DORIS: The 42 year-old mother is a beautiful blond former participant in the "Miss America" contest. She is now a lawyer.

DIRK: He is a college PE instructor and the college wrestling coach. He is 45 years of age, stands 6' 2" tall, weighs 180 solid pounds, brown eyes, brown hair, thin line or stream of brown hair running from his chest to his crotch, bulging biceps, brick house bulging thighs, rock hard abs, beefcake chest and stomach and a former national collegiate wrestling champion. He sprouts a gorgeous 8 inch cut cock.

ANDREAS: He is an 18 year-old high school senior from Athens, Greece attending his senior year in the United States. His host family is Doris and Dirk.

Andreas is a fourth year letter man in high school wrestling. He has a Greek father and Italian mother. He is a gorgeous tanned hunk standing 5' 10"" tall, solid 150 pounds, dark eyes, black hair, a completely hairless body except for his underarms and pubic hair, smooth stomach, trimmed pubic hair, muscled rock hard body and a velvet 8" uncut cock.

ASHTON: He is the 18 year-old son of Doris and Dirk. He is a senior in high school and the quarterback on the football team. He stands 6 feet tall, weighs 175 rock solid pounds, strawberry reddish blond hair, deep blue eyes, and hairless body except for his underarms and the reddish crotch. He has sexy strong jetted jaws and cute dimples. He has a man's man 10" cut cock with a wide girth and big balls. He is a closet Gay man.

JAYDEN: He is the other son. He stands 6' 3", weighs 185 pounds, blond hair and blue eyes, and well built as a weight lifter. He is a popular lady's playboy. He is away at college in his junior year.


Andreas has been with the family for three weeks and is attending the local high school where he has made the wrestling team. Doris is out of state on a court case, Jayden is out of state attending a university and Ashton is out with his friends on a Friday evening.

After dinner, Andreas ask Dirk: "Sir, I have made the wrestling team but I am confused about some of the moves that are different in this country. Could you help me with some of the techniques?"

"Andreas, I would be happy to do so. Lets go downstairs to the rec room, lay out a wrestling mat and I will help you."

They change into only a pair of wrestling trunks, put the mat down and begin going over several moves and counter moves.

After about 30 minutes they are sweating and using lots of energy. Dirk places Andreas on his stomach and gets on top of him with his ass setting on top of Andreas butt cheeks. He grabs Andreas arms, pulls them back toward him and lowers his head next to Andreas head to illustrate an effective move.

For the first time in his life as a straight man, Dirk experiences a stirring in his loins while wrestling another male. Soon his huge cock begins to swell resulting in a rock hard erection. He begins to crave this gorgeous 18 year-old Greek stud.

The lust from Andreas hot butt, the heat radiating from his crotch and the sweaty animal smell from this young Greek/Italian is too much. Dirk begins to drive his aching cock into the trunks and butt of this young stud. He begins to dry hump without any reservations.

"OH, coach!! I feel your hot rock hard wood driving into me. I am a virgin. I have never had sex with anyone. But you are married and what if we don't stop what will happen?"

Dirk is beyond thinking about the consequences. He is wild to fuck this young virgin. "What is happening to me? I want to suck and fuck you."

"Oh, coach. You have me so horny. I want to experience my first fuck with you. Oh, coach, although you cannot see it, my cock is rock hard and leaking juices. Please reach under and play with my cock."

Dirk, puts his hand under and feels the wet trunks and big hard cock. He begins to rub the cock through the trunks as his hand becomes wet.

Now over come with desire, Dirk takes his thumbs underneath the elastic band and pulls off Andreas' trunks leaving him totally naked. WOW, what a beautiful bubble ass and pink hole.

Next Dirk takes off his own trunks and they are both in their birth suits with rock steel cocks leaking and standing straight out.

Dirk goes down on his young stud's pink ass. He spits gobs of spit into the ass, fingers the ass pushing the spit inside and begins a long hot rimming job on this virgin.

Andreas is in total heaven as he begins to moan, pant, and mutter with pleasure.

"Oh, coach, suck my ass, please suck my ass, oh please do not stop. You are the first mouth ever on my ass. Mmmmmm, aye, aye, aye. Fuck my ass with your tongue. Oh yes, give it to me. Coach devour my hot pulsating ass. Talk dirty to me as I have seen in porno movies. Make me crazy."

"Yes, you bitch, you are going to let me suck your leaking boner, fuck you and you nasty bitch, slut, and ungrateful whore, you will drill my man hole."

"Oh, coach, you have me so turned on. I want you. I am yours. I am your bitch. Show me no mercy. I want all you have to give. I am yours, Daddy."

Dirk licks, kisses and sucks this beautiful young ass for at least ten minutes. He then turns Andreas over and begins to jack off this big young velvet cock.

"Oh, coach. Oh Daddy, I love your hand on my cock. Jerk me harder and harder. Please give me my first blowjob. Suck my balls and finger my ass while you suck my cock. I hear Guys are the best cock suckers as they know what it feels like."

Dirk goes down on Andreas' red hot swollen purple cock head and shaft. He sucks up and down the cock, plays with Andreas big balls and fingers his ass. This session last for at least 15 minutes as Andreas produces lots of precum for Dirk's mouth.

"Oh, coach, I love your mouth on my cock. Oh, My, Mmmmmmmm, Ay, Ay, Yea, Yea, blow my cock, Suck me until I come. I want you to eat my white seed."

As Andreas is near coming, Dirk pulls off and says: "Not yet my young bitch. It is now time for you to suck your first cock. Just suck me like I just did you."

Andreas comes down on Dirk's raging red hot cock. He goes up and down licking the shaft and soon he is swallowing all this big cock over and over. It is a noisy and sloppy blowjob as young Andreas is producing a huge supply of spit. He is so turned on that he begins to suck Dirk's balls, putting them in his hot mouth and eating Dirk's hairy man pussy. The heat is so strong that after about ten minutes they stop.

Dirk now places Andreas on his back on the mat, puts a pillow under this young ass, lubes up the pink asshole and puts on a condom ready for a drilling of the most beautiful ass he has ever seen.

"Are you ready my bitch for your first fuck by a man's cock?"

"Oh, coach, YES, YES, please fill my ass with that throbbing leaking cock. I want you to de-virgin me. Make me your fuck slave. I want to feel your big boner deep inside me. Please!! Make me a true bitch."

Dirk slowly enters this tight virgin ass an inch at a time. He gets part of the way in, pulls out, lets Andreas rest and drives back in until he has all 8 inches deep into his new fuck buddies ass and guts.

"OH Coach, I feel your cock filling my entire asshole, it hurts but it feels so sexy. Fuck me baby. Oh, Daddy, I love my first fuck."

Dirk is busy wildly fucking Andreas. They are going crazy as Andreas raises his ass to meet Dirk's cock.

Then a huge surprise or shock takes place. Young Ashton gets home, starts down stairs to his bedroom and hears moans and hot breathing coming from the rec room. He peers inside the door and sees his father and Andreas wildly fucking. Although Ashton is Gay, he has not had a sexual experience as he is still in the closet.

Even though he is in shock, he is immediately turned on. As he stands in the door way, he unzips his pants, pulls out his huge throbbing and swelling cock and begins to wildly jack off. He has never been more turned on in a jo. Before long, he is so unconscious with pleasure that he begins to moan and pant that is overheard by Andreas and his father. They are shocked and for a moment stop fucking with Dirk's cock still in Andreas ass.

Andreas takes charge and boldly says: "Ashton, why don't you join us. The first time is so great."

The lust is too much for Ashton and even though his father is involved he cannot resist. He enters the room, quickly gets out of his clothes and follows orders from Andreas.

"Coach please keep fucking me and Ashton come here, get down on your knees and suck my cock while I get fucked."

Ashton rushes to Andreas crotch, spits on the cock, jerks the cock and starts sucking wildly up and down the red hot cock while tasting Andreas leaking cock. His father looses all restraints and is turned on like never before with sex. He jack hammers and drills this beautiful ass while he watches his son suck like a pro the big cock of Andreas. He also sees his son's cock rock hard and leaking for the first time. The three studs engage in the hottest imaginable sex for the next 20 minutes. Everyone is moaning, grunting and screaming like wild cougars. Sex has never been hotter.

Kirk says: "Lets stop. I want to be fucked before we all come. Andreas will you fuck me with that huge cock? I want it deep up my man pussy."

Ashton says: "What will I do Daddy while you are being fucked?

Andreas says: "Ashton, I will suck your cock while I fuck your daddy."

"Oh, Yea. I like that idea," says Ashton.

Andreas puts on a condom, lubes it, lubes Dirk's ass and thrust deep into Dirk's ass without any pause. Andreas spits on Ashton's cock and drives all the way down on this velvet wet cock. For at least 15 minutes, Andreas drives in and out of Dirk's ass while he sucks Ashton's eager cock. The sloppy sounds are so hot.

All at once, Dirk breath hard when Andreas drives deep into his ass, lets out a moan, "I am cumming, I am cumming." He shoots a mother load of cum all over the mat. He is spent. Andreas pulls out and Ashton stops sucking his cock.

Andreas says: "Ashton since your dad is spent, what should we do to get off?

Ashton in an excited voice says: "Andreas, please fuck me. It looks so hot. I have never been fucked. Please drive that wood deep into my ass so I can experience what you and Dad experienced."

Ashton gets on his knees on the mat. Andreas, the Greek/Italian, gets behind Ashton for a doggie style fuck. He lubes Ashton's beautiful blond smooth ass and bubble butt, lubes Ashton's ass, lubes his own cock, lubes the condom and slowly enters the waiting eager ass. Surprisingly, his cock slides all the way in without any problem. For the next 20 minutes the two young studs fuck while Dirk watches and as his own cock begins to swell again.

After 20 hot wild minutes of fucking, Andreas pulls out, takes off the condom and puts Ashton on his back and with an orgasmic spasms shoots a huge white thick salty cum load all over Ashton's face and mouth.

Andreas then goes down on Ashton's throbbing cock and sucks until Ashton spurts load after load of cum into Andreas waiting throat and mouth. They deep kiss and share their first man cum from another guy.

Ashton says: "WOW, was that ever great sex. I love the taste of cum. And Dad this is our secret. Mom will never know."

They all go to the showers and clean up.



Naughty Eric


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