Jack Sofelot, if you read this I have dedicated this story to you. Just as I will always remember the story Drop the soap/Drop the soap-the next day. (By the way anyone who reads this post check this guy out! He’s amazing at writing!) P.S. Jack hope this does you justice!

Also this is my first story so comments would be lovely and much appreciated.

Also anything that happens or is portrayed in this story is my imagination. {unfortunately}

Well hope you enjoy.

I am 18. Brown hair blue eyes, 7inch dick. Slight athletic body. If Jack wants to put his stats so you can all visualize, he might in the comments??? (Not that he has too!)

I was sitting in class minding my own business, thinking that today was just a regular same old same old kind of day. Well that was until the substitute teacher walked in and my oh my was he a looker.

I mean wait, what am i saying? I’m straight...aren’t I? Yeah! Of course I am. I have a girlfriend with big tits and I get head from her everyday after school.

Well anyway our sub Mr. Sofelot(Jack) leaned against the front of the desk, “Now class I realize it must be difficult with Mrs. Smith having her baby mid year but i hope that together we can make the rest of the year amazing”. The girls in the class gave audible sighs just listening to this man talk, and why wouldn’t they? He was a walking talking sex machine. Wait...NO! i’m not gay.

Mr. Sofelot went to the whiteboard and began writing, SEX, is what was sprawled on the board. Full capitalization, and underlined three times. The guys in the class chuckled and gave high fives while the girls all giggled and looked away sheepishly. I just stared openly trying to figure out what this sub was up to. This was a geometry class and yet he wrote sex on the board? Did he know how to teach?

“Now class most of you must have realized that yes this is a geometry class, but i have wrote SEX on the board”. Jack started,(ITs easier writing jack so unless the MR is necessary it’ll be wrote like this). “The board of education has decided that the first hour teacher gets to do the honors of reminding their first hour class about sex, the dangers, the risks, the necessary protection, yet what they didn’t explicitly say was how to talk about sex” Jack winked I just about fainted. I’m sure the blush went straight from my face to my cock. Talk about instant erection! I was beginning to think that I wasn’t so straight after all.

Jack moved back in front of the desk and I’m sure that the bulge in front had somehow gotten bigger. ‘Was he getting turned on by this?’ I wondered. If so what does that mean for the rest of us?

“Class what is sex? Pretend i’m a young adolescent just learning of sex. Completely virgin to anything and everything. Care to help me understand?” Jack asked the class.

Of course the first few minutes were filled with silence. Everyone waiting, expecting for someone else to respond, to say SOMETHING.

“The birds and the bees!” An anonymous voice shouted out.

“Yes, but what are the birds and the bees?” Jack asked.

The class fell silent again, the one person that spoke visible by the slumping in their seat. We sat there long enough that the bell actually rang and most of the class went to jump out of their seats. However, they were stopped by Jack when he told the class they needed to write a two page report on what sex is? He said that their is always a right answer. That we can write it on Gay, Straight, Bisexual whatever floated our interest. When Jack said that my cock went rock hard again, and while everyone else got up to leave I waited not wanting anyone to see my hard dick.

Of course this caught the attention of Jack who slowly started moving my way. All I could feel was my breath becoming shorter, my heart beating faster, and my dick felt like it was going to explode.

When Jack was close enough he leaned down and.... wait what am I fantasizing here? In reality Jack was standing in front of my desk, this annoying all-knowing half-grin was on his face. As if he knew what I was thinking about.

“I’m still getting used to the names here. Yours would be?” Jack asked.

I responded, “i’m William.”

“well william since you waited around is there something that i can help you with?’

“N-No sir I was just lost in my own world. Thinking about the paper and what I am going to write.”

“Well,” Jack began, if you ever need help I’ll be here”. I was about to reply to that when the teachers pet walked in. Way early before the next class even started. I used the distraction to make my hasty effort to get out the door, but before I could quite make it there, his voice stopped me, “Will, stop by my class after school would you”? I turned just enough to nod and see this small little half grin overtake Jack’s face. Seeing that I was done for. Without even touching myself I creamed my pants.

I tried to walk as fast to my locker, and then the restroom as i could without smearing too much cum everywhere. If was difficult trying to appear myself, especially when my friends came up to me and tried to talk. After I had cleaned myself up I went to my next class, which was thankfully English. We had a study hall and so I tried to write my paper for Geometry, but as i tried all I kept thinking about was Jack and how much I wanted to do things to and with him.

The rest of the day dragged on and I didn’t know if I was excited or worried for my lesson with Mr. Sofelot after school. What were we going to talk about? I kept wondering.

Well the time finally came and I began my walk to Jack’s class. When I got there the door was closed, and I was unsure as to whether I should just walk in or knock. I figured since Jack was the one that had invited me here, I might as well make the most of things and I quickly turned the Knob and walked in. I got probably two steps at most when I looked up and there was Jack sitting on his desk. Hand firmly wrapped around what looked like an all star dick. Incredibly thick and hanging at least 9 inches. My mouth about dropped to the floor watching the precum ooze out of the slit and run down the length coating his hand as it did.

My dick was tenting in my pants, and i guess the “Gasp!” I made when confronted with the sight finally made Jack open his eyes. He quickly went from a dazed look to one appearing to say “Oh shit!”

“Will! I totally forgot that you were stopping by” Jack was hastily trying to pull his pants up and button them, but his dick was getting in the way, “please just give me a moment and, uh, um...”.

“No problem sir” I replied and turned around to go back in the hallway. As I did though it seemed that Jack’s dick jumped the moment I called him sir. When the door was fully closed I pressed my back against it and held my books in front of my crotch. No reason that anyone should see my bulge as I waited outside a teacher’s door, right?

After a couple minutes I finally heard Jack’s voice on the other side of the door. A husky “come in” was what I heard and I think just those words could make me hard at a moments notice.

I quickly turned and around and in my haste I dropped my books. Hearing the bang Jack opened the door and began to walk out, putting his crotch in his face, as I had already dropped to my knees to collect my books. “Hi sir.” I said as I looked up and Jack’s face flushed and that wasn’t the only thing that flushed either. Jack’s dick snaked down through this pant leg, ‘guess he hung right’ was the first thought that crossed my mind. His eyes closed and Jack’s hand moved to the back of my head. Almost as if he was going to bring me closer, but then he seemed to snap out of it, and backed hastily back into the classroom.

I absentmindedly grabbed the rest of my books and followed him into the classroom. “Sit” Mr. Sofelot said to me. So i found a seat in the first row. Jack went to the door and I heard an audible click, the sound of the locks engaging. This made me a little nervous. What was so important that we had to lock the door. “I was hoping to see if you’ve started on the paper and how far you’ve gotten if you have”, I handed Jack my paper and so far all it read was ‘What is Sex?’. Not much i know. Jack handed the paper back and told me,”You don’t really want to write this paper do you?” I shook my head no, cause I really didn’t want to write about sex. “Well there is another option” Jack explained.

“What is it?”

“You help me so I can help you.”

“Okay so what do you want me to help you with?” I asked.

“Well I haven’t gotten off in a while-,  Jack started, “Woah! I’m not gay!” I interrupted. “-I didn’t say that you were. Now, as I was saying i haven’t gotten off in a while, and having someone else stroke it feels good and that doesn’t make you gay.”

“It doesn’t” I wondered.

“Nope, why don’t you just start rubbing it?” Jack asked.

I slowly moved my hand hesitantly toward his crotch, contemplating if I really wanted to touch it or not. My cock was throbbing in my pants, I almost thought it was going to split my pants. My hand finally reached the throbbing bulge in Jack’s pants. He moaned and moved his crotch into my hand. Eventually I heard Jack whisper “take it out”. I removed his cock from his pants. It’s warmth and firmness actually held in my hand. “Take a closer look”. I was moving closer when Jack’s hand pressed the back of my head toward his tall towering dick. His lidded eyes only slits as he looked at me in lust. “Open your mouth”. At the time I was in so much sexual lust I didn’t realize what his plans were. So with my open the head of his dick landed on my tongue, and I found myself moaning, enjoying the taste. “Suck!” Jack was getting firmer in his tone of voice telling me what he wanted, no, needed. I began to move up and down on his dick. Trying what my girlfriend usually did for me. My teeth scraped a little, and I knew Jack could feel them by the perceptible hisses he let out.

i started to taste this sweet but slightly salty liquid and realized it was Jack’s precum. I don’t understand why, but this made sucking him even hotter. I start to move faster on his dick, and that’s when he yelled, “I’m cumming!” He tried to push me off of his dick, but i latched my mouth on as he started to pump his load into my mouth first one, two, by the time he was done I counted eight large shots of cum down my throat. “Did you really just swallow my cum?” I nodded yes and he rubbed my head and said, “that’s hot”. I started to stand up and walk away thinking that we were done. “Where are you going?” Jack asked.

“Aren’t we done?” I wondered.

“i thought you might want to get off.”

I think my jaw about dropped when hearing that. Jack moved near me and grabbed my still hard bulge. I moaned biting my lip and was looking into his eyes when he moved in and kissed me. His tongue licked my bottom lip asking for entry and I gave it to him. Jack broke the kiss and slowly sank to his knees in front of me, all the while looking me in the eyes. He slowly slid the zipper of my pants down with his teeth, and I felt like I was shaking. He pulled by 7in boner out and kissed the head of it first before sliding his mouth down taking the whole thing in one swoop. “Aww!” I gasped out while putting my hand on his head. Jack popped off my dick for a second and asked,”You like that?”. “So much!” I answer him. He’d only been sucking my dick for a few seconds and already I felt like I was going to shoot. My girlfriend had to suck me for almost 30min, before I even had an inkling of cumming.

“Want me to make it better?” Jack asked. “You can do that? It already feels so good.” “Turn around” was all he told me. I turned around and there was his desk. Jack didn’t speak as he pushed me down my chest resting on the desk. Jack slapped my ass, and I jumped not expecting it, and although it stung a little, my dick jumped almost waiting for more. Then I felt something wet touch my ass, “I don’t get fucked.” I started to say as I began standing up. That’s when I realized i was his tongue. “Relax you’ll like it” He told me, so I decided to trust him.

Jack began to lick at my hole, and it did actually feel good. I then felt a pressure on my hole, and wondered what it could be. When I felt it slide in. I turned my head and Jack was looking at me with a smirk. He had a finger in my ass! I couldn’t believe it. “Just enjoy it”. I was about to say no when I realized that it was feeling good. Jack began to move his finger in and out and then quickly added a second one. It wasn't long before he had three fingers in me, and I was moving on his fingers, and that he was no longer fingering me, but I was fingering myself. “More!” I panted. I felt his fingers pull out and thought he was just getting ready to give me another finger. Then I felt a pressure and my hole opened, and Jack began to slid in. I moaned with the feeling of it, and that’s when I realized he was going deeper than his fingers were letting him. I tried to pull away and Jack just laid over my back bringing his mouth toward my ear. “Don’t fight it just let it happen.” Hearing this I moaned and Jack pushed in all the way. Filling me with his dick. He rested there. When he didn’t move I got frustrated and tried to move on his dick. He kept me pressed to the desk though.

“What do you want?” Jack asked.

“Fuck me!”


“Fuck me with that big hard cock Mr. Sofelot!”

Jack began to move, and eventually he was slamming into me so hard the desk was sliding on the floor. Jack pulled out after a few minutes and laid on the desk next to me. “Take what you want”. He told me. I swung my leg over his waist and aimed his dick at my hole. I slid down on it and began to move up and down. My ass was being stimulated and my dick shot my cum all over Jack’s chest. He smiled knowing it was his dick that had made me cum. Jack not even pull me off his desk, moved me so my back was on it, and he started pumping home. “I’m going to cum!” Jack yelled as he erupted deep in my ass with a roar. When I felt him shooting in me my dick let out another shot of cum. We kissed a couple more times, and then Jack pulled out.

We got cleaned up and as I went to leave Jack called out, “See you in class tomorrow!” As i was walking down the hallway, Jack’s cum leaking from my well fucked ass, I wonder just what had I gotten myself into. I thought I was straight. But now all I could think about was the next time I didn’t want to do an assignment, and what other hot male teachers could give me a lesson..

Let me know what you guys think. Maybe I will write more??



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