I was in college fraternity at the University of Delaware and I'd enjoyed the wonders of living in my frat for the past two years: about 25 guys, l8 to 23 years of age, at the prime of their sexual allure and most were horny as hell all their waking hours. I was an avid sportsman. I like the physical exertion and closeness to other guys. Living in such a house was like a dream come true to me. As most young men do, they usually dressed in minimal clothing, the better to admire their physiques whenever they passed a mirror. And horny guys in same-sex housing frequently turned to the most easily available body-to-body contacts available. Most often, the impromptu wrestling match was used to alleviate our pent-up frustrations.

My roommate, Greg, arrived back from classes. He was in class all day so ached to relieve his cerebral stress by rushing into our room, stripping down to a T-shirt and shorts and lay across his bed hoping for a catnap. I was lying casually in my jockeys on the bed reading a chemistry textbook. His eyes were closed in an effort to take a short nap. I couldn't have this so I jumped on top of my roommie where he lay, and for the next five to ten minutes we were going at each other until one or the other of us said, 'Okay, I give! You win!!' This scene would be played out time and time again, and it never failed to turn me on whenever we had such encounters. We were going at each other with our their legs entwined one another, just knowing that our cocks were pressed into each other almost made me shoot my wad. Greg, too was getting excite and had to get away from the temptation to go even further, so he grabbed a towel to hide his boner and headed for the showers. While he was in the shower, I thought about what could have been. Just thinking about our matches gave me a hard-on. But after two years in such a sexually stimulating environment I was beginning to weigh the risk of expsing my own mounting sexual frustration. I had come close to getting it on with Greg. But we only threw boners and played grab ass through either underwear or gym shorts. I was determined to actually 'do' something with him. But I didn't have the guts to try anything for fear of rejection or the ridicule that would follow. I had to bide my time and then go for it.

My roommate had moved out at the end of the Fall semester so I would be getting a new roommate and it was during 'pledge rush' that I finally threw caution out the window and go for it. Among the fifteen freshmen pledges we'd taken was one named Anthony who was as handsome as any male I'd ever seen. He was assigned to room with me as an older brother to show him the ropes in the frat house. He stood about 5' l0' and weighed about l65 lbs. His pale olive skin complexion was flawless. We had bunk beds. I slept on the lower bunk, and Anthony, the top. Every night I'd see him climb into bed. His jockey filled basket was only a short distance away from my eyes. I was always tempted to get closer to his package, but feared that he might feel my breath on his jockeys. Many a morning, I was witness to the tent from his morning hardon in his jockeys.

Our room was near the floor's communal shower. About six weeks into the semester, I got out of bed to take a whiz. When I entered the john, I recognized Anthony's voice humming. Anthony liked to shower very late, just before turning in for bed; and he liked to take very long showers. I often joined him in these showers, which gave us time for extended, idle conversation on topics of mutual interest, and I had carefully avoided introducing the topic of wrestling before we had a chance to get to know one another. As gorgeous as Anthony was, especially naked under the hot, steamy flow of water, I'd always managed to keep my cool. But I was feeling particularly horny this night and so threw caution to the wind. When I joined him in the shower and were busily soaping ourselves, I invented a story about how much a friend and I in our high-school days had enjoyed wrestling matches in a grassy field near where we lived. Interestingly, he said he'd never had an experience like I described, but seemed intrigued by the idea.

He asked a number of questions about the matches I'd had with my friend, and I thought I detected a growing curiosity on his part. Anthony said what most appealed to him was the idea of testing one's limits. The only wrestling he said he'd ever done was in gym class. But he added that the

coaches only seemed to care about teaching rules and regulations more than encouraging fun in the activity. He also suggested it had seemed silly to stop wrestling simply because a guy's shoulders were on the mat. He most liked the notion of a contest in which there would be no time limits,

no pinning to achieve victory. In his theoretical match, the contest would end by the loser submitting to the winner. Once he'd worked out all the pertinent details in his head, he said 'I'd like to wrestle a no-holds-barred, anything goes match with you to submission. Fair or dirty tactics, the match would continue until one of us achieved total victory over the other.'

'How about right now!' I replied. I started to quiver from the excited anticipation, and tried to hide the fact by vigorously toweling off. 'OK' he replied and when finished drying off. When we came into our room, I locked the door behind us. But seeing our mutual nakedness and not wanting to push this first encounter too far, I went into my bureau and pulled out two jockstraps. I handed Anthony a pair, but he asked 'What are these for?' 'For our wrestling match?' 'Didn't the Greeks wrestle naked in olden days?' he asked. 'Yes, but that was because things we different back then,' I answered. 'Well, I say we should revive the ancient ways, you and me, right here!' 'If that's what you want, but are you sure, Anthony?' 'I wouldn't have it any other way. Let's do it.'

'And the rules, anything goes, to submission?' 'Everything goes!' After a moment rearranging the furniture, I was facing him and he me. The air was electric with our energy. We both knelt down about two feet from each other. He reached out for a headlock and at the same moment, so did I. We had our faces pressed firmly next to one another and were grinding and straining to pull each the other over. Since we were pretty evenly matched in strength and weight, neither of us went down right away. I wanted to test his willingness to use illegal tactics, but I didn't want to be the one to initiate the first dirty move. But our deadlocked headlocks persisted until I could hold off no longer so I grabbed his hair with my right hand and yanked him over in one quick move. Anthony was now on his back, I on my back, as well. With one arm still squeezing my head, Anthony used his other arm to push hard against my chin in an effort to break the headlock I held on him. I grabbed his arm, wrenched it behind his neck and pulled it tightly to me. Now I could rest, holding him pinned down and tightening the headlock on him. Or so I thought! He tried to squirm his way out of the hold.

I grabbed his hair and yanked him off balance, just enough that he lost control landing on his stomach and I flipped over atop of him, grabbing his neck with one arm, and my whole body stretched prone on top of him. Which meant, of course, my prick was lying right on top of his ass. As he squirmed and struggled I tightened my legs around his and I was sure he detected a stiffening of my cock from the friction our bodies were creating. Since my right arm was across his waist, I also knew for sure that his cock was hardening against the rug beneath him. After two minutes of this struggle, I asked if Anthony was ready to give. 'Fuck no!' he said. For although the hold was discomforting, he was too much enjoying our positions, and in fact he then began to earnestly thrust his ass up and down to excite my prick. 'What are you doing?' I asked. 'Trying to break the hold by any means I can' he replied. 'So I think if I can get you to cum, it'll weaken you enough for me to break your hold.' 'That really is a dirty tactic!' I said. 'You agreed to anything goes' he responded. 'Well, what you don't know is I can stay hard for a long period of time without cumming' I chuckled. 'How long?' he asked. 'Let's find out.' I picked up his gauntlet and started to hump him while keeping my grip as tight as possible around his neck. He began to thrust up, faster and faster. After a couple of exquisite minutes he noticed I was lessening my grip on him, but he hadn't felt me climax. He seized the opportunity, flung me off, and quickly came around and jumped atop him. We were now facing one another, chest to chest, cock to cock. He stopped all motion and stared down at me. 'You didn't cum, did you?' 'No, but I almost did, which is why I started to let go. I don't want this match to end so quickly, I knew if I stayed on you like that another minute, I'd shoot my wad and the fun would be over.' 'Not necessarily, Bob. Can't you imagine cumming once, then building back up again toward a second shooting, and a third?' 'Well, maybe.' 'Let's find out something right now. How far are you willing to test your limits?' 'Pretty far, I think' 'And it's turning us on, right?' 'You got that right!' 'Okay, let's keep this position we're in right now for as long as we can. With our cocks pressed together and our legs intertwined, we each have two hands for administering pleasure to each other. While our groins grind into one another, let's see how much creative pleasure our two hands can inflict on each other. Nothing held back'

Soon, as one hand each was tweaking a tit the other was jerking each other's cocks. We humped, tweaked and jerked each other for as long as we could the both of us shot off at the same time. After cumming, we started anew and were driven to greater heights of ecstasy. This phase of the competition was proving a tie. At one point I was on my back and he was kneeling over me. I stopped jerking him off, and looked up to see his face. He stopped jerking me, too, we stared into each other's eyes. 'Having a good time?' I panted. 'My god, this is great. I don't think I've ever felt like this before, and I don't want it to stop' he replied and lowered down on my chest. Our faces met and we kissed sensually. 'Since neither has given, how about a breather for a minute before we continue?' I said as our lips broke their seal. 'Okay, but don't get off me,' he quickly added. We smiled at one another. That evening we wrestled for about two hours. He and I both came three times and neither one of us ever 'submitted'. This was to be the first of dozens of such encounters together over the next two years. There was nothing much we wouldn't try on the other.



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