Sean had been sent to this school by his parents, to quote his dad to make him a man.

It was his first day and he had just finished his cursory interview with the headmaster the words work hard and you will achieve were ringing in his ears as he was introduced to Dominic a head boy who would in the haeds words 'show him the ropes'

Little did Sean know that this meant a whole lot more than he thought.

Sean looked Dominic up and down as he strolled along behind him, he looked about 22 and had a very slim stature slim waist and very cute butt or at least thats what Sean was dreaming about when he heard a shar and what are you staring at.

Sorry he heard himself splutter a bit jet lagged 'well here is your room piped Dominic before trundling off oh and teas at 7pm in the refectory.

Sean unpacked his bag in the small dark room and looked out over the neat lawns of what were Stanford Hall College, so this was to be his new home and the place to make him a man.

He doubted that very much but at 18yrs he had all his life ahead of him and he would make the best.

To Be Continued



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