My name is Adam Wallace, and I am a sophomore in college. I am 20 years old, I have brown hair and green eyes, and I am built. Yes, I know this sounds very conceited of me, but it's true. If you stand me up and make me flex, you'll see that my abs are out of this world, my biceps are huge, nice and firm, my pecs are tight, and I have a nice broad chest. There's also a small treasure trail leading down into my...well, you know...

But, enough about me! You're reading to know my story, correct? Well, I don't consider myself gay (a lot of people don't), but something happened to make me question that. I'm talking about a boy, no, a man named Drew Nemes. He's two years older than I am, and he acts like he's in a different state of mind...all the time! Granted, he's part of the ultimate popular and jock fraternity, Omega Beta Zeta, he's simply gorgeous, standing at 6 feet tall, wide shoulders, narrow hips, dark hair, dark eyes, a little pale, but not too much. Drew had muscles everywhere, and loved to show them off by wearing shirts that were just a little too small for him, but Jesus, he filled them out great! He also knew how to wear a pair of jeans...but I digress...

Even though it was my dream to become a member of his fraternity (which he was the president of), I knew I wouldn't get in, because I didn't hang out with the right people. You know how different types of people are stereotyped, right? Well, just because I played the drums and performed in shows at school meant that I was a geek, and I didn't belong with the 'in crowd.' No matter how much I looked the part. Instead, I joined the fine arts house, known as Sigma Eta. We were a great group of guys, but they just didn't understand what I was doing there. They would always tell me that I would be a better fit somewhere else, but I stayed loyal to them.

So, as is customary with competing fraternities, Drew and I didn't talk much. Oh, sure, we gave each other head nods, and your basic greetings to be polite, but other than that, we kept a great code of silence. At least, my mouth did...if my groin could talk, I'm sure it would have yelled at him every chance I saw him. He was BEAUTIFUL! But, we didn't talk...

That was until second semester, right before my 21st birthday. I was scheduled to take a religion class, which is not my cup of tea. Yes, I like religion as much as the next guy, but I don't like it crammed on me. I like discovering things on my guys, for example. It's a gen. ed. requirement, and I had to take it to graduate. According to rumor, not many people took this course in particular, because it was difficult. So, you can imagine my shock when I walked into the classroom and found Drew Nemes sitting there. I about pissed myself with excitement! A familiar stirring in my groin began, and I sat as close to him as I could, without being too obvious. He was involved in a conversation with a girl (probably his current squeeze) from a sorority the Omegas often paired with, and I just sat there, pulled out Romeo and Juliet (it's my next role, okay...give me a break!), and began reading, but only half-heartedly. I kept sneaking glances at Drew, and seeing how interested he was in this girl.

Much to my amazement, one of this girl's sorority sisters walked in the room, and the women began chatting excitedly about the new outfits they had acquired over break. Immediately sick and tired of their senseless chatter, I started to put my book away to prep for the class, when I noticed Drew looking at me. He looked stumped.

'Can I help you?' I asked him, a twinge of annoyance in my voice.

'Oh, well I was just wondering what you were reading is all,' he replied in a very pleasant tone. My stomach did a backflip! 'No cause for alarm,' he added.

'Sorry about that. I was just shocked, that's all,' I said. 'It's Romeo and Juliet. You've heard of it, I presume?'

Drew chuckled, 'Of course I've heard of it. I heard that you're in it next month.'

'You know who I am?'

'Yeah, I do tend to know who people are here. It's not a big school, and you're a pretty good actor,' he stated precisely, with a gorgeous, award winning smile.

'Well, thanks very much,' I responded. 'Do you know what we're going to be doing in here?'

'To tell the truth, not at all,' he said. 'I have to take this class to graduate.'

'I'm in the same boat.'

'Well, good. We can struggle together then. You know, help each other out?'

'Sounds like a plan to me,' I said. 'I've heard this class is the shits.'

'So have I, dude. So have I,' he added. 'Hey, are you in a fraternity?'

'Yeah, Sigma Eta,' I replied.

'Oh, okay cool. I was gonna suggest that you...'

But, what he was going to suggest would have to wait, seeing as Professor Curran stepped in to begin teaching. During our conversation, Drew had moved into the desk next to mine, and having him this close to me was keeping me distracted. I also learned that the four of us (Drew, the two girls, and myself) were the only students in the class. As far as the lesson goes, I really didn't pay attention. I was too busy looking at Drew's bicep pulsing as his pen moved over the notepad he was writing on. I did notice that he kept sneaking glances at me...and every time that happened, my heart would skip a beat! In fact, I'm surprised that I didn't just pass out in class!

About halfway through, I excused myself and headed into the bathroom down the hall. I didn't bother locking the door, seeing as I was just going down there to get some air. I had felt the beginnings of an erection when Drew asked me if he could borrow a highliter, and our fingers grazed...I almost lost it. I thought I saw something in his eyes, but it was most likely my imagination. I threw myself to the sink, and turned on the cold water. I got a handful and splashed it into my face. I looked up into my reflection...

'Get ahold of yourself, Adam. He's just a boy.'

I was getting more and more upset by the minute. I know I'd never had a man before, but I felt so strongly about this one I could just die! I know this sounds dumb, but I started crying. I've always been weak like that when it comes to crushes. I know I sound like a wimp, but I'm normally very strong. I have a soft side, but I don't like for people to see it. So, when someone opened the door, I exclaimed 'Someone's in here!' and attempted to wipe my eyes quickly.

'Adam? You okay?' a familiar voice said.

I turned around, and I saw Drew standing there in the doorway of the bathroom, looking surprised, and in some way, very caring. A single tear was running down my cheek, and I immediately raised my hand to wipe it down.

'What's wrong?' he asked as he entered the door, and locked it behind him.

'Oh, nothing, I...' I stammered. 'I was just hit really hard with some bad news.'

'Come here,' he responded, and I cautiously moved forward toward his broad chest.

I was shocked when he pulled me close to him, and embraced me fully, allowing me to cry in his chest.

[he smelled terrific!]

'Adam, you can tell me anything, and I promise I won't laugh at you, or judge you in any way,' he said, and I looked up into his magnificent dark eyes.

'You promise?'

'Promise. Now, tell me this bad news.'

I gulped. I couldn't possibly tell him the truth, so I immediately began a quick lie:

'Well, I've just recently told my family members about a secret I've been holding close to me for a couple years now, and they told me I couldn't come home.'

'Oh my God, that's awful!' Drew gasped, holding me even tighter. 'What could possibly be so bad? You didn't kill anyone, did you?'

'What, no!' I backed away, and sort of chuckled. How could someone I've never really met before have this effect of such comfort over me? 'I told them...that,' I said, with as little confidence as I could.

'Are you serious?' Drew asked, with an impish grin. 'That's the big secret that you're holding and that your family thinks is so bad? So what? I'm gay, and no one thinks a bad thing about it! Granted, my family doesn't know, but that's not the issue here.'

'What? You're gay?' I stammered, hardly believing my luck. 'But, you're so handsome, so amazing, so...butch!'

At this point, Drew cracked up. Then, he looked at me, grabbed both sides of my face gently, and then pulled me in close. He then kissed me on the lips. I nearly collapsed out of joy! His lips were so soft, so caressing, so beautiful. Just as I'd imagined they would be. Soon, he pulled back, still holding onto me, his dark eyes penetrating deep into my soul.

'Not all gay guys are flamboyant sissies,' he said. 'I prefer to be masculine, and a tad secretive about it. And, I like guys who are the same way, like you.'

And with this, he kissed my more passionately, with lots of tongue. It was simply wonderful! I responded back with force, and he knew I was in. He then picked me up, and I wrapped my legs around him. Thank God the bathroom door was locked!

He pushed me up against the wall, and then let my legs go back down to the ground. By the time I had opened my eyes again, Drew already had his shirt off and was unbuckling his belt. Although I'd never done it before, I knew that he was wanting me to suck his dick...and boy, I sure as hell wanted to!

He unloaded his huge cock in front of me, and I swear, it was almost 8 inches! He said to me, 'Are you sure you want to do this?'

'I've been wanting to do this since I first laid eyes on you!'

With that, not another word was spoken for a full five minutes...I took his cock head into my mouth and began rolling my tongue over the soft tip. He tasted wonderful. He began moaning softly as I began working the lower part of his shaft, and precum was oozing out the more I played with it. I knew he was enjoying this as much as I was. Soon, I was sucking him off with such fervor I lost track of time. He began pumping his cock into my mouth, and forcing my head back and forth. He was moaning so loud now that I was worried that someone would hear us, but soon after, Drew unloaded every drop of his cum into my throat. He shuddered and gasped loudly, and with one more loud moan, squirted the last bit onto my lips, which I licked off with vigor. He pulled up his jeans as I stood up, and we shared a kiss. And if you think that the first one we shared was good, this one was simply phenomenal! He knew how to get me, and he knew good...

'Boy, you really know how to suck a dick,' Drew said with a soft sigh. 'You ever do that before?'

'No, I never have.'

'Wow, you're amazing! As long as you keep doing it that way, I'll never get sick of you.'

'Thanks stud, you're pretty special yourself!'

We stood there for a few moments more as Drew found his discarded t-shirt and put it back over his tight chest. He snuck a glance at his watch...

'Shit, we'd better get back to class! I'll go back first, just so it won't be awkward when we walk in together,' he explained. 'Sound good to you?'

'Sounds good to me. You go on ahead.'

With another quick kiss, he was gone. I stood there, in awe. The room still smelled like sex, and I just took in the essence a few moments more. I went over to the sink, turned on the faucet, and took another handful of water in the face. I was almost convinced that the encounter never happened, until I looked up in the mirror and saw my red face, and a bit of cum on my cheek. After a few more facefuls of water, I was ready to go back.

I exited the bathroom after checking that I didn't have an erection anymore. When I found myself in the hallway, I looked up and saw Drew, standing near the doors on the end. The light was right behind him, and he looked like an angel. I was surprised to see him outside, and I hurried over to him.

'What are you doing out here?' I asked.

'Oh, when I came back, everyone else was gone. I guess we spent more time in there than we thought, huh?'

'Yeah, I guess so.'

'So, back to my original question: I was going to see if you wanted to come over tonight and hang out with me. But, if you'd rather find some other guy to hook up with, that's...'

Drew couldn't finish his sentence because I planted a big kiss on his lips, complete with lots of tongue. He looked shocked at the public display of affection, but I knew it's what he wanted.

'Well,' he said, after we broke apart, 'you're getting brave here. Meet me outside Omega. 9 o'clock. I'll be waiting for you.'

'Won't your other brothers be worried about why I'm there? I am in another frat house after all.'

'Nah, they're all going out to get drunk tonight. No one will be there but me. We could run around naked if we want!'

'Sounds good to me. I'll be there. 9 o'clock sharp. Okay?'

'Okay,' he said. He looked more excited than I'd ever seen him, which, granted, was not that much.

He leaned down to me, and I assumed he was going to give me a goodbye kiss, when he pulled away and turned around, quick as a flash. 'You wait until tonight mister. I don't wanna give you everything I've got.'

'Tease,' I joked.

With that, he smiled and was out the door.

5 hours was just too long...


Alex Chamberlain

[email protected]


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