'Here goes another day of singleville.' Justin Silverman muttered to himself for the millionth time as he wondered around the new house, wondering was he going to be single anda virgin forevermore.

'You'll always be lonely if you don't get out.' Justin's younger cousin, Fred, told him. Even though Fred was just a week before 18, he seemed to know more about the whole dating scene in both the straight and gay world. Fred was bout 5'6' with punk style hair with he constantly needed hair gel to keep it's 'shine and shape' as he calls it. Justin was 20 and never had any encounters. He figured he wasn't handsome enough. Although his folks and cousin Fred always said that he was good looking with his blue eyes and flat top hair. He had a good body, not super muscular but good enough. The only thing that possibly turned guys off in his old town of Nebraska was his pits, they were hairy and his older cousin Dallas constantly joked that all his facial and chest hair went straight under his arms. Justin occasionally worried bout that. Once he shaved them and the hair grew back within nearly 2 weeks.

'You going to the new shop downtown?' Fred asked. Justin shrugged. 'Sure let's go.' he replied and he drove his Blue Mazda downtown, Fred chatting bout his girlfriend and how they plan to get married after college. Justin tuned him out for the most part. Fred and Rochelle were always breaking up making up and breaking up again. Justin never understood why. They arrived at the new place and Fred eagerly jumped out the car and ran inside. Justin followed looking around the store. This was no store he'd seen before. They sold dildos, vibrators butt plugs and some other things that he'd never seen before. All the merchandise was labeled 'KI'

'Can I elp you handsome?' Justin turned to see a young man around his age seemed to appear out of nowhere. He dressed Justin most were his eyes, they were forest green and clear. So clear that half a moment he wondered if they were cntacts.

'D.. Do you work h... here?' Justin stammered.

'Yes.' The young an replied. 'I'm the co-owner of this humble store. What's your name or shall just call you handsome?'

Justin felt himself turn red. 'No one's called me handsome before.' he admitted. 'I'm Justin silverman, i just moved uptown with my two cousins Fred and Dallas.'

'I'm Frankie Mason, I live just down the road.' he said.

'Hey Justin! Look what I found!' Fred called from one of the aisles, holding a can of spray hair gel. 'Can I get it, huh please?! PLEASE?!'

'All right all right!' Justin groaned. His cousin could be so annoying and funny and energetic all at the same time. 'Consider it your birthday present.' He turned back to Frankie. 'Sorry bout that.'

'It's ok my kid brother is like that all the time.' Frankie replied, his eyes brightening. Justin stared deep in those eyes, as if held there by some spirtual pressence.

'Want to go out?' Frankie asked suddenly.

'Hell yeah.' Justin replied.


Frankie drove to the drive in, Justin staring out the window into the dark. He couldn't believe his luck! Frankie was a man who knew what he wanted and wasn't stingy or picky to get it. The movie came on minute later nd after 20 minutes, Frankie became bored with the movie. Justin was too distracted to follow it as he kept stealing glances at Frankie. Then Justin couldn't hold out anymore. He reached over and pulled Frankie close and kissed him, feeling Frankie's goatee tickle his face. Frankie struggled to pull away, but Justin insisted on holding him close and kissed him again. Frankie managed to pry himself away the second time.

'What the hell was that for?' Frankie demanded, but there no source of anger in his voice, just surprise and a small hint of shock.

'I couldn't wait any longer. I.. I just wanted you so bad. So fuckin' bad. I couldn't help it you were turning me on ever since i laid eyes on you.' Justin explained, breathing heavy.

'So?' Frankie cocked an eyebrow.

'I want you to fuck me.' Justin blurted out without thinking. His straightforwardness could sometimes be a pain in the butt.

For the first time, Frankie looked a tad bit uncertain. 'You sure?' he asked, starting up the car and heading to his place.

'I'm sure.' Justin said, determined.

As they got to Frankie's, Justin was horny in a way that he never thought was possible. As soon as they got to his room, Justin shoved Frankie on his bed.

'Hey what...?' Frankie tried to ask before Justin got Frankie's jeans down and sucked his cock through his boxers.

'Hey, unh... what the... ah fuck...' Frankie groaned, his head snapped back in ecstasy.Justin continued sucking away, slurping at the precum that was constantly oozing out. Frankie pushed Justin's face away.

'Why'd you stop me?' he panted, still feeling unfulfilled.

'Cause I don't want to blow my nuts yet.' Frankie told him, his voice husky. Hethrew a long sweaty dirty sock at him.

'What's this for?' Justin asked, preplexed.

'Put it on like a blindfold and you'll see.' he replied, his green eyes flaring with lust.

Confused at the request, Justin did as asked and almost instantly his cock was rock hard. Frankie saw this and sneered.

'Now drop your jeans and have your ass facing me, oh and here.' he placed a small bottle in his hand. Justin wanted to take off the blindfold but wasn't sure how Frankie would react so he asked. 'What's in it?'

'They're poppers, boy.' Frankie replied. 'When you take a snort it's a wild ride and a half.' Justin removed all his clothes except his shirt and turned his back to Frankie.

'Take a snort.' Frankie insisted. Justin shrugged and took one, his adrenaline rushed through the roof and felt if all his sense had been amplified by 5. For as soon as Frankie rimmed his hole, Justin moaned and tried to maintain his balance.

'Fuck! Fuck! What you doing to me??! Is this what call fucking?! I never been fucked like this! It feels so hot! Please no don't stop! Please ohhh... fuck!'

Frankie laughed. 'I'm just rimming ya ass boy.' he said then he stuck one of his fingers in. Justin almost hollered. 'Fuckin' hell yeah! Do that to me! No one ever done that. Do that again please!' Frankie then stuck in another finger. Justin hollered. Frankie continued till he started fisting him. Justin gasped as he leaned so Frankie had better access to his asshole. 'Fuck! That's hot! oh yeah oh yeah OH YEAH OH FUCK!! you're gonna make me cum! OH fuck!!!!' At those words, Frankie withdrew his entire hand and Justin gasped at the sensation now gone. He stood and faced Frankie's general direction. 'What the fuck! Why did you stop?!' Justin hollered. 'I need to get off! Please!'

'Because if you cum now, there won't be any left ater I jerk you off.' Frankie replied solemnly.

'You'll jerk me off? Really?' Justin asked, scratching his head above the sock blindfold.

'Really, just lay down and i'll do the rest.' Justin lay down still kind of high and then he felt something cold around his wrists then metal click and he realized he was now handcuffed. Half panicked but mostly now even more turned on, Justin only hope was to get off. Frankie applied some lube on Justin's stiff cock as he slowly jerked it. Justin groaned, the pace was too slow for him and he pulled at the cuffs straing to get loose. 'Frankie, no. Please beat it faster, this is torture.' Frankie ignored him and that made Justin struggle more. Frankie sped up enough for Justin to stop squirming like a fish outta water. Justin groaned. 'Hell yeah, beat my meat. Yeah beat it hard. I want to cum all over your hairy chest. Yeah I know your chest is hairy Frankie. I want it to cling to it, then I'll clean it all with my tongue, will that make you hard Frankie? Will it? ah fuck, ahyeah, hell yeah. Shit yeah make it cum, beat my meat HARD!' Both guys were now panting hard, one wanting the coming load and the other more than eager to give it, Justin hollered. 'Fuck yeah! Hell fuckin' yeah man!' Which made Frankie stop again and Justin protested loudly and angrily.

'Stop torturing me!' Justin cried angrily. 'I really to get off! Stop doing that to me! Please! I'll do anything just let me cum!'

'Anything?' Frankie asked sarcastically, his hand on the shaft waiting.

'Yes anything whatever yo want! You name it I'll do it! Just let me fuckin cum PLEASE!'

'Hmm...' Frankie cocked an eyebrow, thinking whether to let him release his spunk or torture him for aanother half hour or so.

'Please?' Justin begged. 'I'll do anything you want! I know you have a sock fetish so stuff one in my mouth with duct tape over it! I don't care! Yeah, fuck me while I'm tied down. Let me beat your meat for a while. Use one of those damn floggers on me. Spank me, whip me, whatever it'll take! Just get me off NOW!'

'You wouldn't chicken out the deal after you've came now would you?' Frankie asked dangerously.

'No! I promise man. I promise.'

'Ok then.' Frankie sneered. 'Better get ready for the biggest orgasm of your life boy.' He placed the poppers under Justin's nose and he took a couple of snorts and Frankie sucked and jerked him like a man poessed. 'Oh fuck oh fuck oh no oh fuck yeah I'm coming! I'm coming! Can you feel it Frankie?!'

'Hellfire yeah!' Frankie shouted as Justin came all over his chest and face. Frankie managed to get some down his throat as Justin was a wild shooter. After the orgasm subsided Frankie released Justin and took off the sock blindfold. Justin crawled on top Frankie and licked the spunk off Frankie's chest and forearms. Afterwards he collpased in Frankie's arms and flung his arms back.

'Nice pits.' Frankie said.

'I'm hairy there but nowhere else.' Justin told him.

'Thhat's ok.' Frankie replied.

'Let me jerk you off.' Justin insisted.

'No.' Frankie replied, smiling.

'Please? Let me finish sucking you off. It's the least I can do.' Before Frankie could protest further, Justin sucked on his cock. He wasn't there for even 2 minutes and Frankie blew his spunk, giving Justin a hot cum facial.

'You taste pretty damn good.' Justin said.

'You didn't taste bad yourself.' Frankie commented. They both showered and by this time both guys were kind of tired and they both went downstairs and slept on Frankie's bearskin rug.



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