My first gay encounter was a shocking scary experience that turned extremely erotic and sensual . Let me begin the story...

When I'm horny I love to masterbate rather than seek a hooker or sex partner. Unfortunately it is the only way I'm sure to get off right. Don't ask me why but it's been that way for sometime now. I'm forty eight ,live alone and consider myself straight (don't know about now ) however I am fascinated with gay anal sex, particularly transexual. I have a lengthy collection of movies with them getting fucked anally and I've spliced a few compilations of trannies  cumming while being fucked. Highly erotic for me.

I lately have become adventurous and purchased and small vibrator. Its call the 'anal intruder'. It's  small and with enough lube I slide it into my asshole with only three or four gentle pushes. The feeling is amazing when I flip the on switch and starts vibrating my prostate. If I have on a tranny flick, and my legs propped up, I come hard and fast.  Sometimes two or three times if I'm horny enough.

Anyway , the other day I was beginning my ritual .I was lubed and had one of my favorite tranny flicks in. I have a wide screen tv in my bedroom but for whatever reason I like the living room best for fucking myself. I can lay on my big sofa and put my legs up and reach my ass easily while stroking myself. I was fastly approaching a monster size orgasm when there was an urgent knock on my door .

I live in a high rise apartment building in new York city where you have to be buzzed in, so naturally I thought it was one of my neighbors. I ran to the door quickly but just as quick realized i  was naked, had a vibrator in my ass and was dripping lubricant! I ran to my bedroom to grab my robe and I ran back into the living room and almost had a heart attack when I saw a man standing in my living room!!!

I must have inadvertently hit the lock latch when I rushed to the door prematurely . I was so scared , I couldn't speak. Now, I'm not a small man (201 lbs 6 ft) but I'm no fighter. I work as an accountant and love video games so I don't get much exercise but I do run(which I wanted to do at this juncture )

The man was tall, six feet two I'm guessing , white , lanky build, glasses and wearing overalls. He looked like he was at work or on lunch break  (it was 12 noon on a Tuesday). We just stared at one another for an eerie moment. I knew he was going to kill me or something horrible like that. I couldn't think nor could I move!!! I was literally frozen with fear. I've never been that petrified in my life. Even now writing this , that feeling is returning .

Then through the eerie silence, I became aware of my surroundings. I could hear the moans from a sexy black tranny with a extremely large penis being fucked( one of my favorite scenes) . My intruders eyes roam from me, to the scene , back to me. Also I glanced over and saw I left my lube out and open, and worst I had removed my dildo and left it near the lube - still on!

To add to my horror, I never saw my intruder walking towards me until he was but an arms length . I cringed and almost fainted and stumbled backwards. He reached for me but stumbled himself somehow and I ran into my bedroom. I had no plan to escape- I couldn't even think straight. In these high rises, there is no fire escape in the bedroom so I'm definately trapped. I hid in a ball on my knees at the side of bed, sobbing like a pure bitch. ( this is humiliating , but unfortunately the truth ) I'm crying so hard, I can't even see( nose running- the whole nine) when I feel my robe being lifted from behind . I shuttered with disbelief but I knew what was about to happen. He was going to rape me. Take my ass like the bitch i was acting like. I wanted a gay experience one day but not like this. I wanted to say something but i was so scared. My heart was beating so fast i thought it might bounce itself loose. Everything was happening so fast-my head was spinning. My intruder knelt behind me and began to squeeze my buttocks with his right hand while the other bunched up my robe to my neck . While he pulled it up it tightened around my arms which made me go face down into the carpet. He pushed down while lifting so I couldn't move. He was strong and my heart was beating real fast as he was kneading my ass for all it was worth . His fixation on my butt made feel a little like the trannies i like to watch. Its hard to describe but it felt good to be massaged in a strong grope, but i was so scared because i didn't know when the pain would come. I don't know when but apparently he undid his overalls because as he was holding me he began fumbling with his trousers and took out his penis. Now I couldn't see much from my position, plus my head was against the night table next to my bed, but I could see a little as I looked through my knees. He had taken the jumpsuit off and was quickly back at my ass. He lifted my hips a little and gently began putting his dick into me . Now when I tell you he was gentle, it was also unbelievably pleasurable. His dick was sliding into me steady, but slowly. After all, I was already lubed and open. Soon he was all the way in and began a slow , smooth fucking motion. The feeling was indescribable it felt sooooooo good !

As he stroked me he began squeezing my ass again and on the third deep stroke , I let out an uncontrollable moan. I never even grunt during sex but the moan came from deep within me. He pulled out and slowly fucked it back in and my dick was so hard, I thought it was going to pop! Then he fucked another gentle long stroke, then another-then it happened. I came. I came with a long gutter sounding groan. My entire body shuttered as a chill ran through me. With each gentle stroke, I came again. I was lost in another world. For that time in space, I felt like he was sent to make me his woman and he was committed to making me cum. He sped up his strokes and I kept shivering with each one. I was in another world. My mouth was open and I was drooling , this man had just fucked me to three hands free orgasms within a minute of each other and was still driving me crazy. I never would think it was possible, to feel that intense amount of pleasure . Perhaps it was the fear mixed with the humility mixed with the helplessness , I don't know. I can never type enough adjectives to describe the best sex I ever had .

All of sudden, he stopped. I had to come down from the ecstasy as he slowly dislodged from my asshole. Even when he took it out I almost came, but I felt an empty feeling. I think he had went into the living room for a second , I don't know but he did leave the room briefly and came back. He could move very fast! Then this part is the most crazy!!! He helped me to my bed and removed my robe. His hands against my skin were electric. He pushed me gently on to my back and climbed on the bed with me. Now I could see everything . I was actually still a little scared, so i tried not to look at his face and concentrated on his body. His penis was actually just a little larger than my dildo;  maybe about 5 inches , skinny-but had a nice curve to it. He was a thin guy maybe about 170 lbs on about a six foot two inch frame. His hands were large and strong looking but his arms and legs actually looked a little frail. His lower body was hairless except for a little pubic hair that thinned near his tight small ball sack. His dick was rock hard and i wanted to suck it.  I don't ever remembering in my deepest fantasies about trannies ever wanting to suck their dicks, but i really want to suck his , it had gave me such pleasure! But he wanted my ass. He grabbed both my ankles and lifted them up until my knees were completely bent. Then he spread my legs and put my feet on his shoulders. He had to scoot forward a little and while he was doing that it caused my feet to slide ever so slightly across his t-shirt which kinda tickled (my feet are very sensitive). He paused quickly and lifted his tee and flipped it over his head and off. Then he grabbed both ankles with one hand while positioning his dick to my ass. Then I remember him slowly and almost lovingly place both of my feet back on his chest. Feeling this powerful mans skin on my feet made feel more submissive and helpless. I felt as if he had overpowered me and I had to submit, but the truth was I never resisted the rape in the slightest . I look at his face; he wasn't handsome or anything but he looked gorgeous to me right then. He never saw me admiring him-his eyes were focused on what he was doing. He entered me the same way as he did before: slow and easy with a persistence. I can't really describe it but he was fucking me again with those smooth strokes and now I can see my intruder-lover up close. I'm still a little scared but now I'm bolder as I touch his chest. When I did that he got a look in his eye which was nothing but lustful and bent down (never losing his masterful stroke) and sucked my hard right nipple in his mouth. This went through my entire body and i moaned out again . My dick is hard again and I feel like I can come over and over like a woman . He sucked my nipple  hard and increases his pace. I reached for my dick but the orgasm beat me there. The fourth (yes 4th!!!!)unassisted orgasm of this rape. Then he grabbed my dick as he's fucking me faster and faster and I come again!!! Yes again!!! I don't really know how many times I came but it was at least six!!! I've never came like that ever in a day and this has only been twenty minutes!!!!

The last orgasm was so intense, I can't tell you much about my lovers orgasm. ( i know he did because I remember him tensing up and shooting in me but it's all a blur. Of  course the large amount of semen oozing from ass later was a big clue too. I remember a tinkly  feeling in my ass hole that lasted throughout the rest of the day and the entire night. ) When I came the last time I believe I lost consciousness for a moment . It was really hard. My toes curled and it seem like and electric pleasure shock went all through my body-starting at my balls and splitting going up my body to my brain and down to my toes simultaneously. I can remember feeling my legs shake and i curled my toes for so long i had a cramp in my foot for two days. I actually cried (yes, real tears!) from the insane intensity. With all that, I ejaculated so hard , some had hit me in my face!!! Some on my chest, my arms...I was floating in one continuous orgasm it seemed . I will NEVER forget this fucking; I can't.

The last thing I remember was him getting off the bed and pulling up his overalls. He never said a single word to me throughout the entire ordeal but our last eye contact before he left was so intense, it was almost as if we spoke to one another in a new non-verbal language .  He even smiled as he walked out. I don't know what else to say but I definitely want another gay experience. I would be overwhelmed if it was with him again.  I look out my window for him daily but I've haven't seen him. If you're reading this: the key is under the mat...



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