My house was almost the center of the community in the summer months. I had that magical prize called an in ground swimming pool. Not everyone in the neighborhood took advantage of the pool, there were a few homophobes, who held themselves aloof. However, by and large most of my neighbors had been in my backyard and pool. No complaints from me for the most part. Most of the men in my neighborhood were young professionals and in reasonably good shape. It was no hardship opening up the pool, when the side benefit, was seeing these Daddies, wet and half naked.

Over the years, the Fourth of July Block Party had slowly relocated to the cul de sac that ran in front my house. After the nieghbors who stuck around for the Fourth, came back from the Parade I propped open the gates to my back yard. The Daddies set up gazebos , grills, coolers and tables in the little park formed by the cul de sac, The Mommies filled said tables with potluck goodies. Usually a keg appeared. The kids played in the pool, Hell everyone pretty much played in the pool. The party generally went well into the evening, as we could see the fireworks at a local park, just fine from our alley.

This year a new family moved in. I didn't really know them very well, but Danni, the wife showed up with her daughters in tow. ( I found out later that Danni was Alan's second wife, and the oldest girl was her step daughter.) Alan I learned was a lawyer and would be by later. He had a demanding client, who apparently did not take time to celebrate the Fourth. As for me I sure hoped Alan would go for a dip in the pool. He was one hot, if somewhat older guy. Danni was younger by several years.

I'd gone into the house for a while and I came back out to spot Alan horsing around with the kids in the pool. So I'll take this moment to describe Alan.

I estimate Alan was in his early forties. He did not seem much like a lawyer. He was mostly quiet and soft spoken. He was around five nine or ten. He had a fairly toned body. Black curly hair turning to steel, a salt and pepper goatee, and thick almost seventy style sideburns. Dark brown eyes, light skin, and pretty hairy. He looked Italian or Greek, except for the pale skin. Wide shoulders, nice chest, arms, and just a hint of paunch. He had one of those long torsos, on top of short sturdy legs. I am not an expert, but the whole long torso, short leg physique, always seem to create the nicest plump butts.

I must have been staring at that plump butt, clad in wet swim trunks a bit too hard.

" You checking out my husband, there, Rusty?" Danni was smirking at me. I could feel the flush of embarrassment, stain my face.

If Alan had an opposite it was Danni. Outspoken, and as my Grandma used to say, " Full of Piss and Vinegar!" If Alan was conservative, Danni was anything but. Tiny, pretty, well stacked, and usually dressed to show off a beautiful bod.

She hooked her arm into mine and stared pensively at her husband. " You can look all you want, Rusty, but remember he's mine." She grinned up at me, " No touchy.....unless I say so!" With those mysterious words, she sauntered off to join some of the other neighborhood women.

Well, Alan was not the only hot man on display around my house, so I soon was distracted. I try not to stare too much, but I'm pretty comfortable with being gay. I figure if my looking bothered them, they wouldn't be in my pool half naked.

Towards evening, the subject of my artwork came up. A couple of the neighborhood ladies, had filled in Danni, on the subject of some of my more risque paintings and drawings. Suddenly she was hinting broadly that she and Alan would like to see my art.

Dutifully I lead them up the back stairs to my studio over the garage. While I don't make a living off art, it does pay for extras, like my house, my garage, studio, and that pool.

As a slightly tipsy Alan and a bubbly Danni looked through my portfolios, they expressed awe, at my artistic ability. Then Danni started frowning.

" Peg said you had some real naughty artwork up here too! I don't see it! C'mon Rusty, can we see it Please!"

I shook my head. I should have never shown Peg my naughty paintings. I will always regret that action, caused by a few too many beers at a block party, when I first moved in. Tell Peg, tell the world.

" I don't know what you are talking about," I tried innocently.

Danni, pouted. " Well. wait 'til I get a hold of that Peg!"

Shit! Cornered like a Rat! I couldn't let her go out and accuse Peg of lying.

I hung my head. " Wait, no.......she didn't lie." I sighed. " I just don't like to show them to anyone. Some of them are fairly hardcore!"

Danni, lit up, and I swear so did Alan. I held up a hand. " Before I drag them out, let me warn you! Most of them are gay in nature!"

Danni rolled her eyes, grinning. " Like we didn't already figure that out!"

So, I pulled out the stacks of more hardcore drawings. Danni oohed , ahhed and giggled. Alan, seemed to study each one intently, but remained silent.

Then I pulled out the pictures of bondage paintings and drawings I'd done for special requests.

There is an old iron bed, I keep up in my studio. Several of the bondage pictures feature that old bed. I caught Alan, caressing a couple of drawings and looking wistfully over at the bed. I wondered what was going through his mind.

I couldn't spend much more time in the studio. I had a yard full of Fourth guests. I gently eased Danni and Alan out the door and we rejoined the celebration in progress.

Frankly, I gave the whole incident little thought.

Out of the blue one day, Danni showed up on my doorstep. The reason for her visit. Dannia and Alan wanted to comission a painting. Not a family portrait, but a private more scandalous piece. After I heard what she wanted, I'll admit I got a bit excited.

Seems, Alan and Danni, got very turned on by my bondage paintings. Apparently, Danni and Alan practiced a little Female on Male Domination.

The whole idea, of Alan being tied to a bed, while a gay guy, studied and reproduced his naked body on canvas, was a huge turn on. Part of it, was being forced to hold still for the time it took to paint the work. Part of it, was being at the mercy of some strange guy, given free rein to look at every exposed part of his body. Part of it was the humiliation of having his wife there watching. Then I think, there was a little thrill, of not knowing what exactly I would do.

Already in my mind, the painting was forming. Danni did not even flinch at the price I quoted. Nor did she balk at my request that both she and Alan sign a realease form. I keep copies of almost all of my paintings. I will do some without a release form, but I double my fee, since those are basically lost to me.

( I was a bit surpried, Alan being a lawyer, but perhaps knowing someone else had a copy was part of the thrill.)

The next Sunday, Alan and Danni showed up bright and early. I sat them down and went over my idea for the painting.

Since Alan was a lawyer, caught up in the beauracacy, I wanted to use colorful neckties to tie him down. I had found a small statue of Justice with her scales to put next to the bed. The idea behind the work being, that as a lawyer he was tied down by convention, etc.

After the pair agreed to the idea, I had them sign the form. Then I asked Alan to undress, while I went to a storage bin to drag out various colors of bedding. I would throw one on the bed, then have Alan sit on it, so I could see the contrast against his skin.

Being ordered around like that must have started Alan's juices flowing. Soon he was sporting a very nice fat wood. I pretended not to notice, acting pretty much like he was just an object to be pushed around. I think that juiced him een more.

Finally, I decided on a color, I thought suited Alan's skin. Danni and I, very carefully made up the iron bed, tucking it up very military style.

Then I gave Alan and Danni an option. Did they want the painting face up or face down. I was kind of hoping for face down. I would not have minded staring at what was a very shapely hairy ass. Danni voted for face up though. Sigh.....

I handed Danni the brightly colored ties and asked her to tie Alan up, the way they wanted him.

They totally surprised me.

I thought, they would go for the standard spread eagle across the bed.


Danni started by tying his wrists to the head of the board. No surprise there.

Then she started knotting ties together. She looped one end around his ankles, another part around his knees, then drew her improvised rope through the top of the bedstead, until Alan's hairy legs were drawn high and back.

Looking from the foot of the bed, Alan's butthole was totally exposed.

Alan's cock was so hard at this point, it looked liked the mythic steel bar.

His wasn't the only hard dick in the room. ( Okay, sue me. I try to be professional, but Jeez, a totally hot, naked man, tied up on a bed, at the mercy of my eyes, if nothing else! I bet any gay would sport wood at that!")

Danni, messed around a bit. She'd stand at the foot of the bed, look, then make adjustments, until she had Alan just the way, she wanted him.

Finally, she seemed satisfied. I just shook my head. It looked like a horribly uncomfortable set up, but , apparently this is what my customers wanted.

I took, Danni to various angles, so she could pick out her favourite. At this point, Alan was just so much furniture. Danni went for the most humiliating angle. Right from the foot of the bed, Alan's most private spot on display.

Then I positioned my canvas and began my preliminary sketches.

Getting a feel for what they wanted, I asked Alan to look right at me. I was hoping to catch both the vulnerbility and the excitement in his eyes.

Once I got into the creating, my libido calmed down. Oh it flared up a bit. Especially, when I was staring into his hairy crack, trying to get his puckered hole just right. ( Did I mention, I am a total ass man?

There is just something about a man's cheeks and hole that makes my dick go twang!)

Now, it occurs to me, that Danni and Alan were a bit more practiced at bondage, then previously expected. Even trussed up, I really didn't expect Alan to hold position indefintely without fidgeting.

Yet, he barely even breathed for nearly two hours!

It wasn't til I needed a break, that Alan got one. I got so involved in my art, I forgot the poor man. ( I get incredibly mono focused when I'm drawing or painting!)

Then I had a new problem. How were we ever going to get Alan back into position?

I shrugged and asked Danni to untie him. Danni, just shrugged. " Leave him," she said unconcerned. She smiled wickedly. " You want this to come out right, don't you Baby?"

Alan just nodded. Defeatedly.

I rebelled.

" I am not going to go take a break and leave him tied up!" I stated defiantly.

" Then, you untie him and tie him back up!" she snarked.

I marched right over and loosened the ankle, knee and wrist ties, letting Alan collapse on the bed. Then I stalked over to the mini fridge. I offered Alan a drink, ignoring Danni. She just smirked.

Alan did not even put his underwear on. He just sat there on the bed naked. His dick deflated some. I walked around some, working out the kinks. Then sighed. Time was wasting.

I ordered Alan to lay back on the bed.

He obediently lay back, arms overhead, knees and legs raised.

I fussed with the ties a while until I had him back in nearly the same position. As I hovered over his body. I could see, Alan quiver. I'd have thought he was uncomfortable, having me do the tying, except his dick was once again steely and leaking precum. I was sorely tempted to caress his body, but as I hadn't been invited to, refrained.

At this point, the painting moved quick. It was just a matter of matching colors, and skin tones. The bulk of the shading could be done without Alan.

I declared myself satisfied with the days session.

I asked Danni to go untie her husband.

She shook her head in denial. " Look at him, all tied up and vulnerable Rusty!" She sidled up to run a hand down my arm. I flinched. She laughed. She leaned in close. " I watched you staring on the Fourth. You like the way my husband looks."

She gave me another knowing look. " I also know you got hard, watching me tie him up, and tying him up yourself."

She looked down at my crotch. " It was pretty obvious, you made quite a tent!"

She sauntered over to run a finger over Alan's knee, down his thigh, over the curve of his hairy ass.

" You loved having Rusty stare at your ass hole, didn't you Baby?" Alan's face flamed red, but he agreed.

She continued to stroke his leg. " I bet you'd love to have Rusty shove his big cock inside you, wouldn't you?"

Alan nodded again.

She studied me a moment. " Shame.... I'd like to stay and watch.......but I don't think Rusty's quite ready for that!"

She sauntered to the door. She turned and looked at me. " You have my permission to plow my husband's ass! No need to be gentle.......I'll know, he'll spill every detail when you get done with him!"

Then she was gone.

I was perhaps a bit in shock. I just stared at the closed door, for a moment or two. Then I slowly turned to at Alan. Alan, naked, tied up, vulnerable. Alan, who just had his wife give another man permission to " Plow his ass!"

He very calmly returned my gaze. Took some iniative. " You don't have to do this Rusty." he said gently. " Danni, gets off on the idea of another man, sticking his cock in me! " " Do you do this alot?" I questioned softly. He shook his head. " No, actually we never got this far." He hesitated. " We do the bondage thing when the kids are out. Sometimes, I just have to let someone else be in control. That led to talking about other fantasies, and Danni admitted she'd like to see me get fucked by a man."

I studied him a bit. " Okay, that's Danni's quirk. How do you feel about it?" He studied me back for a moment, then pointedly stared down at his very erect cock. I laughed softly. " I guess that answers that!"

I studied him a bit longer, " Ground rules?"

He turned red again. " Just fucking. No kissing,...umm I don't really want your cock in my mouth strings. We do this, and then move on...." He looked up at me again.

" She will want me to describe everything........We may want to try it again.... she'd want to watch...but would understand if you were not up for that."

By now, I was painfully hard. It was so nasty. A wife, point blank giving me permission, to cram my dick, into her trussed up husband's willing hole.

I went and sat on the edge of the bed. Ran my hands gently over his well haired arm, across his furred chest. I massaged a brownish nipple. Alan hissed and tried to arch his chest into my hand. the ties holding him in place. I ran my hand over his hairy belly, dipping in and circling his navel. I skipped going lower, diverting my hands to roam his heavy, now straining thighs. I explored his calf, his ankles, then gently massaged his feet.

Alan's eyes were closed, his breathe heavy. I crept onto the bed, positioned myself between his tied back legs. I ran both hands down his thighs, until they settled at the juncture of his groin.

Alan's hard cock, jerked, another ooze of cum, beading in it's slit, then escaping down his skin.

I stared into the depth of his hairy crack, orienting on his brownish pink pucker. As if feeling my gaze, it spasmed slightly open, then closed.

It dawned on me, I was in control here. I could do with this man as I wished. I gave into temptation, and lowered my face. My beard, scuffed across his roiling nutsack. Lower still, until it was scraping against that quaking hole. I opened my mouth to taste him. At the first touch of my wet tongue, Alan whimpered and strained against his bonds. I looked up, over his drooling dick, to see his eyes fastened wildly on my face. I surmised he'd never been rimmed before. I tried to keep eye contact, as I ran my wet tongue over his hole. Eyes, still fastened on mine, widened in disbelief. His breath was coming in hard. I began to wet his hole, tongue swirling digging, and his body arched, straining in his bondage. Alan was whimpering in need, fresh spurts of precum, running down his jerking cock.

Afraid he would cum before I got to plug him, I left off his hole and dragged myself up his body.

Alan's eyes widened in protest, Perhaps thinking I was going for a forbidden kiss. He was slick with sweat, as my fully clothed body slid up his naked one, my chest even with him, our hard dicks, my hard cock bulging in my rough jean shorts,chafing the sensitive skin of his drooling one. His bound legs bracketting my body.

Instead of the feared kiss, I rested my body on his and fumbled in the bedside drawer.

I pulled out a condom.

I slid back down and raised myself up. I kept my eyes locked on his. Unzipped to release my straining cock. Pulled my shorts down to give me freedom of movement. Opened the foil and began slipping the prelubed rubber on my seven inch, uncut cock.

He broke his eyes away, to rest on my now sheathed cock, jutting up, just behind his. His tongue came out and ran over his lips.

I pushed his legs back a bit more, than dribbled a load of spit into his crack. Although already wet from tasting him, I thought a bit more wouldn't hurt.

As I nestled the head of my cock against his wildly quaking hole, I looked back into his face. He was biting his lip. Waiting for the invader pressed against his opening.

"Hard or gentle," I whispered. " I need it to hurt!" he moaned. " I need it all at once!"

Instructions recieved, I forced my fat seven inch cock into him, stretching his hole slowly, yet not stopping, until I was buried as deeply as I could go. Tears sprang into his eyes, still he didn't ask me to stop. I held myself still , buried inside Alan. Lost myself, in the feeling of his body reacting to invasion. His whole body seemed to be quaking, his eyes wide, breathless whimpers slipping from his mouth.

I worried, I'd gone too fast, maybe hurt him too much, when he began writhing on the pole, I'd pinned him with. He was grinding against my pelvis, making my cock stir his insides. He was panting small whispered words.

"Fuck me! Fuck me! Pound me! Pound me!" the words spilled out like a mantra. " Punish my ass! I need it Hard! Make me Scream!"

I drew almost all out, then deep dicked him. His insides clenched at my cock. Still he wanted more and harder. I began to brutally plow into him. Holding his bound legs for leverage I began to slam inside him, rocking the whole bed with my thrusts. He begged for more, his mantra, almost sobs. Soon I was pulling all of the way out and slamming right back inside his hole. Somehow my dick never missed his hole. His hard dick and balls bounced with every slam. He strained against his bonds, trying to meet every thrust.

Then he let out a roar, and he shot cum into the air. It flew in a wet arc, over his head, onto his face, his chest and his belly!

His body spasmed around my dick, and with my own strangled yell, I pushed myself inside him as far as I could go, my own orgasm, coursing through my body!

I collapsed across him, shudders racking me as I seemed to shoot shot after shot of cum into the condom.

It seemed an eternity we lay there gasping and shaking from the violence of our orgasms. My hips were still jerking, moving my cock inside of him.

Finally I found the strength, to rear my body back. I happened to look down as my mostly hard dick pulled free of his ass.

For a moment I saw his hole gape open wide, before his ass eased shut. Alan's face was turned away from me, his chest heaving. Quietly, I began loosening the ties from his legs, his ankles, and finally his wrists.

I swung over to sit on the edge of the bed. Alan rolled to face away from me. I got the feeling he was dealing with complicated emotions. Finally he sat up, got up, and came around to sit beside me.

" Intense!" he muttered. " Just plain fucking intense!" I nodded in agreement. He shook his head., " Wow..... How am I ever going to find the words to tell Danni?" " You okay?" I asked. " " Oh ...Yeah! My ass hurts like hell, but I feel incredible just the same! I got just what I begged for!"

He gave me a one armed man hug, then staggered to his feet. " Gotta go!" , he muttered. " Danni will be waiting for me.....She's gonna cream, when I tell her what it was like!" He grinned at me ruefully. " You know.....Danni's never gonna rest now, until she talks you into letting her watch you pound me?"

I rubbed the bridge of my nose. " Yeah......Well not really my thing........But tell her maybe.....Just maybe, I'll do it!"




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