"Adam!" screamed Mr. Vanders. I awoke from my sleep and raised my head. Still drowsy and looked up at him. His form was in front of my desk and clearly angry. Mr. Vanders is my biology teacher. 6'2, bald, and always seemed to dress properly for his job despite being hated by every student of Callingwood High.

"Sorry Mr. Vanders," I said.

"You should be, report to detention after school!" he yelled as he wrote down the referral slip. To sleepy to even care about detention, I shook off the sleep and let out a sigh. He resumed his teaching without another word.

My name is Adam Vance, I'm 18 years old. 5'9, dark brown hair that's short and spiked in the front, hazel eyes, and chiseled jaw. I hate to brag but I have a nicely built set of abs. I try to work out and eat healthy as often as I can. I'm the quarterback for the Callingwood Eagles. I guess you could say my name is known around here, but I don't like to have a arrogant attitude. I'm just like everybody else. However sometimes I wonder what it would be like if things were different. If I were different. I think I'm plenty different considering the fact I'm gay, but I wonder if it were more than that. Sometimes I wish all the popularity would be taken off of me.

The sound of the bell awoke me from my thoughts. I rose from my desk and gathered my books. I almost got through the door when Mr. Vanders stopped me to give me my referral slip. Biology was my last class so now it was time for detention. I exited the classroom to the sound of students buzzing and laughing. The day was over and now their weekends would begin. Mine would begin after this god forsaken detention. I looked at the slip and found that it was being held in Mrs. Duvalls room. She was our schools art teacher, so at least I could look at some of the artworks on the way by. I've always had an interest in art even though I can't draw a circle. The art room was in the north hall. It's a short commute from Mr. Vanders which was in central. I took a left out of his classroom and went through the cafeteria which is an obvious shortcut. The cafeteria still smelled of lunch.

"Hey Adam," I heard. I turned around to see my best friend Darren Chester behind me. "Hey I'm having a party tonight, do you want to come?" he asked. I wasn't really in the mood for anything right at the moment. It's nothing out of the ordinary I just have those days. "Oh um sorry no, I'm just gonna stay home tonight, but I will text you," I said. His unusual cheery self didn't diminish one bit. "Suit yourself bro," he said as he turn and headed towards the parking lot. I looked at the clock. 3:07 pm. I had about five minutes to get to detention which was plenty. From the cafeteria it takes another left and a right till you enter the main hallway which took me no time at all. The halls were still a bit crowded with students getting on buses or heading to their cars. However I headed straight towards the end of the hall till you hit a narrow hall that turns right and left. I was emerged in the secondary gym. Where girls were getting ready for their sports. I didn't bat an eye at them. I entered the north hallway which was smaller than the rest. On the left was the art gallery, a gallery where students artworks are displayed. A lot of them are mediocre and they seemed to have drawn exactly what the teacher told them. Then there was one that caught my eye. The picture was that of a city. The city however was weird and oddly shapen. Building with windows that form faces and expressions. Buildings that look scrawny and week and then the bigger ones which look strong and tyrant. The smaller ones looked to be broken and misused. Then there was a big building that out did the others. It had the expression of an evil tyrant. On opposites sides of the city were two gates. One looked good and safe the other looked evil and dangerous. Upon further inspection one building said "to freedom" and an arrow pointed to the good gate. Then another said the same thing but towards the bad. This is amazing I thought. Then I looked at the name tag. "Drake Sterling". I've heard of him but not a lot is said.

I looked at the clock, I had two minutes. It didn't matter considering her room was right next to the art gallery. When I entered I noticed about three people were inside. I took a seat at a random table. They didn't have desks but tables that could fit about four people. Everyone was sitting at different tables so I took the only one that was left. To my right was a girl named Miranda Townley. To my left was a guy named John Seiberlich. In front of me was...well I don't know who he is, I don't think I've seen him before I guess he's new. However he did catch my eye. He looks like he came out of a Hot Topic Store. Long black hair, eyeliner, red eyes which I assume are contacts, skinny jeans, a pink stone necklace, and a band shirt titled Creature Feature that looks scary.

"Ok time for roll call," Mrs. Duvall said.

"John Seiberlich?" She said. I looked at john and saw him say in a quiet voice "Here".

"Drake Sterling?" she said. My heart stopped wait he's the one who drew the picture I saw?! I looked at him and saw him say "here". Now that I look at him he is really cute. I've always had a thing for goth guys. The more I stared the more charmed I seem to get. It was weird but the sound of Mrs. Duvalls voice brought me back to reality. "Here, sorry Mrs. Duvall" I said.

"Rules are: no talking, no texting, no eating, no sleeping. You can work on homework, or you can draw. If you break any of these rules you will be in detention tomorrow. Ok?" She said. We all nodded. Well fuck I'm screwed, I finished all my homework. So I guess I should just sit here and wait for time to tic by. I looked over at Drake and saw him doodling in his notebook, I couldn't make it out, but it looked tall and black. It scared me a bit but I was kind of enticed by it. It spoke to me the way art hasn't been able to do before. Time almost seemed to fly by and before I knew it I heard Mrs. Duvall saying you can go home detention is over. I gathered my stuff and pulled out my phone to check any messages or missed calls. None that I knew of. Everyone seemed to run out of the classroom. I saw Drake still at the table drawing in his notebook. I swallowed my fear and approached him. "Hey you know detention is over right,?" I joked with him. He looked up and whispered to himself "so it is".

"I don't know if you know me but my name is-

"I know who you are so you don't have to introduce yourself to me." He said. He was very calm and serine.

"Well I saw your picture in the art gallery and it was really good, I just wanted to tell how much I liked it" I replied. His eyes kind of grew wide and he looked up at me and his mood kind of changed.

"Thanks it took me a month to do. A lot of people don't comprehend my art like you do. They judge me before they judge my art. The meaning behind that peace is that freedom is an illusion in a society that controls. The small, frail building are the people of a country. The bigger buildings are the individual governments that control them, but are frail themselves. Then there's the bigger building, the central leader of everything. We grow up to think we are free, but underneath we are not. We're the farthest thing from free," he said.

His words got to me so much I had to sit down.

"Adam? Are you ok?" he asked. I looked up broken from my trance. "Yeah, sorry," I said. I stood back up. His next words made me wanna sit back down, but I knew I couldn't.

"Hey would you wanna hang out sometime?"

It took me off guard and my heart was skipping a beat.

"Yeah sure, wanna actually go to a party with me and my friends?" I asked. His happy expression faded. "Oh um, I don't know," he said. I touched his shoulder. "Come on," I beg. His expression brightens "Ok, but can I get your number?" He says. We exchanged phone numbers and headed out of the classroom.


My heart was pounding out of my chest. Drake was in my car and we just pulled up to Darrens party. His parents are rich so he throws a few parties when his parents go out of town on business. We get out of the car and head inside. The music is booming and their was alcohol all around. Drake hasn't said anything since we got here. I saw a group of my friends by the door and I approached them. "Hey guys, hope you don't mind if I brought someone with me," I said. They both look confused. "Um Adam there's no one next to you". I quickly turn around and Drake has vanished. Worried I quickly went back outside, and what I saw made my blood boil. Three guys were tormenting Drake on the side of the house. Anyone would miss it if they weren't looking. They had them by his shirt, and he kind of looked scared. I yelled out "Hey fuckers! Leave him alone!" and I began to run over to him but before I got to him I saw the guy who had him by his shirt thrown at least 10 feet in the air. The other two obviously freaked out and ran but not before they were lifted and thrown the same area they other guy was. Not even caring what happen I ran over to check on my friend. "Hey drake are you OK?!" I asked. I was scared and worried about him. "yeah I'm fine" he whispered. "I'm so sorry Drake I didn't mean for this to-

I was stopped by a set of warm lips against my own.

"I'm sorry!" he yelled as he ran away.

I sunk to the ground, frozen and touching my lips.

What just happened? I thought.



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