Danny knew his job to make the party a success was an important one and one that he knew well. He had been in charge of entertainment now for two years and assumed he had done a good job. In the two years he never had a single complaint. In his opinion there was only one job more important and that was the guy responsible for the kegs and booze, mixers etc. After all what kind of college party would it be without the spirits to loosen everyone up. He was certain that the booze helped make his job easier and for that reason whenever Jake or Booze Boy as he was affectionately called needed help Danny was there first and last. If the booze flowed then everything was good. Zeke was happy and that was the all important thing, keep Zeke happy. Zeke had been chapter president for two years and without a doubt would stay in office until he no longer wanted the position or until he graduated, whichever came first and most likely it would be the later. Zeke loved the job of President and all of the benefits that went along with it.

Danny finished setting up his room for the task ahead. He had it down to a system now. Shit after two years he could tell just about how the party was progressing by the traffic that came into his room. I guess it would make it easier to understand if Danny' s Job Description were listed. It was simple really, like Jake he had an official title, actually everyone had a title assigned by Zeke. All titles ended with boy reflecting Zeke' s stature in the house. Danny' s title was Bone Boy. His job was primarily in play at the house parties every other Saturday night though it was not uncommon for his duties to be required prior to important sporting events, tests and other times where stress needed to be released. If you have not guessed by now. Danny' s job was to take care of all the guys bones during periods that females had failed to succeed which was most of the time. Danny was convinced that he must be damn good at what he did or the few females that were on Campus sucked at it. He was always giving some guy a blow job or letting some of the more prominent guys have his tight little ass. After all rank had to have it' s privileges and his ass was one of the best on the list.

Danny put the finishing touches on the room, shades had been pulled, condoms put on the dresser for easy access, popper bottles on the bedside table, the cooler full of hot water, the liquid soap and the 100 or so wash cloths all set near the edge of the bed. Don' t be judging this queen here, if you had 50 to 75 hot college frat hunks coming to you to get a nut you would not swallow either. Well maybe you would, but not Danny he only swallowed for 3 in the entire house, another one of the privileges associated with stature. It was simple, Zeke the Prez, Charlie the Vice Prez and Booze Boy for the obvious reason. Other than those 3 everyone else knew the rules they pulled out of what every hole they were invading and dumped their juice on him or themselves, he did not care which. One guy thought he would be cute just once, after the trip to the infirmary and explaining the deep scrapes on his cock to the bull dyke nurse no one ever tried again. To avoid any problems even the guest who approached Danny' s room were greeted and told of the rule. It was the only rule that Danny had and everyone knew he enforced it.

Looking around he was certain \ldblquote The Den\rdblquote as it was referred to was set up and ready for action which he expected should be getting started soon. First would be Zeke and Charlie, they pushed the P, VP thing a little far in Danny' s book but hey they were the bosses. They visited at the same time, needed equal time to the almost second on each end and always blew their loads within 15 seconds of each other. Danny really did not know why they just did not get over themselves, move into one room and make the other their guest bedroom. They were always in one room and any time you went to see them you had to wait for the scurrying to stop before they would let you enter. Danny had been so bold once when he had to wait for them to get situated to long well in his opinion anyways that they ought to either get into the fucking closet or get the fuck out, this half way shit was for the birds. Of course both denied any knowledge of what Danny spoke of and Danny being wise dropped it. After all the job was assigned by Zeke and could be as easily taken away. There were at least two others in the house that would love to take a stab at it and Danny knew it.

Danny heard the footsteps of Tweedle Dee and Tweedle Dumb as he thought of them coming to the room and took his place on the bed (or as he referred to it, his office). Waited a few moments after the knock and then told the two to come in. He always waited that time so that he did not seem anxious though everyone knew that Danny loved to take care of Zeke. He thought of Charlie as the gag so that the screams of pleasure would not be heard in the admin building across campus. Zeke was a normal built college jock, not overly muscled but firm, he had a six-pack stomach that made Danny weak in the knees, a cute bubble ass and pecs that were ample. His arms oh sweet Jesus Danny would kiss those biceps like he was worshipping Adonis himself. Zeke loved the attention he got from Danny especially the body worship because he thought he was Adonis so obviously that went without saying. But girlfriends let me tell you, when Zeke took that fucking pole out of his jock strap Danny was on it like flies to a fly catcher. You could not pry him off it and he usually whimpered when Zeke got that monster off and took it back. That is right took it back, Danny would claim the fucker like it was a trophy or something and poor Zeke would have to almost pry it out of Danny' s hand mouth or ass, whichever he had chosen for the occasion. If Webster ever puts a definition of Size Queen in the dictionary be sure Danny' s picture will be beside it. Zeke' s cock or as he called it, his queer spear when he was in Danny' s room was 11 inches long and four inches around. It got hard and stayed that way until Zeke blew his load which always required three washcloths to clean up. The cock head got a mean ugly reddish purple but the cock was a piece of beauty. The perfect curve to allow easy glide into whichever orifice had been chosen and not a blemish to be found. And soft to the touch, Danny was sure he put lotion on the fucker.

Hey Danny, you all ready for the party Bone Boy. Yes sir as always I eagerly wait to serve and forget. Zeke laughed and Charlie fidgeted around. Zeke barked at Charlie, stop fidgeting you will get your nut off in a minute, man dude you are rude, you want a blow job and you haven' t even said hello. Say fucking hello dummy, he is not a slave ya know he is a brother just like you. Sorry Danny, just really horny and forgot. Danny could not resist, I understand Charlie not everyone can think of two things at once. Zeke roared at Danny' s comment ruffled his hair and tweaked his stiff nipple.

You glad to see me Bone Boy. Danny pulled Zeke closer and kissed his biceps and naked nipples, you know it baby. How is my favorite cock doing as he rubbed Zeke' s crotch. As if on command that massive piece of jock meat started to rise. Doing good Bone Boy but it could sure a nice tight warm hole to exercise in before the party. With that said Danny helped Zeke out of his pants and started to do what he loved to do best, service Zeke. After 2 years you would have thought he would be used to that dick but no matter how many times he looked at it still scared him, in a good way though. Danny got Zeke' s bone completely hard and then as if bowing before his master bent down so that Zeke could have the tight ass he needed. Well Dummy you just gonna stand there or are you going to let him at your cock Charlie he will find it a little hard to get to the other side of the room with my cock balls deep in his ass and I don' t want to wait all day. Ya know the guest will be here soon. Danny giggled, he loved it when Zeke made the VP look small not that it was a hard task, just made him giggle every time.

With no warning there stood Tweedle Dumb with his dick out of his fly in front of Danny. Oh for Christ' s Sake come here, fuck you forget how to take your pants off. If I am going to suck this little weenie of your I would at least like to see some skin. Dick sticking out of a zipper what the fuck is that. Zeke roared, you tell him Bone Boy, we will teach him if it is the death of us. Zeke had waited all he could and punched his thick cock into Danny' s tight ass. Danny yelped, dove forward and Charlie gasped as his cock was buried deep in Danny' s throat in one motion. Sorry Danny, Zeke announced I keep forgetting how big this fucker is but while apologizing for it' s size he kept on plowing like a madman. It was all good now, Danny' s ass had stretched and the pain had turned to pure lust, so much so he was enjoying Charlie' s cock as well.

Zeke kept plowing Danny like the world was ending and this was the last fuck he was getting and Danny kept encouraging him by telling him to fuck him harder in between swallows of Charlie' s dick In no time, Danny could tell that Zeke was getting close, his thrust were getting shorter and he would pause in between each one like he was concentrating not to spray his gizz. Oh make it last Zeke I love your fat god cock in my ass baby, make it last baby. Danny I am trying but damn you got one tight little ass Bone Boy. I think I am going to be pouring my spunk anytime now. You ready Charlie, Zeke asked and Danny hollered: fuck Charlie, I want you to fuck me harder you hot fucking jock, You pound my fucking ass Zeke, keep pounding me please? His words went unheard as Charlie groaned like he had been kicked in the nuts and started jerking like he was having a seizure. Zeke pulled Danny back with incredible force one last time slamming Danny' s prostate so hard his dick twitched, jumped and spewed all over his bed as Zeke filled his stretched out ass. As per usual Zeke lay still catching his breath. Bone Boy you got to relax that tight fuck hole of yours man, you got to let me out buddy. I will give it to you again, much sooner this time. Danny reluctantly relaxed his muscles and let Zeke pull out with a pop.

Ya know Bone Boy, you are the best fuck I have ever had, no pussy even comes close. Danny turned around and licked Zeke' s nipples one more time, slapped him on his bare ass, handed and him a washcloth and chided, you better cleaned up there you hot cock stud you. Guest will be coming soon and they all want to see you ya know. You are right, shaking his head, come on there numb nuts put it away or are you going to walk down the hall with your cock swinging in the breeze. No dude; I was just relaxing, that' s all. Geeesh what the fuck is up your ass today, anyways. Danny giggled, now you two play nice or I will have to punish you. Zeke winked at him. I will be back later Bone Boy. That ass was exceptional tonight. I think I might just have to have seconds. Danny' s dick twitched at the mere thought of it. And I think I will come alone so I don' t have so many distractions. Danny whined, don' t tease me now Zeke, ya know that is not right. That is not a tease Bone Boy, that' s a promise.

Now you take care of the guests and I will see you after the party. Meet me in my room as soon as the door is locked, kay. Danny winked, giggling, can I lock the door now? Zeke ruffled his hair again, no silly but it will just be a few hours, you get that sweet fuck hole all ready for your muscle stud kay. Danny nodded, Zeke grabbed Charlie and turned to leave hollering come on numb nuts don' t sit there looking like a beat puppy. Once in a while won' t hurt you, geeesh what a wiener and he slammed the door.


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