I wish to share my erotic story with you of how I was seduced by our college's star ice hockey player, an All-American college goalie, one Friday night.

My name is David, I am a 36 year-old psychology professor at a mid-western college. I am a single Gay man that has years of experience in meeting and developing intimate relationships with both straight and gay gorgeous studs since my college days.

I am a former male model. I stand 5'7", weight a hard 158 pounds, shoulder length dark red curly hair, hazel eyes, very white complexion, a totally hairless body except for my underarms and crotch that have red fuzzy hair, a monstrous 8" cock with low hanging balls and very prominent chiseled jaws.

To prepare you for a steamy night of eroticism, let me share Brandon's physical features that make him an gorgeous stud. He has played hockey since he was 6 years old in Montreal, Canada. Brandon is the typical strong muscled hockey player. He is a man's man with huge shoulders and arms, giant biceps, a broad and thick neck, muscled chest with with a deep crest in the middle of his bulging chest, big nipples, rock hard abs, light hairy legs, bulging thighs, 12 size shoes for his big feet, a 12" cut cock, over sized hanging balls and a stream of light hair from his chest to his crotch. He stands 6'2' and weighs 215 pounds.

On the last Friday of April, I go to my favorite dinner club where I am a member. Shortly after ordering a drink, Brandon and two of the college's football players, Zack and Rudy, enter the club. I recognize all three of them as I am an avid sport's fan.

I am surprised when Brandon approaches my table and ask: "Professor, may we join you for drinks and dinner? I know you are a popular psychology professor because some of my teammates have taken your classes."

I try to be calm as I say: "Yes, I would be pleased to have your company this evening." We do the normal introductions. Brandon decides to be seated next to me and his two friends take seats on the opposite side of the table. I could not be more excited and turned on by these hunks. I start getting an instant hardon.

The three athletes are dressed in casual dress pants, polo shirts with the college logo on the shirts, and smelling great from the cologne they are wearing.

I have just come from class as I am wearing a blur dress shirt, red tie, black dress pants, shinny black dress shoes and black silk stockings. I hope this is a turn on for Brandon.

Everyone orders a drink and receives a menu. After the drinks arrive, I order a salmon dinner and the three studs order T-Bone steaks.

Our water is Rob, a 24 year-old handsome stud. He ,like all the waiters, is dressed in a black shirt, black pants and the restaurant's blue and red logo is on the left side of the shirt.

As he takes our orders, Rob gives me a huge smile, places his hand on my shoulder and places one of his legs against my side. What my new friends do not know is that Rob and I for the past six months have been fuck buddies at least once a week. Rob has a Gay partner but they have an open relationship as they see other guys. Rob is a gorgeous man with a hot hungry 9" cock that pounds my ass.

We have dinner and continue to drink. I notice that the two football players are feeling no pain and are buzzed.

I excuse myself as I need to piss. I barely get inside the restroom when Rob enters, locks the door and grabs the now growing bulge in my crotch.

Rob says: "David, darling, I notice that Brandon cannot takes his eyes off of you. Do you know that he is Gay and that he has a reputation around campus as a Gay slut? He has drilled more Gay asses on campus than any guy. I also hear he is the best Gay cock sucker on campus and he has lots of experience and hot techniques."

I reply: "Honestly, Rob, you are not pulling my leg." I now have a raging cock for both Rob and this hunk of a hockey player.

I am surprised as Rob unzips his pants and pulls out his huge red hot throbbing cock. He is already dripping precum. He grabs me and begins deep kissing me as he rubs his hard cock against my crotch. Rob says:" I know Brandon is going to get you in bed tonight and fuck you raw so I will not see you after work. You must save your hot cream for Brandon but I am so horny. I want you to suck me off and let me come in your mouth. Let me dump my three day load of cum in your throat so I will be satisfied until tomorrow."

I push Rob up against the bathroom wall, get on my knees, and swallow this now very familiar gorgeous long and thick cock. Rob begins to buck back and forth as I am engaging in a deep throat of my buddy. His cock is dripping thick precum and mixing with my wet salvia. We are having a sloppy and hot cock suckigin session.

Before long and because Rob is so lusting after me, I feel his cock head swell, his balls rise and a huge burst of cum shoots deep into my throat. I love Rob's sweet cum ever time. We clean off Rob and I wash out my mouth. We return to the dinning room as if nothing has happened.

I inform the guys that it took a little time as I had received a cell call from one of my colleagues. One of those innocent lies.

Brandon ask me to help him get these two football players over to his apartment because they are too drunk to drive. Brandon's apartment is just at the edge of campus. We take the two guys and put them to bed and they are out for the evening.

It is now 11 PM and I am not sure what to do so I say: "Brandon, I really enjoyed the evening so I guess I better go."

Brandon looks concerned and disappointed when he says: "Oh, no, David, please spend the night so we can get to know one another better. I will make some coffee. He does and we both have a cup. The he says: "Lets go to my bedroom. I want to show you some of my wall posters." I am now really excited as a bulge is growing in my crotch. I fee a wet spot.

He shows me some of the posters as he moves up against my body.I am now lusting to be dominated and fucked by this huge hard French Canadian hockey player. He smell so wonderful---lots of man odors.

He puts his arm around my waist and soon I feel his hand move down to my ass. He begins to finger my man pussy through my pants. I can no longer hide my rock hard cock as I see that Brandon has a swollen crotch. It is about to happen. I push my ass back toward his fingers, He gets the approval he was seeking.

He grabs my crotch, unzips my pants, pulls out my leaking big cock and begins to jack me off.

Next he takes off all my clothes and undresses himself. WOW!! What a stud and rock hard body. He has the biggest and most gorgeous cock I have ever seen.

He throws me on his bed on my back with my cock looking like a steel flag pole. He climbs onto the bed and jumps on top of me with his huge cock drilling into my cock. He is dry humping me with great force. I am now pinned under his giant weight. He puts my arms above my head, lies flat on my body and pins my legs under his huge thighs. He is wildly humping and fucking me. What a great sexual experience.

We both begin moaning, sweating and groaning like two wild dogs in heat. We both are now covered in our precum around our crotches. I beg Brandon to never stop humping me. I never want to be released from this hunk. I beg him to make me pay.

I can see the fire and lust in Brandon's eyes. He wants to do more to me other than hump. I have turned this hunk on. Is it because he is making love to a professor while he is a student? He is now out of control. Brandon spreads my legs far apart and takes a feather and begins to move it across and down my body. I am so excited and jerking my whole body as he plays with the feather. I have chills and goose bumps all over my body.I am now ready for sucking and fucking.

Next Brandon and I deep kiss for the longest time sharing our hot breaths and spit with sloppy kisses. Brando then kisses and licks up and down my hot body as I remain still with my eyes closed to feel his hot mouth all over me.

Brandon reaches my crotch where he produces large gobs of spit. He starts licking my cock shaft and balls. I am so hard. He begins to take my hot and wet cock down his throat. Soon he is deep throating me over and over. While giving me the greatest blowjob, he begins to finger my ass. Soon he has two and then three fingers deep into my fast opening man pussy. He is greasing me for a hot fuck. His mouth and tongue is moving rapidly on and off my cock made easy by all the spit and precum. He tells me how much he loves the unique taste of my cum.

After about 20 minutes, he moves off my cock, throws my legs on his shoulders and begins eating my asshole. Oh, my, what a great rimming job he is doing. My ass muscles are pulsating and going wild.

When I am near fainting from the pleasure, Brandon moves his crotch up to my face and mouth. He puts his huge legs on each side of my head, puts my arms above my head, and holds them down with his big hands. He orders me to open my mouth and take his huge wood deep into my throat. I have never been more eager for a cock. I am so hot and lusting that I swallow his entire tool. I am sucking madly as I taste his salty strong cum.

Brandon is so turned on that he begins to talk dirty to his new buddy. He says: "You bitch, you slut, you cunt, take my man tool down your throat. I will make you gag, you bitch of all bitches take it. I will make you pay." I am about to come from this dirty sex talk and thrusting of his cock so hard down my mouth.

Before he shoots a load, he pulls out and says: "It is now time to fuck these two man pussies. David, you fuck me first because when I fuck you, you will be spent and sore for days. You will walk as if you have a disability." Oh, I love the talk.

Brandon stands up and has me get behind him. I put my arms around his waist and begin entering the largest and most wide open ass I have ever seen. There is no problem thrusting all the way in with just the first push. His ass sucks my cock in as if I am in a wind tunnel. I love the feeling. I begin slowly and then rapidly fucking this hockey player's ass. We both are so lubed and greased that we are moving like a well oiled machine. Brandon pushes back on my cock and I push forward. It is the hottest form of fucking.

I am so turned on that I begin talking dirty. It is my turn. I say" "Brandon, you are nothing more than a fucking slut. No wonder your man pussy is so open and devouring. You whore, there is no telling how many huge cocks have drilled this man pussy. You are the campus slut, you bitch."

This is too much for me. My cock grows even larger, I feel a huge load of cum run out of my balls, up my cock shaft and out my piss slit. I dump a huge number of cum blasts deep into this hockey player's ass. It is my largest load ever. I get down on my knees and rim this beautiful ass as I suck my cum out. I go up to Brandon's mouth and we each have a huge cum meal.

It is my turn to get fucked. Brandon places me on the bed on my stomach. This is his favorite position. He spreads my legs far apart, gets between my legs, eats my ass for at least 5 minutes and starts rubbing his very hot cock head up and down my ass crack. Soon I feel the head of his cock begin to enter my tight ass but a very experienced man pussy. He drives all the way in with the first thrust. All the precum and lube paves a easy path for his huge cock. He is so strong and has such a hard cock that he easily pushes through the most narrow channel of my ass. There is no resistance capable of stopping the path of his cock.

He fucks me hard for at least 20 minutes. The sloppy sound is making my cock hard again. This is the largest and most thick cock ever in my worn pussy. We both are breathing so hard and our pulse rates have really increased. We are blood red in the face from a remarkable fuck.

As Brandon is close to the edge, he pulls out and places his cock in my mouth as he erupts with a monstrous load down my throat. This is the largest load I have ever received from any of my fuck buddies. We kiss as I spit some of his warm cum back in this mouth.

We embrace and fall asleep. The next morning the two football players wake us up. They see our soaked dried cum bodies and they tease us. Before leaving Zack says: "Too bad you two guys spilled all that cum on one another rather than a co-ed." I respond: "Too bad you guys are not Gay and know what real sex is." They say goodbye and we go shower.

The End


Naughty Eric


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