This story contains gay fetish based sex and should only be read by adults of legal age.

The story is set in the early eighties and deals with a young mans discovery that sex is not just for younger straight couples.

I first meet Freddy Johnson at a family party when I was a very young child; he lived in a large country house a few miles from town and had been in the army with my late Granddad during the war.

Freddy was always fun to be around, he could keep a crown under his spell as he told story after story about the old days, his old war stories were always fun for all especially the children who would find themselves captivated by his manner.

At the age of thirteen I started doing odd jobs for Freddy for some pocket money which lead to full time employment when I left school.

I suppose looking back my role for Freddy was like a PA, I would look after his properties making sure the tenants were happy and doing the odd job or bring in a contractor if the job was too big for me.

Freddy had always acted like a perfect gentleman towards me treating me like an adult instead of a kid; he paid me a very good wage for someone so young and encouraged me in my first love of sports.

When I was sixteen he gave me my first cigar and a wonderful gold lighter, he had said at the time he knew I was smoking the odd cigarette like all my other friends, but he told me to stop the cigarettes and if I must smoke, smoke something decent, thus my love affair with cigars started in earnest.

Large cigars and smart suits were Freddy's trade mark; he was always so smartly dressed and still had a figure that most men half his age would give their right arms for.

Now in his sixties he looked at least ten years younger as his face hardly had a line on it, his shaven head like his face was always tanned as he was always jetting off somewhere hot for long weekends, his business trips he called them.

Freddy had the most striking blue eyes, that of course I remembered so well when a kid as they helped to keep us spell bound when he told his famous yarns.

There was another side to Freddy that made him a bit of a mystery, he had never been married and to be honest I wondered if he hated the female race as he never had a good word for them, some people would say that Freddy's long term girlfriend had gone off with an American whilst he was serving abroad in the army, thus causing him to turn his back on womankind, however Freddy never talked about his private life, that subject was off limits to me.

Freddy was a bit of a big wheel in business locally as well as in other parts of the country.

He was a member of many clubs and his friends were all powerful businessmen like him who seemed to be loaded.

I would often pick these guys up from the railway station; they were mostly around Freddy's age accompanied by smart well dressed young men, who worked for these guys.

Sometimes there could be as many as ten of these business guys staying at Freddy's over a weekend, as his house was huge with ten bedrooms and even a small in door swimming pool.

Freddy insisted that I never work weekends, which was great by me, so I used to drop the guys off on Friday evening and have the rest of the weekend for me.

Even Freddy's cook never worked over these weekends as I would book in staff from a firm in London that Freddy always used on these occasions.

Freddy was a confirmed bachelor as he called it and once said to me that he would never have it any other way.

I liked this idea at now at age eighteen I wanted to be like Freddy because I not only admired the man, but wanted the lifestyle that Freddy lived.

I had a small party at my house to celebrate my birthday, my family and some close school friends were there and the evening was great.

I received all the usual presents that one gets on an eighteenth birthday and was happy that I was finial legal when it came to drinking in pubs.

I arrived at Freddy's house on Monday morning with a spring in my step and a smile wider than the Watford gap.

Freddy was waiting for me in the office as usual; however this morning was not going to be the usual Monday morning meeting as Freddy had something he wanted to talk to me about.

I sat down and Freddy started by saying he was sorry that he could not make the party on Saturday night but like I already knew he was away on business until the Sunday.

He gave me a small box which was gift wrapped and told me to open it. Inside the box was a set of keys, the keys were to a flat that he had brought me, saying that a man should not live with his parents, but should have his own place.

I did not know what to say, I was over the moon, I stood up and offered my hand to Freddy. Freddy took my hand with his and fixed me with his blue eyes, you know William, I do not think of you as just the hired help, I have known you a long time and I am very fond of you. Your Granddad would have been proud of the way your have turned out, so tall and good looking.

I did not know what to say, so I just looked into Freddy's blue eyes, we were still holding hands and I could smell his aftershave which mixed with the smoke of Freddy's cigar was starting to have an effect on me that I had never felt before.

I started to open my mouth to talk and Freddy put one of his fingers against my lips and said just listen a moment William, you have a very bright future ahead of you by my side, I want you to know I will always be here for you and if there is anything you feel you need all you have to do is ask.

I do not know why I did it, but I gently caressed his manicured finger with my tongue, just touching the nail, Freddy pushed the tip of his finger into my mouth as we just stared at each other and I started to suck his finger.

My cock was so hard and I was finding it hard to breath, my heart was pounding in my chest as Freddy removed his finger so we could kiss for the first time.

The feeling was intense as our tongues meet for the first time, we held each other tight and I could feel our cocks pushing against each other.

We pulled a part for a moment as Freddy took a huge inhale from his massive cigar, as he curled the smoke into a ball with his mouth I watched spell bound as the ball of thick smoke appear from his open mouth only to disappear in less that a second as he sucked the smoke deep into his lungs, I was so hook I forced my mouth against his as he inhaled a thick plum of smoke into my mouth and deep into my lungs..

I pulled away so I could blow the smoke back into his face as I rubbed his huge cock through his trousers.

He looked at me with those gorgeous eyes and said, my, my William you are a naughty boy, I think you better get on your knees and give you Uncle Freddy some lip service.

I did as I was told unclipping his trouser button that allowed them to fall around his ankles. I never took my eyes from his as I caressed his wonderful large cock that was sporting a huge ring through the helmet, I used my tongue to lick and caress his huge head while my teeth bit and pulled at the ring.

I finally took the whole nine inches down my throat, gagging at first but determined to pleasure Freddy as our eyes never lost contact for a moment. As I sucked for all I was worth Freddy breathing became heavier by the second as he smoked that huge cigar like a man out of control until he climaxed, shooting his cum deep down my throat until his legs were shaking and my mouth and throat were filled to the brim.

He said swallow William, swallow the lot my boy. I did was I was told and the look in Freddy's eyes told me he was pleased, very pleased which gave me the best feeling I had ever had.

Freddy lifted me gentle from the floor so we stood in front of each other once more, we kissed and his tongue search out the remaining sperm that was swimming in my mouth, the feeling was one of the up most pleasure, to say I was over the moon was an understatement.

Freddy thanked me first then explained that our new found friendship must never be talked about to anyone. He told me that from now on I would be his boyfriend and he was going to teach me all he knew about sex, kink and fetish and that he knew I would grow to love it as much as he did.

Freddy smiled and said that he knew he had been right to pick me out all those years ago and then our future would be one of endless pleasure together.

I had always admired Freddy, now I lusted after him, so I made a mental note to do anything I could do to please him as I was head over heels in love with him.

To be continued.



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