favor for me, I'll be sure to do a favor for you... A very big favor." He said with a wink. Pierce's face was red in an instant. He swallowed hard. "I.. Uhm... O-Okay..." he stuttered in awe. As he turned to walk away, Diesel slapped him on the butt. "Thanks." he shouted after him. Diesel turned to look at me, then saw my judgmental expression. "What?!" "I had no idea you were such a player." I teased. He laughed a hearty laugh, crossing his arms behind his head and leaning back. "That's the classic 'Diesel Charm'." He boasted. I rolled my eyes. "Surprised you haven't tried it on me." He cut his gaze in my direction. "That's not true. I got you to kiss me earlier didn't I?" He grinned. "I kissed everybody earlier." I stated. That sounded more trashy out loud than it did in my head. "Yeah, but did you kiss them twice?" "I didn't ki-" Before i could finish, he cut me off with a quick peck on the lips. I froze. He leaned back again, closing his eyes and propping his feet on the desk. "I rest my case, your honor." He beamed. I kicked one of the chair legs and he shook a little before catching his balance. "Asshole." I said, failing to fight back a smile. "Better hope your boyfriend didn't see that." He raised a brow at me. "Who? Pierce? HA! That was a good one. I mean, sure we've fucked around a bit. And maybe, once every blue moon, he blows me on the back of the bus, but who hasn't?" He said, adding a smile at the end. "I honestly can't tell if you're kidding and that scares me." He laughed so hard, he almost fell out of his chair. "Don't worry, Babe, you're the only one I'm fucking." He said, patting me on the back. A shocked expression plastered itself on my face. He cheesed, showing all of his pearly whites. "Anyway, what was that 'big favor' you promised that kid, hm?" I inquired. He was struggling to contain his pride, but was failing, horribly. "Nothing, perv! Just a big, thick, juicy Italian sausage." He said, pretending to be offended. He leaned in close to me, placing a hand by my ear and whispering. "I'm the Italian." He giggled sexily, his warm breath tickling my ear and sending a jolt through my frame. Just then, the speaker at the front of the room crackled to life. "Testing, testing." The principal's voice silenced the saws. "Ahem! Good afternoon, students n' staff! I hope you all had a wonderful day today..." He continued, I tuned his voice out as I recanted the events of today. I got bullied by some jock this morning, made a friend that I TOTALLY stood up, went to Burger King with a couple strangers, skipped and walked off campus, got kisses from some very handsome young men... Shit... I guess my day was pretty "wonderful", Principal! ... I need serious help.

As I entered the gym, the pungent smell of sweat pierced my airways. Holy hell, these kids need baths. In the center of the basketball court, there were about twelve boys, four of which I recognized as Ven, Diesel, Graydon, and his Hispanic friend, in red and black singlets doing various stretches. Boy, they didn't leave much to the imagination. Oh no... I need to sit down. "Connor!" I looked back up to see Ven running over to me, his... uhm... package bouncing the entire way over. "Glad you could make it!" He wrapped his arms around me in a tight embrace. Needless to say, I could tell he was very excited to see me. "Uh, yeah. I don't go back on my word." I smiled. He released me. "You can go and sit up in the bleachers." He motioned up to where a few girls were sitting. "Watch me and the guns kick some ass." He said flexing both his biceps and kissing them. I couldn't help but laugh. "VINCENT!" A loud voice echoed throughout the gym. "GET YER ASS BACK OVER THERE AND STRETCH!" Ven's face went pale. "Gotta go!" He said, kissing me on the cheek and running back to join the team. My god what an ass he has on him. Could bounce a quarter off that thing. Jeez, if I keep this up, I'm gonna start drooling. "You must be new here." I jumped a little, realizing that I was being addressed. A man that looked to be in his late thirties stood in front of me. He wore a sweat drenched blue tank and a pair of white shorts. A pair of black shades sat embedded in his spiked black hair. He had one hand on his hip and the other was scratching the black beard that was speckled with a few grays here and there. Judging by the whistle around his neck, this was the wrestling coach. "Yeah. Today was my first day." "Welcome to Boone. I'm Coach Beau, and you are?" He asked, holding out his hand. "Connor." I answered, taking and shaking his rough, callused hand. "Connor, huh." The corner of his mouth turned up in a slight smile. "I hope to see more of you. But for now, I gotta get back to my team." He stared at me for a few seconds, then turned and walked back to where the boys were still stretching. ... Did I just get hit on? I shook the thought from my head and ascended the bleachers, a few rows up from where the three girls were sitting. "Hey!" A girl below me with ginger curls called up. "Which one is your boyfriend?" I gave her a blank stare. "None of them." I stated. She gave me the "stank-face" and turned back to her friends. "I beg to differ." A voice called. Brandon was making his way up the bleachers. "I think Ven has grown quite fond of you." "Eh..." I shrugged. He settled himself down next to me. The ginger girl and the brunette next to her turned to look up at the two of us. "Can I help you two bitches with something? Or were you just born with a staring problem?" Brandon snapped. The two girls turned back around and continued talking among themselves, undoubtedly about us. "Me-ow." I teased him. He turned to me with a fake smile on his face. "You want the 'Bitch-Brandon' special too?" I laughed, shaking my head. "Thought not." He added, grinning. He crossed his legs and placed his hands on his lap. "Why are you here?" I asked him. "Ven's my ride home. We live in the same neighborhood." He answered. "Oh... So are you two close? Like.. uhm..." I paused, hoping he would catch on to what I was asking. Brandon shook his head, furiously. "Ha! No. Don't get me wrong, Ven is handsome as hell, but he's immature. If I wanted to date a child, I'd date freshmen." I nodded in agreement with him, though I didn't agree. "I don't think he's immature... I mean, he is a little child-like, but I think it's kinda cute." I said, looking down to see Ven sitting on the floor and reaching for his ankles. When he saw me looking, he gave a quick wave, which I returned. His expression dropped when he realized the coach had seen him. He looked up at me and waved as well. I hesitantly waved back. "I saw him flirting with you earlier." Brandon said. "I know. Ven does that a lot. It's cute." I replied, placing my chin in my hands. "Not Ven, Coach Beau." He added. My head snapped up. I heard him stifle a laugh. "So it's not just me? He was actually flirting." I rolled my eyes. "Uh. Yeah? 'I hope to see more of you.' What grown man says that to a fucking teenager?" He ranted. "Fucking pedophile." I burst into laughter. "Alright ladies, get into groups of two..." The coach continued calling orders from below. I looked over at Brandon, who was closely watching the wrestlers in their various exercises. "So this is what you do everyday till 6:30? I'm pretty sure you could probably find something more entertaining than this." I asked. "Actually, I don't just come here for the ride. See that one waaaayy down there next Maxwell with the blonde hair? The German guy? Jesus Christ, he's so god damn fine." I had no idea who Maxwell was, but I looked down and immediately spotted him. He wore a red headband and had spiked blonde hair, a few thin locks hung over his face and crystal blue eyes. His thigh muscles and biceps had stretched the singlet to the limit. "Oh my damn. That there is a mighty fine piece of eye candy." I gaped. "Indeed. A very sweet piece of eye candy." Brandon added, closing his eyes and licking his lips seductively. "God the things I would do to that boy if I had the chance." I could only imagine what he was over there picturing. An image of the German boy fucking a loud-moaning Brandon popped into my head. Damn, that'd be hot to watch. "You should talk to him." I said, ridding my mind of those dirty, dirty thoughts. His eyes shot open. "No way Jose. I don't have the confidence for that. Plus, I doubt I could get within five feet of him without getting a boner." I chuckled at the thought. He turned his head in my direction. "STOP LAUGHING AT MY PAIN!" He wailed, placing his face in his hands and proceeded to make ugly crying sounds. I was clutching my sides with laughter. "Hey! Would you keep it down up there! We're trying to have practice here!" One of the wrestlers shouted. "Hey! Shut ya face! That's my boyfriend up there!" Diesel yelled back at him. "WHAT?!" Ven exclaimed in protest. "Hey, ALL of you, shut up! Now drop and give me twenty-five! Everybody!" The Coach ordered. Every wrestler hit the floor and began doing pushups. "Ooh? Who's that?" Brandon asked, raising a brow. "Definitely not my boyfriend." "You two carry on." The coach said to us with a smile. "Thanks, we were planning on it." Brandon replied flatly. "Anyway like I was say- BITCH DO YOU HAVE AN ISSUE?" He shouted down to the girls who were, once again, staring at us. They turned back to each other and once again started talking. "You're one of a kind, Brandon, you know that?" I said, laughing. "Bitch yes. I'm the one and only!"

A few hours later, practice was over and the boys were heading back to the locker room. "Ooh! Come on! This is the best part!" He exclaimed, taking my hand and practically dragging me down the bleachers to the locker room. "Lord! It smells like death in here." I complained, pinching my nose. "Yeah. Trust me, I know. Once you get over the smell, it's practically a free peepshow. And the best part is, it's the boys' locker room, so no bitches allowed." He beamed, pulling me over to one of the benches in the back. Diesel saw us sitting and walked over, wearing nothing but a pair of tight fitting grey briefs. Holy mother of bulges... "You boys like what you see?" He teased. "I know you do, Connor." He rubbed a finger under my chin. I scoffed and rolled my eyes. "Don't flatter yourself, sweetheart." I quipped. He grinned coyly, turning and showing off his muscular bum. "Come on, baby. You know you can't resist all of this." He pulled his briefs down slightly, exposing one of his toned cheeks. "Get out of here, asshole!" I said with a laugh, smacking his left buttock.



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