I had experienced sex with my roommate, Clay, and with the quarterback of our college football team and sucked numerous cocks through the glory hole in the restroom in the basement of the library, but hadn't experienced a three way yet.

When Clay asked if I would be interested, I jumped at the chance. The thought excited me greatly but Clay refused to tell me who he had in mind for the third guy.

He had suggested it early in the week, and I bugged the hell out of him to tell me who it would be with. All he would say is 'You'll see.'

We were to meet the guy on Friday afternoon after our classes and Clay had said that it would be an entire weekend of hot raw sex. He had said we wouldn't be back to our room until Sunday afternoon late.

The week crawled by and I was getting more and more intrigued with who it might be.

Friday finally arrived and after our last class we met in our room and waited or the man's call. Clay had said all we needed to take was our toothbrushs, because we'd be nude except for ossibly going out to eat on Saturday.

Shortly after four, Clay's cell phone rang. He answered and finally said, 'I know the place. We'll be there shortly.'

After hanging up he asked, 'You ready for some fun?'

'Man, I've been ready. Where are we going?'

'Just be patient,' he said.

We climbed into his car and headed out. He got on the interstate that ran through town and headed west. Aafter a few exits, he took one and soon pulled into a small motel next to a large truck stop. Driving slowly down the drive, he turned into a parking space in front of room 123, next to another car that I noticed had a rental car company sticker on the bumper.

We got out and I followed him to the door of room 123 and he knocked.

'It's open,' a voice called out.

Clay opened the door and I followed Clay into the room. As Clay shut and locked the door behind me, I was awed by the hot muscular naked stud standing near the king bed smiling at us, his huge cock rock hard.

He was close to six-three, in his early twenties, extremely muscular, hairy and damn good looking. His cock was as big as Clay's but slightly thicker. I dreamed of it in my mouth and up my ass.

After loxking the door, clay stepped around me, walking up to the guy and kissing him passionately. As they kissed, the man began undressing Clay. When he had Clay's shirt off they broke the kiss and the guy said, 'Man, have I missed you.'

'I've missed you also.'

'Maybe so, but you've had this hot stud to play with,' the guy said looking at me.

Turning to me, Clay said, 'Brad, I'd like you to meet Buck, my brother.'

'Oh shit!' I said. Smiling, I said, 'I've heard a lot about you.'

'And I've heard a lot about you. It's nice to finally meet you.'

'Same here,' I replied, 'but Clay didn't tell me how hot you really were.'

Laughing, Buck said, 'Why don't you two get undressed and let's have some fun.'

Clay and I quickly stripped and once naked, Buck came over and kissed me passionately.

After the kiss, Buck said, 'Bro, since you've been gone, all I've had up my ass is some life like dildos I ordered and one real cock. I want you two to fuck me right now, one after the other. I need it bad.'

'Brad can go first, since I've had your ass before.'

'Fine,' Buck said, lying on the bed. As he pulled his egs up he tossed me a bottle of lube.

Seconds later, I was deep inside this studs ass fucking his brains out as he moaned in pleasure. As we kissed, I soon filled his ass with my load. I pulled out and rolled to the side as Clay took my position and shoved his cock balls deep into his brohers ass. Soon, he filled Buck with his load.

After he pulled out, I leaned over and began sucking Bucks hard cock. As I did, Buck said to Clay, 'You lucky bastard. He's damn good and you get it nightly. I'm jealous.'

I paused just long enough to say, 'Well, this weekend I'll suck it anytime you want. Just tell me.'

I soon brought Buck to a huge climax, swallowing every delicious drop.

As Clay and I lay on each side of Buck, Buck said to me, 'Clay told me about how you two found out about each other. Was he really the first cock you had ever sucked?'

'Yes,he was, although I had been wanting to do it for quite a while. I think I would have probably sucked any cock that was offered then.'

They laughed then Clay asked, 'Who was the one guy that fucked you?'

Laughing, Buck replied, 'It wasn't really planned. I had ordered the dildos and they were shipped FedEx. When they were delivered dad was out of town until the next day and I was alone. Undoubtedly, the FedEx driver, Dan. recognized the return address. I was in the barn when he drove up. When he got out he had a big smile on his face and a very obvious oner in his shorts. When he handed me the package he said something about having something I was waiting for. I said probably but they could never replace the real thing. I saw his cock stiffen some and reached down and grabbed it and asked if he wanted me to relieve his tension. He said sure. We went into the barn and both stripped and had a sixty-nine. He was thirty and married. I invited him back when he got off work and said he could try the contents of the package on me. He came back and we fucked each other after using the dildos on each other.'

'Has he been back?' Clay asked.

'Not yet. But we exchanged cell numbers. We talk a lot. He said his marriage is shakey and he has to behave himself in case she files for divorce.'

Later, Buck sucked me off then as he fucked me he sucked Clay off.

The entire weekend was amost constant sex. Saturday night as Buck and I were in a sixty-nine, Clay said he's be back shortly. half hour later, he returned with a hot masculind trucker in his thrities who stripped and spent several hours in the room with us, sucking us and letting us fuck him and him fucking us.

All too soon, the weekend was over and we returned to the dorm, both sexually and physically exhausted.

Buck managed to visit about every two to three months. Clay and I continued our daily sex romps.

All through college, Clay and I managed to be room mates. We becqame coser and closer and I knew I had deep feeling for him but wasn't sure how he felt about me.

Finally graduation came and he as offered a job with an advertising firm in Denver, while I was offered a position with a firm in Dallas. We talked frequently and sent e-mails two to three times a week.

Once we were apart, I missed him greatly. Oh, I'd go out to the gay bars and meet hot guys, but when we had sex, I'd be thinking of Clay. I knew no one could take his place. We did manage to get together a couple of times during that first year and it was awesome. We both tole the other how much we missed each other.

Half way through our second year apart, Clay mentioned that his company had a position open. I told him that I was up for a nice promotion and as much as I'd like to apply for the job, I hated to pass up my chance where I was. He said he understood, but he had given the personnel department my name.

Three weeks later, I found out that I was passed over for the promotion and wrote to Clay's company and semt my resume'. In the letter I did ask that they keep nmy inquiry confidential and not tell Clay.

A couple of weeks later, I received a letter asking me to contact personnel to schedule an interview. I did and they provided a plane ticket and hotel accommodations fr me. I met with them. I felt that the interview went well and returned to Dallas. A week later I received an offer. I quicky accepted saying that I neded to give two weeks notice.

I was renting a small furnished condo, so all I had to move was my clothes and personal belongings. The new company put me up in a hotel until I could find a place to live. I knew I wouldn't be in the hotel but a day or two.

On my first day, I met with the personnel director when I arrived. He came right out and told me that he knew how 'close' Clay and I were and that Clay had commented on how good my work was because we had done projects together during college and we seemed to compliment each other in our work.

'Therefore, Brad, the guy that was working with Clay was moved to another depatment. Clay has no idea you have been hired. He'll find out when I take you down and introduse you as his new partner.'

'Thank you. I was wanting to surprise him.'

'I know you were. I think you two will make a nice couple.'

'Sir?' I asked.

'A nice team working together,' he said with a slight smile.

'We do work well together,' I said.

With another yet bigger smile, he said, 'I'm sure you do.'

I followed him to Clay's office and the door was open. Clay stood at a work table, his bac to us. Stepping up quietly behind him, the director said, 'Clay, meet your new partner.'

Clay turned around and seeing me he froze then said 'Oh, shit! You're kidding.'

'Nope. Bran started this morning. He's all yours. Show him around and get him up to speed on what you're working on. I'll leave you two to your work.'

He left and closed the door behind him. Once the door was closed securely, Clay grabbed me and we kissed passionately. After the kiss, he asked, 'Why didn't you tell me?'

'I wanted to surprise you.'

'Well, you certainly did that,' he replied.

'Clay, does he know anything? He made some amos knowing remarks.'

'John? The personnel director?' he asked.


'Yes, he does. He's gay also and knows about us in college.'

'That explains his remarks.'

'Knowing John, I'm sure that they were very subtle.'

'Oh, they were.'

He immediatey asked where I was staying and I told him.

'Not any longer. Tonight after work we're going and getting your things and you're moving in with me.'

'I figured that's what you'd say. so I didn't unpack anything.'

We finished the day then Cay followed me to the hotel and after loading my things in our cars, i checked out and followed Clay to his place.

When we entered, he showed me around and when i saw the second bedroom I said, 'This is my room, right?'

'Not on your life!' he exclaimed. 'The master has a huge closet and an empty dresser. You're sharing it with me. It's our room now.'

'You don't want me to use the other room for appearances?'

'It's not necessary. The company is very gay friendly. All they ask is not to do anything at work.'

'Nice. That company I was with was all homophobes.'

We unloaded the cars and Clay helped me unpack. It took all of about half an hour, then he had me in bed. We finaly went to dinner shortly after nine.

That night as we cuddled in 'our' bed, he said, 'Man, I've missed this.'

'Me too. Om the few times I had stay overs, I was alwys thinking of you.'

'Same here,' he said.

We were quiet for a few minutes, enjoying the naked closeness when he said, 'Brad, I don't ever want us to be apart again.'

'Me either, baby. I love you too much for that.'

'Oh, Brad, I love you too. Please, be my lover.'

'I was going to ask you the same thing.'

'Then you accept?'

'Most definitely,' I replied.

'Man, this is the happiest day of my life.'

We consumated our union and drifted off to sleep in each others arms.

The next day when we arrived at work, we went to John's office first thing.

'John, put down Brad's address the same as mine,' Clay said.

Smiling, he asked, 'For how long?'

'Permanately. He and I are partners as of last night.'

'I figured that would happen from what you told me about him. I can' say I blame you. Claim him before someone else does.'

'Like you?'

'Yep,' John said, laughing.

Clay and I have been lovers for twelve years now, and are still deeply in love. We left the company and started our own and numerous clients have left our former company and come to us to handle their accounts. Business is great, and growing.

As fr Buck, he and Dan, the FedEx driver are now lovers. Clay's dad passed away several years ago and left the farm to Clay and Buck. Buck and Dan run it but Buck sends Clay regular checks as his part of the profits. We visit each other frequently.

I look back and am greatful for that glory hole in the library basement. Thanks to it, Clay and I are together now forever after.

THE END.............



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