Paris, France - May 17th 2007

Paris, the city of love. Oh yes, it sure is. Here's proof:

I had just closed a deal with a fairly big firm. I was in a great mood, and had made a mental note that I was going to get laid before I had to fly back to Vancouver in two days. I hailed a cab outside the office building and was just about to get in, when a large hairy man came out of nowhere and gently, but firmly, grabbed my arm.

'Pardon me sir,' he said in fluent Parisian dialect, 'but would you mind if I shared the cab with you? I seem to be having trouble finding one.'

I looked around and saw plenty of empty cabs. I eyed him closely up and down, and smiled politely to him, 'Only if you promise to dine with me tonight.'

My demand took him aback for a moment, but then his face broadened into a large grin. He squeezed my arm lightly and nodded his consent.

In the cab we made small talk and exchanged cell phone numbers. I now had the chance to take a closer look at my stalker. He stood about 6'3' and sported a thick dark beard. His eyes were a steely blue, with slight speckles of yellow around the pupils. His smile was very warm and disarming. As he shifted in his seat, it wasn't hard to tell he was a big man. I would guess about 250 lbs., and not all fat either. While he did have a bit of a paunch, he had a naturally large structure to him. His physique wasn't the only thing large about him. When he looked away, I glanced down at his groin to discover a very large 'basket'. It would take both my hands to cover it. I was getting hard.

My new friend motioned to the cabbie that he was at his destination and I looked at him with a smile on my face. He asked why I was smiling.

'I too, am residing at this very hotel.' I beamed.

'Very nice,' he exclaimed, as we exited the cab.

I had to hold my briefcase in front of me in order to hide the bulge in my pants. This man was gorgeous. A true beast in every sense of the word.

We entered the elevator alone and as soon as the doors were closed, Francois turned to me and grabbed my face in his large hands. His tongue found mine and we sucked face all the way to the 18th floor. The doors opening startled us back to reality as I attempted to straighten out a bit, as people stepped onto the elevator and we stepped off.

We hurriedly walked to his hotel room door and were inside in record time. It wasn't long before all clothes were shed and I was on my knees sucking his massive uncut cock. When I say massive, I mean it. 'A good 9.5 inches' is what he told me later. Thick and vieny, it tasted like a cock should. Tart and cheesy, with just the right amount of smegma for good measure. I savored the musty smell of him and sucked on his thick pubic hairs. He was one hairy man. I rose to his nipples and tweaked them with my teeth as he moaned with desire while fingering my asshole gently.

'Shall we shower?' he inquired.

'Yes, let's,' I nodded.

Francois went over to the toilet to take a piss. I re-directed him to the shower and whispered, 'Save that for me?' He smiled his approval as I shut the shower stall door and knelt down in front of his beastly tool. I opened my mouth and waited patiently for his stream. He was having a hard time because he was very hard, his penis was now the size of a very large zucchini. With a sigh, he let go a thick, healthy golden stream. It caught me off guard, and a small amount trickled down my throat. It didn't taste too bad. I savored his piss load, gurgling it lovingly as if it were a fine wine, then letting it run down my chin and out the sides of my mouth. It would only stand to reason that a man this big would take a large pee. He must have let out a few liters at least.

When he was finished I happily swallowed the excess and began working his tool. He was easily 7' in circumference and thus, it took me a while to accommodate his girth. Before long, I was deep throating most of him and his pleasure was very obvious. He stroked my long hair lovingly, uttering nasty words to me in French. A Frenchman can make the nastiest thing sound so romantic. LOL.

His rantings grew louder and louder and within a few minutes he announced his forthcoming ejaculation. I continued sucking and sped up a bit to give him the full effect of my talented mouth. I felt his knees buckle as the first jet of semen exploded from his horse cock. I found myself unable to swallow his whole load and pulled my mouth off to take it on the face. Jet after jet of hot cum covered my entire body. From the top of my head to my chest and my entire back, I was blanketed in his baby batter. What a sensation! I ate as much as I could and stood up with a mouthful to exchange with him in a kiss. We sucked on each others' tongues and chewed on each others' lips like a couple of starving hyenas. This man was SO fucking HOT!!

We finally got around to bathing, but I didn't let him wash his cock with soap. It kills the pure taste of it.

As we made our way to the bed, I thought to myself, 'I'm going to ride this massive dick all night long.' Which is exactly what I did. But uhhh...we'll save that for another time eh? *wink* *wink*




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