I found them online offering massages for men. The ad said that they were two brothers offering four handed massage. They were latino and were ages 20 and 22. The picture with the ad showed a smooth, hairless muscled torso. I was just 22 myself and thought it would be fun. My muscles were hurting from work the past week, so I called the number listed.

We set up an appointment for that night. I arrived at the address given and saw that it was a nice apartment. Jose, the guy I spoke with, had a massage table with candles lit. His brother, Ricky, was also there. They looked better in person that the photo online. Both were mirror images of each other, olive skin, short hair and the nicest smiles. Jose said, "You ready?" I said yes, and began to take my clothes off. They took their clothes off too. They looked better naked than with clothes. Six packs, nice chests and legs and big, uncut latin cocks were on full display. I took off my underwear and laid face down on the table.

Jose and Ricky poured oil on my back and started that massage. As they massaged me, we chit chatted. I found out that Jose was gay and Ricky was straight. They had just started giving massages, but it felt like they were seasoned pros. They worked my back, legs, and feet. I was feeling pretty good. I could feel hard cock rubbing against my side as they worked out the tension in my body. My cock started to get hard. I could feel it straining against the table. Just then I could feel a hard cock by the side of my head. I looked up and it was Jose's nine inch uncut cock. He nodded that it was ok, and I opened my mouth and took him inside as his younger brother watched. It was a bit uncomfortable, so Jose got on the table sitting and I kneeled in front of him on all fours and took his beautiful cock in my mouth again.

My smooth hairless boy hole was sticking up in the air as I sucked Jose. I could feel Ricky massage my legs and ass as I sucked his brother. Jose's cock grew to nine inches and was leaking precum. Yummy latin precum lubricated the way for his cock to enter my throat. I felt something poking around my asshole and turned to see Ricky ramming his cock inside me. "Fuck Yeah", I said. "I thought you were straight"

"I just couldn't resist that sweet hole. Plus, it's not really gay if I top you." Ricky said.

"Fuck it as hard as you want." I said.

Ricky's cock stretched my hole wider than it ever has been. He pounded the fuck out of me as I sucked his older brother. Sweat poured off his body as he worked his cock in and out of my hole. It felt like his cock was at least 9 inched long and very thick. I loved how he worked is cock in and out of me. I was sweating as I sucked Jose. After 15 minutes of hard fucking and sucking I could feel Jose's cock start to throb. Shot after shot of sweet latino cum filled my mouth and I drank it down. Fuck yeah. Just them I felt a throbbing in my hole as Ricky shot his load inside me. He stayed in me for a minute and then took his cock out. Cum dripped down my legs and ran onto the table. I turned around and saw ricky's cock dripping cum.

I wanted a tasted so I turned around and took his cock into my mouth. His cum tasted just like his brother's. As I was sucking Ricky's cock. I felt Jose's tongue lapping up the cum dripping from my well fucked hole. He was sucking his brother's cum out of me. It was hot. Afterward, we collapsed onto the table and rested before taking a shower.


versaile boy


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