- Thursday -

That's what I want.

That is definitely what I want, I thought seeing Raven curled in the sofa with his girlfriend watching TV. I`d been rooming with Raven one of my best friends in a small two-bedroom apartment off campus for over two years now. Raven was an ideal roommate; he never had any problems with me being gay and was neat and tidy. He was also a very good friend to have. Nice to look at too standing 6 feet tall lean with dirty blond hair, light blue eyes and freckles on his cheeks.

Think Captain America.

Handsome as he was, he'd never interested me romantically not my type, too clean cut and wholesome. I like... cute pretty boys, tall, slim and lithe with deliciously long legs...
Looks are important right? Especially in the circles I find myself in at times. Showing up with an ugly date is a big no no!

We're getting side-tracked here so back to Raven. I'd noticed that he'd been more distracted than usual after he first started attending a board game club. He'd asked me to come along but honestly board games were just not my thing (Hell no!) and I politely declined. 

He came home after his first meeting raving about the club. You'd have thought he'd been to Mekka or something. Still I was happy he found people he could talk too about the sci-fi and that fantasy fiction he was into. At least I didn't have to watch anymore of those old Star Trek movies with him. Thank God!

I'd made the mistake once of mixing up Star Trek and Star Wars.... You'd thought I killed his cat. So yeah he was a major geeky nerd but a goodhearted gorgeous one too.

"So were there any ponytailed spotty nerds there?" I had asked. Cause honestly I couldn't imagine there being any other kind attending those meetings other than Raven, but to me he was an oddity.

Raven gave me a peculiar look. "Yeah one or two, but it`s actually a very mixed group from freshmen to seniors from small to tall, from jocks to frat boys. A lot of hot girls too." He grinned. That just goes to show, what the hell do I know?

After a while another surprise, Raven had a date. Then another one and another one... It was a surprise because for some inexplicable reason he hardly ever dated. I've known this guy for over 5 years now and can count the amount of dates he's had on my two hands. I mean this guy has everything going for him smart, good looking, outgoing and kind... He got hit on often enough too.

"I don't feel comfortable...they always think I'm something I'm not." Was his excuse.

One night I was watching TV he came home flying through the door scaring the shit out of me. He was practically bouncing off the walls with joy.

Her name was Grena.

She was a member of that weird board game club of his and my god the boy was beyond smitten. She was amazing and sweet and funny and.... Yeah he was a goner all right.

"Is she beautiful?" I asked his joy had infected me sporting an identical grin on my face watching him  pacing the living room all razzed up.

Raven stopped pacing looked up at me and said, "Yes. Too me she is."

Two days later I know why he'd chose those exact words. She was coming over for dinner and he wanted me to stay and meet her. When he walked through the door with Grena I remember thinking... Huh?

She was plain. Not ugly... as such... just very very plain. She had good hips and boobs on her, not a fatty but not skinny either. Not generically beautiful but very plain and average.

Surely he could do better than that?

I sound like a jerk right? Don't worry cause then Grena smiled brightening the room and I spend the remainder of dinner eating my words. Grena was funny and very engaging you just couldn't help yourself but like her. She listened to what you had to say, was fun to be around and quick as a whip.

That was all a month ago and they've been inseparable ever since. I remember watching Raven during dinner that night; he was looking at her as if she was the most beautiful woman in the world. Cause to him she was.

I want that too.

I grab a beer from the fridge and retreat to my bedroom. Slumping down behind my desk near the window. I stare dejectedly at my laptop. To be honest I've lost interest in hook-ups. I'd been more than a little promiscuous in the past but it just didn't excite me anymore, I hate loud clubs too. I want someone for more than a few hours and have a longer conversation than "Hi wanna get outta here?".

I want be looked at like Raven looks at Grena.

I stare at my reflection in the dark window in front of me and sigh. I'm very tall black hair, amber eyes and lose limbed. I work out but I'm not a gym rat. I always thought I was quite good looking, am I that wrong?

Disheartened I turn my attention to some sketches I was working on for a paper on community buildings. An hour later Raven knocked on my door asking what Chinese food I wanted from the takeaway.

"Special fried noodles." I grin happier at the thought of food. I follow him into the living room and join Grena on the couch for company while Raven is the food run. I've come to really like Grena she's fun to talk to and spend time with, even without Raven around.

I nudged her "So you popped his cherry yet?"

Grena grins at me. "Your boy moves fast." She comments without a hit of embarrassment. "I though I was going to be teaching him the ways of the world but my god. He`s a natural, if anything he`s teaching me!"

"Really?" Genuinely surprised. "I thought it'd take him ages to be comfortable enough with someone to take the next step.". I knew from passed conversations Raven had been a virgin before he met Grena. I could never understand it, I mean I lost mine the moment I got the chance to. Raven's had plenty of opportunity but never gave in to it. 

"Oh it did." She nodded, seeing my confusion she continued. "Did you know he pulled away at first? We almost did get together" I shook my head, seeing how he was now I couldn't really imagine that. 
"He said, he felt too comfortable." She rolled her eyes again. "It was too easy being with me it freaked him out and he pushed me away."

"Urg typical Raven. It is good you were so persistent."

"Yeah, I've never done that before though. You know pursue a man. I've had my share of experience but I mostly let them come to me. At least I know there is an interest there, gorgeous guys just intimidate. I just couldn't help myself with Raven I wanted him, he was so ... right."

"I'm glad it ended up being you. I can see what Raven`s so head over heels about. If you were a guy Grena I'd be very interested too." I nudge her smiling, feeling a little sad about how she saw herself. Mentally kicking myself for my own thoughts first second I met her.

She gave me an odd look then finally asked "What are you doing Friday night?"

"Attending a GLBT meeting on campus."

"Good" She nods as Raven arrives laden with food.

- Friday - 

"Hey Andy." I turn drink in hand and am surprised to see Grena standing beside me at the GLBT student meeting. I hadn't been doing much but mingle until now.

"Grena? You need to tell me something?" Suddenly a little apprehensive, what was she doing here? Was she bi?

"What? No, ha!" She starts laughing at me. "I can be straight but still support GLBT you know."

"Well yes of course. Sorry I didn`t mean..."

"As it happens" She cut me off. "I here as moral support for my big brother. He's around somewhere, he doesn't say it but I know he appreciates me being here. But today I'm also here for you, Raven told me you've been down in the dumps lately."

I stop to stare at her, was she for real? Why is she so nice?


"I think I owe you an apology."

"Whatever for?" She asked grabbing a drink.

"The first second I saw you. I actually though Raven could do better than you." She stared back at me completely silent.

"How long did that thought last?" She finally asked as I'd started shuffling my feet nervously.

"About a second then I was kicking myself such a thing crossed my mind at all. You're amazing."

She remained silent for a moment. "At least you kept it from showing on your face at the time. Not everybody does."

"What do you mean?" Even though I could imagine what she meant, feeling worse about myself by the second.

"The weird looks I can deal with, I mean ignore at very least. I'm quite proud to have him on my arm you know, so I don't care. But yesterday this tanned skinny busty blond came right up to us and basically said he was to good for me and should get himself a better looking girlfriend. Giving him her number."

"What? What did you do?" My god I'm glad I wasn't there I've have chewed the bitch out.

"Raven earned his sergeant strips that is what he did." Said a deep voice behind us. We turned to see a dark haired guy with a broad smile and a dark hiking beard looking at us. I vaguely recognized him from the meetings but he never peeked my interest. Almost a complete opposite of what I go for.

"Hey Eli!" As Grena leaned in to hug the guy I could see the family resemblance. About the same height at 5"6, same eyes, same plainness but exact same smile too.

"Andy this is my dork of a brother Eli, Eli this is Ravens roommate Andy." She introduced as we shook hands. He had a very warm and firm handshake.

"Oh Raven told us about you. You think our club is a bunch of spotty nerds jerking of to rolls of dice and rulebooks right?" His stare penetrated me sternly as he crossed his hairy arms; there was a slight twinkle in his eyes. To me he just looked pissed off, my face drained.

"Oh erm." I stammered but Grena came to my rescue.

"Raven said no such thing, anyway he's coming to the pledge event next week."

"He is?" Her brother smiled broadly, perfect rows of pearly whites reflecting light.

"I am?" Eli`s smile made me do a double take, they certainly are related.

"Oh yes." Grena nodded confidently. "Andy just confided something to me which makes me believe he'll definitely be there." She gave me the exact same stern look her brother just had.


"I guess I am."

"Oh blackmail huh? Perfect! I'll have Raven give you a character sheet tomorrow." I had no idea what he was talking about and just nodded.

"So what did Raven actually do to earn those sergeant stripes?" I asked trying not to dread this "pledge event"-thing next week.

"He chewed out the bimbo airhead that is what he did. You should have heard him, send the girl running away almost in tears." Eli beamed pulling his sister into a sideways hug. "Anyone who thinks our Grena isn't good enough has shit for brains."

I had to agree.

- Saturday -

Raven came up to me in the kitchen with a piece of paper.

"Hey man I heard you're coming to the pledge event! Eli told me to give you a good role. He thinks you'll do well."


"Yeah I kind of got shanghaied into it. What is this 'pledge event' anyway?"

"They didn't tell you?" Raven smiled mischievously raising an eyebrow. "You know the game Clue?"

I nod slowly dreading what came next; I bet I wasn't going to like this. I played that game once and had been bored to tears.

"Well it is basically that, a murder mystery but we play act it. You get a character and try to figure out whom the killer is. Everyone gets a piece of the puzzle and objectives to achieve for during the game. Its fun I promise.... You do have to get into character though and dress up." Raven gave me a wicked grin. He was enjoying the look of disgust on my face.

I groaned that sounded absolutely awful. Raven gave me the sheet and trotted happily off to his room after grabbing two drinks from the fridge.

I slumped into a kitchen chair ignoring the giggles coming from Ravens room. I turn my attention to the piece of paper at hand trying to figure out this character sheet thing.

Titled; To Don or not ot Don      ... sigh

The backstory was set in the 1920`s during the prohibition. More clearly organized crime of the time beside illegal alcohol there was extortion, prostitution and getting a grip on the bank sector. The setting of the game was the funeral of Don Tommaso Salieri after a fatal assassination attempt on his life on March 30, 1929.

"After the funeral, the various parts of the organization come together at the Waldorf Astoria Hotel to decide on the future and the appointment of a new Don. The question on everyone's lips was naturally: who did it and why?"

Actually this wasn't too bad. I like the 1920`s setting Arc deco, flapper dresses, the Charleston. At least I didn't have to dress up like an alien or something. I glance down the page.

My name was to be Guiseppe Colosimo aka The Fox. Ha! I'm the son of one of the power hungry players for the title of Don. I handle his `dirty business`; killing, extortion and raking in girls for the brothels. I have great influence in whispering advice to the faction leaders. I'm considered the best of all the hoodlums. 'Best' referring to talent, not morals. Then follows a list of people I know, my connects to them and what I know about the Don's assassination..

Ok, I can do this. I have a black suit that would do, my fathers fox tie clip and I could borrow my granddad(s hat. There done; Eli will be pleased

... wait what?



No way.

Not my type.

No siree bob!



What the hell am I doing here? I sigh standing before the entrance debating my next step. Raven insisted I attend at least one club meeting. Seeing I had to play that shitty game with the group I should have met the other players at least once.

I take a deep breath and open the door. Inside I'm a little taken aback by what I see. The clubroom is filled with people. All kinds of people, every ethnicity, gender and religion seem present. Some are playing board games, some are arguing over rules while others just watch. There is a group playing a weird looking card game with ugly ass dragons on them. Another is hovering over a gigantic game board stretching across three tables. There is even a group not playing at all just sitting drinking together, laughing and chatting in the sofa's.

"ANDY!" Grena shouts out as she spots me frozen at the door. The whole room turns to look at me "ANDY!!" They all yell in unison. What the hell?

Grena struggles to wade through bodies to get to me. I hear some "ooh`s" and "aah`s" along the way. "He`s cute!" I blush; dammit I never get shy what's happening to me? I'm that confident dude strutting his stuff in the hall that's who I am. Not a blushing idiot.

"I'm so glad you came!" She`s flashing that smile of hers and hugging me tightly.

"I was made to." I reply honestly hugging her back..

"Great! Come on lets go sit down." She pulls towards the group chatting in the sofas. I`m just thankful she hasn't pushed a board game in my hands yet.

She introduces me to her friends and they all welcome me warmly. They're not even talking about games, just chatting about everything and anything that comes to mind. I easily fall into the conversation. They do have one motto though; everything is funnier with a beer in your hand. I`m good with that.

Honestly I was having a great time and I didn't have to play a single game. A girl named Cindy was retelling a conversation she had with this weird guy at the bus stop when Eli joined us. I was laughing so hard my sides ached not even noticing him sitting beside me. It didn't take me long to notice him though, he was sitting fairly close. I mean very close. 

My jaw lay on the floor as Eli told saucy joke after joke. I mean I'm no virgin here but man my cheeks were burning. But then again everything is funnier with a beer in your hand. His enthusiasm while talking was very catchy and entertaining. He used his hands a lot while explaining and for some odd reason his long slender fingers captivated me.

"You all going to the pledge event Friday?" I ask all their eyes widen in excitement.

"Of course! You too?"

"Yeah. I`m..."

"NO!" Suddenly everyone cuts me off holding up his or her hands.

"Don't tell anyone anything about your character. It has to remain secret till Friday Foxy." Eli leans into me whispering, I look down, he's grinning at me. This time I do notice the twinkle in his eye and for a small moment I can't look away. Leaning in he's very very very close.

"Yeah don't tell us. It is more fun this way." A guy called Marc assures me.

They go on to tell me about past theme's the pledge event had. They've done everything from Space-themes to the Apocalypse, G.I Joe, North mythology and Fairy tales.... They were all excited to dress up in the flapper style this time.

I left their club that night with, actually feeling happy. Realizing what I dreaded all day, turned out to be hanging out with some really great people. No wonder Raven loves coming here, I look back to see Grena and Eli waving me off. I blush, damn why does that keep happening?
He isn't cute at all!

- Wednesday -

I rise very early to get my morning run out of the way before class. A morning run in the fresh air helps me clear my head. Particular after a sleepless night, something had been bugging me all night. But I couldn't put my finger on what and that was bugging me even more. Even worse was the few hours i did manage to sleep had presented me with wet dream I could remember.

I mean a wet dream! Are you kidding me! I was twelve when I last had one of those. At least back then I remembered my dreams...

I gradually speed up my jog as I warm up. Easily building up to a nice easy run. Today I decide to run into the park uphill. It isn't an easy route but I need the distraction. Halfway through my climb I hear another runner's feet behind me.

I prefer to run alone.

"Hey Foxy" A now all to familiar voice calls out. Eli  catches up to me easily matching my pace for a while in silence. He moves very gracefully for a plain guy like him. His body is surprisingly nice though, bulky muscles in a tight frame. His daytime clothes hide his features too well really. His red shorts don't divulge anything about his package though. I catch myself staring at crotch; I fixate my eyes on the road.

"What you doing on my hill?" He asks playfully after a while.

"I can't run on your hill?" I comment looking down at him.

"Of course you can. I've just never seen you run here that's all. Sure you can take it?" His cocky grin is mocking me, what that a challenge? My breath had become a little labored, as the path grew steeper.

"Pussy!" What did he just call me! "Race you to the top!" He smirks and takes off like a human Speedy Gonzales.

"That little shit." I mutter yet I can't suppress a smile of my own, as I find some extra fuel from god knows where and race after him.

I tackle him just as we near the top, rolling down the grassy flanks a little. Honestly it was the only way he'd lose, he was a fast little fucker. Laughing, chests heaving, we lay angled there for a moment trying to regain our breath staring at the sky.

I turn my head towards him; he`s laying spread eagle next to me, eyes closed. His chest slowly returns to normal breathing. We lay there for a minute; I can't help but feel relaxed and comfortable. I note, seeing his long eyelashes that he's actually quite good-looking. He has manly features, strong arms and sturdy legs but overly beefy in anyway. He tilts his head to look at me and sees me staring at him. My heart is racing but that is because of the run.... Right?

Laying there staring at him I have to struggle not to kiss him right then and there. Fight the urge to straddle those hip and push him even further into the ground with my lips.


That amazing smile flashes across his face. "Come on lets grab a coffee on our way back." As we're walking off our run, heading towards the coffee shop at the foot of the hill. I catch my traitor body gravitated closer to him several times, I tried to casually create some space between us. I swear at one point I saw the corner of his mouth twitch.

- Friday -

Shiny Shoes - check.

Fitted Suit - check.

Pocket-handkerchief - check.

Tie and foxy tie clip - check and check.

Gramp's hat - check.

Slightly creepy plat brilliantine hair - check

Character sheet - check

I give myself the once over in the mirror. I never though I'd be excited to go to a play act thing. But I feel good in my suit and playing a dirty mobster for one night might be fun.

I wonder how the others will be dressed?

How will Eli look...?


I realized yesterday my mind kept returning to his body laying spread eagle in the grass. I can't be attracted to him can I? I mean he's not my type at all! He's shorter than I and hairy and ... and....

Arrggh not cute at all!

I make my way to the clubroom, my insides battling each other. I step through the door to find myself transported through time. They'd transformed the drab looking room into a beautiful imitation of the Waldorf Astoria Hotel circa 1920. Arts and Crafts eat you heart out.

Everyone was dressed according to his or her character. Flapper dresses with colourful stockings, headpieces and long stringy jewelry. Maid uniforms and plain working class cloths. Lounge suits and gloves.

The game hasn't begun yet as everyone is still chatting complimenting each other on their costumes. I find Raven and Grena with the others I'd talked too on the sofa Tuesday. Carmen looked amazing she'd even got a bobbed haircut and long elbow lengths gloves. Even Marc looked dapper in chamber robe and neck scarf. Grena was dresses as pro skirt, or fashionably said a whore. Heavily smudged make-up and awful hair. Clothes leaving little to the imagination yet completely covering her. Raven was a low life riff raff and he pulled it off well. I complimented everyone on their effort.

A bell chimed and Eli stepped onto a stool to rise well above everyone. My jaw dropped, he looked absolutely gorgeous. His body looked amazing in the dark pinstriped three-piece suit with a high pointed white collar and pocket watch attracted to his vest. He'd trimmed his beard and his cheeks gleamed. My cock stirred in my pants. Man that rattled my nerves. I tried to breath slowly.

He welcomed everybody and retold the instruction story. I barely heard a word he said. When he finished and everybody had seemingly flipped a switch moving around the room in character my focus returned. Almost to distract myself I tried to get into the role of The Fox. Maybe I could get Eli wacked or something.

We never did find out who killed the Don. But I'd managed to put a hit on two of my cousins. Round up 6 whores for my brothel and earned 35.000 in underhand deals so I think I did really well. Again I was amazed at how much fun I'd had. Playing a sadistic, cold-hearted bastard for a few hours had been fun. Just as long as got to be normal bastard self after I took off the suit. Yet even though The Fox had been playing the room Andy had been watching Eli.

That night as I lay in bed racking my brains about what was happening. Eli kept creeping into my thoughts. Nicely trimmed sexy dressed Eli. Nicely trimmed sexy undressed Eli....

Oh goddammit.

Sleep that night was... unsettling... arousing... enticing... mind-blowing... unnerving... 

I know it was a dream, rationally I have no doubt it was a dream... but it didn't feel like it. 

It felt anything but a dream, it felt... real.

I could feel the heat of Eli's skin, I could taste the sweat on his brown. The weight of his legs around my waist. I had him naked pinned against the door, running my hands through his hairy matted chest. Lowering them to grip his muscled butt cheeks grinding his body harder into me. Hungrily, passionately, urgently claiming him as mine and mine alone.

His hands on my back, his nails digging into my skin leaving welts in their wake. He grunts and growls at the feel of my lips against his nipples. Kissing him his beard brushes against face, a new sensation for me one I never knew I was so fond of.  He pants my name as I grind and move him against me. Foxy ...

My opening him is quick and skillful, he's ready, his trembles and spasms tell me so. The slip inside is a drastic break from the frenzy of our previous actions. It is slow, so painfully slow as no other though enters my mind other than Eli. This warmth claiming me is Eli's. The hitched breath in my ear is Eli's. My knees give out under the intensity of the moment. I sink to the floor holding his back against the door still. Eli takes control in my momentary haze. He rolls us to floor away from the wall pulling me on top of him. Hooking his ankles  on my back. I'm stunned at the intimacy of the position. Looking down into his bright eyes his hands on my face, legs around me... This never left so intimate before... never so close. 

Instincts take over my motions again as he urges me to move and move I do. Pounding harder and harder, thrusting deeper and deeper as deep I possibly can. The frenzy returns, the gripping of his sides, bitting of his lips. His hands grab my arms hard. I take hold of one and slam it down above him, interlacing our fingers. He groans in appreciation, I love every sound he makes. 

We're sweaty, fast and grunting. Our climax nearing its boiling point. He growls out my name spasming around me crushing me against him with all his might. ... Foxy! 

I'm right there baby.. Right .... thereee AARRRGE-

"AAAAAAHHH" I yell bolting upright in my bed, eye wide panting uncontrollably. My bed's wet with sweat and cum, the fading throb in my cock alarms me.

What the holy fuck!

- Saturday -


Did you enjoy the pledge event? A suit really suits you sir!
I heard you played your role very well. Our senior players were impressed!
A bunch of us are going to the movies Sunday. Want to tag along?
We`re meeting at the clubroom at seven o`clock. Grena and Raven are coming too.

X Eli"

I stare at my computer screen 

X Eli?

X Eli?

What does that mean? A bunch of us? So he doesn't want to go alone with me? But that is probably a good thing, right? A mixed group is safe and I like these people their so much easier to be around than some my clubbing crazy gay only friends.

Beside Grena and Raven will be there too

- Sunday -

I'm sitting in a dark movie theatre trying desperately to keep my hands in my lap. I have no idea what movie we are watching. Men and women I don't see prance around on the screen. Babbling dialogue I don't hear.

All my concentration is honed in on the person sitting next to me. I'd been shuffled along the seats to sit next to him at the end of row. As soon as the theatre light had dimmed my cock had sprung into action. Straining painfully against my pants. It had been a warm day and Eli had arrived decked in a shorts and a snug t-shirt.

I had to channel all the will power I had not to reach over and place my hand on this thigh. I wanted to slide my hand up to his crotch feeling his muscle through the fabric of the shorts. I wanted to touch those nipples that were staring at me through is shirt. Pull those lips to mine and kiss him. I wanted to do all that and more. Right here right now.

He's smiling while watching the movie. Completely oblivious to my torture. He shifts his weight and his leg come to rest against mine. Eli doesn't seem to notice our contact. I can feel the heat of his leg through my pants, my dream flashes before my eyes. I almost lose control and lunge him. 

The movie is barely over and literally flee the building like a scared bunny.

- Tuesday -

I spent yesterday and all of today buried in work. Taking on anything to escape me thoughts. Last night I'd even taken up my friend Isaac's offer to go clubbing with him.

What the hell right?


The club was packed, unusual for a monday night but I wasn't going to complain. Right off the bat I spot several potentials at the bar. A tall lanky pretty boy smiles at me and I make my way over to him. His mannerisms are a little effeminate but I like it I always have. I charm his socks off, it's what I'm good at. But somehow something is off. He wants to dance so I get pulled into the jumping throng of people. My hands are all over him and his using his body to seducing me. Rubbing it against me, grinding into me. At one point he grabs my package and give it a squeeze. It doesn't react, he frowns slightly annoyed not getting the reaction he's used to.

He works on my package a little longer but nothing stirs and nothing's going to. Disgusted he pushes me away and disappears off into throng of people. Leaving me alone, confused and lost on the middle of the dance floor.

I fretted about what happened all night and didn't get a wink of sleep.

Now I sit sifting through my emails while munching on ramen noodles, a student staple.

Cindy sent me some pics of the pledge event. I look through them smiling at the people I now call friends. The last picture sends my ramen noodles crashing to the floor.

"Fuck me." I sigh staring open mouthed at my laptop.

It is a picture of Eli laughing, but Eli isn't the person I'm staring at.

It's me.

I'm just visible in the corner of the picture standing some 7 yards away watching Eli.

I know that look.

I've been seeing it almost everyday for the passed month and a half.

Every time Raven looks at Grena.

I slowly pick up my fallen food and trash it. I shut off my laptop, donned my coat and calmly walk out of the apartment. I make my way to campus. My footfall is light my shoulders are straight.

I feel happy. I feel... oddly... freed.

As I enter the clubroom I'm greeted by a chorused "ANDY!". I immediately spot Eli at a table in the middle of the room and march over to him. I stop a few feet before him. He looks up from his game and smiles, making my knees weak.

"You're not my type at all!" I say loudly instantly every one shuts up. Dice stop spinning and cards freeze mid air.

The room seems to holds its breath as Eli eases himself from under the table and slowly steps up to me.

"You finally ready?" Eli asks looking straight into my eyes pulling me deeper and deeper into his world. "Took you long enough." He closes the gap between us sliding his arms around my waist.

The room audibly gasps.

I whimper at how good he feels pressed against me. I gather his head in my hands stroking his hair cheek with my thumb. I know I'm grinning cause I have the most gorgeous man I've ever seen in my arms.

"I know babe. I'm sorry I made you wait. It won't happen again." I lean in and kiss him. I feel myself melt away into his warm loving embrace as the room around us erupts.

Isn't this what I wanted all along?


I hope you enjoyed this story. It may seem like I'm posting them rather fast but these have been in storage for quite a while now. 

I apologize if I've missed any mistakes here and there. The seem to magically pop up after posting.

I'd LOVE feedback! Let me know what you think, if you have comments, suggestions or feel bored let me know.

This is a piece of fiction. My piece of fiction which may not be borrowed, altered, taken or copied without my explicit permission.



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