A few days later as Brad and I were having breakfast, I told him that i wanted to do a jerk off with Dave. Because of his extremely muscular build and masculine traits, I found him erotic.

Brad set it up and the next day, Dave arrived after he got off duty, still in his Marine fatigues. Brad brought him to the filming room where I was waiting, fully clothed. We sat on the sofa for a moment watching a porn movie.

Gradually, we both began stripping and soon we were both nude, sitting side by side, stroking our cocks. I would glance over at Dave's long hard cock and noticed that he would look over and watch me stroke mine. Then, totally unexpected, he did something, that I found out later, he had never done before.

Very casually, he reached over and took my cock away from me and began stroking me off. Not to be outdone, I did the same to him. I could tell Brad was exciting at what we were doing. We stroked each other and I expected that when we got close to our climax we would stop and bring ourselves to our climax.

It didn't happen. I was nearing my climax and Dave could tell. He began stroking me faster and as he did, I knew he was close and began stroking him faster. Within moments, we were bringing each other to our climax, both firing off our loads onto our stomachs and each others hand.

After Brad stopped filming, he tossed us a couple of rags to wipe up with, saying how hot our scene had been. He paid us both very well for the unplanned occurrence.

After Dave left, Brad and I remained in the filming room and Brad said, "Man, I don't know what happened, but Dave has never touched another guy before. He wouldn't even consider it when I'd suggest it. Seeing him stroke you off has me so fucking turned on, it's unreal. I need to get off bad."

"Well, then, come over here," I said.

I was still nude and as Brad stepped up to me, I reached out and opened and dropped his shorts. I had him step out of them and sit down on the sofa next to me. I reached over and began stroking him and as I did, he lay his head back and moaned softly. I had to admit that I found having another man's cock in my hand extremely exciting. I soon brought Brad to a roaring climax.

"Fuck! That was awesome. You can do that anytime," he said. I just smiled at him.

I pondered what had taken place. I didn't consider what I had done or had done to me as wrong. For some reason, it seemed natural. What was wrong with two guys helping each other out?

A couple of days later, Brad said that Tim had called and needed some extra cash for the weekend and was coming by on Friday.

"Brad, you said once that Tim said that he'd like for me to be his first cock to suck. He's never sucked a cock before?"

"No. He started out doing solo jerk off movies. Then, he decided to do a two man jerk off movie. He's done several of those. On the next to the last one he did, he agreed to tongue kiss the other guy, but that is as far as he has gone. He's never sucked a cock and has never been sucked, at least not that I know of. He swears that when he first came in, he had never done anything in any form with another male."

"Hum,I find it strange that he has decided to suck another guy all of a sudden," I said.

"Yea, me too, but I love the idea, especially since it's with you who has also never done anything with another male."

"Does he know I've never been with another guy?"

"No. I do not discuss one guys experience with another. They have to find that out for themselves."

"Well, when he gets here, find out if he'd like to do a movie with me. If he does, once we get started, I'll see how far he's willing to go."

"Fuck, Mark, are you serious?"

"Yea. I'd like to see what it's like o get sucked."

"Damn, I was hoping that some how I could be the first to show you."

"You can be. He doesn't have to know. I'll still be his first."

"You really mean that?"

"Hell, yea. In fact, you have been so good to me, I think you deserve that honor."

"Nice. When?"

"What's wrong with right now," I said as I began opening and dropping my shorts.

I stepped out of them and sat in a chair. As I did, Brad removed his and came over and knelt between my spread legs.

Lifting my cock, he slowly began licking it then soon swallowed it. The feeling was exhilarating and i loved it. Never had a woman's mouth or cunt felt so hot and wet. Brad soon brought me to my climax and after collecting my load in his mouth he smiled and swallowed.

"Shit, that's the best fucking load I've eaten in years. I loved it."

"So did I," I replied.

On Friday, Tim arrived and Brad led him to the movie room. seconds later, Brad emerged and said Tim definitely wanted to do a movie with me. I followed Brad in and shook hands with Tim.

Soon, the porn movie was playing and we casually undressed and after laying on the bed side by side, we began stroking. After a moment, I reached over and began stroking Tim. He in turn began stroking me. Sliding over closer to him, I turned and looked into his eyes and smiled slightly, parting my lips. I had never kissed a guy but desperately wanted to kiss Tim.

He smiled back and leaned toward me. I met him half way and our lips met. Seconds later, our tongues were exploring each others mouth as we kissed passionately. I found kissing another man was no different that kissing a woman, only hotter.

As our kiss ended and our lips parted, I gently placed a hand behind his head and gently tried to direct his head down to my cock.

He didn't resist and I felt him take a deep breath before finally taking my cock into his mouth. I let him suck me for a couple of minutes, before pulling him off and kissing him again. We totally forgot about the camera as I turned and got into a sixty-nine and directed his head back to my cock.

Ashe returned to sucking, I leaned forward and began sucking his hard large cock. I heard him moan as I did. It didn't take long for either of us to climax, and each shot our loads seconds apart. We each were receiving our first taste of semen. We both collected every drop and hungrily swallowed. After swallowing, we lay back face to face and went into another kiss as Brad ended the filming.

"Fucking awesome!" Brad exclaimed loudly.

Tim and I looked into each others eyes ad smiled before another short kiss. Holding me close, Tim whispered, "A repeat performance sometime?"

"Anytime," I whispered back.

Brad left the room for a second and I confessed to Tim that it was my first time sucking another guy.

"Mine also," he said. "I wanted to see what it was like and I enjoyed it."

"So did I," I told him.

Brad returned and paid us both handsomely, more than Tim had expected.

After Tim left, I stepped up to Brad and as I placed my hand on his crotch, I said, "You're next."

Without hesitation, I pulled his shorts down and dropped to my knees, quickly swallowing his cock and bringing him to his explosive climax. After devouring every drop, I stood and we kissed passionately.

Brad again confronted me about backing me in starting my own business.

I knew then, that even if I did start my own landscape business, I still wanted to do gay porn.

We talked and I agreed to let him finance me. we went out and purchased a truck and everything I'd need. Then one day when Dan, the nineteen year old was there for some extra cash, brad and i talked to him about working for me.

Dan was fully bisexual. Although he had a girlfriend, he still enjoyed sex in any form with another male. After we had approached him about working for me, he smiled and asked, "Do I get to have sex with my boss?"

"Sure," I replied, "but just as a side benefit and not for extra pay. You'll still have to see Brad for that."

"That's cool with me," he replied.

I began my business with Dan working with me. Business began to grow, and we were kept extremely busy.

I made sure my customers knew that I worked only Monday through Friday. In the evenings and on weekends, my time was mine to make movies for Brad with his other regulars.

Over the next few weeks, not only did Dan and i have sex on film, but I also had sex with Carl, Dave, Max, and Troy.

It was fucking awesome to suck Max and have him suck me while he was still in his police uniform.

Then one day after he had sucked me off, he smiled at me and said, "Fuck me."

He kept his uniform shirt on but unbuttoned and after removing his pants, he lay on the bed and pulled up his legs. I had not yet had the pleasure of fucking a guy in the ass but looked forward to it.

I lubed up my cock and after rimming his ass I lubed it and began my insertion. I could see that Brad was excited and found out later that Max had never been fucked on camera.

I barebacked his ass and when my climax was inevitable, I pulled out and deposited my load in his face. Brad had a spontaneous climax in his shorts as he filmed us.

I later convinced Carl, the fireman, to give his first blow job and to give up his virgin hole.

Brad was excited and told me in private, "Mark, you're getting these guys to do things they refused to do for me. Keep it up."

My next conquest was going to be Dave.

On our next film together, I convinced him to tongue kiss me and let me suck him off. On the next one, he sucked me off and swallowed. He didn't have a choice since I wouldn't pull my cock out of his mouth until he did.

I eventually got his virgin ass and he seemed to love it. We were fucking doggystyle and as I plowed him, he kept ramming his ass back against me hard. I soon filled him with my load and Brad filmed my load slowly draining out of his hole.

I was ready for the next step. I anted to get fucked and wanted Brad to film me loosing my virginity. My problem was deciding who would get me first.

Dave was the best built, but Max had the biggest cock.

MY problem was did I want to get fucked by a cop in uniform or a marine in uniform.

I decided I wanted both.

I told Brad of my plan and to prepare, he gave me several large dildos he had to use to open up my ass. I used them daily and when time for filming arrived, I was ready.

It began with me naked in bed, and Dave entering the room. he removed his pants and we did some mutual oral and kissing then with the upper half of his uniform still on, and me on my hands and knees on the bed, he mounted my ass and began fucking me.

Although I had loosened up my hole with the dildos, his cock still gave me some pain, but it was a good pain. As he got into it, Max entered and saw the action. Saying he wanted some of me, he removed his pants and as Dave pulled out, Max went in. As Max fucked me, he and Dave tongue kissed. Max soon climaxed up my hole and the feeling of his load firing up me was awesome. As he pulled out, Dave reentered me and soon fired off his load up my hole. I now had two huge loads up my ass and I was in heaven.

Afterward, I rolled over onto my back and the two men sucked me off together and shared my load when I climaxed.

Brad complimented us and said it was the hottest thing he had ever filmed. He couldn't wait to send it to the studio for release.

Dan and I worked our asses off during the week on the landscaping business. It was getting to be too much. Dan had learned a lot and I hired another crew and put him in charge of it.

I was soon able to begin paying off my debt to Brad for the truck and equipment. He said to take my time and reinvest it in the company.

As we sat one Saturday after filming a new guy doing his first jerk off movie, I confessed to him that I was totally gay. He laughed and told me he had already figured it out.

I had him set up a three way with me, Dan, and Troy. I wanted sex with two hot stud teens.

In the movie, I sucked off Troy as Dan fucked my ass. Then after some making out, Troy fucked my ass as Dan and I had a sixty-nine. It was awesome.

Then, the unexpected happened.

I had been called by a new client to come and let him know what I could do for his lawn. His name was Rex Brown, a thirty year old single attorney.

I met Rex on a Friday afternoon at two. We had agreed on first names, and as we surveyed his flower beds I noticed that he kept looking at me more that necessary and had a slight smile.

After checking out the beds, we went in and as we sat at the dining table with me telling him what I could do and how much it would cost,he stopped me and said, "I know you from somewhere but i can't remember where."

"I seldom forget a face," I said, "and I'm sure we've never met."

"Maybe not, but I've seen you some where."

As we finished going over what I could do for him, he agreed and asked when I could start.

"I should finish up my current job Tuesday and i could start yours on Wednesday. I should be through by late Friday."

"Perfect," he said. "I'll take the last half of the week off."

I began work for Rex on Wednesday morning and I noticed that he kept a sinister smile on his face the entire time.

Friday morning, he said that he insisted that after I finished, I come back and have dinner with him. I tried to get out of it but he wouldn't hear of it. He said he'd make his final payment at dinner and not before.

He was nicely built but not overly muscular and nice looking. I finally agreed and after going home and showering, I returned to Rex's house.

He greeted me warmly and after a couple of glasses of wine, we had an excellent dinner.

After dinner, with another glass of wine, he said, "Let me get your check. Mark, you did an excellent job. The yard looks fantastic."

He left the room, going into his home office. When he returned, he handed me my final payment and said, "I remembered where I know you from."

"Oh? Where?" I asked.

He reached over and lifted a DVD case off his TV. "From the movies. Your screen name is Sam Long," he said, handing me the case that included the episode of me, Max, and Dave in the three way. There were on the cover was my picture clearly and theirs out of focus.

"Well, I can't deny it. That is a side line for me."

"Well, the episode with you, the cop, and the Marine gets me so fucking hot it's unreal. Are the really a cop and a Marine or not?"

"No, just actors," I lied.

"Well, it's still hot as hell."

"Thanks," I replied.

"Is there any chance I could get that hot cock of yours down my throat and up my ass?"

"If you really want it, I guess it wouldn't hurt. You're no longer a customer."

He came up to me and we began kissing and undressing each other. Soon we were both nude and he led me to his bedroom.

Well, let me say this. I didn't make it back to Brad's until mid morning on Saturday.

Rex and I kissed, rimmed, made out, sucked and fucked each other most of the night. It was a great evening.

We still see each other occasionally for an evening of fun.

My business has continued to grow. I've totally paid Brad back for his initial investment. Dan is now the supervisor of three crews. I handle the paper work and accounting.

Brad and I are now lovers and we recently found out that Carl, the fireman, and Max the cop are lovers also.

Brad still has first timers coming in to make some money. I assist with some of the filming and if they consent to getting their first bow job, I frequently get the honor of giving it. We have a great relationship and couldn't love each other more. Our relationship is open but we now make sure we are home to sleep with each other.

I'm still amazed at what some guys will do for the love of money. We even get some married guys in that need extra cash.




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