Growing up, we were a typical middle class family. We didn’t really want for much and our parents provided us with what we needed and wanted. Come high school, our parents sat us down and asked us what we thought about taking someone in who needed a good home, and a was looking to change schools. My brother and I were totally on board with the idea, because we knew that we had what we needed and could share it. A few months late Kyle moved in to our house.

Kyle was the same age as my brother. A football, hockey, and baseball player. To say he was in amazing shape was an understatement. Standing about 6‘2“, he had a body that just made you drool. Because of his sports his ass was one of his best features. Sitting high and having a full, round appearance it was mesmerizing.

At the time, being a year younger, and not at all athletic, he and I didn’t have a ton in common. That said, he always went out of his way to be nice to me and include me in the things that he was doing. At that time, standing about 6 foot, I was a chubby theater and choir nerd. I was popular among the crowd I hung out with, I wasn’t overly popular. Any attention that Kyle paid was amazing.

Throughout the rest of his high school years, he helped me move up in the social rankings. It’s amazing what having a star athlete, who ever girl wanted to sleep with, can do for your social standing.

After high school he was drafted to semi-pro hockey. Though never making it to the big leagues, he certainly was a star among that league. After a few years though, he made the decision to go to school. He was wanting to pursue a degree in law enforcement.

Over the time that he was playing hockey and pursuing his degree, I began my journey to get in better shape. I lost nearly 100 pounds, diligently working out with a trainer at the gym. Having gained a pretty good amount of muscle I was still unable to achieve the desired 6 pack abs. However, I was ok with that because I knew that I’d come a long way.

By the time I graduated from college Kyle was working in Immigration at a large airport in the midwest. I’d graduated from school with a teaching license but was unable to find a job, so I took a job in sales. We both became wrapped up in our own lives, seeing each other only during the holidays and sending each other birthday messages.

After a few years, I got an out of the blue message from Kyle, “Hey Mikey! I’m in town, are you free for dinner?” I quickly replied that I was. We decided to meet at a local All-American grill type restaurant. Being that it was a Friday night it was crowded and  we had to sit in the bar. The only table left there was in a darker corner away from everyone else. The normal pleasantries started the conversation. He’d been dating the same girl for several years, she was a nice girl, if not a bit boring.

After we finished our food, I felt Kyle’s foot brush mine. He didn’t move it as I expected him to, but looked deep in my eyes. He said, “Mikey, I asked Stacy to marry me. I was wondering if you’d be my best man?” I was taken aback because I knew that we were close back in high school, but I figured if he ever got married it would be his bio-brother that he asked. I was too surprised to speak at first. Then I found my words, “Are you sure? You don’t want to ask Ryan?” His foot was still pressed against mine. Still looking deep in my eyes and he says, “I want it to be you, you were always there for me when I needed to talk or needed help. You’re the man that I want to stand up there with me.” With that he grabbed my hand from across the table.

There was a jolt of electricity between us in that moment and I wasn’t really sure what to make of it, but from the look on his face he felt it too. We let go and decided to call it a night. As we walked outside, I asked him where he was staying and he said that he was staying at a hotel by the airport because he was assigned there the following day. I asked if he wanted to come back to my place and have a beer. He said, “I’d love to, but I have to get up really early...raincheck?” “Of course...” I replied.

I moved in to give him a hug, which was pretty standard for my family. As I hugged him, he pulled me tightly against him. We were touching from head to toe essentially. As we hugged I felt his breath shift, tickling my ear and he said, “I love you Mikey.” I was kind of surprised because while we were close, we’d never said that. With no further hesitation I said, “I love you too Kyle.” With that we separated and went our separate ways.

It was two weeks later that I got another text from Kyle on Wednesday. He asked if I was going to be around that weekend, and I said I was. Seconds later he asked if he could come up to visit, saying he’d like to discuss some wedding planning. I of course told him he could. On my way home from work that day, I stopped off at the grocery store and the liquor to buy some food and drinks that I thought he would like.

The rest of the week pretty much flew by with the the coming plans. As I left the office on Friday, I almost felt giddy at the thought of having Kyle over for the weekend. I pulled up in front of my house and saw Kyle standing next to his truck. In the two weeks since we’d last saw each other he’d grown a pretty hefty beard. The next thing I noticed was his tight fitting clothes, almost painted on.

I greeted him with a full body hug that rivaled our good bye hug from our dinner. With one arm up high and the other just above my butt, I felt that electricity again. I finally pulled away and got us in to the house and asked Kyle if wanted a beer and asked what he’d like for dinner. He agreed to the beer and said he didn’t want to put me out with dinner. I told him that he was my guest and I always like to be a good host, which made him chuckle. His laugh has always had a melodic tone. I turned to the fridge and pulled out some red sauce (which I make in bulk batches for easier dinners) then grabbed some penne from the cupboard and got to work.

As I was standing at the stove adding salt to the water, I felt a presence behind me. However, before I could turn, the feeling of the full bodied hug was there again only from behind this time. Kyle grabbed wrapped his arms around my waist and started kissing and licking the back of my neck. I moaned loudly and he did that, my neck being one of my erogenous zones. Just as I was about to get over the kissing I feel the rock hard cock trapped in his pants pressing against my ass.

I loved the feelings that were coursing through my body and started grinding back in to his crotch. I was able to spin around and grab his face mashing my face in to his and kissing him with a hunger that I never knew existed. His hunger was evident as he crushed me against the counter trying desperately to deepen the kiss. While one hand had moved in to Kyle’s hair, the other snaked down to his cock. Grabbing the unbelievable girth of his cock and stroking it gently.

He pulled away from me and stripped off his shirt and dropped his pants. There standing in the middle of my kitchen was my foster brother, totally naked, with a throbbing 9 inch cock. I began to disrobe and clearly wasn’t moving fast enough, so Kyle grabbed me by the shirt and tore it off. He spun me around and pushed my face down on to the counter. The next thing I felt was him tearing the ass out of my boxer briefs. I was so hot for him.

I’d pulled out the olive oil for the meal, he grabbed the bottle and drizzled some on his cock. Without saying a word, he lined up and began to push. I felt the tight pucker of my ass give way and his head invaded me with the most pleasurable pain. I gasped and screamed out. One of his hands moved up to my shoulder and the other grabbed my hip, and he slammed the rest of his cock in to my ass.

He was a man possessed as he fucked me. His guttural moans were echoing throughout the kitchen. It was only dampened by the slapping of our skin. I began to moan louder “OH GOD, Kyle your cock feels so good inside me. Keep fucking me.” His response was “Fuck baby, your ass feels so good.” The hand on my shoulder moved lower, and now both hands were on my hips and he gripped them hard.

A primordial, totally animal scream erupted from Kyle. As I heard it I felt why. His cock was pumping a huge load in to my battered hole. He collapsed forward on to my back, heaving from his exertion. Coming down from his sexual high, his cock softened and slipped from my ass. I turned to him him, momentarily he wouldn’t make eye contact, then he looks up and says, “I’ve wanted to do that since high school Mikey. I didn’t know how much I wanted to do that until the other night when we went out to dinner.”

I grabbed him by the face and kissed him deeply. “I’ve loved you since the day we met Kyle.”

We never did eat that night, not pasta anyway. I am pretty sure he fucked me in every room in the house. It wasn’t until the morning that he told me he’d caught Stacy cheating on him and broken it off. That was the reasoning behind him wanting to come up this weekend. But he said once we hugged he couldn’t take it anymore.

I rolled him over on to his back and straddled his waist. With all the fucking and cum from last night I didn’t need lube. I began to ride his cock as he held my hips. He grabbed my hips and held me in place as he started to pound up in to my ass. As he slowed down I took over again. He reached up and started playing with my nipples. It only took another minute before I erupted all over his torso. A I came, I could feel the radiating heat of his cum in my ass.

I collapse on him and we started kissing again. Slowly we fell asleep, cum drying like glue, but we didn’t care.



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