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If you have ever gone clubbing you know that it always ends up with you staying up to at least three in the morning. That was exactly where I am now. Stuck in a club with my room mate and best friend, Elliott trying to chat up the straightest guy in the room.

Clubbing wasn't really my scene. I hardly ever drink and cannot dance to save my life. My name is Daniel, I had turned 21 a few days ago and was now stuck here waiting for Elliott to give up and be ready to go home.

Oh and I'm an Incubus, basically the male version of a Succubus. My Mum is a Succubus my Dad was a Witch. I however was born Incubus. One reason why I was here was to feed, I don't have to feed through just sex, I haven't even had sex. The first time I kissed a guy I almost killed him. The kiss activated my Incubus side and It woke up hungry. I almost killed him. Almost.

Aside from a guy trying to hit on me my night was quite boring. I siphoned off sexual energy throughout the night satiating my need for it. The amount of energy I siphoned from the room was nothing compared to what I drained from my first kiss, but it kept me going.

I had never been very good at breaking the ice with guys. That was one of the reason why I was a virgin, God it's depressing, every time I start talking to a hot guy I just freeze. The words get stuck in my throat and I blush like you wouldn't believe. I'm gay as you've probably guessed, I've been out for around four years or so, I've known since I was 14. Some girl tried to kiss me and the memory of it disgusted me.

To me women are just too soft, with girls there is no give and take. In a straight relationship the girl has to take whatever the guy is giving. In a gay one the relationship there is give and take. With a guy you can't get accidentally pregnant, and with guys most are crap with emotional stuff and just tell you outright how they feel. Those are basically the reasons why I'm gay.

I'm 5ft10' and live near the school I teach at. I teach 15 year old students science. I don't mind it but I would prefer it if could teach at a higher level. Well right now I'm stuck waiting for my room mate and fellow teacher. Both of us were the youngest teachers at the school and were only there due to a staff shortage. It was a lucky break that we both needed. Elliott was hammered, completely and utterly. Thankfully the school term was over for another 4 weeks until the new year. In that time I knew that half a dozen or more guys would be leaving the flat.

My extra sense roamed out alerting me to the few super naturals present. I sensed three vampires and a mermaid. One of the male vampires eyed me up and I grimaced. I didn't do fangs. One downside of being an Incubus is that I am basically designed for sex. I am physically attractive to people and to vampires my blood is an aphrodisiac.

I am stronger than humans and faster and I need to feed on the sexual energy of people to survive. Both Incubi and Succubi can control and create fire, I however can just channel heat through my hands. I knew about the other super naturals, I avoided them as much as I could. Most of them only thought of Incubi as being up for anything.

The Vampires were the worst, their hunger for sex matches that of blood. The blood of an Incubus to a Vampire acts as an aphrodisiac, making their sex drive heightened. I didn't do fangs. Who would want two razor sharp fangs piercing their necks, and having the vampire drink their blood. The pain must be terrible. No the pain was terrible. I thought but quickly slammed the door to those memories shut. I didn't want to relive that again.

God I wished I could talk to guys, it was so depressing. Elliott staggered over to me his darkly tanned skin was covered with sweat. He was human, plain and simple.

He placed a hand on the bar and spoke slurring his words together

"Hey Daniel, I met a guy and I'm going back with him to his place"

"Elliott are you sure about this? What do you know about him?"

"He seems nice, in more ways than one. I'll be home tomorrow" He slurred groggily

"Be Safe" I added

He thought about that for a second then looked at me catching the double meaning in my words

"Yes Mum. I always am, any ways I'll see you tomorrow then"

"Right" I thought. "Great, I waited till three in the morning now Elliott goes with a guy"

I stepped out of the club into the chilly winter weather, I shivered in my thin t-shirt, before shrugging my shoulders and letting my inner fire warm my body. I walked along the street and turned left into an alley walking towards my car parked nearby. I was almost through the alley when I stopped dead in my tracks, frozen in fear.

A blonde and pale man stood in front of me, his eyes black coals. He smiled widely at me flashing perfect white teeth. I sniffed the air slightly and gulped. Vampire, the same one from the bar.

I shuddered in lust however, my neglected libido betraying me and revving into overdrive. I lowered my head and tried to walk around him.

"Well hello there, isn't it a little late to be out my little Incubus?" he asked seductively

"If you don't mind, I'll be on my way" I said

I slowly walked closer and tried to edge my way past him.

"Now why don't you come with me, I could show you a good time" The man said seductively

"I don't think so" I said trying to get past him with no avail, his hand grabbed my shoulder and he held me still.

"Come on Incubus, I could satisfy your every hunger and desire" he said smoothly, I tried to pull away but he wouldn't let go.

I sucked in a breath and screamed with all the power in my lungs. Quick as a flash he grabbed my neck with one hand and pulled me up off of the ground, cutting off my scream.

"What the fuck is wrong with you?" he asked enigmatically

I reached up and tugged on his hand trying to pull it away from my throat I even channelled as much of my stored sex energy as I had into my hands. Burning his flesh.

But the man was just too strong for me. I may be stronger than a human, but against a vampire I was still weak. His hand healed as soon as my energy ran out and I was drained.

I had used up my energy to no avail. His hand simply healed as fast as I could burn him. And now I was hungry, a very bad thing for me. When I get hungry my body takes over and starts releasing sex pheromones.

The Vampire threw me against a wall ten feet away and the back of my head hit the wall hard. I fell to the ground and grabbed the back of my head groggily. My senses were thrown and I didn't know which way was up or down.

I started to cry and curled myself into a ball trying to protect my face. The man advanced towards me laughing sadistically. The pale man spun me onto my back and straddled my hips. He leaned down and sniffed at my neck as my heart began to beat faster with fear. Tears were coming down my face and I tried to plead with him to stop and let me go. I reached up to my neck trying vainly to pull at the charm around my neck, but my hand fumbled uselessly against my shirt before it dropped to my chest.

The Vampire opened his mouth and his two fangs drop replacing his lateral incisors. The Vampire slowly came closer to my neck. I struggled and cried harder but the pale man was just too strong. I could feel his breath on my neck an icy cold breath and I closed my eyes waiting for death.

** ** ** **


** ** ** **

I had seen the Incubus leave the club and knew something was different about him. He had caught my eyes the moment he had walked into the club. His eyes were the most beautiful shade of sea green, swirling depths of colour. His hair was light blond, spiked up casually over his head. His skin was pale white, smooth and unbroken. I ran a hand through my black hair and grinned to myself.

How he was here alone was a miracle, for that I was thanked any and all gods willing to listen. He was avoiding leaving with anyone which also caught my attention. I assumed the man he had walked in with was not his partner judging by the fact said person he was now rutting up against and kissing another man.

The Incubus wore no adornments of any kind, no jewellery or piercings anywhere I could see. He was simply breathtaking and I felt myself yearn to touch him. I watched and sensed him feed on the room. Picking out people and siphoning off their sexual energy.

He was inexperienced. He was simply siphoning off the latent sexual energy in the room. He used no touch or his other powers. One of which would have allowed him to cause someone to orgasm and then absorb the energy released. Either he was young or hadn't fed well recently.

I had seen him walk out of the club alone after talking to the guy he had walked in with. I moved towards the exit of the club after him intending to make sure he got home safely. I was around half a minute behind him exiting the club. I sniffed the air and followed the scent trail slowly. He was no where near fully fed, and I smelled his pheromones slowly seeping from his body.

My whole being froze however when I heard the scream. It was cut off quickly and I moved to follow it. I sniffed the air again and ran after the scent trail leading me to an alley. The Incubus was on the floor with a vampire leaning over him his fangs nearing his neck. My blood burned with anger as I took in the sight. My possessiveness peaked and I surged forward.

I sprinted using my full speed and ripped the vampire off of him easily. He staggered slightly then started swinging punches in my direction. I parried each of them almost laughing at his feeble attempts to fight me off.

I was an elder and this young vampire was barely a century and a half old. I slammed my fist into the side of his face and sent him crashing into the wall of the alley. I ran forward and swung him towards the other wall, causing him to hit it head first.

He collapsed to the floor his body shutting down to heal itself. I moved towards him and snapped his spine in 3 places. That should take at least twenty minutes to heal, more than enough time to take the Incubus back to my house.

I turned to the Incubus still lying on the floor dazed. I heard his heartbeat quicken at my approach and I bent down towards him and asked concerned

"Are you all right?"

He didn't reply and I gently picked him up into my arms. I felt something warm and wet trickle down onto my hand. I shuddered knowing all to well the feel of blood on my skin. I stopped breathing, quickly sealing my mouth shut to prevent him from seeing my fangs drop. His head lolled boneless against my chest.

His eyes slowly drifted up to mine and I felt him relax. He smiled weakly before relaxing against my chest. I tightened my grip on him and pulled him against my leather jacket. If only he knew in whose arms he was, someone almost 50 times his age. I ran at speed, quickly taking us to my home.

The Incubus was weak and needed healing, my blood would solve that easily. One of the benefits of being a vampire. I quickly entered the house and lay him down in the guest bedroom. In his unconscious state I more closely examined his face. He was even more beautiful up close, his skin was truly silken and unblemished. More beautiful than any Incubus I had seen before. He was slight with little musculature. He was delicate and smaller then my height.

His pink lips slightly parted. He needed not just blood but sex energy. In his current state anything sexual would feed him. I leaned down and gently pressed my lips to him. His lips puckered slightly, his body needing more to feed him. I pulled back a few seconds later giving him just enough energy to heal him. My lips tingled at the intimate touch and my fangs had descended eagerly.

I internally berated myself and moved away from his face. I pulled my wrist up to my mouth and used my fangs to bite into my skin. My blood slowly seeped out from the wound, and I lowered it to his parted lips. My other hand lightly massaged his throat, stimulating his swallow reflex and he swallowed the blood pooling in his mouth. After two mouthfuls I pulled my wrist away from his lips.

I gently checked the back of his head for any damage remaining, I saw that even before my blood began to take effect that the wound was much thinner than before. I frowned curious at him, even for an Incubus he healed fast.

I pulled the covers up over him and left to my own room. I spared a glance back to the Incubus now lying there and felt proud for the first time in a century. I would care for him until he was healed and hopefully I could get to know him better.

I don't know why but I felt immediately protective of him. He was so unique, so precious, that it struck me as odd that he had entered the club alone. All I wanted to do was to help him, to make him happy. I shook myself and thought

"Where did all this come from?"

I watched him sleep for a minute or two, hearing quiet murmuring from him. I reached out with my mind and sensed his surface thoughts. His dreams were a collection of bright colours swirling together, images and faces all jumbled together. I smiled when I saw my own, hazy though it was, jumbled among them.

I turned from the room and walked to my own, stripping down to my boxers and slumping on the bed. Closing my eyes I allowed the death sleep to overtake me. My mind wandered, finally ending up in a fantasy. I was in a house I didn't recognize, I examined it taking in the leather sofa and the plasma screen on the wall.

I heard a gasp from behind me and turned. The Incubus was there in my dream, as attractive as ever his blond hair casually spiked up over his head. He was staring wide eyed at me, I watched his gaze travel down my body and I noticed I was still in my boxers. I knew this wasn't just a dream, it was too realistic.

I caught his gaze and smiled, he blushed deeply and lowered his face. I walked towards him and slowly circled behind him before continuing around.

"Who are you?" he asked timidly

"I would like to know the same of you" I replied placing a hand beneath his chin. I lifted his chin and made him meet my gaze. He blushed a deeper shade of red and a look of embarrassment covered his face.

"I'll start" I said "My name is Darren, and who might you be?"

"I'm...I'm" he stuttered and cut off again lowering his head

"What's wrong?" I asked running a hand down his cheek

"I'm just no good at talking to guys" he finally managed to stutter

"Well you're talking to me" I said

"I'm Daniel" he finally said

"Good ok" I replied

"I don't understand, how can you be here?" he asked quietly

"Dreams are often subject to interpretation" I said trailing a finger down his neck

"Is this a dream?" he asked hesitantly catching my eyes. I gazed into his swirling sea green eyes and smiled.

"Would you prefer, a nightmare?" I asked suggestively

"No" he said quickly rewarding me with another blush

"You keep on blushing, I can't help wonder why?"

"Um You're standing here in your underwear" he said lowering his gaze

"Look at me" I said

I waited until eventually looked up at me, he spoke slowly

"You're the one who saved me, from that Vampire in the alley"

"Yes, but now I need to go" I turned away from him and started to walk away

"Wait" he said and walked after me

"Do you have to go" he asked his hand lightly resting on the bare flesh of my shoulder

"Yes" I said turning back to him

"Sleep well" I finished leaning forward to lightly brush my lips over his forehead.

He was a few inches shorter than me and he wrapped his arms around his waist. I pulled him against my chest and kissed the top of his head. He relaxed against me and I felt the dream fade.

To be continued.......

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