My name is Mason. I share an apartment with my twin brother, Max. We're fraternal twins. Let me tell you about ourselves.

Mason: I am 6'0", 180 lbs, I have a skinny build with visible muscles (I guess I'm a bit of a twink), and I have a 9" cut cock. I am a deputy at the Seattle PD. I'm gay, although I'm open to bisexual threesomes/foursomes. I'm Caucasian, blonde, I have blue eyes, I have little hair on my body, and I almost always wear my uniform.

Max: He is 6'6", 175 lbs, muscular, with a (don't ask me how I know this) 10" cut cock. He is a fireman at the Seattle FD. He is gay, too, and he has more sex than I do. He has brown hair on his head, and a little on his arms and legs, and he also wears his uniform a lot.

We live in an apartment near the Puget Sound. Every day, we wake up to the sound of sea traffic.

On our 26th birthday, we were going to spend the day by ourselves, maybe change into nice clothes, and go out to dinner at a restaurant downtown, and see a movie.

By the way, I guess I should tell you. I've secretly had a crush on Max since 3rd grade.

We decided to watch a football game (GO SEAHAWKS!) rerun, since we don't usually have time to watch it while we're at work while we ate breakfast, in our uniforms, of course. When we finished, we went over to the couch to finish watching the game.

Suddenly, Max turned to me.

"Mason, I know."


"Why you asked me to move in with you. Why we share a room. Why you always stare at me when you think I'm not looking."

"I don't know what you're talking about."


I hesitated for a few seconds.

"Fine, Max! I've had a crush on you since 3rd grade! It's just... everything about you is so sexy."

"To tell you the truth, I've had a crush on you, too. Why don't we celebrate our birthday the way it was meant?"

He stood up, lifted me, and stood me up. He batted off my hat, and unbuttoned my shirt. He pulled it off, and sucked on my nipples.

We undressed, and I sucked on each of his nipples for 10 minutes each, before getting down on my knees. I kissed his dickhead, and then shoved it in my mouth. He moaned. I went up and down on his throbbing dick, until jet after jet sprayed into my mouth. He did the same to me, but better, and when I let go into his mouth, he stood up, and we made out, so that we could taste our cum together. Then, we got on the couch and 69-ed. Finally, my brother did what I've always wanted him to do. He took his throbbing dick, and shoved it up my butt. I screamed, and Max covered my mouth in fear of the neighbors hearing us. He pulled in and out, each time getting faster. He kept slamming me in the butt until he finally burst into me. Then he got on his knees, and drank his cum from the hole he had widened.

We got dressed again, and watched the last of the game.

We kept doing this almost every night. And when we both got boyfriends, we had sex all together the sexiest ways possible.

But more on that another time.




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