DISCLAIMER: The below story contains explicit gay sex scenes. The writer retains all rights to this story, meaning NO posting on other free or paysite websites/online groups without the writer's permission. If you really like this story, please write to me at brycejlover@yahoo.com Thanx, enjoy it, guys! And special thankx to GayDemon for hosting this story! While driving through the quiet country side, Daniel took the time to admire the night sky. It was very easy to find an open quiet place in England to watch the stars. Deliberately, he rolled down is car window so that the night air could get in. It was so quiet that Daniel was tempted to do one thing that he wished he could have one from long time ago. 'This is perfect. No one is around. It feels as if the world is mine. Perhaps now I can finally do it,' he thought as he turned off the engine. Slowly, his car came to a halt right in the middle of the road. Glancing to his watch, he knew that it had already passed midnight. 'Yeah, baby, it's time to get horny.' Immediately, that 35-year-old white man got out of his car. 'Oh, the night breeze,' he gasped, feeling the night air caress his body. All he could see around him was the darkness. Fortunately, the full moon provided some dim light. Although it was not bright, at least Daniel could make out what lay in front of him. 'Oh, just by thinking that I'm alone here and that I can do anything that I want to had made me horny.' Reaching down, he cupped the growing bulge inside his trousers. 'Ah, I do need some release. I haven't had time to jack off and squirt out my cum. Sometimes I just hate my life as a traveling salesman.' Without showing any embarrassment, Daniel took the zipper and unzipped it. The quiet surroundings amplified the zipper sound. Daniels hands were fumbling with his trousers, unsnapping the button. Those trousers immediately slid down and rested around his ankles. The next target was Daniel's shirt. Again, the fingers worked quite fast. One by one, the shirt buttons were unbuttoned. 'Oh, I feel so damn sexy,' he said to himself as he let the shirt fall down onto the grassy ground. Looking down, he saw a big bulge sticking out from his white briefs. 'Yeah, I know that you want to shoot out your cum now. I'm gonna give it to you, my dick,' he said as if his dick could have read his thought. Slipping the fingers under the tight waistband of his briefs, Daniel slid the briefs down. Stepping out, Daniel was glad that he was naked from head to legs. The only human-made objects that still clung onto his naked body were a pair of socks and a pair of shoes. Daniel needed them to protect his soles from prickly objects on the ground. 'Yes, I'm naked. Oh, it feels so good to be naked in the wilderness. Fuck, this is getting very arousing.' Faintly, the cricket's song was heard. The grass under Daniel's shoes almost did not make any noise whenever he stepped on it. Daniel was walking away from the car to find a perfect spot to masturbate. There was no place to hide since most of the area was only a vast grass field. Here and here, several tall oak trees grew. As he walked, his erect dick was swaying from side to side. At then, the dick head was still dry. Despite the erection, the head was still hiding under the thick foreskin. Finally, after some minutes, he decided to stop. 'Yeah, this is a nice spot to milk my dick. This is gonna be awesome.' Immediately, he wrapped his hand around the thick shaft and began jacking away. 'Oh fuck!' he gasped, rubbing his own body. Daniel's callused palm was brushing against the smooth warm chest. But being sensitive, Daniel could not help moaning. 'Oh! Ah yeah! Oh!' As a man who did not frequent the gym, Daniel had an amazingly fit body. There was hardly any excessive body fat hiding in his body. He looked proportionally built, looking quite sexy. Unlike most men's stomach, Daniel's was flat. Yet, if one rubbed it, one could feel the faint traces of abdominal muscles there. Daniel was not a fanatic gym lover, yet he practiced dumbbells and sit-ups regularly. That was how he got rid of the body fat. 'Oh yeah, I feel so damn sexy,' he gasped, looking upward at the night sky. His hand trailed down to the stomach and gave that area some good rubbing. 'Oh!' Daniel gasped, imagining that someone was rubbing it instead of him. Cold night breeze continued caressing the nipples. Instantly, both of them stood up. 'Yeah, this is so horny.' Beyond his control, Daniel's body shuddered. The coldness of the breeze had made his naked body tingle with excitement. Again, Daniel's palm was rubbing the smooth hairless torso to relieve some of that tingling sensation. But jacking off was not complete without horny fantasy. A fantasy was needed to enhance the lust. Closing his eyes, he tried to find himself a horny scene to be replayed in his perverted mind. The first thing that came to his dirty mind was a particular story which he just read online a few days ago. As the lewd scene unraveled, Daniel continued stroking his hard erect dick. 'Yeah, I'm so hot when I remember that story. I always have a soft spot for pilots.' Without closing his eyes, he imagined seeing two hot naked pilots making out in a cockpit. Daniel's dick throbbed as the response to that lewd imagination. 'I really love reading Humping With The Pilot'. The story was so real that I felt as if I could have watched those pilots in action. I don't know from where Endy got all those horny ideas for his stories.' The grip around Daniel's dick did not grow weaker. Consistently, it was stroking the cock in up-and-down movement. 'Oh yeah! It feels so good. Ah!' he gasped, his naked body shuddering. 'Yeah, fuck his ass,' he added, as if two naked pilots really fucked before his eyes. 'Yeah, don't spare his ass. Fuck him good. Oh!' The imagination was growing quite real. Daniel was so turned on to imagine those hunky pilots from the story he read. As a perverted horny man, he did have an extra ordinary imagination. He could even feel as if he really heard the erotic groans from those pilots. 'Oh yeah! Oh!' Daniel groaned, focusing his mind on his dick. The hand faithfully stroked that manhood without stopping. 'Fuck!' he groaned, feeling that something pushed out from the slit. 'Yeah, I'm precumming!' he gasped. Instantly, his nude frame shuddered. A pearly liquid was hanging at the gaping slit. But the furious stroking of Daniel's hand had quickly wiped it away. 'Ah!' He could not help moaning as his callused palm brushed over his exposed dick head. In his mind, he resumed his dirty fantasy about those two naked pilots. As minutes went by, he pictured them closer to orgasm. 'Fuck! Oh yeah! Oh! I love pilots. Ah!' The mushroom-like cock head glistened, covered by thick layer of precum. That liquid kept flowing out, almost without stopping. Daniel's male member was throbbing under the manipulation of his hand. 'Ah! Fuck! Oh!' Erotic gasps did not stop resounding from his quivering lips. From the look of his face, Daniel really enjoyed every second of his masturbation. 'Yeah, fuck his ass, pilot. Oh yeah!' he gasped again, drown in his dirty fantasy. For the umpteenth time, his dick throbbed as it oozed out its precious liquid. Despite the coldness of the night breeze, Daniel was not deterred from his goal, which was to ejaculate his seeds. Obviously, the story he read was so horny that it kept him occupied for minutes. Sex was in his head. 'Oh yeah! Fuck! I'm close.' After jacking off for several minutes, it was understandable if he could no longer keep his cum. The gooey white fluid was churning inside the heavy balls. 'Ah! Fuck!' he gasped, slowly letting his head fall back. Staring at the night sky, he concentrated on the stroking. But, inside his brain, the horny scene about two pilots fucking still had not ended. 'Yeah that's so fucking hot! Oh yes! Fuck! Oh!' That horny naked man could only groan helplessly as his dick was being stroked. He did not need to look down at his dick to know how leaky it was. Precum seemed as if it would not stop oozing. 'Shit! I think that I'm so close now. Ah! Fuck!' While his hand was busily stroking the dick, the other one rested on the torso. That idle hand lazily brushed across the bare chest. Daniel could not help shuddering for it felt so damn good. Both of his nipples still stood up, tingling with excitement every time that hand brushed them. 'Ah! Fuck!' Deliberately, Daniel took hold of one nipple and gave it a rather hard pinch. 'Oh!' Obviously, he could not keep quiet. At the same time, his body flinched. It felt as if a wavelet of electricity ran through his naked body. Beads of sweat dampened Daniel's body. Although the night was quite breezy, that man could not stop producing sweat. Smaller sweat beads joined together and created bigger sweat drops. They were rolling down Daniel's body. But with one wipe, Daniel cleaned his sweaty torso from those sweat beads. 'Oh!' Another moan resounded. 'Fuck yeah! Oh! I'm getting closer. Ah!' The grip around his fuck tool tightened. For a brief moment, Daniel thought that he would lose consciousness. At that very second, his whole body shuddered, gripped by the invisible orgasmic force. 'Fuck! Ah!' With a loud and almost deafening growl, he let himself loose. Suddenly, the muscles in his body went rigid, flexing as hard as they could. The flexing gave him a temporary illusion as if his body had grown bigger. Like a roaring lion, he bent his neck backward and howled into the sky. 'I'm cumming!' he yelled, not caring whether someone would hear it or not. One hand was still on his nipple, giving it a good hard pinch. The other hand was still stroking the cock, milking every drop of precious cum out of that fleshy rod. 'Oh! Fucking yeah! Oh!' When the orgasmic daze came, Daniel could only think about how good it felt. His whole body tingled with great unspeakable excitement. He wanted to enjoy it forever. 'Oh! Fuck! Oh!' Droplets of sweat were splattered from his body as it shook along with the orgasm. 'My cum is shooting out! Oh! Fuck! Ah!' Big gobs of white thick fluid squirted out. When the first shot forced its way out, Daniel felt as if his piss slit had been ripped apart. The sensation was so incredible! 'Ah! Yes! Ah shit! Oh!' The groans continued. Daniel had some hard time to keep the balance of his body. More sweat was produced, oozing out from the pores of his body. Daniel's dick continued to jerk in his hand. The glistening reddish dick head was spewing ropey strings of cum, throbbing hard. 'Fuck! Oh fuck!' Daniel grunted, gasping for breath. Wincing, he let out a last groan as orgasm left his body. 'Ah!' he gasped, squeezing his slimy dick head. The orgasm was over. No more cum came out from the cock slit. 'Damn! That was great,' he said to himself, catching back his breath. Daniel's broad torso seemed to do a lot of work, heaving up and down. Casually, he ran a hand across his torso to clean up the sweat beads. 'Ah!' he sighed when the palm brushed the nipples. Both of them were still standing up, caressed by the cold breeze. Looking down, Daniel congratulated himself for shooting so much cum. He saw white gobs clinging on the grass below. 'Fuck! I have so much cum inside of my balls,' he said to himself. His dick was shriveling away, turning flaccid. The foreskin slowly hid the cock head from the view. A drop of cum was still hanging on the piss slit. But as Daniel shook his body, the cum dripped onto the ground. 'Ah!' he yelled all of a sudden. Coming from no where, a blinding light shone down upon him. Daniel did not know what was happening. The first thing he thought was that someone caught him masturbating. But then, he realized that his whole body froze. He could not move his limbs. 'Oh fuck! What's happening?' Looking down, Daniel realized that he was floating steadily in the air! Both of his feet did not touch the ground. Gradually, he floated upward. The intensity of the light grew more powerful. All he could do was to close his eyes. And then, the darkness was the only thing that he could remember. ***** 'Where am I?' Daniel thought. But all he could see was the color of white. Apparently, the whole room was lit up with light. 'Fuck! I can't move my body,' he thought, starting to get panicky. Daniel then realized that he had been strapped down to a metallic table. The coldness of the metal crept through his body. Some sort of metallic restraints were wrapped around his waist, hands, and feet. The next thing that he realized was the fact that he was left naked. 'Shit! I'm still naked. Who did this to me?' A perverted thought flitted across his mind. Even in uncertain situation, he could not take his mind off sex. 'Wait a minute! What if I had been kidnapped by a bunch of horny gay men and they were planning to rape my ass? Oh, it would be very horny.' The thought of sex soon aroused his flaccid dick. Blood was immediately pumped into the veins in that dick. In no time, that manhood stood up, throbbing in full erection. 'Ah!' Daniel gasped, feeling extremely horny. 'Fuck! I think I need to shoot. I don't know how long I have passed out. But I'm feeling extremely horny.' Turning to his sides, he tried to look for someone but no one was around. 'Hey! You guys can come out now! Hello? Stop fooling around and let's get to the sex!' he yelled, hoping that whoever kidnapped him would come and fuck his ass. But the room stayed quiet. Daniel almost lost his hope until a man showed up. It was as if he had appeared magically before Daniel's eyes. And to Daniel's contentment, that man was completely naked. For several seconds, Daniel was mesmerized by that man's handsomeness. Everything about that man was perfect. He had wavy short brown hair, which fitted his rugged-looks. Judging from his body, he must have frequented to the gym a lot. Muscles were displayed nicely in ample amount, not too bulky and not too small either. Although that man was a Caucasian, he displayed a perfect degree of tan. There was no pale white patch around his crotch and ass, as if he had been lying naked under the sun. That man was like a walking Greek god! As far as Daniel remembered, he had never seen such a handsome man. Thinking about the impending fuck got Daniel so horny. But that handsome stranger said no word. He just stood by Daniel's table, making sure that Daniel had been strapped securely. His callused palms were brushing Daniel's torso. Although the touch was not erotic at all, Daniel could not help groaning. The stranger turned to Daniel and looked straight into the eyes. Instantly, Daniel felt as if he had been sucked into that stranger's eyes. Everything was spinning. Daniel felt very dizzy. More naked men appeared. Two of them. Both of them were as handsome and as athletic as the brown-headed man. One was black-haired and the other was red-haired. Daniel could only watch them as he lay helplessly on the examination table. Suddenly, there was a voice in Daniel's head. It was a male voice. Yet, it sounded so soothing and relaxing. Daniel was entranced by the voice. When he looked up, he realized that the voice came from the brown-haired man's mind. The voice said, 'Don't worry. We won't harm you. We come from a distant galaxy to study your kind. This human body is just a skin to cover our true body so that you will not freak out.' A thought entered Daniel's mind, telling him that the brown-haired man's name was Toq. Upon realizing that he was abducted by alien beings, fear instantly coursed down Daniel's body. But there was nothing that he could do for he had already been strapped down securely on the table. That salesman could only groan out his disapproval while helplessly trying to break free. 'Let me go!' Daniel protested. 'I'm a human being. I'm not a gerbil in a lab. Fuck! Release me now!' he demanded. But amid his fear of dying in examination table, he could not calm his cock down. Daniel's manhood was throbbing hard shamelessly. 'Fuck! I'm still getting a hard-on. What's going on?' Throbbing, Daniel's fuck rod stood proudly. The head was still slick with cum from the previous ejaculation. With no difficulty, the foreskin slid down and exposed the glistening dick head. 'Oh!' Daniel sighed, flinching on the table. 'Fuck! I don't want to be a fucking experimental rabbit on alien's autopsy table. This is so fucking scary! Fuck! Let me go! Ah!' But the men did not bother to calm Daniel's down. The metallic straps had secured his body down, thus there was no worry that he would run away. The men looked up and stared at one another's face, communicating with their mind. Daniel did not know what they were talking about. Yet, he knew for sure that they were talking about him. The reddish-haired man then disappeared. Yet several seconds later, he came back with a tray of doctor-like equipment. The equipment looked so weird yet so dangerous. Daniel's eyes widened with horror as he realized that they were about to use those equipment on him. 'No! Don't! I don't want to die! Don't dissect me with those things! Fuck! Let me go! Please!' Daniel pleaded, looking very terrified. Cold sweats ran down his body, dampening the examination table. Like a fish out of water, he was finning on the table. Yet, the more he struggled, the tighter the strap became. 'Ah!' Daniel yelled. The strap was biting into his skin, growing too tight. But those men did not do anything. They just stood by the table, waiting until Daniel exhausted himself. 'No! Release me! Ah!' Daniel yelped, heaving for breaths. After several minutes of helpless struggle, that salesman finally had no more energy to fight. He just lay there, panting and sweating. Toq then looked straight into Daniel's eyes and started to talk, 'We mean no harm. We just want to study you. We want to know how you reproduce. We want to examine your penis and your rectum.' And with that, Toq moved his hand to Daniel's pulsating manhood. Lightly, he touched the sensitive slimy head. Upon being touched, Daniel whimpered. 'We're very curious of your kind. Your man can have sex with other man. And we want to learn that.' Lewdly, Toq placed his other hand on Daniel's torso. Although Toq's human appearance was fake, Daniel was powerless to resist Toq's manly touch. That salesman was whimpering, giving up to his desire. 'Yeah, that's it. Relax. And let us examine you,' Toq said through Daniel's mind. 'Bir, bring the equipment,' Toq turned to the red-haired man. That handsome red-haired man came. In his hand was a metallic small long tube. In a glance, it looked like a catheter. He looked up and gave Daniel a soothing stare. As their eyes made contact, he communicated with Daniel's head. 'Don't be scared. I only want to examine your penis. I believe that you often refer it as cock.' Deliberately, he held the metallic object higher so that Daniel could inspect it. 'We need to check the inner part of your cock. It will hurt a bit but you will enjoy it.' As Bir took hold of Daniel's cock shaft, Toq released it. There was no facial expression on Bir's handsome face as he prepared to slide that thing into Daniel's cock slit. Lying on the table, Daniel showed a serious concern for his own dick. That man was about to put the object into his dick. 'Oh fuck! No! It's gonna hurt my cock. Stop it! Please, don't do this. Stop!' he pleaded, looking very frightened. The muscles in his arms and legs were flexing, trying to free himself. 'Let me go! Stop! Oh!' And out of the blue, another strap was wrapped around Daniel's neck. He did not see where it came from. It just appeared suddenly, locking his neck down to the examination table. Daniel's body became totally helpless. 'Ah! Oh!' he groaned, realizing that his fate was sealed. Despite the fright, Daniel could not cool his manhood down. That fuck rod was throbbing excitedly in Bir's callused hand. 'Oh fuck! Why am I hard? My cock slit is about to get fucked by that tube. Shit! His hand feels so warm and sexy. I know he's not human but he sure feels and looks so humanly sexy. Fuck! He's like the man of my dream. Oh!' The black haired man came closer and touched Daniel's face. For a second, he gave Daniel's a glance. And suddenly, Daniel knew that his name was Erk. Unlike Toq and Bir, Erk seemed to choose a different kind of human skin. He looked more like a man from Middle East. Daniel fell in love with Erk's human face. That face was impeccably handsome. Soft sideburns grew on the sides of the head. Down around the jaw was a soft mat of 2-day unshaved beard. Erk's naked body was tanned naturally, gracefully filled with ample amount of muscles. Two dark-brown nipples adorned Erk's torso. Both of them were pointy and looked rather swollen. Seeing them, Daniel could hardly hold his drool. The chest mounds were hanging down from the torso, challenging Daniel to grasp them. As a bonus, Erk also had soft chest hair covering the torso. A faint trail of body hair ran down from his chiseled stomach to his hairy crotch. Among the pubic bushes, a hard erect circumcised dick jutted out. The reddish dick head had already been dampened with precum. As Erk moved his body, that throbbing dick swung up and down. If Daniel's hand had not been strapped, he would have gripped that dick and milked its content. But a cold metal object at the opening of Daniel's piss slit brought him back to the reality. 'Ah! Fuck!' he whimpered, knowing what would happen to him. Looking down, he saw what happened to his throbbing dick. Bir still gripped Daniel's manhood with one hand, while the other hand held the tube. Its blunt point made contact with Daniel's narrow piss slit. The whole dick head was still covered with a thin layer of cum, making it harder to grip that head. A soft gasp escaped from Daniel's mouth as he braced himself to receive the catheter-like device. Instinctively, his whole body grew rigid, muscles flexing. 'Oh!' Another gasp resounded. Slowly, that metal tube began its penetration. Its blunt tip was steadily being forced to slide into the narrow slit. Daniel's forehead started to exude cold sweat beads, owing to the growing anticipation of the pain. 'Holy shit! Bir is forcing that metal tube to poke into my cock slit. Ah! This is insane!' Beyond control, Daniel's naked body writhed. But the metal straps had secured it, thus the writhing did not interfere with the catheterization. 'Oh!' Daniel groaned out of nervousness. His bare torso was expanding as air was pumped into the lungs. The metal straps encircling his stomach felt as cold as ice. 'Ah!' Even though there had not been any excruciating pain, Daniel still felt that groaning was a mandatory thing to do. After the tip forced its way into Daniel's narrow slit, the metal rod made its way into the urethra. The penetration went smoothly for Daniel's piss slit was flooded with the remains of his earlier ejaculation. More groans came from Daniel's mouth as the tube descended in. Daniel shuddered as coldness emanated from that metallic tube. Bir steadily pushed that thin rod. Inch by inch, it disappeared into Daniel's cock shaft. Looking up, he communicated with Daniel's mind. 'Yeah, take it all. Almost there.' Somehow, his eyes looked rather cold and merciless. His grip around Daniel's cock shaft tightened as he wanted to make sure that the metal rod would be pushed all the way in. 'Ah!' Daniel gasped starting to feel some pain. At first, it was indeed painless. But then, as the rod got thicker, pain began to spread. 'Oh! STop it! It hurts!' Daniel protested. No matter how hard he tried to buck, he could not move his body. 'Ah! Stop! Fuck you! Stop it!' he cursed, crying. If Daniel had been into catheter-fetish-thing, he would have been able to endure that ordeal. Horrified, he could only lie there and watch his dick being raped. On the contrary, Daniel's dick looked excited. That manhood did not stop throbbing. 'It hurts! Stop it! Ah!' Every single muscle within Daniel's body contracted, displaying a manly erotic scene. The examination table was dampened by Daniel's flowing sweat. 'Ah! Get it out of my cock! Stop!' he cried again. But his pleas were ignored. The tender cock slit started to swell as the metal object continue dits penetration. Daniel groaned as the slit was forced to open up. Suddenly, the metal rod stopped. Bir deliberately left it sticking out from Daniel's gaping piss slit. Poor Daniel could only whimper, temporarily feeling relieved. He knew that the worse had not been over yet. Then it was Toq's turn. That man came and brought a weird device which looked like a metal dildo. Its size was bigger than the size of most normal cocks. When Daniel saw that thing, he knew that the object would enter his ass. All of a sudden, a stirrup materialized. That device looked like the one in gynecologist's office. It happened so fast that Daniel did not realize what was going on. The next thing he knew was that both of his legs had been spread open. Each was locked in the stirrup. Daniel's ass hole thus was inevitably displayed for those three men to see. They gathered to observe Daniel's twitching ass hole. Toq stood in the middle, holding the metal dildo. Without letting Daniel know what was about to happen, Toq positioned the head of that metal dildo right in front of Daniel's ass hole. When the cold tip touched the ass lips, Daniel let out a whimper. Without wasting any time, Toq began pushing the dildo in. The absence of lube made the anal penetration went somewhat difficult. But Daniel's ass was not virgin. It had been fucked by many cocks. Thus, its tightness had loosened. 'Oh! Fuck!' Daniel whimpered, liking the idea that his ass was being fucked by a large dildo. For some seconds, Daniel forgot the burning pain that tortured the cock slit. 'Ah! Put it in. Let me have it. Ah!' He encouraged Toq to plant the dildo inside him. To ease the penetration, Daniel pushed as if he was expelling something from his ass. The anal ring weakened, giving way to the metal dildo head. 'Ah yeah! Oh! Fuck me with that metal dildo. Yeah! Shove it in!' To Daniel's contentment, his wish was granted. That dildo forced its way in. Daniel's twitching ass lips were pushed inward, accommodating the big dildo head. 'Fucking shit! It's so big! Oh!' At some point, he wished that the dildo had been a real genuine cock. No matter how big it was, Daniel's ass could be stretched wider. 'Shit! Oh! It's so big! Oh! It's gonna rip my ass lips apart! Oh!' Painfully, that man tried to bear the excruciating pain that was torturing his ass. The pain came from his irritated stretched ass ring. The big fat dildo head kept pushing in, forcing Daniel's ass to open wider. 'Fuck! Fuck! Fuck!' he gasped, cold sweat flowing down his face. 'Ah!' A heavy gasp escaped. Daniel could feel the dildo head was jamming his ass hole. When Toq shoved it in, a faint popping sound was heard. The dildo head was in! 'Oh yeah!' Daniel groaned, his chest heaving. Erk came over and looked straight into Daniel's glassy eyes. 'We've placed a cock probe and an ass probe into your cock and ass. These devices would collect samples from your body. At the same time, they will also stimulate your body. You're gonna enjoy it.' Almost sensually, Erk placed his hand on Daniel's sweaty heaving torso. His touch felt warm to Daniel's skin. Actually, Daniel was not the first gay male human that they abducted. Thus, Erk knew exactly how to stimulate Daniel's body. 'Yeah, I'm gonna make you feel good. It's necessary so that you can produce sample for us.' Then, Erk began massaging Daniel's perspiring chest. Slowly, he worked his human fingers on those chest mounds, one hand on each mound. Upon the first touch, Erk had managed to wring out erotic groans from Daniel's quivering mouth. 'Yeah, enjoy the ride. We're gonna make you cum.' Right after Erk finished talking, the metal devices began working. They produced low humming noises, vibrating inside Daniel's dick slit and ass. Instantly, that man groaned out his lust. The pain which had started to subside slowly grew more intense. A drop of tear fell off from Daniel's eye as he bore the burning pain on his abused dick slit. He could not see how his dick looked like, but he was sure that the slit had turned puffy. 'Oh! My cock! Oh!' he cried, letting his abductors know that he was in pain. Yet, at the same time, he was enjoying the sexual pain. Daniel's dick throbbed even harder. From the stuffed piss slit, flowed a streamlet of clear precum. Meanwhile, the metal rod inside his dick continued to hum. Its tip suddenly turned as flexible as rubber. It then moved about like a living tentacle. Daniel could not help shuddering when he sensed that something was sliding into his urethra. Like a worm, the elongated flexible rod explored Daniel's urethra. Its movement produced tingling sensation which rendered Daniel helpless. That man could only squirm in the table without being able to do anything. As that thing moved about, Daniel was groaning painfully. He felt as if his dick was being dissected from the inside. 'Oh! It hurts! Oh! Stop it! Oh!' At the same time, the metal dildo head also came to live. It was elongated and turned flexible. Worming its way like a snake, the dildo search for Daniel's prostate. At the same time, a narrow slit opened up at its tip to gather sample of Daniel's ass juice. The dildo was humming and vibrating. The combination of both elements drove Daniel's crazy with lust. That earth man was squirming but he could not move any of his body parts. The expression of pain was on his handsome face. Yet, pleasure was there, too. Although Erk's face was basically expressionless, faintly he looked very pleased to see Daniel's sexual predicament. Meanwhile, Toq and Bir gathered around the table to observe Daniel's reaction to the devices. An electronic panel on the white bright wall came to live and recorded everything about the activity and the response of Daniel's naked body. 'Ah! Fuck yeah! Don't stop! Ah yes! Fuck!' Moaning, Daniel was writhing helplessly. His body was squirming but no limbs could be moved. Despite the burning pain caused by those devices, Daniel could not lie to himself that he enjoyed it. 'Oh! The metal rod is forcing my piss slit to open wider. Fuck! I feel as if my urethra is about to rupture. The pain is burning like fire. My whole dick is aching, ah! And my ass is burning, too.' Daniel rolled his eyeballs upward as he bore the pain. His dick was throbbing so hard that it looked as if it was about to explode literally. The metal rod had grown thicker and it almost ripped Daniel's cock slit to pieces. The abused slit was stretched like an 'O'. Suddenly, the cock throbbed and a drop of precum forced its way out. Daniel winced because the precum irritated the wounded area inside his dick. Yet, it also felt so good. The same thing happened to his ass lips. They had grown puffy, swallowing the dildo head. Twitching, Daniel's ass hole begged to get fucked. 'My ass, oh! The dildo head is worming deep into my rectum. Oh! This is so horny! Oh!' Cold sweat continued to dampen Daniel's face. He had never felt anything like that. That experience was beyond words. Bir turned to Toq and communicated using thought. 'This earth man likes it. It seems that every gay earth man enjoys cock and ass play. I'm sure we can collect a lot of sperms from this man. Yeah, we can learn more about homosexuality in earth men from this horny fellow.' Bir's eyes were then fixed to Daniel's sweating body. 'Yeah, this man really enjoys this whole treatment. Look at his cock. It's throbbing hard with our rod inside it. I'm sure that, by this time, the rod has reached his prostate. There's no better way to collect the earth man's sperms than sucking it straight from the source.' Reaching a hand down, Bir held the vibrating metal dildo. He knew exactly what Daniel wanted. Without being asked, he started to slide that dildo in and out. The rhythm was slow and steady but it was enough to drive Daniel crazy. 'Look Toq. He likes it. He wants to be fucked.' Showing no facial expression at all, Bir turned to Daniel. He seemed to like how Daniel's body squirmed under the tight metal restraint. 'Oh fuck! Yeah! Fuck my ass! Fuck me with that big dildo! Oh! Make me cum! Ah yes!' Daniel slurred his head spinning with lust. There were no words to describe the pleasure he was having. The pain was mixed with pleasure, pushing him to the edge of orgasm. Tears flowed down from his glassy eyes. Blurrily, he saw Erk stood by his side. Daniel knew what Erk was about to do. He saw Erk's hand reach for the catheter-like device. 'Oh shit! He's gonna fuck my cock slit with that thing!' The anticipation of pain grew inside his mind, adding to the sexual frenzy. 'Oh!' Upon being touched, that man let out a howling groan. 'Fuck! It hurts!' But his groans did not stop Erk's hand. 'Oh! It hurts a lot! Ah fuck! Oh!' Pain also came from his fucked ass. There was no adequate lubrication in his rectum. Thus every time the dildo moved inward or outward, it brought pain. Howling, Daniel could only force himself to take the ordeal. His muscles grew taut, looking as if they would about to break the restraint. 'Ah! Oh!' Groaning was the only thing that Daniel could do. Fortunately for Daniel, no blood was spilled from his body. But some minor cuts were formed inside his dick slit and ass as the result of the constant friction. Each time the cuts were brushed, they transmit considerable amount of pain throughout his body. Groaning, he tried to bear the pain that was wracking his whole body. Daniel's body was soaking wet with sweat. At the same time, the tentacle-like objects had approached Daniel's prostate from two different places: dick slit and rectum. For several seconds, the tip of those tentacles produced soft whirling noise. Erk and Bir stopped their hand action, leaving the metal devices alone. Suddenly, the tentacles turned pointy, just like syringe needle. Daniel certainly had no idea about that for he could not see what was happening inside his body. Without any warning, the sharp needle-like tip of those tentacles plunged themselves into Daniel's prostate at the same time. Instantly, Daniel cried out his pain. The muscles in his body turned as hard as rock, flexing. He had never felt any pain like that. It was so very excruciating that his eyeballs almost popped out. Beyond control, Daniel's body was shuddering. The pain took several minutes to subside. Meanwhile, the tentacle at Daniel's dick began to draw fluid from the prostate. It was not as painful as the previous process. But it still brought uncomfortable feeling. Daniel was squirming, hoping that it would soon be over. He could clearly feel something that resided in his body was flowing out into the metal rod. Whimpering, he saw that his dick still maintained its erection. Amid the pain, Daniel realized that he was turned on by the whole sexual ordeal befalling him. The tentacle in his ass began is work, too. Instead of sucking the fluid, it injected foreign fluid into Daniel's prostate. He was lying there helplessly, not being able to stop it from happening. The foreign fluid felt so cold, almost like the coldness of the metal. As the alien fluid filled Daniel's prostate, that organ turned numb. Pain dissipated. Daniel could hardly realize it when the needle-like tips withdrew themselves from the prostate. 'What are you doing to me? What did you inject me with? Tell me!' Daniel demanded, heaving for breath. But those three men remained silent, enjoying Daniel's fear. 'Oh! They're moving again! Ah!' Daniel again winced when he felt that the tentacles made their move again. He had no idea where they headed but the next thing he felt was extreme pain in his balls. 'Oh!' he howled. 'They stabbed my balls!' Again, the same procedure was applied. Cum was sucked out from the balls and was stored inside the metal rod, while foreign fluid was injected into the balls. 'Fuck! Oh!' The feeling was somewhat erotic, despite the pain. 'Ah! What are you doing to me? I feel weird. I feel as if I am about to cum. Oh!' Unspeakable pressure was growing inside Daniel's balls. He did not know how it happened but he figured that perhaps the injected liquid did that. 'Look at him. It seems that our newly-invented drug works on him,' Toq talked to Bir, communicating with the power of his mind. 'We have successfully planted it in the earth man's prostate and testes. The drug will drive him insane with lust. Whether he likes it or not, his cock will spurt out its juice until it dries out. That way we can learn how long an earth man can ejaculate. He's gonna get the ride of his life.' Toq's human penis was erect. But it did not seem to have any function for it was just a part of the artificial human skin that he wore. With great interest, he watched the devices collect sample of fresh cum from Daniel's balls. 'I think that we have had enough. We should withdraw the devices from his body.' Right after he thought about that, the devices produced a low whirling sound. The needles were withdrawn. A gasp of relief escaped from Daniel's mouth. Toq nodded to Bir and Erk, signaling them to slide the metal rod and dildo out of Daniel's abused cock slit and ass. They both obliged. 'Shit! Oh shit!' Daniel yelped as the rod and dildo were slowly withdrawn. That man fisted his hands until his blunt nails bit into his palms. The pain was unbearable, especially around his dick slit. At one point, he even thought that he might pass out. Daniel's whole body was shuddering from the pain. Yet, he kept telling himself to be strong. When both devices came out his body orifices, Daniel gasped. Just as soon as the rod left his piss slit, a streamlet of precum pushed out. The gooey liquid flowed down Daniel's erect manhood. Both of his legs were still spread open at the stirrup. Daniel's puffy ass hole twitched, missing the big dildo. Meanwhile, his gaping dick slit was burning with pain. 'When they stuck those things into my body, I begged them to take them off. But now my body craves for them. Oh!' Again, Daniel squirmed. The pressure still had not subsided. On the contrary, it grew bigger. Daniel felt that his balls almost exploded. 'Fuck! What's happening to me? I feel like cumming! Oh!' But nothing came out from his gaping cock slit. Precum did flow out. But, there was no cum at all. 'Ah! I can't cum! I feel like cumming but I can't cum! Oh shit!' he screamed, looking very panicky. 'Something is wrong, Erk. That earth man is supposed to shoot out his seeds. But he doesn't. We have to do something or his genitalia will explode to pieces,' Toq thought, ordering his friend to do something. 'Release him at once, Erk. You know what you must do next. You have to fuck his ass in the way of homosexual earth men do. Just plunge your human penis into his ass. Reach for his prostate. Send him over the edge. Make him cum. His life is in your hand, Erk,' Toq added. Although Toq was genuinely worried about Daniel's safety, Toq's human face remained expressionless. 'Bir, when that earth man was freed, hold him steady. You may jack his penis to force the cum out of his manhood.' Toq busily gave orders. As soon as he finished delivering his thoughts, Bir and Erk obliged. Suddenly, the metal restraint vanished. Nothing held Daniel's bucking body. As that naked body struggled, it rolled off the table and fell onto the cold bright floor. 'Oh! I must cum! I have too cum! Oh shit!' Daniel groaned, wincing in pain. Never in his life did he experience that. The urge to ejaculate his seeds was so great. Yet, his dick seemed to be jammed. Gradually, his balls grew bigger, filled with cum. Rolling down on the floor, Daniel desperately reached for his own manhood. Once he took hold of his dick, he was furiously jacking off. Amid his masturbatory frenzy, he did realize that Erk and Bir came for him. Those men looked very sexy to Daniel even though he knew that their human appearance was fake. 'Fuck! I don't care if they are not real. I don't care if they're aliens. They must help me cum!' Lust was in Daniel's mind, rendering him like a mindless sex machine. 'Fuck me! Fuck my ass! Make me cum, please!' he begged, reaching out for Erk. It took him a lot of effort to stand up. 'This Middle Eastern man looks very sexy. Oh! Finally I can touch his body!' To Daniel's contentment, he did not receive any resistance from Erk. Deliriously, he threw himself at Erk's open arms. 'Hold my body. Molest me. Oh yeah! Fuck my ass. Push that cum out of my cock! Fucking rape me, Erk!' When his face came in contact with Erk's bare chest, Daniel was surprised at how human Erk's body felt like. 'This man feels like a real man. His body is warm. I can hear his heart beating. And the muscles he possesses are genuinely hard. Oh, I want to get fucked by Erk. He must fuck me!' Bir quickly came and gripped Daniel's body. Forcibly, he turned Daniel's body to face him. As their eyes met, he quickly transmitted a thought to Daniel. 'Don't worry, earth man. You're gonna get fucked. We don't usually fuck like earth people do but we must do this on you or else you'll die. Get ready, earth man. Erk's human artificial cock will rip your ass apart.' Looking over Daniel's shoulder, Bir gave Erk a signal to go ahead. 'Fuck his ass, Erk. I'm gonna steady him. I know that your huge human cock will rip his ass apart. Why did you choose to have such a big cock anyway?' With that, he held Daniel's arms. 'Bir is handsome, too. Oh, I want him, too,' Daniel thought lustfully. He then deliberately embraced Bir's torso. Daniel's face was pressed against Bir's bare chest. 'Oh, I love how his pectoral muscles feel on my face. And I love his nipples.' Without caring for the fact that Bir was not even a real human, Daniel let his lust run wild. He just wanted to have sex to relieve the pressure in his balls. 'You have a nice athletic torso, Bir. You've turned me on with your body. Oh! I want you!' Without waiting for Bir's approval, Daniel stuck out his tongue. Earnestly, he was lapping at Bir's nipples one at a time. At times, Daniel would suck on the nipples. 'Oh! I have to cum! I must!' Daniel thought, his head spinning dizzily. But to his confusion, the man whom he licked did not show any sign of pleasure. 'What? Bir's face remained expressionless? Fuck! Oh well, at least I can savor his nipples. I love his nipples. They are so erect and hard. It feels so good to rub them with my tongue.' Bir's brown nipples had already been coated with huge amount of Daniel's saliva. From behind, Erk grasped Daniel's waist. It was rather hard to do that for the waist was coated thoroughly with sweat. Carelessly, he aimed his human dick at Daniel's ass. Easily, the tip of that cock sank into Daniel's ass crack. A loud groan came from Daniel's mouth. But Erk did not care about that. Applying more strength, he was trying to break that ass. Without any trouble, Erk's cock sank in. Although the hole had been loosened up by the dildo, the penetration done by Erk still brought considerable amount of pain. Daniel could not stop whimpering. The anal pain was back. Reaching forward, Erk grabbed Daniel's shoulders. The blunt nails sank into the flesh of Daniel's shoulders. Erk kept planting his cock in until he felt that its tip had hit something. Then, furiously, he was fucking that spot. His face remained expressionless. Not even a groan of ecstasy was heard from his mouth! But he did fuck Daniel with so much vigor. Mercilessly, he slammed his manhood down. Again and again, he did it. 'Fuck me! Fuck my ass, Erk! Oh yeah! Show no mercy! Screw my sluttish ass. Feed me your dick! Oh Erk!' Daniel cried, almost hysterically. The effect on him was beyond words. As Erk's dick wormed its way in, Daniel could clearly sense that another pressure came to force the cum shoot out of his dick. 'Yeah! Make me cum! Fucking rape my ass! Oh! I can feel my cum churning inside my balls. Yeah! Fuck me harder! Give me all of it. Yes! Oh, fuck me!' The force of the thrust was so strong that Daniel could barely stand up. Both of his knees were wobbling. His hands flailing, he leaned his body towards Bir. 'Oh, you're so hot, Bir. Yeah! Let me have it. Oh!' As if it was never enough, he kept licking and sucking Bir's juicy nipple heads. Lightly, he scraped his teeth around Bir's nipples. Loud slurping sounds echoed. At the same time, Daniel also grunted from the anal pain that he received. 'Fuck me! Oh fuck! Fuck yeah!' 'This man is about to erupt,' Erk sent his thought to Bir. 'I can feel his prostate. It's throbbing hard. We'll soon observe how long he can survive in his shattering climax. He will experience an orgasm that he has never experienced before.' Indeed, they had injected foreign liquid into Daniel's testes and prostate. It supposed to make him cum longer. Grabbing Daniel's shoulders, Erk continued to pound his dick. The thrusts were hard and vicious. Systematically, Erk's dick head bumped itself into Daniel's prostate over and over to stimulate that organ to shoot. Erk's upper thighs were slapping Daniel's ass whenever the dick slid in and out. It did seem that Daniel was about to shoot his loads. He did plan to suck Bir's dick but he had to think about his own orgasm. 'Fuck! My cum is pushing out! I'm cumming! Oh! Don't stop fucking my ass, Erk! Oh!' Helplessly, he held onto Bir's naked torso. It sure felt nice to lay his head on that muscular chiseled chest. 'Ah! It's coming! I can feel it! Oh!' Just seconds before thick gooey cum erupted from his leaky dick, Daniel's body was shuddering intensely. Holding onto Bir's body, Daniel managed to keep his own body steady. Yet, his legs did not want to stop shaking. Sweat still dampened Daniel's nude body. Several droplets of sweat were hanging from his up-turned torso. Some even hung down from his pointy nipples. But as his body shook, most of the sweat droplets were also shaken off. 'Oh! Yeah! Give it to me! Fuck my ass! Screw me hard, Erk! Oh! I love your big dick in me!' At the same time, Daniel's chest was heaving heavily. The moment of orgasm was at hand. 'Ah! Fucking shit! I'm cumming, guys! Ah!' he howled, his mouth gaping. A loud howl of orgasm filled the white bright room. Daniel was yelling as loudly as he could. The orgasm was very spectacular, not like anything that he had ever experience. The amount of cum in the first load was so much that, as it forced its way out, it brought pain. 'Ah!' Daniel howled, his eyeballs almost popping out. Terrible spasm shook his entire body. Daniel's shooting dick was swaying to and fro. 'I'm fucking cumming! Oh fuck!' he cried, finding it hard to believe that he was cumming in a large amount. The first shot had been spurted out. Like a big gob of watery jelly, it splattered the floor with a loud splashing sound. But it was not the only cum load that shot out from his dick. More shots followed. 'I'm cumming! Oh! Fuck my ass! Fuck me! Oh! I cum again! Ah!' Gripping Bir's body tightly, Daniel held onto his dear life. 'Yeah! I'm shooting my cum out! Oh! Fuck yes! Ah!' The second and the third shot followed. The pleasure was still as big as the first one. And Daniel did not even touch his own dick to let those cum shots go. His dick continued to ejaculate. Yet, until the tenth shot, the intensity of the orgasm was still strong. At that point, Daniel realized that something was wrong. 'I can't stop cumming! Oh!' 'It works!' Toq commented as he watched the ejaculation process. 'The fluid forces this earth man to cum harder and in much larger amount. The experiment has yielded a success.' Toq's expressionless face did not reveal any excitement at all. That man just stood there and watched Daniel bear the indescribable force of orgasm. 'Yeah, that earth man will keep cumming until nothing is left in his testes. He's gonna be milked dry literally.' Standing with an erect dick, Toq was quite satisfied with the result of his experiment. 'I can't stop cumming! Help! Oh!' Daniel was crying for help. At first, the orgasmic was indeed shattering and unbelievable. But after several seconds passed, the orgasm started to turn into pain. 'Oh! My cock keeps cumming! Make it stop! I'm tired! Oh! Please! Stop, ah!' Clawing at Bir's torso, Daniel wished they would make it stop. Desperately trying to steady himself, Daniel was wincing in pain. His gaping dick slit was very sore, twitching with each spurt of cum. More cum flew out from his cock. Daniel had already lost count as to how many times he had shot out his seeds. The ejaculation seemed endless. 'Oh! Fuck! Oh!' he cried, convulsing uncontrollably. Ejaculation drained stamina and energy. And Daniel's energy had almost run out. The groan of orgasmic pleasure had turned into orgasmic agony. 'Ah! I can't quit! I'm still cumming, oh!' With his strong hands, Erk still gripped Daniel's body. He wanted to make sure that all of Daniel's cum would be spurted out. Mercilessly, he was slamming his crotch without stopping. His big dick was screwing Daniel's ass, leaving trails of artificial precum. Erk's face remained calm, not showing any excitement or tiredness from fucking. He was like a fucking machine. Steadily, his dick was drilling Daniel's rectum, adding pleasure to Daniel's ejaculation. It took a great strength to keep Daniel's body steady for that man kept bucking like a mad bronco. The floor had been messy with pools of cum, splattered from Daniel's manhood. 'You're gonna cum till you have nothing in your balls, earth man. Yeah, soon we're gonna abduct many of your male race and inject their balls with our newly-invented fluid. By then, we're gonna have enough sperms to harvest.' Daniel did not know what was happening to him. The pleasurable orgasm had turned into an excruciating one. He had no way to stop himself from cumming. Cum was unleashed without nay sign that it would stop. Each time his dick squirted out the gooey shot, Daniel winced. The opening on his dick head had been sore from cumming. Desperately, Daniel reached down with one hand. And, clumsily, he tried to stop his dick from cumming by holding the cock head. But nothing could stop the continuous ejaculation. On the contrary, his hand caused more mess for the cum was splattered to various directions. 'Stop it! I don't want to cum anymore! It's so agonizing! Ah! Fuck!' Daniel cried, his eyes watery. Never in his life did he ever think that he would beg to stop cumming. Every muscles in his body did not contracting, flexing till they grew numb. Each joint in his body was creaking from the incessant convulsion. 'Ah! I want to stop cumming! Help me please! Oh! Stop it!' Daniel began to cry, tears streaming down his face. But neither Bir nor Erk did anything to help Daniel. Erk was still fucking away. Bir still took a firm grip on Daniel's body. They showed no compassion towards the ejaculatory predicament that befell Daniel. Daniel's howl of pain echoed, filling up the room. Like a ragged doll, that man was flailing helplessly. There was no escape for him for Erk's mighty cock was impaling his ass. Bir gripped his own penis and brought it to Daniel's face. He knew how much gay earth man loved cocks. But Daniel paid no attention to that male member. All of a sudden, Erk yanked his dick out. That cock left Daniel's ass with a faint popping sound. For a moment, Daniel sighed with relief but he still had not stopped cumming. 'Ah!' With a loud thud, he fell onto the floor. Writhing, he surrendered himself to the orgasm. 'Oh! My dick hurts! My body aches! Oh shit!' Between his thighs, his erect slimy dick had not lost its erection. Each time it throbbed, it vomited another gooey load of cum. Curling like a cat, Daniel closed his eyes and wished that it had been an erotic nightmare. His cum had practically flooded the floor. 'This is fucking impossible but I have been cumming for minuets now. And I am still cumming. I just want it to stop!' And then, out of the blue, everything turned dark. ***** Daniel woke up and found himself lying on the vast grass field. The prickly grass felt so uncomfortable against his naked back. He was still naked. Dried cum was clinging onto his body. Wincing, he quickly sat up. 'Fuck! Was I asleep?' Looking around, he found no evidence that could confirm whether he was really abducted by the aliens or not. The moon was still hanging in the sky. But Daniel knew that he had to get his ass off that place. Scrambling to his feet, he headed for his car. Behind him, a flying saucer was flying around. But as Daniel turned his head around, that object had already gone. 'Fuck! What a weird dream. But it's sure very erotic.' END November 18, 2006




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