'No, we can't go down there; that's where the fags go to fuck' He said and laughed.

'Lets keep going this way then' I replied.

I was out running with one of my best buds, Tom who was in the same fraternity as me and we both played on the college varsity football team. It was his 21st birthday today and we were hitting the clubs tonight but this didn't stop our routine of a daily run; we had to be in the best shape for the football season.

Being on the football team meant we both had a great figure; I was slightly shorter than Tom by a couple inches but I was a few pounds heavier, and it was all muscle. The girls loved my body, I had definition in all the right places, including a great six pack which I was proud of and I had seen Tom enough times in the locker room to know he was the same.

We continued past the park and probably ran for another five miles until we arrived back at the frat house. We both had a shower and began to get ready for the big night out; Tom was the last of my friends to turn 21 and so I knew it was going to be a good one. A group of about 10 of us left and went to the bar, including a few girls; who I knew I would be able to fuck If I didn't get lucky tonight.

I was right. It was a good night. Tom barely made it past 10.30 before he had to go home and soon I was the only man standing, with a couple of the girls. I had a girl on each arm as we walked down the road, trying to pick out the next bar.

'Oh my god lets go in here, it looks busy' One of them said.

'Fuck no, it's a gay bar you idiot' I replied.

'Come on, it will be funny' She said.

I didn't need much persuasion, I was so drunk I didn't really care and she was right; it would be funny. As we walked in I got a few wolf whistles and men checking me out; I enjoyed the attention and if they came over to talk to us, I flirted back; my ego loved it. We sat around a table with many guys coming over, the girls were enjoying talking to the gay guys and so was I. Most of them were normal guys and very masculine, not how I imagined them to be and we were having a lot of fun, especially when my hand made its way up the girls skirts

After a few drinks I needed to go for a piss and I stood up, a bit uneasy on my feet after all the drink and staggered to the bathroom. I stood at the urinal and pulled out my dick, still a little unsteady, a big guy who looked like a bodybuilder came next to me and began to piss. Out of the corner of my eye I could see him looking down at my crotch and he began to slowly pump his own.

'Very nice' He said, eyeing me up.

'Errr thanks' Not sure how I should react to the compliment.

'Want to join me?' He asked and looked towards a cubicle.

'I well.... I don't know' I replied. Fuck I was drunk, my head was spinning and I suddenly found myself following the guy into the cubicle.

He began to rub methrough my pants, causing my cock to grow and he began to nibble my neck, making me rock solid. It felt great when my dick was released as he undid the zipper and was allowed to swing free, he gasped when he saw the size of me, I was 9 inches hard and coke can thick.

'Oh shit, I gotta have that' He said just before he closed his mouth over it.

'Ohhh fuck' I moaned.

This dude knew what he was doing; no girl had ever sucked me like this, most of them struggled with the size but this dude took me easily. When I felt his lips on my pubes I nearly blew my load, I couldn't believe he had me all the way down his throat. He pulled off and began to suck on my heavy balls as he jerked my cock; this was the best blowjob I ever had and as he went back to mu cock, playing with the head I knew I wasn't going to last.

'Shiiiiiit' I shouted.

He grabbed my ass and made sure I didn't pull out as I filled him up with a huge load, he swallowed every single drop off my juice and didn't pull off until he cleaned me up. Fuck, I couldn't believe this big muscle stud was that hungry for cock and cum. He had a huge smile on his face as I withdrew from his mouth, still out of breath and he stood up to face me.

'Fucking sweet, your turn now' He said and tried to push me to my knees.

'No, you got it wrong, I don't suck' I said in a panic.

'I need to get off, you gotta at least jerk it' He replied harshly, which was when I realised this guy was much bigger than me and I didn't want to get on the wrong side of him.

'I guess I could do that'

He wasted no time in pulling out his hard dick too, it was about 7 inches long but even thicker than mine. He grabbed my hand and put it on his cock, I could feel all the veins and he was so thick my hand couldn't get all the way round. Being a guy, I knew how to jack a dick, it was just I had never jacked another guys dick before but I soon got into a rhythm and quickly pumped up and down. I could tell he was enjoying it as precum was leaking all over my hand and he was moaning really loudly, I found that it wasn't too bad; not really enjoyable but it was pretty nice to see him enjoying it so much. I suddenly felt something hit my left shoulder and then again on my belly and I realised he was cumming, I let go of his cock and he continued to shoot, hitting me on my crotch and leg.

'Ahhh thanks buddy' He said as he did up his zipper, pushed the door open and left.

I was left standing in the cubicle, my heart racing and covered in cum, I stepped out and tried to wash off the cum, leaving wet patches all over my clothes. I was too drunk and too stunned to care any more as I went back to the girls. We went home pretty soon after and one of the girls came back with me, happy to have sex with one of the star football players.

What happened in the bathroom played on my mind as we had sex, her pathetic attempt to suck me gave me images of the guy in my head and the amazing blowjob he had given me. As I fingered her wet pussy, I imagined I was stroking his cock and how it felt in my hand and as I fucked her I couldn't help but wonder what it would be like to fuck a guy.

I woke up the next day with a thumping headache and hangover at first I thought what happened was just a dream but I found my shirt with cum stains on and knew it was real. I couldn't get the thought of that blowjob out of my mind for the next few days; I guess it was true that guys give the best head as no girl could take me like that.

A couple days later I was out running, Tom had gone back home for the week and so I was alone, I came up to the park that Tom had said was where the fags went to fuck. I stopped running; something was pulling me towards it and I soon found myself jogging down a narrow track and into the trees.

It didn't take long to find things happening, I came across a guy on his knees who was sucking off a big trucker type guy. He saw approach and waved me over, I didn't need any more encouragement as I stood next to the trucker guy, he started to rub my body and crotch, making my erection stretch out my jock strap.

He began to stroke me as the guy on his knees deep throated him, I felt him grip my cock hard and I realised he was cumming. The one sucking hungrily swallowed his load, making sure he was completely clean, he then dropped to his knees and both guys began to play with my cock, licking and teasing it.

'Ahhhh' Was all I could say.

One of them started to deepthroat me while the other sucked my balls; I was right, guys definitely gave the best head and I moaned loudly in pleasure. One guy then moved round behind me, I felt his warm breath on my ass crack and I jumped forward in surprise when I felt his tongue lick across my hole.

'Oh shit' I moaned.

Fuck, I couldn't believe my ass would make me feel this good, this dude ate my ass like he had eaten for a week and it was making me leak precum straight down the throat of the guy sucking my dick. I felt some pressure on my hole and then something push through; I realised he had got a finger through but I was feeling so good I didn't care and the way he probed inside me was making me feel real good.

The double stimulation of having my cock and ass played with meant I couldn't last much longer and I felt my balls tighten as my load travelled up my cock. I erupted straight down his throat and he hungrily sucked up every last drop, the other guy moved away from my ass and helped him clean up. They both licked me clean and then kissed; sharing my load between them, which was pretty fucking hot.

I thanked the guys and pulled up my shorts and began to walk back to the house, I couldn't run as my legs still felt a bit weak from the intense orgasm I had just let off. I tried to get to the park everyday, and everytime I would receive an awesome blowjob, sometimes I would let them eat my ass or finger me but never anything else but as time went on I had to admit I was curious.

The next time I went; there was no one offering to suck me, it was a pretty quiet time and the only action was a ripped muscle guy riding up and down on a big cock. I had never done anything that involved buttsex but the guy who was getting his dick ridden was sat on a bench and he waved me over to set next to him and I happily did.

'Get your dick out, he loves to be fucked'

I wasted no time and pulled out my raging hard dick, excited to hopefully fuck my first ass, I had always wanted to try anal but no girl would ever let me. The dude getting fucked grabbed my dick and began to jerk out and I moaned loudly in pleasure.

'Oh fuck it's huge' He said as he jerked me, 'I gotta have that'

He pulled himself off the dick and, squatted above me, grabbed my cock and pushed himself onto it. My cockhead popped through and he threw his head back, I guess with a mix of pain and pleasure but he continued to sink himself onto me and didn't stop until he was sat on my lap. Fuck, I had never fucked anything that felt tight and alive, I was glad this dude knew what he was doing as my head was spinning so much I couldn't function properly.

He started to ride me hard, and it felt fucking amazing, he knew how to milk a cock like no pussy ever could and I was in ecstasy. I felt something hit me on the cheek, I head turned my head slightly and realised it was dick; I guess from the guy who was sat next to me as he had now gone. I turned my head away again, ignoring it and concentrating on the ass wrapped around my cock, but he started to rub it over my neck and cheek.

'Come on man, suck it' He said.

I just ignored him and didn't say anything but he continued to rub it on my cheek and lips, smearing his precum all over me. He pushed it against my lips and in a moment of crazy I opened my mouth and let him in. He wasted no time and began to fuck my face, I surprised myself by being easily able to him accommodate him down my throat, I guess I had no gag reflex.

We were soon in a rhythm as one dude bounced on my dick and the other fucked my face, I was sort of enjoying sucking him, it was kind of erotic and not as gross as I thought it would be. I felt my balls tighten and I knew I was gonna blow a big load, I moaned loudly around the dick in my mouth as I shot a big rope of cum deep in his ass.

It was one of the most intense orgasms ever and I blew rope after rope in his ass, I felt something hit the back of my throat and realised the other dude was now coming in my mouth. I could of pulled off but I wanted his load. I swallowed every last drop as the guy pulled off my cock and left but I didn't let go of the dick in my mouth until I got it completely clean.

'Fuck dude, that was awesome' He said as he pulled out and put it back in his pants and left.

I sat on the bench for a moment, catching my breath, that had been real intense but I had enjoyed it all, even the taste of his cum. I pulled my pants up and went for a walk, trying to clear my head a little but I knew I would be back for more, it had triggered something inside of me I had never realised before.

It took only a couple days before I went back, but this time I was on my knees; I sucked off a few guys and enjoyed it as much as the first time. I also fucked some more ass, I don't know if I could ever go back to pussy after fucking man ass and I was sort of getting curious about my own ass now, it certainly felt good when dudes fingered me.

I went early one morning to find only one other guy, but he was pretty hot; similar build to me and was wearing a frat tee. It was always hot to play with other college guys, especially hot ones like this. When he saw me he smiled and licked his lips; I walked over and he dropped straight to his knees and pulled out my dick. He wasted no time in wrapping his lips around me and taking me balls deep, damn he was good but I wanted to taste him as well.

'Hey man, let me at yours, lets do it at the same time' I said, pushing me off.

'Hell yeah'

We both stripped off and he lay down on the floor, I got down over the top of him and took his big dick straight down my throat as he took mine.

'Nice fucking show' I heard a voice say, 'I love hot college boys'

I looked up to see a big hairy dude, jerking a big fat cock, I smiled at him and then continued to hungrily suck. I saw him come behind me and crouch down; his wet tongue flicked across my hole and I moaned loudly as I pushed my ass out towards his tongue. He stuck his face deep between my cheeks and began to tongue my hole, his tongue was rough but it felt real good as he licked my insides.

He pulled away and I felt something round and blunt push against my hole, he was going to fuck me, instead of scaring me; it excited me and I pushed back against him. He took this as a signal to push in and he popped his fat cock head through my hole. I shouted loudly in pain as he entered but it was muffled by the cock in my mouth, it didn't stop him from entering me and he pushed in all the way until his balls slapped my ass.

'Ohhh, fucking hot, tight hole' He moaned.

The way he stretched me out was painful but was also sort of pleasurable and when he began to fuck me it felt real good. He was hitting a spot inside of me that was making me precum straight down the throat of the other guy and I couldn't last much longer. He fucked me harder and harder and I was loving it, I lost all control and began to cum in the guys mouth, triggering his orgasm and he unloaded deep in my mouth, which I hungrily swallowed. Seeing us blow our loads in each others mouth caused the other guy to explode deep in my ass and I could feel him filling me up.

He collapsed across my back and we lay in a sweaty, cummy mess, breathing heavily and he slowly pulled out his softening cock from my ass. I felt empty after he pulled out and I knew that even though it was the first time I had been fucked, it definitely wouldn't be the last.


Chris Miller

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