I was so excited. I had entered a contest in the Inches magazine and for once I was lucky. I won a free two week all expenses trip to Gay Pride in San Francisco.

The contest involved writing a gay fantasy story, well I knew how to write and so I composed one and sent it off.

A week later I got a certified letter in the mail telling me that they enjoyed my Fantasy and would post it in an upcoming issue of Inches Magazine. They mentioned how I was able to incorporate guys with big cocks fucking a hot bottom and bringing the reader into the fantasy and making them become part of it.

Shit I couldn't believe that this was happening to me. It was Friday and the flight was leaving Saturday morning around five AM.

I quickly got ready and packed my best clothes, the ones that made me look hot.

A couple of pairs of Button Fly 501 Levis along with the same style of jeans but in shorts, Tight form fitting Tank Tops, my best well-worn in Cowboy Boots and my Satin Boxers. I usually wore boxers as I liked to hang free and show off what I have. I had a nice set of balls about as big extra-large chicken eggs and when soft I hung down a good three inches at the inside of my leg. My Jeans were tight enough to hug my melon shaped butt but not too tight as to be uncomfortable.

I was hoping that while I was down there I would get lucky and have a few good fuckings of my life. Because those Californian boys are fucking hot.

I tried to go to sleep but my mind was racing and it seemed like forever waiting for the Shuttle to the airport. I decided that while I was waiting I would douche my ass out. Make it all nice and ready. It was about a seven hour flight time to San Francisco. I was hoping that when I got there I could find a hot hung guy to use my ass to the extreme. Of course I would have to check my ass when I got there to see if I was still clean. But at least it would be prepped.

I also got out my eleven inch Ken Ryker dildo and shoved it up my ass getting it all nice and loose and ready for anything I could get. I was a real Fuck Slut; I just couldn't get enough cock.

The doorbell rang at four AM and I quickly came out of my house locked the door and climbed into the transport.

It was only about a half hour drive to the airport from my house When I got there I was greeted by this hot looking guy.

He introduced himself as Todd and he was to be my host and guide while I went down to Pride Day. He had such a wonderful warm smile and he was a piece of eye candy.

He reached out his hand a clasped mine in a warm handshake.

Right away I knew he was gay as he looked me up and down and said, "You must be Steve. Glad to meet you. My you sure are a fine looking Dude; the boys are gonna like you."

"Well if they are as handsome as you, I can't wait to have them." I replied as I flirted with him.

It was time to board the plane. He put his arm over my shoulder and walked with me up the stairs and into the plane. Damn it was nice to have his arm around me; it sent tingles up and down my spine. But then whenever a hot guy held me I got goose bumps.

The plane was a one of those smaller ones; it would probably hold about fifty people.

He led me to the rear of the plane and through a doorway. It was empty of other passengers. There were about ten large seats available apparently we were the only ones in the first class section.

Todd closed the door behind us and he dropped his hand to my ass and gave it an affectionate slap and squeeze.

Then he sat down and urged me to sit beside him. When I had sat down he put his hand on my knee and said, "So Steve are you excited, is this you have always dreamed of?"

"Fucken right," I blurted out in an excited voice as I laughed out loud. "I have always wanted to go to San Francisco and get into trouble, if you know what I mean!"

I placed my hand on his knee and gave a squeeze and looked deeply into his bedroom eyes. Slowly I moved my hand up his legs to his crotch and gave it a slight squeeze. Damn it sure felt like he had a big cock.

Todd laughed and said to me, "Well Steve, aren't you a randy one. I see that when you want something you go right for it." He moved his hand up to my crotch as well.

He quickly turned to me and planted a warm sensuous kiss on me. His tongue parted my lips and slipped its way in and explored the inside of my mouth. He tasted so good, I melted instantly. We finished the kiss and smiled big smiles at each other. Damn he was hot.

The Captain came over the loudspeaker and announced that flight 6969 would be leaving and to fasten our seat belts. I laughed inwardly, flight 6969, what implications did that have.

The plane taxied down the runway and lifted off. When we reached cruising altitude, we were told we could take off our seatbelts.

First class was quite comfortable there was lots of room to stretch out your legs.

After a few minutes a very handsome Stewart came back to us and asked, "Good morning Mr. Jackson, Mr. McKay. Welcome aboard. I hope your flight is comfortable. If you need anything just ring the buzzer and I will come. Would you like any refreshments?"

Then I realized that we both still had our hands on each other's legs.

The Stewart looked down and smiled.

Todd smiled back and answered, "Thanks Patrick, good to see you again. This Is Steve he won this year's contest for a trip to the Pride celebration, I am going to show him the ropes so to speak. And why are you being so formal, call me Todd."

"OK Todd," he replied. "I just didn't know if this was business or pleasure. But I can see that this is going to be pleasure. I'll make sure you are not disturbed." He gave us both a knowing smile. Now would you care for a drink?"

Todd thought a moment and the answered Patrick, "I think that the usual would be fine."

Patrick said "So it is a jug of Sangria with crushed ice. I'll get that right away for you."

He turned around and went down the aisle, stepping through the door and closed it behind him, separating us from the rest of the passengers.

I had a kind of shocked look on my face. What just happened?

Todd laughed and reassured me, "Patrick and I go way back. As a matter of fact you will be seeing him at the gay pride celebrations. By the way I could tell he was interested in you. You are his type and he packs a mean big cock. I saw him looking at your fine firm butt as we came on the plane. I am sure he would like to get into it. If you want I can set up a date with him during your stay."

Wow another shocker, Todd was so open and forward.

"Um Ya," I stuttered out. "I have every intension of getting as much fuck time as I can while I am here. You see Todd, I love long hot fuck sessions and also love group sex as well. My ass craves big hard cock up it. Did you read my fantasy story? Just so you know I picture myself as Darian in it and enjoy having my ass fucked by a big cock, the bigger the better."

Todd squeezed my crotch and answered, "Oh you bet Steve. I certainly read it and it was fucken hot. So you are Darian are you? Well then I think that me and the boys are just gonna get a long great with you. And if by what you wrote in your fantasy is what you like we will certainly oblige you."

Then he leaned over, slipped his hand up inside my tank top and started to gently pinch one of my nipples.

Todd started kissing me passionately again. While we were in the midst of our kiss, Patrick came back with the Sangria on a tray.

He cleared his throat and spoke out in a sexy drawl, "Gentlemen, if you have a moment I have your drinks ready for you. I'll just set it down here and leave you to your fun." HERE IS WHAT PATRICK LOOKS LIKE.

Todd called out before he could leave, "Patrick wait for a moment, I have something to ask you. I was just telling Steve here that you liked the way his butt looked and that you would love to dive into it. Are you going to be free in the next couple of weeks? Oh and by the way, I will e-mail his fantasy story so you can get a gist of what he likes. He portrays himself as Darian in it and I think you will find it exciting and stimulating. I also told him you have a huge cock and love to fuck."

Patrick laughed and answered "Todd, you are always looking after me. I'd love to give Steve the time of his life if he thinks he can take me. After all no bragging intended but I am bigger than most guys."

I looked down at Patrick's bulge and licked my lips. Then I said in a lustful voice, "Patrick, once you read my fantasy you will know what I can do. Because it is based on what has really happened to me. I have had a guy with twelve inches use my ass and there was no problem with me taking it. I look forward to servicing your manhood. "

Todd reached into his jeans pocket, and took out a bottle of poppers. He handed them to me and I took off the cap and took a couple of deep sniffs. My head was starting to pleasantly spin. Patrick moved closer to me and undid his fly and pulled out his rod. Damn even soft it was five inches long. He dangled it in front of my face.

I couldn't resist I leaned forward and devoured his cock. Right to the base I went. He let out a low moan and I felt his cock growing in my throat. It kept getting bigger and bigger. It filled my throat and proceeded towards my stomach.

I was able to take a huge cock easily down my throat as I had become a professionally trained cock sucker.

I had been doing it for years and guys were amazed that I could take any cock down my throat without gagging. I was also able to take any size cock easily up my ass. Some guys even called me pussy mouth or pussy ass.

Not to brag but yes I was that good.

But when you loved cock as much as I do then you have to be good at sucking and getting fucked.

I also had a special talent; I could vibrate my throat and really bring a guy off. If you feel your throat when you Humm it is like that only I can do it ten times better. I could also make my ass vibrate as well. Guys were amazed when I provided the perfect fuck and blowjob for them.

So I brought forth my talent. My throat started to vibrate around Patrick's shaft. I looked up into his face and he had a look of pure and utter rapture. His mouth was hanging open and his was moaning softly. While I vibrated my throat I also started constricting it tightening and then loosening, and really worked his cock.

Then at the same time I pulled off him almost to the tip and then plunged back down, slamming my face into his crotch. He let out another moan and I felt him quivering. Then he reached forward and put his hands behind my head and started to pull me on and off of him. He fucked my face like he owned it, and the way I felt, he did. His heavy balls were slapping hard against my chin.

I was surprised that the other passengers didn't hear what was going on. My throat was hot and burning just like an oven. And like all guys who I give a blow job to, Patrick couldn't hold back. He held his cock as far into my mouth and throat as possible.

Then his cock began to pulsate. He bit his lip so he wouldn't cry out too loudly and then started empting his load inside of me. It was sweet, so sweet. I had never had such good tasting cum in my life. It was like ambrosia. He just kept Cumming and Cumming, emptying his fluids into me.

He stayed that way for a while and then he pulled out his still hard cock. Holy fuck it was twelve inches long and almost as thick as my wrist. He really was hung like a horse. He was the biggest one that I had ever had.

Patrick was looking adoringly down into my face. "Where the fuck did you learn how to do that? That was fucken amazing. The way you vibrated it almost felt like a vibrating sex toy?"

I looked back up at him and laughed and answered him, "You liked that did you. Well I think I was born to be a sex toy. I like to please my men and enjoy doing so. Just wait till you see what I can do with my ass. You'll be amazed."

Patrick's cock had gotten soft enough for him to put back into his pants.

He zipped his fly and then turning to Todd and said, "Todd my man, you have got to try this guy out. He is a real treasure. I can hardly wait till I am off on Monday and can have a daylong go at him. Make him into a real little fuck toy. You have a good time for the rest of the flight. I will see that you are not disturbed."

Patrick caressed my hair with his hand and blew a kiss at me. Then he turned around and went through the door to leave Todd and me to get down to business.

I turned to look at Todd; his jeans were tenting out as his cock tried to escape from them. He picked up the jug of Sangria and poured us each a drink. He handed one to me and we toasted to each other.

Todd said with a smirk, "Here's to things to come, or is that Cum." He laughed.

I tipped the drink and took a swig. I almost choked, fuck that was strong stuff.

Todd laughed and told me that it was from the islands and it was over proof.

We downed the drinks and Todd lowered the back of his chair so he was almost lying down. The Sangria was going to my head and I was getting a pleasant buzz. I dropped to my knees between his legs and he undid his fly and parted his pants. His cock jumped out and slapped against my mouth. Damn he was as hard as a rock and big too. Not as big as Patrick but he still sported a good ten hard thick inches.

He used his hand to aim it at my mouth and looked into my eyes expectantly.

"Go for it, boy. "Todd ordered me in that hot sexy authoritive voice of his!!!:

"Yes Sir, "I blurted out in a submissive reply.

And then as the obedient boy that I could be I engulfed his hard cock. I was going to show this stud what I could do. I would make him want me. To dominate me. Use me.

So I did my best, I took his hard man cock into my mouth and made it feel like it belonged there. I wanted him, I needed him, I was a total fuck slut. He tasted so good. It was better than food. Then I started to do the same thing that I had done to Patrick, I made him desire me.

I started my vibrating throat. I could feel him gasp as I dominated his cock. I knew how to make a man feel extremely good.

He would know that he would never have this experience with any other guy but me. I was a master at my profession. I was a gift to guys. I can and will bring total satisfaction to you. I plunged my eager mouth down on his hard cock. Taking it almost all the way out and then ramming it back in to the hilt.

Like I said before, my mouth and throat were made for cock. I needed it, I wanted it, and I relished it. It didn't matter how rough you used my mouth, I would take it and just wait till you get to my ass. I would give it to you unconditionally. You would possess it. It would become yours.

I sucked on Todd's cock for a while longer, but then I felt something snap in me, I wanted his cock in my ass. My ass was twitching and begging for some action.

I took my mouth off of his cock and then looked into his dreamy eyes. I took a few more sniffs of poppers.

"Please Todd," I pleaded earnestly, "Please will you fuck me, ram that hard cock of yours as hard as you can into my ass. Please I beg of you."

Todd grabbed me and turned me around over the back of the seat in front of us and then just put his cock against my butthole and without hesitation proceeded to penetrate me. God damn, it felt so good. His cock entering me, taking me. I let out a gasp of pleasure.

I cried out, "Oh God, Todd take me, I am yours. Take me totally make me yours."

Todd put his hands on my hips and plunged his cock deep into my ass.

He let out what sounded like an animal growl and yelled out, "OH fucken damn, you have a fucken hot fucken ass. You really are a fuck boy. Fucken hot, Damn Damn. Take it you fucken bitch. Ya now you are mine.

He started to fuck me as hard as he could. I loved every minute of it. I was made to be fucked.

"Oh Todd," I cried out "Please fuck me; make me your boy toy. Oh God it feels so good. Oh Fuck me Fuck me Fuck me." I implored of him.

I was in total sexual glory. My ass felt so good. God please just use it I thought.

Todd continued to fuck me as hard as he could.

All the while he was making grunting and groaning and pleasurable noises.

He was loving my ass and it was loving him. I never wanted this to end.

But then he let out a really loud moan and I felt his cock start to pulsate, he was going to cum, I brought on my full vibrating talent and then clenched my ass muscles, I was going to give this stud my everything.

"Oh fucken shit" he screamed, "Your ass is mine."

He rammed as far as he could into me and held me on his cock. Then he began to ejaculate his juices into me. I felt him shaking as he emptied his load. It felt so hot, so warm. I could feel his cum bonding with me becoming a part of me. I was shaking and quivering, God I felt so good. Take me Todd I thought. Yes take me.

Then it was done. He had taken me. I was feeling so content. God I had not felt this good for a long time.

Todd collapsed on top of me and bore us down on the chair.

"Fuck Steve, you have one hot usable ass and a fucken hot mouth. You are going to make some guys really happy. And you know, especially my boys that are waiting for you. As a matter of fact, some of the boys, most of the boys, are here on the flight. Actually all of the boys on this flight are gay and all of them are tops. Does that scare you? You can't get off this flight. We are in the air. After reading your fantasy story we knew that you wanted a fantasy that would became real. So you little fuck boy, this is the start of your fantasy. Every Guy on this flight is going to fuck you and make you suck them. Even the captain. Most of all the Captain. This flight lasts seven hours and he wants a piece of you. What do you have to say?"

"Todd, have you not realized that after I have satisfied both you and Patrick, actually I am not done with the two of you, but I know that I can satisfy every fucken guy on this plane. I am a fuck magnet. My ass and mouth need constant stimulation. I am your, all of yours. Take me."

Then the Captain who it seemed was listening to our conversation, announced, "OK guys, we have a willing and able fuck toy on board. He wants to do all of us. And according to Patrick and Todd, he has both holes available to everything we have to give to him. But first he is mine. I am going to put the plane on auto pilot and then take him. Over and out."

The Captain exited his cockpit and paused in front of the other passengers. He stripped off his uniform down to his blue briefs. Damn he showed a nice huge basket. The guys knew he was gonna to stretch my hole nice and wide. Make it a real manhole. Then like the stud that he was he strutted towards his prey. He was going to make me a quivering boy. His boy.

He entered the back cabin and looked at Todd motioning for him to leave.

I looked up at him, Holy fuck he was a handsome fucken man. I knew that I wanted to serve him, anything he wanted.

He struts over to me and stood tall, towering tall over me. He looked down on me and I could see that he demanded obedience.

For such a stud I was willing to do whatever it takes.

I looked up into his radiant blue eyes and spoke out in a willing voice, "Sir, I am here to serve you, to please you. Ask and I will do. All I ask is that you do not hurt me. I pledge that I will be yours, anything you ask, anything."

"Strip" He ordered, "Turn around I want to see that hot ass of yours. I have the cock you always wanted. I am hung like a horse."

He ripped off his underwear and out popped a real piece of man meat. It was fucken huge.

Then he clapped his hands and immediately one of the guys from the front appeared.

"Yes Captain, what is it you desire?" he said as he bowed to him Damn I could tell the Captain was in control. He ruled here in his domain.

"Hook up the sling and get out my leather gear, this boy is going to become one of my boys. He will learn who is in charge. Who to serve." The Captain said in a commanding voice. Dress him up in leather. The guy took me by the hand and led me to a small dressing room. He made me put on a leather harness some tit clamps, a pair of chaps and a leather collar. Then he took me back into were the captain was. The captain had on a leather harness and a leather jock strap. He also had on a leather masters cap. I quivered a bit. What was I in for?

But the Captain smiled at me. "OK boy," he said "Up into the sling with you. Your ass is mine. Do you understand? You are going to take my twelve inch cock and please it. Look down do you see this monster? Is that want you want?"

I obediently climbed into the sling and looked down, holy fuck he was fucken huge. My ass quivered at what it was about to receive. Damn I wanted that big piece of meat.

"Yes sir," I cried out "My ass is yours. Take me. I want you. I need you. Please make me your Fuck toy."

The Captain ordered. "OK, take some sniffs of the poppers and then spread your little fuckhole, I am going to take it, possess it, are you ready boy?"

Again I cried out, "Yes Sir. I am yours I want that huge cock in me. Take me. Please. Take me."

The Captain said, "Good, then you are mine, take this my little fuck boy."

He places his cock against my butt hole and then just rammed every fucken big inch of it right into me.

"Oh God," I cried out in total submission to him. "Thank you, damn it feels so good. I am yours, Sir."

"Oh Ya, my little fuck boy. What a fucken nice tight hot ass you have. Take my man meat!!"

Then the Captain started to piston fuck me. Ramming harder and harder as he built up speed. He was making me his little fuck slut.

God I was in heaven. My ass never felt so fucken good.

His huge balls were slapping hard against my ass cheeks. Loud noises. SLAP SLAP SLAP.

"Oh God take me my Master." I cried out "Please take me!!!"

"Oh Ya" Captain bellowed, "You are my bitch now. Your fucken man pussy is mine."

He had his hands on the sling chains and was pulling me onto him, ramming into me as hard as he could. I was in total ecstasy.

I had been taken, I was possessed. I was the Captains, he owned me. I would do anything he asked.

He kept ramming his hard cock into my, no, now his ass. His body was slamming into mine as he used me. He was sweating bullets and dripping his hot sensual fluids all over me. I relished it, I craved it.

Then he screamed out at me in his masculine Masterly voice. "You want Masters Juices in you, boy. Talk to me. You want it. Are you my little fag boy?"

"Oh yes Sir, Master Sir, please make me yours, and take me." I begged him.

Then with a final heavy thrust he buried himself to the hilt and started to shoot his load. I felt the hot lava juice as it entered my ass. It was truly sensational. He filled me up with his man juice. He kept Cumming and Cumming.

My ass was falling out. It felt so fucken damn good. I was becoming a real fuck slut. Never before had I felt like this. I was whole; I had become what I was meant to be. A man's toy. To be used, to be fucked, forever.

As the Captain gave one last thrust he pulled out of me with a loud suction noise. My ass did not want to release him. Now that he was out, I felt so empty. I wanted him to go back in and just stay there.

The Captain looked down at me with a satisfied look on his face.

"Steve." He said in his masterful voice," You are now mine and my possession. You will quit your job and stay with us. Give up your former life and become our willing fuck toy. Do you understand!!!"

I looked up into his commanding eyes, there was a power there. I could not resist. It was like he had hypnotised me. I no longer had control over myself. I was his tool. All I wanted to do was to please him, to be his totally.

I managed to open my mouth and answer him, "Yes Master, I am yours, I will obey you totally you are my everything. I exist only to please you Sir. Please, instruct me."

"Good," the Captain said, "And you don't have to call me Captain or Sir, my name is Jock. In the future you will address me as such. It is my command. Now to show that you are my willing subject it is necessary to label you. I am going to have tattoos put on you. Your arm will have my symbol on it showing who your owner is. It will be recognized. Many know me and who is mine and unless I say they can touch you they won't. I am a very powerful man. I am almost a God. Am I your God Steve?"

I immediately answered him," Oh yes Jock, Yes. You are my God. Command me and I will obey. Thank you for having me."

"Good" Jock said in a satisfied voice.

Then he clapped his hands and one of the guys from the other part of the plane appeared.

"Yes Jock, what is your wish."

"Jake, I want you to Brand him; show that he is now my property. You know what to do. Oh and take off his leather gear."

"Yes Jock I know how to procede."

Jake reached up and took off my harness and collar and then took me by the arm and led me into another part of the plane. He sat me down on a chair and then he proceeded to put a tattoo on my arm. I had never had a tattoo before. Damn it hurt having that ink needle put into my arm. But if this is what Jock wanted, I was going to make the effort to have it done to me. I gritted my teeth and bit the bullet so to speak.

It took almost a half an hour to do but when it was done I looked down and it was really beautiful. I really liked it.

Then Jake spoke to me, "Jock has told me that I must train you. I am going to fuck you and you must respond to everything I tell you to do. My cock is not quite as big as Jakes, but then he is a master. But you will take it any way I want you too. He is now your Master. He is also my Master. You will learn. Now lie on your back and get ready for my hard cock.

Jake pushed me down on my back and positioned his cock against my pulsating hole. Then he ordered me to sniff the poppers. My head started to spin, I was ready for him.

e looked me in the eyes; I could see the compelling stare he was giving me.

Then Jake smiled a knowing smile. He knew what I wanted, what I craved.

"Jake yelled out, "You want this. Is this what you desire?"

Then without hesitating he rammed it into my hole.

"Oh fuck, damn you have a hot man pussy. You are gonna make Jock so happy. Fuck my cock feels so good in you." Jake called out.

Then he started to twirl and thrust his cock around inside of me. He fucked me hard and deep.

Ramming his big hard cock deep inside of me. Over and over again.

It was almost like I was in a fantasy realm.

I was truly in heaven. My goal in life was to be fucked over and over by every stud in this world. And it seemed like I was getting my wish.

I looked down and could see his huge cock taking me. He pulled it out and plunged it back in. I was in heaven.

Then Jake gave a final plunge and held his cock deep inside of me. And I felt his man juice fill my ass. Added to Jocks juice it filled me up. It was starting to drip down my leg. Damn I didn't want to lose a drop. I reached behind me with my hand and caught the cum coming out of my ass. I then put my hand to my mouth and started to lap it up, I was a sex pig. I was becoming these guys fuck slut. It tasted so good mixed with my ass juices and his and Jocks cum. God it was so good.

Jake grabbed me and brought me to my feet. He placed his hands on both sides of my head and stared me straight into the eyes. I knew I was going to learn something else.

"Steve," He said, "You are doing well. Master Jake is going to be pleased with you. But now comes the second part of your training. You will be trained in taking part in a group. Jock has many obligations and he needs to have boys like you to help him fulfill them. You will stay here and wait for what is to happen to you. Do not disappoint us. I mean him. Now go through that door there, into the cargo bay. Then stand at attention and hold your hands behind your back. You are going to service some of the boys from the front."

I obeyed. This is the best time I have had in a life time. I was getting my ass fucked and getting to suck big cock. I was truly in heaven. I was born to serve men. I wanted to serve men. I wanted to be a fuck toy for men. So let it be!!!

"You are going to get Mark, Trevor and Justin. They are the best at training. If they can take you and approve of you then you are in. You will be our new fuck boy." Jake told me.

I went into the cargo bay and stood at attention like Jake told me to, waiting for more of my training.

Jake left the rear of the plane and I eagerly awaited my trainers.

I only had to wait a minute or two. The door opened and in stepped three hot and hung guys. They had no clothes on and the looks on their faces told me what I was in store for.

As one they pointed to me and indicated that I should lie down on the stack of boxes in the middle of the room, and spread my legs. There was going to be no hesitation, my ass was going to be fucked. I obeyed instantly and lay down with my legs in the air. I quickly sniffed some poppers and was ready to be trained.

The first stud, Mark, grabbed my ankle and placed his cock against my asshole. He then lurched forward and shoved it right in. I moaned out in sheer pleasure, and cried out. "Oh Fuck, Damn that feels so good. Please fuck me hard, I am yours to use."

He looked down at me and with a masterful lunge he started to plummet my ass. The other two guys watched and made coo cooing sounds and said, "Fuck he is a real fuck toy. Look at him liking it. Fuck his little man pussy butt, Damn I can't wait to get into him. "

I was in total ecstasy. My ass felt so good. I couldn't help but to cry out, "Oh fuck Mark, Please use my ass make it wide open. It feels so fucken good."

He looked down at my face and saw such a look of complete and utter contentment. He smiled and started to plunge harder. He knew that I was enjoying him.

He kept looking into my eyes as he used my ass.

His smile grew larger and he said in a sexy voice," Oh Ya, you love that man pussy to be fucked. You are a real bottom boy. Your ass needs a good fucking."

He started to fuck me harder, I loved it. His face showed such enjoyment.

The other boys looked at each other and watched Mark fuck me.

Trevor put his head on Justin's shoulder and said, ," Fuck he really does have a nice man pussy. Look how is taking Mark's cock so readily. Damn he really is a fuck Boy. Fuck, watch how he takes Mark's cock"

Then Trevor grabbed Marks shoulder and blurted out, "OK Mark, you fucker, it's time to give me a go. I want a taste of Steve's sweet ass."

Mark pulled out and immediately Trevor stepped in to place. My ass was wide open. His huge cock just found its way in. His mouth dropped open as he found my very depths.

Then he yelled out, "Fucken sweet, your ass is so fucken hot. You are a real pussy boy. Then he started to ram as hard as he could. His heavy balls were slapping hard against my ass cheeks. I was crying out in sheer pleasure.

"Oh, Fuck." I whimpered, "Please use my ass. Make it yours. It feels so fucken damn fucken good. Please please use me. I need it. I want it. Oh fucken damn. I love it."

"Oh Ya," Trevor yelled, "Your ass was made for cock. Take it you fucken bitch."

He continued to ram as hard as he could.

Justin put his hand on Trevor's shoulder and made him pull out of me.

"OK Dude," he exclaimed "Let a real man have a go."

He put my leg over his shoulder and then aimed his cock at my hole and rammed it in. I was in fucken heaven. I watched as he used my ass to the extreme. He was making animal growls as he plunged in. My ass was so wide open. It felt so good. I was getting the fucking of my life. I could stay like this forever.

"Oh fuck me, please. Make me your fuck slave. Oh, Oh, Oh. God damn it feels so good."

"You little fucken fuck toy. You like your Daddy taken what is his. Fucken your tight fucken ass. Your ass was made to be fucked. You are a little pussy boy. My little pussy boy. Tell me you want me. Beg for it, Bitch!!" He yelled in a controlling masterful voice.

"Yes, please fuck me. I am yours, take me. Make me your boy, own me. Oh fuck, you are my master. I have never felt so good before. Fuck my brains out." I pleaded with him.

Justin grabbed me by the hips and flipped me over and then did me doggy style. Then Justin roared, "Oh fuck you little slave boy. Take my load. Fuuuuuuuccccckkkinnn shit."

He rammed all the way in and held me on his hard pulsating cock. I felt his hot lava filling me up. He was gushing loads of hot cum into me. He started to slap my ass as he filled me up. I was in total nirvana. My head was spinning. I was a total sex toy. I was where I wanted to be.

Justin was almost convulsing and shaking like a leaf.

"God damn, Steve you are one good fuck. I could stay inside you for eternity." He gave my ass another good slap and then pulled out his throbbing cock.

He reached down and pulled me to my feet.

Then he said in a smirking tone, "OK, I think you are ready for the feast da resistance. Tober is going to do you. And he really is hung like a horse. He has fourteen hard inches. He is going to stretch you pretty little hole to the limit. You want a big one, Steve; well you are going to get your wish.

He put his arm around me and led me to another part of the plane.

He pushed me into another compartment and there standing before me was Tober. He had his dick hanging out of his pants and was holding it in his hand.

Holy fuck it was gargantuan. I had never seen such a big cock before. Damn I didn't know if I could take it, it was so big. He reached over to a table and took off a can of beer. He held it close to his cock and damn, his cock was three times as long as it and a lot thicker too. Fucking three times as long. And his balls, they were the size of tennis balls. I was afraid but excited at the same time.

"Please," I cried out in a panicked trembling voice. "There is no way I can take that. You will rip me a part. I can't take it. PLEASE."

Tober smiled at me and in a hot baritone masterly voice said, "Don't worry Steve. I will get you ready. You will take my cock. You will beg me to fuck you."

Then he pushed me down onto the couch in the corner. He grabbed small bag off of the table beside it. It had cocaine in it. He made three lines of it on the table and handed me a straw.

"Sniff this up, boy." He ordered. "You are going to beg me to fuck you. You will be my sex toy. I am going to possess your very sole."

I leaned down and took the straw and sniffed in the lines of coke. Almost immediately my head started to spin. I was getting so high. I took a few sniffs of poppers too.

Then I lost control, all my inhibitions had collapsed. I was almost hypnotized. I was a real slave. I was ready for anything.

I looked at Tober and his huge cock. I started to drool.

Then in a subservient voice I spoke out, "Tober, please I beg you. Take my hole and stretch it. I am yours to use. I want that huge cock of yours. It will almost be like being fist fucked. But I am yours to train."

Tober smiled at me and commented, "Steve you are in for a treat of your life. You will never be the same once I am done with you. But first drop to your knees. Suck your master's cock."

I obeyed him without hesitation. I Fell to my knees in front of him and then opened my mouth and took as much of his girth into my mouth and throat. I gagged, he was really fucken huge. But he put his hands behind my head and shoved it deeper inside my mouth. I almost couldn't breathe. He fucked my face for about ten minutes. I was hardly able to breathe.

Then he pulled out and spun me around. Made me lean over the couch and then placed his roaring hard cock head against my asshole.

"This may hurt a bit at first,"Tober said, "But once I am in, you will have the most pleasureful feeling. You will never have felt like I am going to make you feel before. You will never be the same. But be assured I will possess your ass. I will make it mine."

Then he put his hands on my hips and pulled me onto his monstrous cock. I screamed out. It hurt so much. He was so fucken big. I felt like I was being ripped apart. But the Cocaine made me high and once he had pushed about three inches in me the pain subsided. It actually felt fucken good. Tober knew I had accepted his cock and he pushed slowly all the way in. Thirteen huge inches entered my ass. My mouth dropped open and I felt so high. I had never felt like this before. It felt so fucken good. His great big balls slammed against my ass cheeks. He was all the way in. I had taken him, all of him.

"Oh God," I cried out, "Fuck that feels so good. You are a God, You have broken me. I am yours. Please fuck me."

My ass was stretched to the limit. Tober slowly pulled his cock out to the tip. Then he paused.

"What do you want Steve? Tell me. What do you want?" Tober inquired of me.

"I want you to fuck me hard, Tober, Please take my ass, fuck me and make me a fuck toy. "I begged of him.

Then Tober slapped my ass hard and at the same time he shoved all thirteen inches as hard as he could deep into my ass. I cried out in pleasure. It felt so good. I was amazed; I actually could take his whole big hard cock. His balls slapped hard against my ass cheeks. Then Tober started to piston fuck me. He pulled all the way out to the tip and then rammed back in. I could almost taste him in my throat he was so big. He kept fucking me over and over again. I was in total heaven. He was my Master and I had become his Slave. My head was spinning. I felt so fucken good. My ass felt so fucken good. As he plunged in he slapped my ass. He had taken me. I was his. Then Tober tried something new. He took his cock completely out of me. He looked down at my butt and my hole was puckering out and wide open. My ass was so full of cum it was dripping out of my hole. He aimed his cock at my hole and then took me. I one huge steady shove he buried himself in me. He pulled all the way out and rammed right back in. I was quivering and moaning out in pure bliss. As he fucked me he started to slap my ass. He was in complete control of me. He had taken me and made me his fuck slave. I was possessed.

Then in his hot commanding deep baritone voice he spoke, "You like that big cock boy. Talk to me, tell me how much you want it, how you need it. Your ass mine. Unconditionally mine. Talk to me!!!"

"Oh please fuck me. I need it so bad. I feel so good. You are my Master. I want you. My ass is yours Sir. Completely and utterly yours. Please please fuck me harder Sir." I begged him in a pleading voice.

He was ramming so hard into me my body was lurching with each thrust. He was hitting my love button and creating such pure and utter pleasure. I felt so fucken good. My ass had become a real fuck chute. I wanted nothing more than to have it fucked.

While Tober used my ass Jake moved over to my head and made me suck on his huge pole. Both my holes were being used like I loved them to be. I was in heaven. Then Tober increased speed. As he rammed me he forced me to deep throat Jake.

Then with a loud scream Tober yelled out, "Oh fuck, you little fucking fuck toy I am going to fill you with my load. Take it."

He started to cream in me and it felt like he was shooting bullets into me, he came so hard. And he just kept shooting God it was so much it was running out my ass.

Then Jake started to shoot as well filling my mouth and throat with his hot jism. It was almost more than I could take. I had such a fucken great high. My head was spinning with pleasure and I was making loud whimpering sounds. Then I couldn't hold back my own cock erupted and covered my chest. Finally the three of us had completely emptied our Juice sacks.

Tober pulled his cock out of me with a loud suction noise. Then he dropped to his knees and pushed his face to my asshole and started eating his cum out of it. My ass was so stretched that his chin actually entered me as he ate. I was quivering and moaning and whimpering. I felt so good.

Jake pulled his cock out of my mouth and then shoved his tongue into it and started licking his cum from my throat. After they cleaned me out they stood up and told me I was the best fuck that they ever had. My ass was made to be fucked.

But it wasn't over for me. There were still a number of other guys wanting a piece of my ass. I looked over to my side and there on the floor up against the wall was another guy. He had his cock in his hand and it was fucken huge it was at least thirteen inches long and as thick as his wrist. He gestured to me to come over to him and said, "Come sit on Master John's big cock like a good little boy." I knew what I had to do. I crawled over to him and turned around and then sat down on his throbbing member. It just slipped tight in like it belonged there. I let out a yelp of glee.

As I rode this hot hung stud another guy moved to my mouth and made me lick his hard shaft. He then grabbed a hold of my head and plunged his rock hard cock deep into my throat. "Oh ya, take Shane's big cock, take it all the way.

Then he fucked my face like there was no tomorrow. I lost all feeling in both my holes. There was no pain just pure pleasure. I had become a real fuck toy. I wanted to be used over and over again by men. Everyman on earth. Just line them up and fuck me one after another. Fill me full of cum until I almost drown.

I brought on my talent again. My ass and my mouth started to vibrate. As one both Shane and John let out a gasp of pleasure. They continued to fuck my ass and face brutally. I was flying high. Then as I continued using my talent they started to shake and quiver then the explosion came and they filled me with their love juices. Mixing in with my already well filled holes with the other guys cum. After they were spent they pulled out of my ass and mouth. It was time for the next man.

His name was Francis. He was a fine specimen. All muscular and fit. He grabbed me by my wrists and yanked them behind my back, and then he ripped of his shorts and aimed his pulsating cock at my moist loose hole and just dove right in. I had only my jockstrap on and my ass stuck out the back displaying my firm tight cheeks.

As he held my arms behind me with one of his strong hands he grabbed a hank of my hair and started to pull me onto his member. He liked it rough and he was sure using me.

"You're a fucken little pussy boy aren't you faggot. Your fucking man cunt likes being used, doesn't it? You like it rough boy? I'll show you what a real man can do."

He pulled my hair harder and rammed in me with all his might. He was right I did like it rough. I was being trained by the best. I would never be the same again. He leaned forward and started to bite my earlobe.

And he whispered in my ear. Your my fucken slave now boy. I own you. Speak to me, worship me." He ordered me in a commanding voice.

"Yes my Master, I am your humble slave. Yours to use any way that you want to. I need you to possess me. Please Sir please I beg of you, take me all the way. Show me who is my Master."

"Good little slave. You are pleasing your Master. I own you now." He told me.

He released my arms but told me to keep them behind me. He also let go of my hair but continued to bite on my ear. Then he reached around me with both hands a roughly grabbed my nipples. He started to pinch and twist them. It felt so good. I loved everything he was doing to me. There was pleasure in the pain he was inflicting on me.

Francis took one of his hands off of my nipples and then started to slap my ass.

"I Like my slaves ass to be well worked, make it nice and red and tender. You like my treatment of you slave? Answer me." He barked his order.

"Yes Master. I love everything you are doing to me. Make me your total slave. Own me completely my Master." I answered obediently.

Then he pushed down onto my back and holding my legs up on his shoulders, took control of me again. Has he rammed into me he pinched and twisted my tender nipples. After he was through with me my asshole would never be the same. I doubted whether it would ever close up again. His cock was pulsating inside of me. Then I gave myself all the way to him, my Master.

I took a few deep sniffs of poppers and then I turned on my talent, my ass started to vibrate.

Francis got a startled look on his face.

"Where the fuck did you learn how to do that, Slave." he asked me. "It feels so fucking good. Keep it up boy."

He started to ram me harder. It was like he was climbing right inside of me. As I squeezed his massive cock with my ass muscles he let out a load animalistic growl, "Oh fuck Slave, Master is going to cum. Your ass is mine."

Then he shoved good and hard all the way in me. And his hot load erupted. He filled me up with his love juice.

I screamed out, I was Cumming too. He was fucking the cum right out of me. He finished empting his load and collapsed on top of me. We were both breathing heavy. After a minute or two he rolled off of me and pulled his cock out of my oven.

He stood up and pulled me to my feet and said" Damn you make a great Slave boy. You are going to serve us forever. Everyone on this plane is now your Master. You will obey us in every way possible. It is your duty to please us. Now there is one more Master for you to serve and then we will land in San Francisco. Where you will move into our mansion. Not only will you be our slave, you will be our houseboy as well. You will cook, clean and most of all supply constant sex for us. Do you understand Slave?"

"Yes my Master, I am on this earth to be a willing submissive Slave for you. I will Love to serve you. Thank you for being my Master." I meekly answered him.

He picked up the bag of cocaine and made a few lines of it. Then he handed me the straw and made me sniff.

I felt a new high almost instantly.

He turned me around, gave my ass a hard slap and ushered me to a new cabin.

There sitting on the couch was my next Master. His cock pointed hard and stiff straight up into the air. He had a wonderful smile on his face.

"I am Master Drake, drop to your knees and crawl over here Slave. You will now serve me. I heard about your hot hole and your talent. I look forward to continuing your training." He told me in his deep throated Master voice.

I immediately dropped to the floor on all fours and crawled over to my Master. When I reached him he had a Leather collar in his hand.I opened it and put around my neck and then put a padlock on it and secured it.

"You will wear this from now on as a symbol of how you are a Slave. You are now and forever more an owned Slave. Today is the first day of your servitude to your Masters. What do you think Slave. "He inquired of me.

"Yes Master Drake. I am your possession. I live to obey you and my other Masters. Thank you for putting my collar on me. It is wonderful too be owned by you and my other Masters. I will make you proud." I answered him in a subservient voice.

"Now," Master Drake ordered, "Lick my feet and continue up my body. Show me how you worship your Master. Then you will suck my cock with that vibrating throat of yours. Get my cock ready for your ass."

I dropped my head to his feet and started to lick; I traveled up his legs to his crotch and licked around his cock. Then on up across his chest to his neck and then mouth. He pulled me tightly to him and shoved his tongue into my mouth. His hands dropped to my ass cheeks and he started to spank me. I willingly accepted him.

Master Drake forced me to my knees and turned around placing his ass next to my mouth.

Then in an authoritive voice he ordered me to give him a rim job. "Don't worry Slave; my ass is clean stick that tongue of yours in your Master crack. Give me a good rim job and then I will reward you with the fuck of your life. Your pretty little ass has been stretched and will accept me. Do as Master tells you."

I shoved my tongue as deep inside his ass as I could. His ass tasted so sweet. He let out a moan of pleasure. I rimmed him for a good ten minutes, Then Master turned around, lifted me to a standing position. I took a few deep sniffs of my poppers.

He pushed me on the edge of the couch and spread my legs. Then he placed his hard cock against my ass and rammed it in. Then to my surprise he put his hand to his cock and slowly started to push his fingers in beside his cock. He slipped in all four fingers and then his thumb. It felt amazing. His hand slipped further and further into my ass. I was surprised that there was no pain. I was moaning in pure pleasure. My Master was giving me sensations I never knew was possible. Then his wrist popped through my hole. Oh God it felt so good, so right. He had his hand clenched around his shaft and then he started to pull his cock out while he left his hand in me. As he fucked me he was jerking his cock inside my ass.

"Oh ya, sweet fucking ass Slave. You like what I am doing? Are you my total Slave now? Are you Masters slut? He asked me in his Master voice.

"Yes Master, I love what you are doing to me. Please give me more. I beg you. Please use me." I cried out to him.

Then as he fist fucked me with his cock and hand he used the other hand to start slapping my ass cheeks.

"Good Boy, Slave. You can take anything Master gives you. I am in control. Then he pulled his cock all the way out and started to push his hand deeper inside of me. I had never been fist fucked before but with all the big cocks that I had just had up my ass, his hand really wasn't that much bigger. He pulled his hand out and then putting his fingers together he dove back in. HE went in further this time. Deeper and deeper. His arm crept into me. I was quivering in spasms. Then he started to open and close his hand Turning it around this way and that. HE pulled it almost all the way out and then he rammed his cock back in beside it. HE started to fuck me hard. Building up speed. He took my ass completely. Then he Yelled out, "OH fuck, I am going to cum. Take it." Then he shot his load in me. He pulled his hand a dick out of me and made me lick his cum off of his hand. I was a quivering shaking mess. I had been fully trained. There was no going back, I was now owned.



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