James ran down the driveway, dribbling the basketball in front of him. When he reach the end he grabbed it, jumped, and dunked the ball into the hoop next to the garage. I stood to the side, slow clapping.

“Nice, but I can do better,” I said.

“Oh yeah?” He tossed the basketball to me, saying, “Then show me.”

I took the ball and started at the end of the driveway like he did. But instead of just dribbling the ball in front of me I ran down the driveway dribbling it in front of me, behind me, and between my legs. When I reached the hoop I jumped, turned backwards in the air, and slam-dunked the ball into the hoop behind me. When I looked at James he had a smirk on his face, his hands on his hips.

“You should have told me this was a competition. I would have kicked your ass the first time.”

“Well let’s see what you’ve got then, huh?” I tossed the ball to him and he tossed it back so I began dribbling it on the blacktop. He stood across from me, both of us bending our knees into a near crouching position and held eye contact while I kept dribbling the ball. At that moment it seemed like time slowed down for me.

We were both shirtless, wearing only gym shorts and sneakers. When I glanced down I could see the outline of James’s cock inside his shorts. Neither of us were overly muscular but years of playing baseball in high school had conditioned and toned our bodies. The heat from the sun broke us out into sweat and from my point of view it looked like oil rubbed onto his body. The thought of that forced an imaginary picture of him rubbing body oil onto his tanned, naked body into my mind. His black hair was cut short but I could clearly see that it was wet with sweat which dripped down his face over his dark blue eyes. He was grinning, which showed his bright white teeth behind his red lips and I imagined myself putting my own pink lips to his.

“Connor? Connor?”

I snapped back to reality only to see James still standing there snapping his fingers in front of me. I stopped dribbling and held the ball between my arm and the side of my chest.                             

 “Are you okay? You spaced out for a little bit there. And, um, it looks like you have a, uh…” He nodded downward towards my groin.

I looked down to find that my dick had grown fully erect and was clearly visible in my shorts. Instantly blood rushed to my face, embarrassment overwhelming me. I tried to find words to explain but nothing came out of my mouth. What I did next surprised both of us.

I dropped the basketball and threw myself at him, locking my lips with his, kissing him. Then with my right hand I grabbed the back of his head while my left hand held his cock. It was only for about four seconds before I pulled away and stood there facing him silently. He didn’t say anything; he didn’t do anything. He just stood there looking back at me in astonishment. Finally he looked down at his own dick only to find it growing hard and then slowly he said, “I think we should head inside the house.”

I followed him inside his house into the kitchen not knowing what to expect. It was midday and both of his parents were at work so the house was empty. He grabbed a bottle of water from the fridge and we continued to his room. As soon as we entered his room he set his water bottle on his dresser, turned around, pinned me against the door, and started kissing me.

Our bodies slid against one another with little friction from all of our sweat. Both of us radiated intense heat plus the smell of sweaty bodies and ass but that didn’t deter us from rubbing against each other or groping each other’s bodies as our tongues wrestled in our mouths. He released my arms and instead grabbed my ass and lifted me off the ground, my legs wrapped around his waist.

“Do—you—think—we—should—shower,” I asked in between breaths and kisses.

We stopped kissing and he said, “That is a perfect idea.” He carried me in his arms to his bathroom where he finally set me down. He turned on the water. While the water was warming up we stripped off our clothes. It turns out his cock had been so visible in his shorts because he hadn’t been wearing any underwear; he was freeballing.

His erect cock was only about six inches, which made me feel confident about my almost eight inch dick. We both stepped into his shower and started cleaning ourselves off. After both of us washed our hair I stood behind him, took some soap in my hand, and shoved my fingers in between his ass cheeks to clean his hole. He responded with a slight “ohh” then spread his legs, bending forward against the wall, showing me his tight pink hole. Using my own hands and the running shower water I wiped clean his asshole then put my tongue to it, giving him a rimjob.

It only tasted like skin, aside from the soap residue, but for some reason it was still arousing so I continued running my tongue over his hole and when the muscle loosened up enough I could even insert my tongue inside a little bit. He reached his hand back and pulled my head closer to him so that almost my entire face was between his ass cheeks.  When his ass hole was relaxed enough I took my right index finger and gently pushed it inside his hole while my left hand reached between his legs to stroke his cock. His hole closed tightly around my finger and I let it sit inside him for a few seconds before slowly pulling it out. Then I repeatedly pushed my finger in and pulled it out but made sure to be gentle.

I pulled my finger out of his ass and stood up. He turned around and we locked lips again, more passionately this time. My hands rubbed up and down his back, grabbing his shoulders, his sides, and his ass cheeks. He pulled away and got down on his knees in front of me. At first he ran his tongue around the head of my cock (which made my whole body quiver) and then he took the head in his mouth. He moved his mouth over my cock in an up down motion, going further down each time until his mouth was at the base of my shaft and he was gagging.

He blew me for a few minutes before I turned the shower off and lifted him off the floor. We dried each other with our towels and then made our way back to his bedroom where I laid him down on his bed and got over top of him. We kissed for a little bit more, exchanging saliva like crazy.

When we stopped I asked, “Where are your condoms?”

“In my desk at the back of the bottom drawer,” he replied with a smile.

I walked over to his dresser with my erect cock waving through the air. I grabbed a bottle of lube and a condom and tore off the wrapping as I walked back to him. He got onto his hands and knees and held his ass out in front of me. I slipped the condom on over my dick and lubed it up. Then I dripped some lube over his ass, rubbing it inside and out until I could easily slip my finger inside him.

“You ready,” I asked as I put my cock to his hole.

“Give it to me,” he replied.

Steadily and slowly I slipped my dick inside him inch by inch until it was all the way inside him. I could see him grabbing his sheets and biting down on his blanket to keep from screaming in pain. I let his anal muscles relax a little bit before I slowly pulled out halfway and then pushed back in. I grabbed his hips and then gradually increased my momentum until I was fucking his ass at a slow, steady pace. He groaned in pain and pleasure until finally he couldn’t contain himself. He started moaning out loud, practically yelling, “Oh my God, yeah, fuck my ass.”

“You like my dick up your ass?”

“Fuck yeah.”

He laid down completely on the mattress with his legs spread out and his arms in front of him. I pounded his ass as I pushed his body into the mattress and his bed began to move against the floor. He bit harder into his pillow and when I thought he was pain I stopped.

He looked back at me, his face red and sweaty. “What’s wrong,” he asked.

“Are you okay?”

“Yeah, I’m fine,” he said with a chuckle. Then he pulled himself off of my dick, flipped himself over onto his back, and spread his legs in the air.

I positioned myself over him and while I pushed my dick back inside him he pulled my body in towards him and made out with me. The feeling of fucking his tight ass while locking lips with him was perhaps the most amazing feeling I’d ever experienced.  I pulled away from him and pressed my hands against his chest to hold myself up as I fucked him a little harder for a short time. He moaned in pain and pleasure and grabbed the sheets again. His warm eyes locked with mine. They were starting to tear up so I slowed to a stop a held myself over him, looking into his eyes. We both panted and I could feel beads of sweat forming on my back and forehead.

“I think it’s your turn,” he said as he smiled up at me.

“If you insist,” I replied then kissed him. I stood up and bent myself over the bed.

He walked over to his dresser, grabbed another condom and slipped it on. He then poured some lube onto his own dick and rubbed a little around my asshole, massaging it until his finger slipped into my hole. My ass clenched for a few seconds but then quickly adjusted to the presence of the foreign object. He fingered me for a little bit and I nearly came when he bent his finger inside me and hit my prostate gland—the G-Spot. When he hit it my legs quivered and a tingling sensation washed over my body, making my hairs stand on edge.

“Feels good, doesn’t it,” James asked. “Now imagine my dick inside you hitting that,” he added, whispering it into my ear as he pulled his finger out.

“Show me what it feels like,” I retorted and reached back to give his dick a tug towards my asshole.

He pushed slowly and I felt his cock sliding into me. At first my ass clenched tightly and my legs went numb but he made sure to take it slow, allowing me to adjust to the new sensation just as I had allowed him to adjust to the feeling of my dick earlier. I grabbed the sheets as he pulled out and pushed back in, gradually fucking my ass at a faster pace. Each time he thrusted he hit my prostate gland, causing precum to practically drip from my dick onto the bed. When he noticed the trail of my precum he reach around with one hand and caught as much of it as he could on his finger then licked it off.

“Don’t hog it all for yourself,” I said. In response he caught some for me and stuck his finger in my mouth as he fucked me, my mouth sucking my own precum from his finger. After I sucked it all from his finger he reached back down and started jerking me off while still fucking me, stimulating my ass, my prostate, and my dick all at the same time.

He stopped with his dick still inside me and his one hand still jerking me off but he leaned forward and with his free hand held my chest while we kissed. After some time he pulled out and then jumped onto the bed on his back, holding his dick upright so I could sit on it. I placed my knees on either side of his waist and kneeled over his dick then slid my ass back down onto it, riding him cowgirl style (or in my case, cowboy style). As I moved my ass up and down his cock I leaned forward and continued to kiss him. When I stopped moving my ass he started thrusting his hips, fucking me pretty hard but not hard enough to where it was painful.

I leaned back and started jerking my cock, feeling close to orgasm. “I’m gonna cum,” I said, breathing heavily.

“Cum all over me,” he replied, slowing his thrusts and focusing on going inside me as deep as he could to make sure he was hitting my G-spot. Before I knew it my legs started shaking along with the nerves in my dick and cum sprayed all over his chest and some on his face. I exhaled heavily, nearly collapsing on top of him, warmth and relief washing over my entire body.

I wiped some of the cum off of his chest with my fingers and stuck it in his mouth, letting him lick it off then leaned in and kissed him, swapping spit and my own cum. Our tongues practically wrestled each other over who could get the most cum until the semen was nearly dissolved into our saliva or already swallowed.

“I think I’m gonna cum now,” he said excitedly. I hopped off of his dick and kneeled on the bed while he stood up in front on me, slipped the condom off his dick, and jerked right in front of my face. He moaned and suddenly his cum was shooting all over my face so I tried to catch as much of it as I could in my mouth and swallowed it right away. The rest of it covered my cheeks, chin, and forehead.

He bent down and kissed me, swapping cum again, then licked some of it right off my face and kissed me again. I wrapped my arms around him and tackled him back down onto the bed and made out with him, mixing saliva, sweat, and cum in between our short breaks for breathing.

“I think we need another shower,” I said finally after a few minutes.

“I agree,” he replied. So we got out of bed and showered again, adding kisses and some touching here and there. Afterwards we got dressed and laid down together in his bed to play video games while pondering trying to understand what had happened.




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