Aiden was the 22-year-old college senior "gold keeper". He was the only one of the players that was Gay. He was a hard 170 pounds; 5' 11" tall; blond hair; blue eyes; ribbed and chiseled chest, stomach, abs, and thighs; and an 8" cut cock with low hanging big balls with a thick shaft.

Cade was a 21-year-old college junior playing one of the "attacker" positions. He was a slim 150 pounds; 5' 10" tall; dark complexion; short black hair; brown eyes; hard slim chest, stomach and abs; and a smooth thick 7" cut cock with very tight balls. He was engaged to one of the college co-eds.

Tate was a 20-year-old college sophomore playing one of the "mid-fielder" positions. He came in at 145 pounds; red hair; hazel eyes; 5' 6" tall; light complexion; very slim and hard chest, stomach and abs. He sprouted an 8" uncut cock. He was known as a campus playboy with a different girlfriend each month.

Baxter was at the time a 19-year-old sophomore playing one of the "defender's positions. He hit the scales at 140 pounds; 5' 6" tall; slim muscled chest, stomach and abs; dirty strawberry hair; blue eyes; sexy freckles on his arms and legs; and an unusually large 9" cut cock for his size. He and his girl friend had been dating since their senior year in high school.


After winning the collegiate Lacrosse conference tournament, the four of us took the weekend to celebrate the win at my parents summer home at the lake. We stopped by a local super market and purchased a variety of foods and lots of beer.

We got to the lake house around 5 Pm on a Friday. We unloaded the groceries, beer and our suitcases. I started the charcoal in the grill as my buddies prepared the hamburgers and hot dogs along with the other trimmings. As we barbecued, we consumed several cans of beer.

We had changed into our swimming trunks, as we got ready to eat. After dinner, we lounged around on the patio while we drank more beer. Cade issued a challenge to us: "Guys, lets see who can perform the most flips off the diving board before hitting the water in the swimming pool."

We each took our turn performing several diving techniques. The light weight Baxter won the contest. Then we clowned around in the pool as we dunked each other. No one was feeling any pain as we were all beyond the legal limit for being plowed.

I was feeling so horny playing around with my hot straight teammates. I got up the nerve to swim up behind Tate, who was my college roommate, at our fraternity. I swam up to him and pulled his swimming trunks down and rubbed my fingers across the crack of his ass. In his drunken state, he reciprocated by pulling my trunks off and pretended to hump me from behind.

This action so excited Cade and Baxter that they pulled each others' trunks down and slapped the other guy's ass.

The fact that we were all drunk had removed my straight buddies' inhibitions. Everyone was as horny as hell and in a playful sexy mood.

I took advantage of the situation and made my next move. I pushed Tate up against the side of the pool and inserted my tongue deep into his throat as I began to push my tingling hot crotch and cock up against his swollen cock. He pulled back and sternly said: "What in the hell are you doing? I am not into guys, you fucker."

"Oh, yea. Then why is your fucking cock hard as a fireplace poker?" I grabbed his cock and started jerking him off. I plunged my tongue back into his wet mouth and pressed hard against his sexy lips. I was so turned on that I could not stop.

His resistance melted away as he began to moan while he took shorter breaths. He managed to remove my tongue from his throat and he said: "Oh, roomy, we should not be doing this. But your hand feels so good on my cock."

Cade and Baxter stopped playing around in the pool as their eyes became fixated on the hot action at the other end of the pool.

I pulled Tate out of the pool and placed him on a towel on his back by the side of the pool. His cock looked like a gigantic sausage swinging back and forth. I could see the bulging veins from his blood filled tool. I had him where I wanted him. He was now helpless due to his lust to get his rocks off. As I started to go down on his huge manhood, he whispered: "Aiden, I hear guys are much better cock suckers than gals because they know how it feels. Lets see if that is true. Suck my cock.

"Tate, you are about to find out how great men are at sucking cock."

I grabbed the base of his sweaty cock, stuck a finger into his ass and began swirling my tongue around the head of his now leaking cock. Tate began to moan and pushed his ass up to meet my sloppy hot mouth. He was now like clay in my hands. His cock had surrendered to my eager mouth.

Soon I noticed that Cade and Baxter were standing near by with monstrous cocks staring at us. Watching their first close up Gay sex had mesmerized them. I wanted to put on a great show that would turned them on so they could not resist joining the action.

I used all my experience and skills as I began deep throat plunges down Tate's cock to the shaft. I fiercely bobbed up and down Tate's red-hot cock as he moaned, took shorter breaths and grunted like a primitive animal. His feet were up on my shoulders giving me easy access to both his cock and a finger up his ass. I wildly sucked his cock and plunged my finger into his ass tunnel.

"Oh, Hell, Oh Fuck, Aiden, it is true. Men know how to suck cock. No woman has ever come close to sucking me like this. Oh, suck me, yea, oh suck my cock. Please do not stop. It feel so good."

I could see that Cade and Baxter had gotten even harder. They had gotten very curious and horny.

In their drunken state and hearing these words from Tate, Cade and Baxter were consumed with lust. Baxter placed Cade in one of the pool lounge chairs, got on his knees in front of Cade, put Cade's legs on his broad shoulders and began kissing the head of Cade's leaking rock hard cock. He paused, unsure of himself when Cade said: "Baxter, suck my cock. I am so horny. Your mouth on my cock head feels so great. Deep throat me. Swallow all my cock, please."

With this encouragement, Baxter began to slowly swallow inch-by-inch this monstrous hot large vainly hard cock. Soon he was sucking Cade's cock like a Gay pro.

"OMG, Baxter, I love your mouth on my cock. It feels so good. No one has ever made me so hot with a blowjob. Oh, Fuck, Oh Shit, Oh Man, it feels so great. Suck me baby, suck me, give it to me."

We both sucked our buddies' cocks for at last 8 minutes and only stopped when they weer near a climax. We changed positions. Tate placed me on the towel and began coming down on my aching cock while Cade took Baxter's horse cock down his throat. The air was filled with sexy animal noises of grunts, moans and short breaths. Tate and Cade caught on to the cock sucking techniques quickly. They bobbed up and down on our cocks with greater and greater speed. After about 7 minutes, we had them stop as we were near coming.

At this point, I lost control of the sex party. The guys huddled and whispered about some plan they had. They approached me. Tate and Cade grabbed my legs while Baxter took my head and shoulders as they carried me into my bedroom. They placed me on the bed on my back. They took turns sucking my cock while one of the other guys stuck his cock down my throat and the third guy sucked my nipples or rimmed my ass. They rotated over and over driving me crazy. I had never been more horny or turned on. These drunken straight guys had their way with their first Gay guy sex. It had turned into a wild sex orgy.

I tasted the precum of all the three guys. They decided to make me suck all three guys cocks. WOW, the taste and smell was great. They informed me what was next.

Baxter spoke for the guys and said: "Well, Aiden, you started this whole Gay orgy and took advantage of our drunken condition. You are going to be our bitch. You are a horny slut."

"OMG, WOW, I am ready to be your bitch, what are you going to do to me?"

Tate discovered one of my large dildos. They all spit on it and then they took turns driving this huge dildo deep into my ass. While one of the guys drilled my ass with the dildo, the other two guys sucked on each side of my cock and took turns swallowing my cock. The head of my cock was now purple from all the sucking and my balls had turned blue.

They then turned me on my stomach on the bed, placed a pillow under my crotch and cock to lift my ass high in the air. They lubed my ass, lubed their cocks and drew numbers to see what order they would go in fucking me. Cade got the first chance. He spread my legs far apart, fingered my ass and slowly inserted his big cock all the way into the guts of my ass. I could feel his cock rub against my prostate and the walls of my slick ass. He became wild pounding my ass for about 4 minutes when he suddenly yelled: "OMG, Oh, Fuck, I am coming. I am coming." He dumped a huge load in my guts. I counted six major blasts.

My roommate Tate had the second number. I could hardly wait to be fucked by my roomy. Maybe he would like my ass so much that he would want to fuck me back at the fraternity. He was so turned on that he plunged all the way in my cum filled ass with one thrust. He drilled me as he moaned loudly. He only lasted with about five thrusts when he yelled: "OMG, Oh Fuck, I am coming." He dumped a huge load in my ass. I counted six blasts.

It was now time to receive the giant 9" cock from Baxter. He wasted no time entering my bruised cum filled ass with his steel hot rod. With the previously deposited cum in my ass, it greased my tunnel for Baxter to slide in and out without any resistance. The feel of the wet cum on his cock drove him wild as he fucked me with a great force that I had never experienced before. He used his strong hips and thighs to pound me. He had great staying power unlike the other guys. He fucked me for at least 15 minutes. He reached down and kissed my neck, turned my head around and kissed me on my mouth. Finally, he erupted with a huge load into my cum filled ass.

They carried me to the showers and we all showered as we took turns kissing each other.

When we were finished, they made me pledge to never tell anyone about this orgy. I promised.



Naughty Eric


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