Anthony And Jackson met their freshman year in college. Both children of Korean parents who migrated at young ages. Unlike most they didn't attend school in a heavily Asian population. Through out their young adult years they of course socialized with other kids but lost the connection they would have received if they were with people who shared the same culture, values and experiences. The spring term of college was to begin in 2 weeks.

Andrew lay in his room with his chest facing towards the ceiling. He stared blankly at the ceiling from his broken spring bed. The covers climbed up to his chin and draped well off the low bed frame. He gave off an obnoxiously loud sigh, perhaps because his parents were at work or perhaps because he truly felt some turmoil in his soul. A notification sprang him out of bed and with disgust that he was so empty that a simple ding could excite him to such caliber he walked slowly with dragging feet to his laptop on the far end of his room. With the intent to make up for his pathetic reaction to the notification he acted slowly, opening the email he recieved nonchalantly and reading outloud to himself " Hey this is Jackson you're roommate. My mom was really excited to meet your parents about this arrangement so I hope we get along well. I'm surprised I've never heard of you we live pretty close. My number is 757 899 5**4. Text me from now on" once again Andrew stared blankly and thought to himself, ".... He spelled your wrong" just then another ding followed by a red one appeared over his inbox. He opened it. It was Jackson " your*" . Andrew smiled and felt somehow less dejected about life. 

        The next day Andrew woke up in a brighter mood then he's used to. He looked out the window onto the bare melancholy streets and pursed his lips in thought. His neighborhood could still manage to be so lifeless on such a sunny day. There's nothing to do. I might as well leave for college early. He packed his things after calling his parents who seemed regretful but too busy with work to object. He was moving only 2 hours away and drove straight to the small house without taking rest. It looked empty yet inviting as he pulled up. He unpacked his necessities and opened the door with the key his parents had given him when the summer vacation first began. It was a simple house. A reasonable sized kitchen and living room for two males and it had two bedrooms so they both could have female company over. Andrew walked around looking intently around the house up and down when he ran into something warm and hard. He looked puzzled as he sized a naked Jackson up and down. 

" oh man sorry I didn't know you were already moved in"

" yeah I've been here a week and got free enough to walk around bare "

they shook hands with hesitation and smiled

" um, by the way, if you haven't noticed the furniture isn't coming in until tomorrow but you can sleep with me until your bed and the couch comes in" 

andrew nodded

That was Andrews and Jacksons first encounter. They slept in the same bed that night neither of them wearing a shirt. It felt comfortable. Like they had both found someone they could call their best friend and that's just what happened. They were almost in separable and because they majored In the same subject they went through the overwhelming college stress together. It brought them closer. They laughed and cared for each other like real best friends. They especially protected each other when times were rough like the night Andrew got plastered. 

Exams were over and it was the prime time to get wasted on cheap vodka and Jell-O shots. Andrew didn't hold off on the drinks. Jackson glanced at him seriously. Realizing  he was watching Andrew get wasted, he decided not to drink to much. He threw down a shot and called an uber to get the barely apprehensive Andrew home. They car ride was full of groans. Andrew half awake with his head leaning clumsily on Jacksons broad shoulders. Jacskon looked down at him and felt something he hadn't before. Or maybe he had with an ex girlfriend. He caressed Andrews head has Andrew let put another groan. The driver hit a speed bump sending and unprepared and unbuckled Andrew off balance. His hand landed on top of Jacksons groin. Jackson breathed in deeply and felt it necessary to break his glance from Andrew. Andrew, with another groan and muttered gibberish begin to shuffle around his hand moving back and forth above Jacksons shaft, trying to find some balance. Jackson closed his eyes and focused. He was getting turned on " this is normal right. This is just a biological response. It feels so good. This is normal ?" He began to ramble in his head. Jackson sat stiff and still until they arrived at the house and gently transferred Andrews heavy body to his bed. " He shouldn't go to sleep without washing" he sighed, " he's got alcohol all over him too. He can't find his mouth when he's drunk?" 

     Jackson rolled his eyes and went to get a damp wash rag. He came to find Andrew already trying to undress for bed but then falling back down. Jackson headed over rubbing the rag on Andrews chest. He looked him in The face and realized how pretty Andrews distinct features were. He began to wipe him down slower. Thinking of why he felt so strange in the car. As he arrived at the beginning of Andrews shaft he looked down. Andrew was large even when he was soft. Jackson had cared for his best friend for so long and was conflicted on why he wanted to make Andrew feel good. He wanted to wipe his long cock and make Andrew feel better. He shook the thought from us head as he began to feel his own cock start to harden. He threw the rag to the floor and went to his room. He didn't get much sleep that night and woke up with precum drenching his boxers. 

      It was a week later and Jackson had almost completely forgotten the ordeal. Andrew simply didn't remember. They were invited to a big party that day and offered some punch. It wasn't long before they began to feel loopy. They looked at each other when it started to hit and both expressed an " oh fuck" emotion on their face. Everything was brighter in their eyes everyone was happy. They were happier. Jackson felt the urge to dance and Andrew felt the urge to touch. Touch everything. Even Jackson. They went their separate ways at the party grinding on different girls and flailing their hands around in celebration. the drugs were close to wearing off when they arrived back home where Andrew began to strip. Jackson looked at him with hungry eyes as he dragged on behind him. All he could think so how soft and round Andrews ass was. He wanted to touch it. Rub it. Kiss it. Lick it. He was still high and this time, didn't question his thoughts. He shuffled behind Andrew who was making his way to his room and squeezed tight on his ass. Andrew stopped and was flustered for a second but didn't move away. Jacskon continued to squeeze as both of their cocks began to get aroused. He opened up both ass cheeks with his Hands and let both thumbs caress Andrews hole. He could see it throbbing. It looked delicious. Why did it look so delicious? Andrew began to Moan softly and close his eyes as he began to stroke his cock

      His moans were permission for Jackson to go on. He stuck his tongue into Andrews asshole licking it up and down. His face deep into the soft eager cheeks. Andrew let out spiratic moans as he looked behind seeing that Jacksons member was fully hard ready to be let out. He got down to his knees and un fastened Jacksons pants. Jacksons cock sprang out of his boxers and was dripping with precum. Andrew began to lick his cock. First slowly with his tongue and then fit the whole 7inch dick deep into his throat. Sucking and slurping while teasing the head. Jacksons fingers gripped on to Andrews dark hair and pushed it harder into his cock. Moaning uncontrollably. " I don't want to come yet" he whispered to Andrew who was going at his cock relentlessly. Andrew smiled as Jackson caught his breathe and began to fully undress to his way to the bedroom. The drugs were still at play making every touch more sensational. Jackson threw Andrew to the bed with his ass up in the air. He spanked him and began to eat his asshole again. It felt so good to him. He liked pleasing Andrew and taking care of him. He liked to hear his whimpers and moans. He liked the look of Andrews hard nipples being so sensitive that even his breath caused Andrew to convulse with satisfaction.  

Jackson licked his soft asshole and continued to play with Andrews pretty little tight hole. Andrew with one hand reached for the lube in the dresser and handed it to Jacskon. He was giving permission for Jackson to pleasure them both. He dripped the lube all over Andrews bottom and stuck his middle finger slowly into Andrews ass. " mmmm yes please I want it now" Andrew himself couldn't believe the words slipping from his mouth. Jackson raised his eyebrows and smirked. He slipped his fully hard dick in Andrews asshole and began to slowly thrust himself into the tight hole. His head fell back with pleasure. It was so tight and warm. It felt better then he has ever felt. Especially with the little drugs. Andrew cried out and muttered " more , it feels so good. Fuck me Jackson" Jackson surprised by this side of his best friend he'd never seen did what he was asked. He began thrusting his big dick into Andrew until his koans sounded like whimpers. He felt even closer to Andrew and felt his load was ready. " I'm going to cum I feel it. Faster please fuck me faster" Andrew cried out. " is it really that good? He's going to cum from my trust?" Jackson thought. He began to thrust faster and exploded his cum into Andrew. Andrew shivered as the warm cum filled his inside and Jacksons thrust became deliberate and slow. Andrews load spurt out in three heavy burst. 

They were so satisfied. Not questioning the fact that they had just fucked each other. They wanted more. They wanted more of each there pleasure. Andrew moved into spoon position as Jacskon cuddles him from behind still rubbing his index finger on Andrews throbbing drenched asshole. 

" I want you for breakfast tomorrow" Jackson whispered into Andrews ear while licking his neck. 

" I love you " Andrew responded with the little strength he could muster 

they fell asleep holding each other tight. Embracing the experience. 

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