Chapter 5

My self confidence started to grow by the week. My crush on Rob was still there, and although Marc was the dominant top of the two, and so incredibly hot and horny... it felt as I was in love with Rob. I copied his clothing style, meaning that I was wearing tight button fly jeans from now on. I only wore tight thongs with a cockring underneath, pushing up my ass and crotch. The tight jeans made it complete. My shirts were always tucked in, so everybody could see my crown jewels and my hot ass. Rob noticed of course and wincked at me, smiling at me and giving me a blow kiss in the air.

Later that afternoon, Marc and Rob surprised me in the living room. We were alone. Marc had this evil, pearly grin, telling me he was up to something. I wanted to back down, walk away, but bumped into Rob while doing so. Rob grabbed my ass with both hands and started kissing my neck. I was rock hard in an instant. Marc started french kissing me, while grabbing my crotch with his hand, squeeing it. No words were necessary. It made me horny as hell. I did not struggle anymore when Marc was at it again. I knew it was useless and he had more than enough to make my life a living hell if he wanted to.

He told me he had a surprise for me, he wanted to take me somewhere. He said that if I was a good boy he had a nice surprise for me. A surprise I have been dreaming of for a long time. It made me curious. He pushed me into his car, in the back. It had a child lock on it, so I could not escape. Marc and Rob were in the front and started driving. Within 10 minutes we stopped at a sauna, called "Sauna Intense". "Oh God", I thought. He is taking me to a gay sauna ? It made me afraid, afraid that I somebody would see me and that they would discover that I am having gay fantasies. At the same time, it made me feel so horny...!

We went inside and Marc told me to undress. He gave me a towel and some slippers. We quickly undressed. Marc gave me a metal cockring and instructed me to wear it. He had one for himself and one for Rob as well. I put the towel around my waste, so did Rob. Marc was so confident that he wrapped the towel around his shoulders. With his perfect muscled torso, his bubble but and his long rock hard cock in plain view he stepped into the sauna.

The sauna was dark but some corners were lit. I saw the shadows and bodies of several men, but could not see their faces. Mark took me to a dark corner in the back. I was shocked when I saw what was waiting for me there... A fuck horse ! I saw the locks on it which could secure both hands and feet. I saw some whips, and ball-gags to wear. The thought popped up in my mind... how hot would it be to be tied to that fuck horse ? Marc looked at me and pointed to the fuck horse. "Noooo....", I thought. "Does he really think I am going to step up and be tied to it willingly ???". Then, in seconds time he walked towards me and tore the towel away from my body. My instant reaction was to cover my genitals, but Rob took my wrists and forced them behind my back. I wanted to scream but Marc had the ball-gag in place before I could say anything. Within seconds I was naked, gagged and tied to the fuck horse. My ass was high up into the air, my face down to the floor. I could not see anything but the tiles on the floor. The entire room was dark, only the fuck horse with my body bound to it was in clear view for everybody to see. I was rok hard at the same time. Marc let me sniff at his bottle full of poppers.

Marc stood behind me and was looking around. "Hey people", he shouted loudly. "Today I have a nice surprise for you all. You must have seen our beautiful specimen walking around at school, wearing his new tight outfit. Teasing you all with his perfect body. Now it is time for you to take revenge". While he said that he slapped my ass loudly. It was leaving a big red stain. "Who wants to come up and give our slave a beating ?". A big dark man came up. He was hughe, had these hughe hands and a rock hard cock encased in a thick silver cockring. "I do", he said quitely, "if I can fuck him after". The adrenaline was racing through my veins as soon as I heard this stranger say those words. "Of course", Marc said, smiling. "As long as you take him loud and rough". 

"Oh god... why me, what what happening ?", I thought. The man started to slap my ass with his bare hands. "WHACK WHACK WHACK WHACK!!!" and again "WHACK WHACK WHACK WHACK!!!". Marc was laughing loudly and enjoying himself. He was talking to Rob but I could not hear what they were saying. I tried to scream but all I could say was "HMMMMMFFF!!. The slapping stopped and I felt something wet touching my ass crack. "Oh god, this god with a nine inch cock was starting to rape my ass !!". Marc removed my ball-gag and I started screaming : "Noooooo, please don't, have mercy... I don't want this...!", but while I was screaming, Marc shoved his cock in my mouth and was holding my head, face fucking me. I was gagging while he did so and at the same time I felt my ass explode while this dark god fucked me hard en rough. Men were in line, all muscle gods, wanting to fuck my ass and having their dicks sucked. This went on for hours. My entire body was dripping of sweat, my ass was dripping with the sperm of all the guys who fucked me. These guys forced me to swallow their cum, but it was so much my mouth kept dripping. 

Completely exhausted, Marc untied me. "Good boy....!!", he said. "Treating all my friends to a great fuck and swallow their cum like a good boy. I told you I had a surprise for you when you obey my orders and behave... You can have Robs ass now, if you want". Rob eyes widened... "wha... whaatt???". Rob was shocked. "Nooo....! I will sure as hell not submit to anyone! This is not what we discussed ! Wait... what are you doing ? What the fuck....???!!!!". Rob was taken by four muscle studs. He was kicking, screaming, his face red of anger. It was quite a struggle but within 15 minutes Rob took my place on the fuck horse. His face was red with anger and he was still screaming while Marc put the ball-gag on his face. Marc said... "You will do everything I tell you to do, Rob. I really like it that you are so angry. But I am getting rock hard when a muscle stud like you, who never ever bottomed for anyone, is forced to be submissive. Kicking, screaming only makes me hornier. Today you are a submissive boy to our new specimen. He has earned it. He has earned you. 

There he was. My personal god with the perfect body. All mine. Rob was teasing my for years with that perfect body of his. His beautiful ass, his bulge, his pecs, nipples, his beautiful eyes, beautiful smile. My god. Now I could watch him every inch of his body without being afraid someone would notice. His gorgeous ass high up into the air. I could see his hole, waiting for my tongue to touch it. Finally, I could fuck his ass. I never dreamed of having this chance, to have sex with my stud in every way possible. Of course there was a catch. Marc was secretly recording everything. This time with both Robs entire naked muscled body in clear view, as mine. With both faces in clear view, easy to recognize. More black mail material for Marc...


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