It was my first day at university I had applied for a double room I hated the thought of being alone in one room. When I came to the room my roomie had already unpacked his stuff. "I'm Jed," he said as he reached out to shake my hand. "I'm Ralph," I said. He was a freshman and so was I. Jed was your all-American boy a testosterone loaded jock with sexy looks, into sport. He had a girlfriend back home. Jed was 6'tall (183 cm), 190lbs (86kg). Smooth muscular body. I'm gay. 125lbs (57kg), 5'8" (173cm) smooth and skinny. We are both 19 years old.

Right away, given my sexual orientation I was wondering how I was going to get on with a guy that was obviously straight. I never tell people I'm gay unless they ask me. I feared the moment if and when he asked me and I told him I was gay. What would his reaction be?

Over the next few days I could tell by how Jed looked at me that he was picking up on my gay mannerisms. We were lying on our beds chatting when he asked me all of a sudden. Don't be offended but are you gay? I hesitated for a few seconds then said. Yeah, that a problem? No he said. I was relieved that he appeared to not have a problem with me being gay.

Jed played for the college football team and soon got to know a lot of guys. Some of them came back to our room. It soon got around that I was gay. Some of them teased and taunted me jumping on my back simulating fucking me clutching their crotch and saying you want me to fuck you with this? It was all friendly no way malicious. I enjoyed it when they fooled around with me; it was a turn on. Jed just looked on and smiled.

I saw Jed many times naked, taking a shower or just lying on his bed, he had no inhibitions and he knew I liked to see his naked body. He would look over at me and smile then do a full body stretch flexing his arm muscles then stroking his chest with his hands down to his crotch, then he would fondle his balls and dick teasing me, he knew what effect it was having on me. My dick was aching and straining to get out my pants.

Jed was yawning and stretching under his duvet one morning. I needed to take a shower "Ok if I take a shower first," I asked him. "Yeah go ahead," he said. I had my shower and wrapped a towel around my waist and went back in the room. Jed lay on his bed naked with his legs apart stroking his 8"+ dick. "I've been waiting for you to come out the shower, you into sucking cock gay boy?" I just stared at him. He looked gorgeous lying there stroking his dick. "WELL!" He shouted. "Yeah, yeahhhh," I said nervously. "Then come here and suck my dick." My towel fell from around my waist as I climbed onto his bed between his legs.

My dick was rock hard. Precum was running out his slit down the shaft. I held his dick and licked his precum, I had a salty taste in my mouth. His dick was so thick my middle finger and thumb didn't meet up as I wrapped my hand around his piece of meat. I stretched my mouth wide and sucked on the head of his dick. I snaked his dick deeper down my throat, gagging on his dick; my saliva was running down the shaft. "Come on fag fuck your mouth on my dick faster," he said. I thrust my mouth up and down on his dick taking his dick deeper and stretching my gullet on all sides.

I was jacking myself off hoping to cum at the same time as Jed. Jed thrust with his hips. He was moaning and his body was contorting as he convulsed and squirted his cum sperm down my throat. I swallowed as much as I could and as quick as I could. I was ejaculating at the same time, directing my squirts down my legs to scoop up and swallow. Jed threw his head back and inhaled deeply. "Man there is an advantage sharing with a queer," he said.

I licked the spillage off his pubic hairs and balls. Jed told me to stay on the bed on my hands and knees. He got off the bed stood back and looked at me naked on all fours. Then he leaned forward and ran his hands down my back and over my butt. "Mmmmm, tonight I'm going to fuck you," he said.

All that day I felt excited and looked forward to getting fucked by Jed. I got back early so I could get ready for him to fuck me. I was all ready when Jed got back. He told me to strip and get down on all fours. There was no cuddles or foreplay it was to be just a fuck. He slapped my ass then leaned into me pressing the head of his dick forcibly into my hole stretching my anus to its limits. He thrust hard, my sphincter resisted the pressure of his dick until it gave way and his dick slipped all the way up to the hilt making me scream out.

He grabbed my hair and pulled my head back, he had his other hand on my shoulder as he thrust with his hips and pulled me hard on to his dick making me groan with delight. He was sweating and breathing rapidly as he thrust deep into me sending waves of pleasure up and down my body. He groaned out loud as his body shuddered and his cock throbbed in my gut.

I could feel his warm cum juice squirting deep into me. I felt his weight as he relaxed and lay on me. His cock was shrinking inside me. He lay on me for awhile then he pulled his dick out and stood up. Told me to stay where I was. He picked his cellphone up, I heard him say, "yeah I just fucked him if you want some get over here now tell the others ok." Jed got down on me and fucked me again. He lay on me stroking my hair. "Queer boy your ass is going to get worked some tonight," he said. Just then there was a knock on the door. "Stay down pussy boy," he said. I counted six guys all members of the college football team. "You guys told me you wanted to fuck the queer, well he's all yours," he said. They all stood around me looking down at me as they stripped. I was in heaven a surreal moment, tonight I would get fucked by 7 big dicks.

Jed got some playing cards ace to six of hearts, they would each draw a card, the guy that drew the ace would fuck me first and so on, after that it would be free for all. One by one they fucked my ass and fucked my face making me swallow most of their sperm laden juice. Spit roasted time and time again. Jed was watching all the time, he made another call on his cellphone. "We've got him ready for ya," he said. I was thinking hell I'm enjoying this and there is more to come.

Again there was a knock on the door. A black guy came in. I recognized him straight away he was a quarterback for the football team. 6'4" (193cm), 235lbs. (107kg). He greeted the other guys with high fives. "So this white boy you giving me to fuck?" he asked. He bent down and grabbed me under the chin, he pointed at his crotch and said, "see what I got in here for you boy, so you guys wanna watch a black man fuck your white boy," he laughed as he stripped off.

He revealed more and more of his muscle toned body as he stripped. When he got down to his briefs I could see the outline of his big dick. I could see the other guys looking at me and then at his crotch, they knew what to expect they had seen his piece of meat hanging between his legs when he showered with them. When he pulled down his briefs his flaccid cock swung out, he was enormous.

Jed measured it while it was flaccid 9.5" he looked at me and smiled. The black guy was named Davin he got down on his knees in front of me. He was grinning from ear to eat as he rubbed his flaccid dick across my face and lips smearing precum. "Now take care of this daddy dick make me hard boy, and everything will be aight," He said. I sucked the whole of his 9.5-inch black piece of meat down my throat, which had been worked and prepared by the other guys.

I could feel his cock growing in my throat stretching my gullet even more. He slowly moved his dick up and down my throat. "Suck daddies dick, let me feel those tonsils white boy", he said. He used his hips to slowly slide his now hard dick up and down my stretched gullet making me gag, my saliva was running down the black shaft and dripping off his hairy balls. My jaw was aching. Davin looked down at me still grinning from ear to ear.

He pulled his cock all the way out my throat. Looking at it as he held it in his hand. "aight I ready to fuck ya ass white boy." Jed measured it again 11.5" long 6" thick. The guys stood around watching. Jed leaned down and whispered into my ear, we all wanna watch that black dick go deep in your ass and squirt its load."

Davin knelt behind me he had his hands on my shoulder. I felt his dick pressing against my anus as I arched my back to help him penetrate me. I was loose and well lubricated. It was still painful as he pushed harder, stretching my hole. His dick was like a long thick rod of iron. I was screaming out as he grasps me and held me tight. "Bitch shut the fuck up," he yelled at me. He covered my mouth with his hand in an attempt to stifle my screaming. I tried to break free from him, I realized it was futile.

The guys stood around watching and laughing. My hole suddenly opened up, the head of his dick slipped in making me cry out; tears were in my eyes. I was breathing rapidly and sweating as he thrust and pushed with his hips forcing his dick into me. My sphincter fully stretched gave way to his black piece of meat. He slid deeper and deeper into my gut. He held me firmly. The guys could see how much more of his cock had got to penetrate me. I could feel his thick black snake stretching my inside as it snaked it's way deeper inside me. A final few thrusts and his dick was deep inside me to the hilt. I could feel his pubic hairs rubbing my ass cheeks. He removed his hand from over my mouth and whispered into my ear, "all ya need to do is enjoy! Ya boy pussy is tight as fuck, I'll have fun with this," He said. All the fucking I'd taken I was still tight for his thick black dick.

Some of the guys were staring in disbelieve, never before had I had a dick that big in my ass. I could tell the guys watching were getting excited. They all had a boner. Davin had his arm around my neck and the other around my waist Davin began to pump my ass, I thrust my ass back making my cheeks slap against Davin's thighs.

He fucked me rough making a good live show for the guys. Pain had given way to a feeling of sensual pleasure. His black dick felt good in my ass. I was stroking my dick hoping to cum in unison with Davin. We both started to tremble. Davin held me firm and tight as his body convulsed, his throbbing cock in my ass squirted his full load into me, his sperm laden juice squirted out my ass as he thrust in and out my pussy. He inhaled and exhaled rapidly I was drenched in his sweat. He relaxed and lay heavy on me, his weight forcing me to lay flat. He lay atop of me regaining his breathing.

Davin pulled out. Jed and the other guys fucked me on Davin's juice. Then Davin fucked me again, filling my ass with more sperm juice, pulling his dick out so he and the guys could see cum pour out my ass. I was feeling well fucked and tired when the guys left. Jed told me to get in his bed and lay on my stomach, he lay ontop of me sliding his hard dick into my ass, so his dick could soak in the juice of all the guys that had fucked me. When I awoke in the morning his cock was still soaking in my pussy. I knew he was awake his dick was getting hard. He fucked me squirting more cum juice into me. We both slept for awhile after.

Over the next few weeks more of the football team fucked me. I'm now the football teams bitch.



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