So I'm Joseph. I'm a 24 year old video games salesman. So it goes without saying I'm pretty nerdy. You wouldn't think so looking at me though. I like to take care of myself. I go to the gym 3 times a week so I have a toned body. I'm definitely not the buffest guy in the world, but I have developed nicely toned arms, legs and abs. I'm not bad from the shoulders up either. I'm practically a European hybrid with my dark features. Dark brown hair kept short, dark brown eyes, strong brow, defined jaw and cheekbones...I've had customers tell me I could do modelling. They were probably just saying that so I'd give them cheaper prices though...

The only two things that would make you think I'm a nerd are my glasses and my pale skin. It's true, I don't get a lot of sun...too many games to play after all. My glasses aren't stereotypical "four eyes" glasses, they're pretty stylish. I sure as hell need them though. Without them defined features become a blur.

Well, there is one more thing that makes me somewhat nerdy I guess. I'm incredibly shy. Despite my good looks, I've never been a fan of attention. I am proud of my body, but I certainly don't show it off. I'm a fan of loose sweaters and jeans, even in summer. I've never been confident with guys either (yes, I am gay). I always wait for them to make the first move, which thankfully they generally do. But I usually blow the encounter with my awkwardness anyway so I'm also not very experienced sexually.

I was hoping to get more experience tonight. I was invited out to a gay nightclub called Arq with my work friends. I was already walking up to the club when I noticed how large the line was. I was definitely a contrast to the other guys in line. I saw a lot of singlets, tight shirts and short shorts. And I was there wearing a burgundy woolly sweater and black jeans. Someone didn't like what I was wearing shouting out "Hipster fag!" as they drove past. I couldn't see my friends in line and I didn't want to wait by myself in front of everybody so I ducked around an alleyway corner so I could call them. I pulled out my phone to call them when I noticed a man walk up towards me.

"Hey man, you have the time?"

I looked to my right to see a tall, quite burly man beside me. He towered over my 5'10 frame. His head was shaved and he looked...I guess "tough" was the best way to describe him. I would have put him at around 40, but he was one of those hard to tell kind of guys.

"Umm, yeah man. It's just gone 11:30."

"Ah, still early then. You heading to Arq? Good looking fella like you would do well in there I bet."

"Ummm, thanks." Was my awkward reply. "Yeah, I am. Just waiting for some friends."

"Ah I see, was thinking I could be your friend. First piece of advice as your friend, you should show some more skin." He said with a laugh.

I was getting really awkward at this point and there was a long silence.Thankfully I received a text message to break it.

"Ah, looks like my friends are here. I'm going to go meet up with them. Have a good night man." I said as I turned to walk back onto the street. I was just about to turn the corner as I felt someone's arms wrap around my neck and pull me back.

"What the fu.." was all I could manage to get out before my mouth and nose was covered with a cloth of some kind. All my shouting was muffled as I could immediately taste some kind of acidic chemical. I struggled as hard as I could but I was no match for the man's strong build. I started to become lightheaded before my body no longer had the energy to struggle. Before long I felt myself drifting off to sleep...


I awoke feeling dazed and groggy. I could feel that I was somehow upright, but it took my eyes a long time to adjust to my new surroundings. Eventually my eyes adjusted completely and I was thankful to realise whoever had abducted me had left my glasses on me. I looked around to see a large open space room, almost like a large industrial shed. Except it was empty. The only thing taking up space were 3 rows of chairs, positioned in a semi circle. All of them facing me.

I began to panic. I immediately realised that I could not move my arms or legs. I looked up to see that my arms were shackled at the wrist and were connect to a metal wire of some sort that then connected to a thicker horizontal wire above me. My feet were also shackled at the wrist so that my legs were slightly spread on the floor. I couldn't move them at all. I looked down to inspect myself. I could see that I was wearing the exact same clothes as before, just without my shoes. Having said that, something felt different. I couldn't figure out what it was.

What was I doing here? Was I going to be attacked? Killed?? I began to hyperventilate.

"Hello! Help me!" I began to struggle against my restraints, hoping I could some how break free.It soon became apparent that this was not going to be possible. Those restraints were strong.

"Well it looks like you've woken up." I turned to see where the voice was coming from. I already knew who it was before I saw him. "I thought you were never going to wake up, we're already running late!"

The man from the alleyway was now wearing nothing but black. A black singlet, black cargo pants and black boots. Somehow, he looked even more intimidating than before.

"Please don't hurt me! Just let me go! I won't tell anyone..!" I began to rant and rant, pleading with him to let me go. He slowly walked up to me until his face was mere cm's from mine. "Shhh stud. If you cooperate you will leave here in one piece. Now, how about a kiss?"

He grabbed the back of my head and smashed his mouth onto mine. I clenched my mouth shut tightly, his tongue slobbering all over my lips. "Now now, that won't do." Without warning he punched me in the stomach with full force. I could do nothing but wheeze as I gasped for air from the sudden pain in my stomach. "Now, what did I say about cooperating? Let's try this again." Again he brought his mouth to mine. I reluctantly let my mouth open and as soon as he felt an opening his tongue invaded my mouth. I did nothing as he swirled his tongue around my own. He tasted of cigarettes and I just wanted it to end."

He pulled back, wiping his mouth. "Mmm, you taste good. That was a good warm up. I guess it's time for us to open the doors." He began to walk to the other side of the warehouse until he left a door on the distant side. Before long he returned. But he wasn't alone. Following behind him were about 30 men, all of them at least middle aged. Some fat, some thin. Some dressed casually, some dressed smartly. I saw this as a new opportunity to maybe get some help.

"Someone, please help me! He's kidnapped me! Someone call the police! Please I beg you!" This was met with some laughter as the men began to take their seats in the semi circle. "What is wrong with you people! Fucking let me go you assholes!" More laughter.

"Well well well, someones become quite the chatterbox!" The all black commando shouted as the other men cheered. Some even booed. "I think we need to shut him up!" He approached me and grabbed a familiar looking fabric out of his pocket. But before I could analyse it it was shoved in my mouth. He used his fingers to get the material deep in my mouth, my screams were now muffled groans now.

"Ah, that's better! Now, welcome gentlemen and gentlemen to a once in a lifetime show. Here we have Joseph! He's 24 and quite the looker. Oh, and an organ donor!" The bastard was reading off my drivers licence he must have pulled out of my wallet. "I'm Master Shane, and tonight I'll be having fun with young Joseph here, all for your viewing pleasure!" The way he was performing was reminiscent of a ring leader in a circus. I was afraid about his definition of the word "fun".

"I think the poor guy has gotten himself quite flustered. Maybe we should give him some air?" and with this Master Shane pulled out a switchblade and approached me. I began to struggle, moaning loudly for fear of my life. "Now now Joseph, the more you struggle, the more likely this sharp knife will prick your pretty pale skin. Stay still now." He brought the knife to the middle of my sweater. He grabbed the bottom and brought it forward only to slice a hole in the middle. He then used his bare hands to tear my sweater from me. He used the knife again to cut off the sleeves until the garment was completely torn off me.

My arms were now bare, me only wearing a white singlet now. My small tuft of chest hair was escaping the top while my pits were at themercy of Master Shane. "You ticklish Joseph?" He didn't wait for a response before digging his fingers into my pits. I was convulsing from the tickling sensation, much to the humour of my audience. Tears started to stream down my face. When Master Shane saw this he grabbed my face and licked up my cheek, again met with laughter.

Without warning, Master Shane grabbed the top of my singlet and with a single motion tore right down the middle. He stepped back to give the audience a good view of my exposed chest and stomach. He walked around beside me and tore the remaining remnants of my singlet off me. I merely hung there, completely humiliated and looking down.

"It feels like you work out Joseph!" Master Shane's arms were wrapped around me from behind, his hands invading every inch of my exposed torso. His fingers began to rub both my nipples. "It must be cold in here, either that or you're excited to feel my hard cock!" And with that Master Shane grabs me by the hips and forces his crotch against my ass. I could feel that he was hard as he grinded against me to the cheers and hoots from the men in the audience. I wanted to die I was so embarrassed. He began to play with my torso again, this time going lower. He started to play with my curly treasure trail. "Where do you think this leads fellas? Shall we find out?" Cheers from the audience.

Master Shane began to dig his fingers into the waist band of my jeans. I struggled in vain, it only appeared to spur him on. His fingers were underneath my underwear, he was playing with my trimmed pubic hair. I had never felt so violated. I could feel the tears welling up in my eyes again. "Oh, toughen up Joseph! This is just the beginning!" And with that his fingers emerged, only to go straight to the button and zip of my jeans. He slowly pulled down the zipper and begun to slide my jeans down my thighs. The pouch of my crotch in my undies was now exposed, and Master Shane cupped it in his hand, rubbing firmly.

"I think I'll need to get the knife again for these jeans!" He retrieved the knife and began to slowly cut them from the leg up. I stayed as still as possible so that the knife doesn't touch my skin. A couple of times I could feel the cold of the metal touching my leg. Before long the jeans were completely cut off my body. I was restrained there at the mercy of dozens of staring eyes in nothing but my underwear. But something felt different.


I growled in pain as I felt Master Shane's hand spank my bare ass. I looked down and realised that I was not wearing the purple briefs I left my house in. Instead I was wearing a white jockstrap. My heart sank at the realisation that Master Shane has already seen and handled my naked body. I felt violated and angry. It then clicked that the fabric jammed in my mouth was in fact the underwear I WAS wearing. Not only was I now wearing a jockstrap, but it was at least two sizes too small. The small piece of white fabric covering my dick and balls barely did so. I'm fairly well endowed. 8 inches hard and straight as an arrow, fairly thick as well. So even completely soft I could see that the sides of the pouch revealed a peak of my balls and shaft of my cock. I would have given anything to cover myself from the peering eyes of the creepy old men staring right at it.

"Oh, the view I've got from back here boys! This is a mighty fine ass you have Joseph!" *SMACK* Another spank. He was right though. I have always had a perky bubble butt from a fairly young age. It is perhaps the favourite part of my body. And I kept it completely hairless at the odd chance I did get lucky. Not that I wanted it to be at the mercy of Master Shane and his creeps. "I think we need to get Joseph in a position where you can all see men! Help me out gentlemen!"

I turned to see a couple of men carrying over a heavy looking table. They placed the table directly behind me. Master Shane and the two men then unhinged all of my restraints. I was planning to attempt a struggle, but I realised my limbs were weak from having being restrained for perhaps hours. So with little effort the 3 men grabbed me and forced me stomach down onto the table. They roughly grabbed my arms and pinned them down as they attached new restraints to my wrists. The men behind me were clearly enjoying the show, hooting as my ass is bouncing around as I struggled to escape the three men's grip. Once the arm restraints were secured, they grabbed my legs and spread them wide. There were restraints on the bottom of each leg and they latched them together.

I was bent over a table in nothing but a jockstrap. My ass was completely exposed to the greedy eyes of 30 old men. "Mmm, we can see your hole Joseph. Looks tasty from here!" Master Shane was taunting me. "Nice hairless hole. Perfect and pink! But we need a closer look I think."

I could hear Master Shane approach me. I felt his hands grasp my cheeks, playing with them. Pushing them together and prying them apart. The men were loving the show. Eventually Master Shane pulled my cheeks apart as far as they would go and shouted "Who wants a taste! C'mon, don't be shy!"

I heard more footsteps, maybe 3 or 4 men stepped forward. Master Shane held my cheeks apart as I all of a sudden felt a tongue flick at my hole. I was ashamed to say that the immediate sensation felt amazing. I let slip a moan of pleasure, something I immediately regretted. "Sounds like he's starting to enjoy himself men! Let the boy have some pleasure!." And after this the mystery man's tongue began to delve deeper into my hole. I tried to stay silent but my wet hole was in ecstasy. "Now now men, everyone will get a turn." Every now and again there would be a pause, then a new tongue would enter my hole. Some were a bit sloppy in their technique, but others were clearly experienced. All of a sudden I felt a finger push up against my hole, and enter me with full force.

"MMMMM!" I screeched in pain. The finger continued to wriggle in my asshole as I writhed on the table. "Oh I didn't mean to hurt you Joseph! I just didn't realise how tight you were!" And with that I could feel a second finger begin to squeeze in as Master Shane continued to mock me. "Sit down Gents, the real show is about to begin." Master Shane began to finger fuck me with two fingers as I could hear everyone retake their seats. The pain was beginning to subside, but it was still uncomfortable. Master Shane then removed his fingers. I could feel the cool air around my wet and slightly opened hole as he pulled out, knowing how exposed I was to the audience.

All of a sudden I felt Master Shane's hands fondle the pouch of my jockstrap. "Hmmm, completely soft. Oh well, guess it will do." And with that he reached into the fabric and fondled my dick and balls. I once again squirmed, despite knowing it wouldn't do anything, but it just encouraged him to fondle more roughly. Eventually he pulled my cock and balls out of the pouch and let them hang. Because my legs were spread they were dangling in full sight of the old men. This didn't stop Master Shane from ringing his fingers around my genitals and pulling them forward for a better view. "Completely hairless gentlemen, it's like he knew he would be performing for us tonight!"

"Tell me Joseph, have you ever been fucked before?" I just laid there, refusing to answer.


The pain from Master Shane's spank was intense. So I solemnly nodded my head. "He has Men! Well then Joseph, you should be used to what's coming next." No, he couldn't do this. I squirmed and growled as loud as I could. The idea of him fucking me was awful enough without all these men being here to watch.

"Calm down cutey pie, I'll wear a rubber. Who knows where you've been after all?" *SMACK* another spank. "Now let's get you wet shall we? Now I KNOW you'll like this" And with that I could feel Master Shane's tongue delve into my hole. I hated how much I enjoyed it. I again tried to stay silent as he rimmed me. I didn't want to give him the satisfaction. But I couldn't help but let out the occasional pleasure moan. Much to the delight of the onlookers cheering Master Shane on. "Hey, can one of you nice fella's take the briefs out of young Joseph's mouth? I want to hear him moan as I rim him." One of the men on the edge approached me and managed to get the stuffed jocks out of my mouth.

"Let me go! Why are you doing this!? I'll fucking kill you OOOHHHHHH FUCK!" I couldn't help it. I tried to protest but I wasn't very convincing letting out load moans of ecstasy as Master Shane practically fucked me with his tongue. "You will fucking regret this! MMMM, UGH FUCK YEAH"

"Sounds like you're ready for the next course Joseph mah boy!" "No, No! please don't fuck me! Please I beg you!" There was nothing I could do. I heard him tear off a condom wrapper and there was a pause while I tried one last ditch attempt at breaking my restraints. But it was too late.

I could feel the head of his dick push up against my wet hole. I could already feel he was massive in size because the immediate pain was intense. "Please no, you're too big. I can't take it!" This just caused Master Shane to laugh and grab my hips as he pushed his monster cock in further causing me to scream in pain. *SMACK* He slapped my right ass cheek as he shouted "Shut up and take it boy. Relax, the more you struggle the more it will hurt." And with that he gave an almighty thrust that had him completely inside me. The pain almost caused mt to faint. "He's taken me boys, let's give Joseph a round of applause!"

The 30 or so men began to clap as Master Shane began to thrust. Slowly at first, and then with more vigour. My moans were jumping as he grabbed the back of my head by the hair and used it as leverage to fuck me harder. Once the pain began to go away, there's no denying how amazing him fucking me felt. I was both broken and in ecstasy at the same time. I had succumb to the humiliation and sexual torture of these men and decided it was best to simply do as they said until the ordeal was over. I began to scream and moan again, not in pain but now in pleasure. "Fuck me Master Shane! Fuck me Harder!" Master Shane didn't respond with a quirky or condescending remark this time. He simply fucked me harder. The feeling of his hard cock stimulating my prostate was the most intense feeling of pleasure I had ever felt. I was no longer a shy insecure nerd but a young man being fucked naked spread legged on a table in front of 30 cheering men. And I began to love it.

Without warning Master Shane pulled out. I groaned with disappointment aching to be fucked again. I arched my exposed ass in the air hoping he would take this hint. "Well men, it looks like young Joseph has come around. Look at that hard dick hanging below his gaping hole!"

It was true, I realised I had become fully hard and my erection was jutting down between my legs. "What do you say we let you have some relief Joseph?" "What do you mean?" *SMACK* "Do you want relief or not Joseph?" "Yes, Master Shane."

Master Shane began to unlock my restraints, first my arms and then my legs. I made no effort to resist this time. I knew it would be in vain. Plus...I wanted relief.

"Stand up and face us young Joseph. Take off your jock strap and show us your delicious body." I did as he asked. I turned to face the old men. I bent over and pulled down the tiny jock strap. My dick got caught on one of the straps and it flung up and slapped my stomach as I pulled them down. I stepped out of the strap. One of the men in the front row leaped forward and grabbed them off the floor. He began to sniff them and passed them around for others to do so as well. I instinctively tried to cover my erect dick with my hands. "Uh uh uh, hands to your side Joseph." I looked over at Master Shane, his massive cock of at least 10 inches standing erect from the fly of his cargo pants. I slowly put my hands to the side, again exposing my cock." some star jumps for us."

"What? Why?" I asked. "Do you want relief or not Joseph? Do as I ask...or else." I both wanted relief and didn't want Master Shane to hurt me. So I began to do star jumps. I reverted back to being embarrassed, as the audience watched me jump up and down, my hard cock and balls bouncing as I did so. They made me do this for at least 5 minutes, I was a little out of breath when Master Shane told me to stop. "Ok Joseph, now. Feel your body. Your nipples, your treasure trail, your ass but do NOT touch your dick." I once again did as he asked. I explored my body with my hands as everyone watched. Circled my nipples, brushed my hole with my hands, rubbed my torso. Again, many minutes past.

As I did this Master Shane walked behind me. He wrapped his arms around me and began to explore my body himself, and gripped his right hand firmly around my cock. His touch almost made me weak as he began to stroke my dick. I could feel his own hard member pressed up against my ass as he fondled my balls and jerked me off. "Look at the good gentlemen in the audience as I stroke you Joseph, they want to see your pretty eyes." This whole experience I've managed to avoid looking any of the audience members in the eye out of shame, but I did as Master Shane asked. As I gently moaned while he pumped my dick, I looked at the older men's faces. Some looked at me right in the eye with a smirk. Others were looking at my dick being stroked by Master Shane. Others were rubbing their own crotches as they watched me. "Ask them if they have liked the show, Joseph."

"Have...have you enjoyed the show?" some men shouted "YES" while others just cheered. "Ask them if they want to see you cum, Joseph." "Do you want to see me cum?" The same response. "do YOU want to cum, Joseph?" I did, I wanted to cum so much. "Yes please Master Shane."

Master Shane's rhythm began to quicken and he began to finger me from behind. I could feel my orgasm building up and my breath began to get heavier. "Are you close, Joseph?" Yes Master Shane, I'm so close!" I screamed. And he stopped.

Master Shane took his hands off my dick mere seconds away from my cumming. I growled in frustration and grabbed my dick to finish myself out. *SMACK*. Master Shane spanked my ass again, the hardest time yet. I quickly dropped my hands to my side, a single drop of pre-cum falling from my dick to the floor. "Your Master Shane will cum first Joseph! Now, sit on your ass and spread your legs so the good gentlemen can see your hole."

I did as he asked, the audience had a good view of both my hard dick and hole as I sat down. Master Shane brought his dick close to my face. "Keep your mouth wide open,Joseph. I won't be long." I did as he asked. Master Shane stroked his hard cock hard, my own cock aching as I watched him. It wasn't long before he was convulsing and I could tell he was close to blowing.

"AAAAHHHRRRRRGGGGHHH!!" Master Shane let out an almighty growl as the cum came streaming out of his dick right onto my face. It was everywhere, all over my glasses, my cheeks, my hair and in my mouth. I could taste Master Shane's semen on my tongue and it tasted bitter. Not wanting to insult him by spitting it out I gulped and swallowed the large amount that managed to get in my mouth. Master Shane spent a couple of minutes composing himself.

"Now Joseph. NOW you can cum." and he took an empty seat in the front row to watch me. I didn't need much instruction. I grabbed my dick and began to pump it, my face still covered with cum. I missed the feeling of having my ass filled so I began to finger myself as I stroked. First with one finger...then a second...then a third. I was finger fucking myself as everyone cheered me on. It did not take my long before I ready to orgasm once again.

"I'm going to cum. I'm going to cum!" There was hollering and cheering as I began to shoot cum all over my body. It was the most intense orgasm I had ever experience and the cum didn't seem to stop. 1 spurt. 2 spurts. 5 spurts. I was moaning at the top of my lungs as I coated myself in my own semen. Until eventually it stopped and I collapsed on the floor from mere exhaustion. I lay there, my chest heaving up and down as my naked, cum covered body recieved a standing ovation from my new admirers.

"Well Joseph, thank you for putting on such a great show!" said Master Shane stood up and approached me. I could see him smiling down at me. But we've had our fun with you." And with that he placed a familiar tasting cloth over my face. Before I passed out from the chloroform I heard one last thing from Master Shane.

"We'll be sending out the camera recording to everyone once we burn it on to DVD's, just write your address and we'll..."

What? There was a camera?! And then I fell to sleep...


I awoke in the same alleyway I was abducted in wearing nothing but the underwear that was not long ago shoved in my mouth. It was the early hours of the morning, perhaps 4 or 5? I managed to get home without too many people staring at me.

I managed to get into my apartment and collapsed on my bed. But I felt something in my briefs. I pulled out a folded piece of paper. Inside was my drivers license. There was a message written on the paper.

"We got your address from your driver's license.

We'll send you a copy of your...performance.

- Master Shane

P.S. All the gentlemen said your cum tasted delicious."

The End.




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