From the outside the frat house was dark except for lights in two of the upstairs windows and the porch light. Aaron discovered when he was let in that the downstairs windows had been covered and taped.

Aaron didn't really know how many members there were in the frat house but there were twelve present the night of his initiation. He'd been to a couple of parties there and met most of them but he didn't remember all their names; he hoped they didn't ask him. It would be embarrassing not to remember the names of his prospective fraternity brothers. Worse, he supposed it could be cause for denial to the fraternity. He knew Christian Hart, and the big guy they called Diesel, and Vance Bradshaw, who was his sponsor.

After a couple of drinks, Vance took him upstairs to one of the bathrooms.

'Take off your clothes,' he told him. Aaron obeyed without question. He removed his clothes and handed them to Vance. 'I'll put these in one of the bedrooms, you can go ahead and get in the shower.'

'My wallet is in my pants pocket,' Aaron said.

Vance stopped in the door and looked around at him with a scowl. 'Is that your way of saying you don't trust your potential frat brothers?' he asked.

'No, sir. I meant....I don't know what I meant,' Aaron stammered. He knew he was beet red; that stupid remark probably got him marked off a few points. He stepped into the two-man shower and turned on the overhead and two of the showerheads sticking out of the wall. He reached for the soap.

'No need to do that yet,' Vance said from behind.

He glanced around to see Vance, naked, coming into the shower with him.

'Get on your knees,' he ordered.

'Wait... w-what're you...?'

'You're not allowed to ask questions of anyone,' Vance cut him off. 'And do not try to second guess me.'

After a hesitation, Aaron went to his knees, facing the tiled shower wall, away from Vance.

'No, face this way.'

He hesitated again before he turned on his heels to face Vance, face to face with his manhood.

'Open your mouth.'

He hesitated again, too long.

'And stop hesitating,' Vance growled. He laughed. 'What do you think, I'm going to make you suck my cock? No such luck. I'm saving that till later. Just open your mouth. And you might want to close your eyes.'

Aaron did as he was told, bracing himself, for he still wasn't sure that Vance wouldn't shove his cock in his mouth. But instead, he was suddenly being bathed and splashed with something warm, being sprayed all over his face. He was pissing on him! He reared back, clenching his eyes and lips tightly.

'Open your mouth,' Vance barked again.

But Aaron refused. The stream of piss stopped and he opened his eyes to see that Vance was squeezing it off with his fist around his cock.

'You better make up your mind right now whether you've got the balls to go through this initiation; how bad you want to be a member this fraternity,' he said.

'Yes, sir.'

'Yes, sir, what? You want to be a member or you don't?'

'I want to be a member.'

'Then open your mouth. You don't have to swallow the stuff, but there are eleven other guys downstairs who have been guzzling beer and who will be coming up here to take a piss, so get yourself psyched up for it.'

Aaron closed his eyes, squeezing out some tears, and opened his mouth to the gushing stream of piss.

'If anybody tells you to swallow it, just dry-swallow. It'll look like you're really swallowing. You can practice with me.'

Aaron closed off his throat and pretended to swallow.

'Yeah, there you go. I couldn't tell if you were actually swallowing or not.' By that time, he was done pissing. 'Stay right there,' Vance told him as he was shaking his cock. Then he turned on his own shower heads on the other wall and began lathering up his body. Aaron stayed on his knees. He was afraid to move till he was told to do so.

'Look, you might be asked to suck cock, so get yourself psyched up for that, too,' Vance told him.

'No. I mean....I don't know if I can do that,' Aaron said meekly.

'Well, you'd better be making up your mind just in case,' said Vance as he rinsed off.

Oh, Godd, he hadn't counted on this. He had visualized being forced to binge drink till he puked, or maybe ordered to run outside across campus naked or something. But not this. Not being pissed on in his mouth and now he was talking about sucking cock. He wasn't so sure it would be worth it just to be a member of the fraternity but that doubt had barely passed through his brain before his mouth was contradicting him

'Could I, know, practice that on you, Vance?' he asked timidly. 'If I think I can do it, I mean,' Aaron asked.

'I wish I could, man. But that comes later, if at all. You might not even be asked to do it,' Vance said. He turned off his shower. 'Don't go away,' he said as he was drying off.

Aaron stayed on his knees as he was told, his head spinning. He didn't know what a fraternity initiation entailed, but he certainly hadn't counted on this. A moment later another guy came into the bathroom, already naked.

'Ready for another shower?' the guy asked with a chuckle as he stepped into the shower, his big cock swinging like a hunk of sausage.

Aaron closed his eyes and tilted his head.

'Open your mouth,' the guy said, holding his cock out across his hand. 'I've had so much beer, this is going to be a goose-drowner.'

Aaron opened his mouth and waited. He started when the warm stream splashed into his mouth. He quickly closed off his throat.

'Ahh, blessed relief,' the guy said as he continued to gush piss into Aaron's mouth. 'How's that taste? Its premium beer,' the guy said.'

Aaron couldn't answer till the guy was finished pissing.

'How'd it taste?' the guy asked again.

'Okay,' he replied.

'Did you swallow any of it?'

'Yes, sir. As much as I could. You pissed a lot, pretty fast, most of it splashed out of my mouth, I'm afraid,' Aaron replied.

The quickly showered and toweled off, then left.

One by one, the men came up and emptied their bladders into Aaron's mouth and showered him with their warm piss. Try as he might, he couldn't help swallowing some of the stuff. Most of it tasted like hell but he managed to hide that from the frat men. He was surprised that a couple of the guys' piss didn't taste so bad.

Then Diesel came in, wearing his shorts. He didn't say anything. He just stepped into the shower and reached out with one big hand around the back of Aaron's head and pulled his face hard into the front of his shorts. Aaron closed his eyes and let the big muscle-head maul his face with his manhood for a moment then he shoved Aaron back and jerked the front of his shorts down. Aaron stifled a gasp at the meat that tumbled out in his face. Diesel was huge! He had heard that about Diesel but he never seen or even imagined a man built like that.

'Open wide,' Diesel told him.

Aaron opened his mouth and closed his eyes and waited. It took Diesel a long time to work it up but suddenly Aaron felt and tasted his warm piss gushing into his mouth. He was astounded at the volume. It was like a horse pissing in his mouth. The stuff splashed and gushed and gurgled out of his mouth and ran down his chin like a waterfall. Something about Diesel made the experience different from all the rest. His piss even tasted different. When he was finally finished, he smacked his cock against Aaron's face a couple of times and pulled up his shorts. Aaron was almost sorry to see him go. Weird but it hadn't bothered him when he accidentally swallowed some of his piss. He thought he could've swallowed more; gladly. Diesel was a stud. He waited on his knees for the next one. Vance came back in.

'You can shower now,' he told him.

Aaron wondered if he had passed that part of his initiation but he didn't dare ask. He wasn't supposed to ask questions.

'Come downstairs when you're finished,' Vance told him. 'Don't bother putting your clothes on,' he added.

'Again, he didn't ask why; he simply did as he was told. It was probably just another means of humiliation, probably being the only one in the room naked. And there was the lingering thought of having to suck somebody's cock. He made quick work of his shower; he didn't want to keep them waiting. He barely dried off before he went downstairs carrying his towel. Half way down the stairs, at the first landing he was stopped by Vance.

'I need to put this on you,' he said, holding up a black leather blindfold. When it was tied securely over Aaron's eyes Vance put a cold bottle of beer in his hand. 'Here, you might need to drink this.' When he'd downed the beer Vance led him down the stairs and on into a room. He was aware of a presence in the room but it was very quiet and he couldn't tell how many frat brothers were there, if any. Part way in the room Aaron was helped by Vance and another pair of hands to what felt like a blowup mattress.

He was urged back on the mattress and one pair of hands spread his legs wide apart and he was told to keep them that way. His arms were pulled over his head. He could hear movement around the room then he felt someone moving onto the foot of the air mattress. What're they going to do, he wondered? Suddenly he felt a moist heat on his balls which caused him to moan softly.

'Ohh, God!' Someone was sucking his balls! His cock came alive fast as the warm mouth sucked one then other and he was running his hands up and down his thighs. Then a hand took hold of his cock and pulled it straight up, tall and hard. Aaron braced himself. The warm mouth engulfed the head of his cock.

'Ohhh, Geezusss!' he gasped. He was barely able to breathe as the mouth moved up and down on his cock, giving him his first blowjob. Suddenly it stopped and the person got off the air mattress.

'Next.' He thought it was Vance's voice.

Someone else got on the air mattress between Aaron's legs and began sucking his cock.

'Ohh, Mann, yeah,' Aaron moaned.

After a few minutes another guy took the other guy's place, then another, and another, and Aaron was thinking that the initiation wasn't so bad after all. Maybe it was worth being humiliated and pissed on.

There was a pause then Aaron was pulled up off the air mattress.

'Did you like that treatment?' Vance asked him.

'Oh, yes, sir.'

'Well, you know, all good things come with a price,' Vance said. 'Here, kneel down.'

Aaron knelt down on something, it felt like soft leather and as he was urged to bend forward, he felt around. It felt like he was on a very large foot stool or ottoman. He knelt on his hands and knees. Someone checked the blindfold. The he felt a presence in front of him. A warm presence; body heat.

'Open up,' a voice said.

Ohh fuck! He tightened up inside.

'Open your mouth,' the voice said again.

They're going to make me do it! They all sucked mine and now they're going to make me suck their cocks! Then he felt the heat of a cock and something warm and slick being rubbed across his lips. He knew it was precum. He instinctively flicked his tongue out to lick it off. It had a strange taste, but sort of good. With his lips parted so slightly, the cockhead pressed against them and pushed his tongue back in his mouth and filled his mouth with live cock. Then the guy began fucking his mouth. The ultimate humiliation had begun.

After a few minutes, maybe five, another guy took his place. Aaron counted each one. But when he reached twelve, another cock was pushed into his mouth. They all took a second turn. He wondered if they would cum in his mouth and force him to swallow. Fearfully, he wondered if they would try to fuck him. He decided he wouldn't submit to that. Membership wasn't worth that. Then it was over. He was being pulled to his feet and someone was removing the blindfold. There was applause.

Twelve muscular college jocks sat in big chairs and lounged around on oversized sofas. Still a little disoriented, Aaron looked for a place to sit but there were no more chairs. He didn't know what he was supposed to do. There was a place on one of the sofas, barely big enough to slide into but neither of the guys moved to make room for him so he didn't know if he should take it. He looked around and nobody had made any move to make room for him to sit. When he started to sit down on the big foot stool, Vance stopped him.

'No, you don't sit in our presence. Not yet. You are allowed only to stand or be on your knees,' he said, as he jerked a pillow from the back of the sofa and tossed it on the floor in front of him.

Aaron assumed that meant he was to go to his knees. He approached the pillow but when he was about to kneel, Vance reached out and pulled it away. Just then two guys got up and left the room. They returned a moment later with a large plastic wading pool that they set in the middle of the floor.

'Someone get the guy a beer,' Vance said.

One of the men brought in a bottle of beer for him. Another man got up from the couch and walked over and stepped into the wading pool.

'Get in the pool, behind him,' Vance told Aaron, and went on to explain what was going to happen next. 'This is our version of funneling. The object of the game is for you to drink all the beer you can capture without wasting it.'

Aaron still didn't understand. The other guy in the pool bent over with his hands on his knees, his back arched and his butt sticking up at a sharp angle. When the other guys started pouring the beer at the base of his neck, Aaron understood fully. He didn't have to be told. The beer came rushing down the man's spine and Aaron quickly leaned in with his face in the man's butt to catch it as it ran down the crack of his ass. He slurped and drank as fast as he could but he was wasting a lot of it.

'Stick your tongue in there, use it as a funnel,' someone said, laughing.

Frantic to catch all the beer he could, Aaron didn't hesitate to drive his tongue between the man's taut butt muscles to form a chute for the beer to run into his mouth. When the flow stopped, the man straightened and stepped out of the pool, to the applause of his friends. Someone handed him a towel. Another man stepped into the pool and Aaron positioned himself to receive the cool brew as it cascaded down the muscular back into the crack of the man's taut, round butt. Four more guys funneled beer into his mouth and soon Aaron felt oddly at ease lapping at the men's asses. By the time he was gulping down what he could of the sixth beer, he was doing more than using his tongue for a funnel; he was actually licking and tonguing the man's ass. He was feeling lightheaded, and the beer was making him feel warm and fuzzy, and there was something weirdly sexual about the whole thing, and as the beer stopped flowing, he suddenly grabbed the last man's butt before he could raise up and began tonguing his asshole.

'Ohhhhh, I think he's caught on,' the man moaned as he bent over further.

'Damn, look at the dude eat ass!' someone exclaimed as they all applauded.

Everything was a blur. Aaron's head was spinning with a good feeling. He tongued the man's hole hungrily. Drool ran down his chin and he was gasping and moaning and slobbering with excitement. He was suddenly soberly embarrassed when the man straightened and stepped out of the pool, leaving Aaron on his knees, wiping his face with the back of his hand, a little short of breath.

'You can drink all the beer and eat all the ass you want later,' Vance told him as he tossed the pillow on the floor again and pulled it closer to the couch. Aaron took the towel handed him and dried off then without question, moved closer and knelt on the pillow. What he had managed to guzzle of the six beers made him even more acutely aware that he was between Vance's legs. It hit him, then, that the initiation wasn't over; not by a long shot. He was going to be forced to suck cock again.

'Okay, I think you know what to do with this,' Vance said as he laid his big, rubbery cock out across his palm.

'Maybe he turned vegetarian,' someone said, and they all laughed.

'Well, if he's vegetarian all of a sudden he can still eat your nuts,' said another.

Vance was slapping his hard cock into his palm, waiting. 'Well, it's not like I haven't already done this,' he said as he took Vance's cock in his hand.

The guys on either side of Vance were guiding Aaron's head up and down, forcing him to suck. It was too late, the damage was done, Aaron was thinking. Might as well go through with it and be accepted. A few minutes for each of the twelve men and it would be over. Except if they decided to try to fuck him as the ultimate test. If they tried that, he was leaving.

Aaron quickly realized that it wasn't just another quick, round-robin of sucking their cocks. It was more serious than the first time. This was the real thing. He realized it when Vance started going off in his mouth!

His first instinct was to rear back off the belching cock but the pair of hands held his head in place as Vance thrust upward, deeper, and continued to shoot his load.

'Don't waste it; swallow,' someone told him.

He didn't think he could but then the strong hands pressed harder, forcing Vance's cock into his throat and suddenly he was swallowing almost by instinct as his throat muscles contracted voluntarily to do what they were trained and intended to do....swallow. The humiliation was bad enough but the taste was awful. He fought his gag reflex, praying he wouldn't be sick.

The two pairs of hands that had guided his head now helped him to his feet then back down to his knees in front of another of the frat men. His cock was even bigger around; Aaron didn't know how long. The two men began forcing him again till he wrenched his head free.

'Just let me do this,' he said.

There was some soft laughter and someone said, 'Hey, I think he's caught on that he likes it.'

Left alone, he began sucking the thick, tall cock. Having it in his hand he knew, now, just how big it was, and he wondered who it belonged to. All the while, he tried to psych himself up for the finish. He knew he would have to finish the guy off right and swallow his load, or they would start forcing him again.

He was happily surprised when the guy started going off and he got a much better taste of semen. It was thick, with a bland, nutty flavor, unlike the bitter taste of the first guy. He swallowed it easily.

He moved on to the next guy without any help or urging. He lost count of the cocks he sucked till he was suddenly pulled to his feet and someone was removing the blind fold. He was finished. He wondered if the initiation was over.

'Well, you got everybody off, dude. How do you feel?' Vance asked, patting his stomach.

'I feel like I've overdosed on cum.'

The guys began lining up to high five him.

'You did a good job on me,' someone said.

'Yeah, you give good head,' said another.

'I'm not sure I like the compliment but it's the least I could do after you guys all did me,' he said.

They all laughed again, and as Vance was pulling Aaron's mouth down onto his cock, Diesel said, 'Oh, that guy that sucked you? Fuck, dude, that wasn't any of us. That was some fag we hired.'

'Yeah, fucker, you're the only cocksucker in the room,' someone else said.

The End



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