One was eighteen, one was nineteen, and all they needed were bows on their heads to be the ultimate birthday present. I had birthday presents on the brain, because I had just turned forty and was attempting to drown myself in bourbon and angst. Len, a dear old friend, had asked me to let some relative's kid and his friend stay with me as they passed through town. Sure, I said, figuring what the hell. I have no life. I can serve as bed and breakfast for a couple of kids who do. Why not?

When they showed up at the door, they were smiling, big eyed innocents, who loved the town, loved my house, loved my pool, loved the blue of the sky and the birds in the trees. My fucking balls hurt just looking at them, and I made myself another drink. They both talked constantly, and I honestly didn't listen to a word they said, more focused on what both soft mouths would look like with my hard cock in it. The older one was named Kick, for reasons he may have explained but I don't remember. Long, jet black hair, deep blue eyes, high cheekbones, full mouth, and a body...shit. What a body. The other was Dennis. Long pale blonde hair, enormous brown eyes, another full mouth, and another body from heaven. I started in on straight bourbon.

I fed them, watching them eat with gusto, picking at my own food and thinking about how I'd probably have to jack off soon. My balls were very, very pissed at me. We had nice after dinner conversation, I think, then the three of us wandered out to the pool. They admired it again, then Kick turned to me. 'OK if we go in nude?' he asked calmly. I gestured with my glass, indicating 'go ahead.' I didn't trust myself to speak. I looked down at the hardon from hell in my lap and sighed.

Firm. Tight. Silky. Wet dreams of a forty-year-old man. I sat back and closed my eyes, and listened to them laugh and splash each other. Happy fucking birthday to me. I sat there feeling sorry for myself, not noticing that the laughter and splashing had stopped. I opened my eyes when I felt something touch my painfully hard cock. It was Kick, who was on his knees beside my chair, moving his open mouth on the front of my pants along my bulge. I stared at him, with remarkable calm, then looked at Dennis. He stood on the other side, his hand slowly stroking his hard cock as he watched Kick use his mouth on me. He smiled, lifted my hand, and used it to stroke himself. I think I pulled him to me, because suddenly that luscious boy had his cock in my mouth and I was sucking it as hard as I could. I felt myself being stripped, and just let it happen.

Kick sucked me slowly, putting every bit of his hot wet mouth to exquisite use. He had a long, limber tongue, and he slid it over my swollen head and up and down the shaft. Dennis had already given me a mouthful of his sweet cum, stayed hard, and was working up to cum again. He put his hands on the top of my head and fucked my mouth as Kick did his slow, dreamy number on my cock. Dennis shot long and hard, his body shuddering, then dropped to his knees to suck his cum out of my mouth. I kissed him, letting a hand slide down his back to cup his ass. His soft, firm, tight ass. He grinned at me, gave me what could only be described as a 'smooch' on the lips, and slid his tongue down my body to my cock. Kick licked and nibbled up and down one side, Dennis licked and nibbled the other. I watched the two beautiful young faces pleasure me and it just happened. I shot my cum, my hips thrusting up, my back arching, my eyes closed. The convulsions were incredible. When I opened my eyes, Kick and Dennis were rubbing my cum all over each other's lips and sucking it off.

I lay back with a fresh drink and watched my two sweethearts perform for me. The lithe bodies swept easily into a 69...sucking each others cocks and stroking each other. Kick was on top, and he began to thrust his hips down, fucking Dennis's mouth hard. He started to moan, then finally raised his hips so I could watch the streams of cum shoot down into Dennis's open mouth. Pulse after long pulse of white jism flooded over Dennis's tender lips. Kick dismounted his face, swung around and thrust his tongue into the cum filled mouth. He lay flat on top of Dennis, kissing him deeply, then raised his face to me and grinned. He got up, pulled over his backpack, and took out a box. He grinned again, opened the box and took out what had to have been about 18' of cock-shaped vibrator. The fucking thing was huge, almost as thick as Kick's wrist. I realized my mouth was open, and I shut it.

He handed the huge fuckstick to Dennis, kissed him and got on his hands and knees, wagging his little tail. Dennis moved him so that I was looking at the tight round ass straight on. He stroked the cheeks gently, then carefully spread them. I sucked in my breath sharply as the little pink pucker was revealed. I began to finger my still soft, but awakening cock. Dennis lubricated a finger and started to play with Kick's asshole. Little by little, he worked it in. Slow and easy, carefully. He finger fucked Kick gently, deeply, then slid a second finger in. Two fingers worked a little harder, and Kick's hips started to thrust back as he began to moan. 'What do you say?' Dennis murmured. 'I'm a fucking whore cunt bitch,' Kick said loudly. 'I need that huge cock toy do my ass. I want it to fuck me hard. Rape my tight ass with it. Make me your cunt.' I managed to get both eyes to stay open at once, but it took effort. My cock was now awake.

Dennis lifted the huge vibrator and lubricated it thoroughly. He placed the huge head against Kick's hole, and rubbed him with it. I fucking way is he gonna take that thing. No fucking way. Dennis pressed it against the hole and pushed gently. The little pucker opened like a mouth and swallowed the huge plastic head. Little by little the fucktoy slid into him...deeply. Kick moaned and begged for more. I watched fascinated as Dennis fucked him with it, sliding it out to the head, then pushing it back in. His hand moved faster, and his thrusts became stronger. Very much stronger. Dennis gripped it with his fist and fucked Kick's ass deep and strong. Then he reached with his other hand and turned the switch at the end. The thing fired up like a lawnmower. Kick's ass cheeks shook from the force of the huge vibrator. He had been moaning 'fuck my ass hard' but it changed to a long, incoherent collection of sounds. I fingered my cock and watched, wondering how long the hot young ass could take that kind of huge, hard fucking. He took it longer than I would have thought anybody could. Finally, his body went rigid, and Dennis started slamming the buzzing fucktoy home. Kick threw his head back and yelled 'Fuck!!' at the top of his lungs as his cock started to twitch violently and pulse cum. I tilted my head and watched. I couldn't believe what I was seeing. Long streams of cum shot out of his cock, one after the other, to splatter on the mat. It seemed to go on endlessly, and Kick didn't move until it stopped. Then he pitched forward on his face and collapsed.

Dennis drew the vibrator out of his ass carefully, cleaned it and put it away.

Dennis came and took a sip of my drink and grinned at me. 'He loves toys,' he said simply. He sat beside me on the lounger and we stared at the semi-conscious Kick. Dennis ran his hand down my thigh. 'What do you love?' he asked. I watched his hand on my thigh. Hot, tight boytoys. Feeling young. Having my cock so hard I tremble. Lusting after firm young asses. Dennis looked at me with eerie understanding, stood, and placed my hand on his firm hip. 'Until they make a toy,' he said with a half-smile, 'that can pump me full of hot cum, I'll stick with the real thing.'

We started out on the lounger, kissing and touching each other. He seemed to delight in rubbing himself through my chest hair as much as I delighted in his smooth, flawless skin. I sucked his tongue and fingered his cock, slowly, gently, wanting the feeling to last. Kick raised his head up and watched, a lazy smile on his face. We moved to the patio and one of the mats, and Dennis turned his tongue loose on me. He licked and sucked me everywhere, making contented noises deep in his throat. He ate my ass until I begged him to stop, and then kept going, his eager little tongue thrusting deep inside me. I felt a second tongue flick across me, and realized Kick had recuperated.

Dennis held an ice cube in his mouth for a few seconds, then kissed Kick and transferred the ice to his mouth. He took his cold tongue and flicked it across the head of my cock. My reaction was immediate and favorable. They grinned at each other, got the ice bucket and spread me out flat on my back. The icy tongues flicked at me, then they each took an ice cube and rubbed it over my nipples. My back arched, and my nipples got hard and pointy. Two cold mouths fastened on them and sucked. They performed slow, exquisite torture to every part of me. Finally Kick put his mouth next to my ear and ran his cold tongue up my neck. 'Want to get even with that evil bitch?' he whispered. 'I can tell you how to make him beg.'

I grinned at Kick, wondering how much pressure my cock could take before it exploded. 'Make the bitch beg,' I said. Kick gave me a fast kiss and then seemed to float up off the ground as his legs propelled him at Dennis. He grabbed him, and they wrestled. Dennis ended up on the ground, with Kick sitting astride his shoulders, his feet tucked under Dennis's arms. Kick leaned forward and stroked Dennis's ass, then smacked it. 'Up,' he said. 'Stick your sweet ass up and get ready bitch.' Dennis's succulent ass rose in the air, his knees tucked under his body. Kick looked at me and grinned. 'You haven't felt 'tight' until you've fucked this,' he said.

I knelt behind Dennis's upthrust ass and stroked it. At the first touch of my fingers, Dennis started to beg. Holy shit, did he beg. He didn't do things like this, no one had ever touched him there, he had never had a man up his ass. He begged me not to violate his pure, pure ass. It was a remarkable performance, and touched a part of me I didn't even know was there. I was going to rape a sweet, virgin boy. My cock was swollen, dark and dripping. Kick spanked him soundly, and said 'the Master will do what he wants with you, whore.'

The Master. Shit. I had lubrication on the finger and the finger up the ass before I knew what had happened. Dennis was the protesting victim, Kick was my helpful servant and I was out of my fucking mind. I fingerfucked him hard, adding fingers until he took three up his ass. I watched my hand pump into him, taking him, owning him, then got my cock nice and slippery. I tossed the lubricant to Kick, who slicked up the palm of his hand. He sat on Dennis, holding him down and stroking his own cock. I just slammed my slick cock in the little hole. I couldn't stand too much more. In a couple of well placed yelps, Dennis managed to convince me I had the biggest cock on the planet, and it was splitting him open. I pumped him harder...and harder, watching my servant Kick jack off, his head thrown back, eyes closed, mouth open. I turned into a volcano, erupting cum in a flood, feeling the most intense pleasure of my entire life. My vision darkened, and I went over sideways.

Later, after showers and food and more fucking, Kick dropped a light blue envelope on the table in front of me and grinned. It was a birthday card. Written inside was 'Happy Birthday. You're only as old as how you fuck. Enjoy the 'Terrible Two.' Love Always, Len.'


Morgan Grayson

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