This is a series of short stories by horny 18-year-old students at an all male high school academy that took place several years ago.

ERIC'S STORY # ONE: Sex in the Biology Lab

It was the third week of my senior year in high school on a Monday afternoon in my biology lab. My lab partner, 18-year-old Jake, and I were in the process of dissecting a lively worm following a lecture by our elderly teacher with the instructions on how to examine a worm.

We finished studying our worm long before the other students in the class and were sitting there very bored and experiencing the usual raging hormones at that age. We also were the only students on the back row of the lab tables.

All of a sudden, O felt Jake poke me in the arm and he pointed to his crotch. He had a huge bulge sticking straight up in his pants. As I looked at the hot scene, he gave me a solicitous smile, winked at me and rubbed his legs against my young body.

This caused me to loose complete control. My cock began stiffening to its full 8-inches creating a big bulge in my jeans. From previous experiences, I knew Jake's 10-inch cock was at full attention. This was not our first time to play around with one another. We loved each other's big cocks. But this was dangerous as we could easily be caught and sent to the principal's office. However, lust took over.

Our elderly teacher was at his desk and was partially asleep.

Jake unzipping his pants, pulled out his blood filled super big thick cock and began jacking-off while pretending to be reading his biology textbook.

I had to join my buddy. I unzipped and and pulled my throbbing cock out and started jacking-off. I too pretended to be studying my lecture notes.

Soon we both were leaking precum on our hands. Jake took my hand and placed it on his steel hard boner as he put his hand on my cock. We jacked off each other until he was ready to come. He took his free hand and placed the palm under his cock as I continued to jerk him off. In about two minutes, he shot a huge load of his cum in his palm. He carefully put his hand up to his mouth and ate the hot cum.

This scene had me ready to come. I placed the palm of my hand under my cock as Jake gave me another hard jerk. I shot my huge warm cum load into my palm and then took it up to my mouth and licked the cum until my hand was clean.

We smelt like cum as we put our spent cocks back in our pants. WE sucked our fingers to enjoy the remaining cum residue from our partners cock.

We gave each other a high five. Jake passed me a note that said: ""Eric, lets get together after school for a rim and fucking session." I coud hardly wait.

ERIC'S STORY # TWO: Sex with the Hottest and Most Popular High School Senior

During my senior year at the all male academy, I became very popular with several of my classmates as a good fuck. This story took place on a Friday afternoon after school.

Several of us organized a pickup soccer match after class on that sunny Friday afternoon. One of the guys joining in the game was gorgeous Tad, the best looking stud on campus and a fellow senior. He had a perfect slim rock hard body. He stood 5-feet and 9-inches; weighed a hard 150 pounds; black hair; brown eyes; the most beautiful face with dimples; and word around campus was that he had the biggest cock (11") and balls on campus. He was Mr. Personality. He was last year's homecoming king. The guys were always trying to make out with him. But for some reason, he was drawn to me. WOW, was he hot.

Late in the game during a drive to the goal, I fell on my back as Tad fell on top of me. In an instant, his semi-hard cock and crotch drove into my crotch. He quickly gave me a hard hump and said: "Eric, lets go for a coke after the game."

"You bet Tad. Lets finish this play and end the game."

We went to the most popular teenage hangout and got a coke. We went over to the park as we both were feeling horny as hell.

Tad made his move. "Eric, what if you and I were ship wrecked on a deserted island and we would never be rescued? And we only had one another, would you let me fuck you?"

"Hell, yes, you could fuck me every day with what I hear is the champion cock on campus."

"Hey, Eric, how about seeing for yourself how big it is? Maybe we could try it out now in case we are ever ship wrecked. You really turn me on."

"Man, I want that cock right now. No foreplay---just that cock in my ass. My ass is already pulsating in anticipation of that huge wood of yours. Tad, where should we go and how do you get some lube for my tight ass?"

"Eric, I have some lube in my school locker. Lets go and get it and I can fuck you under the football bleachers as it is going to be dark by the time we get there. No one will see us."

We took the lube and a blanket from Tad's locker, rushed to the bleachers, put his blanket down, took off all our clothes, I got down on my stomach, spread my legs far apart to expose my hot ass, Tad got down between my legs and up against my ass, lubed my ass, lubed his huge cock, and slid his thick warm cock all the way into my ass with one thrust. He pounded my ass using all his lower body as I moaned with the ultimate pleasure. I had never had such a large instrument in my ass but it was awesome. Tad was a pro of how to use his cock to set my ass on fire.

He used his strong legs and hips to fuck me like he was a wild animal. His huge cock filled my entire ass and the grunting sounds from him made me delirious. The smell of his sweaty body and after shave had me ready to come.

After about 10 minutes of fucking my brains out, he pulled out, put me on my back, lifted my legs up on his shoulders and drove deep back into my ass. He pounded me while he deep kissed me with his thick tongue for a sexy sloppy kiss.

He had unbelievable staying power as he fucked me for at least 15 minutes before he yelled: "Here I come. Take my big load you bitch. Oh, hell, the spasms feel so great."

As he filled my ass, I felt my seed leave my nuts and I shot a huge load all over the blanket.

As we put our clothes back on, Tad said: "Eric, I love that ass of yours. It is the hottest ass I have ever fucked. Lets do this again and again. I will never wash that blanket and suck on the dried cum from you."

We continued to meet and Tad fucked me many times for the rest of tour senior year.

ERIC'S STORY # Three: Sex with the Top Male High School Athlete

Brady was the star defensive center on our football team and had been chosen his junior year as the male athlete of our academy.

He was a big handsome 6-foot and 3-inches tall, and blond muscled hunk. He had very large thighs, legs like small tree trunks, a chest with nipples that looked like a woman's breast, huge arms and biceps the size of grapefruits, and a thick broad neck. He weighed 225 pounds with a dick that looked like a tire iron at 9-inches.

Brady always went out of his way to chat with me or sit next to me in some of our classes. I got the impression that he was coming on to me.

One night at a school dance with co-eds from an all-girls school, Brady came up to me and said: "Hi Eric, this dance is so boring and juvenile. Do you want to go for a ride out to the lake?"

"Yes, Brady, I would love to go with you. What do yo have in mind?"

"Well, Eric, lets not beat around the bush. I have the hots for you. To be blunt, I hear that you are the best lay on campus according to your buddies. I want us to suck and fuck. I see how you flaunt that beautiful bubbled ass when you are around me. I turn you on, don't I."

"Oh, yes, Brady. Lets get going."

We drove to the lake, parked in a very secluded place in a parking lot, got in the back seat of his SUV, took off our clothes and began kissing. Brady then got on his back on the seat with his huge cock standing straight up looking at me. It was spiting some precum. I got between his legs and began licking, kissing and sucking on his cock. I used one hand to fondle his large sweaty nuts.

I gave him my very best blowjob but could only get about seven-inches down my throat. I sucked his cock while he bucked like a wild horse. He constantly talked dirty to me that was a huge turn on. "You bitch, get all that fucking cock down your throat, Don't be a sissy. Take it all. You whore, make me hard so I can drill that hot ass of yours. Suck it you bitch."

I sucked his tasty cock for 10 minutes when he stopped me as he was near a climax. We rested and talked dirty to each other to increase our lust for each other.

He then put me on my back on the seat, spread my legs far apart, lubed my ass, lubed his blood filled cock, and he immediately drove his hot cock all the way into the depth of my ass and guts. He showed no mercy but his cock felt terrific in my ass. He used his entire rugged football body to drill my hole. He fucked me for ten minutes with great speed without ever tiring. WOW, what a fuck. I then saw his face draw and reddened as he got ready to shoot his load. He gave a big grunt and released a river of cum down my ass channel. It felt like a gallon of warm cum had greased my entire ass.

When he was spent, he pulled out and came down on my still rock hard cock. He sucked me with the force of the wind. I,only lasted about two minutes when I shot a monstrous load down his throat. We kissed and dressed and drove back to campus.

As I was getting out of his SUV, Brady said: "Eric, I love sex with you, Can we do this again?"

"Sure Brady, you are a terrific fuck. I love that cock."

ERIC'S STORY # Four: Gay Sex with the Most Rowdy and Maverick High School Stud

Dee was a playful and good-natured classmate. He loved life and practical jokes. He was not a very serious student. He was very good looking and a typical 5' 10" tall, weighed 155 pounds, athletic body as a tennis player on the schools' team, blue eyes and very blond hair.

He was my best friend. One day before class, we were out in the hall waiting for the classes to change with the hall very crowed with students waiting for their next class. He came up close to me and took his hand and rubbed it across my crotch. The hall was too crowed for anyone to notice. He had done this to me several times before. The feel of his hand sent my hormones into full action. I got an immediate hardon. I could not get my cock under control and it was about time to go to class.

"Fuck you, Dee. You have me hard as hell. I cannot go to class like this."

"Eric, this is why I played with your cock. Lets skip class and give each other a blowjob. I am horny as hell and I love your cock sucking techniques. I need your mouth on my cock now. It has been 10 days since you sucked my boner. I need you now."

"Ok, Dee, you horny bitch. I will drain that over sexed cock of yours. Where do we go to suck cock?"

"Eric, I slipped the master key from the desk of the janitors to the big linen closet. They have gone home for the day. We will be safe there."

We entered the closet, locked the door, pulled our pants and briefs down to our ankles, and began spiting on each other's cock until they were dripping with the spit. We jacked off each other as that was our natural routine.

Dee always sucked me first as he liked shooting his load last. He got down on his knees, kissed my cock head, swirled his tongue around the tip and then took my entire cock deep into his throat. As usual, he bobbed up and down my hard wet cock until I was near the edge. He began fingering my ass as he felt my cock swell and the precum increased. Soon I shot a huge load down his throat. He swallowed it all as he often told me how much he loved my thick cum.

I took his big cock down my throat with no foreplay. I sucked with great speed and force as I knew he liked it that way, He never could last long. Within a minute, he erupted with his usual huge load down my throat. I swallowed it all.

"Man, Eric, I cannot go this long again before you suck my cock and milk me dry. I am addicted to your hot mouth. You are the greatest cock sucker on this planet."

"Ok, Dee, anytime you wish. I will suck you dry. I do love your cum."

We dressed and went to our next class.

P.S. My parents were going to be gone the next weekend. I planned a party with Jake, Tad, Brady and Dee at my home. It would be wild.



Naughty Eric


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