It was a cold, rainy day. I sloshed around in the water, trying in vain to locate the elusive soccer ball that was somewhere on the field near me. My kit was drenched, and I was shivering with the cold. The rest of my team looked similarly miserable as we tried to put some effort into the training drill.

I looked over to the sideline - Coach Jones seemed to be the only one enjoying himself, but he was holding an umbrella over his head.

The faint glow behind the clouds that was the sun dipped below the horizon - training was over. Finally. I trudged back toward the locker room, water dripping off my golden brown hair. I followed my team, and was about to enter the relatively dry change rooms when Coach Jones called to me from the safety of his umbrella. I jogged over, slightly annoyed that coach had thought now was an appropriate time to talk to me in the middle of a torrential downpour.

Coach Jones glared down at me, making a special effort to keep the umbrella over him, and not over me.

'You weren't yourself today, Andy! What's going on?'

I shrugged, and looked up at the coach, shivering in the cold.

'I guess it was just the weather, coach.'

'Well, you'd better pull your game together, mate. It should take more than weather to throw you off.'

And with that, Coach Jones turned on his heel, and sloshed back towards his car on the other side of the field.

How could I concentrate on the game with 10 other hot guys running around next to me? I laughed it off, jogging back to the locker room, and felt a wave of relief as I entered the dry space. The heavy rain rattled on the tin roof overhead. I sat down next to my bag, and tried to locate my phone. Mum had better be picking me up tonight -there is no way I would be walking home in rain that heavy.

As i pulled out the cell, I couldn't help notice that Jamie and Colin, the two forwards, were standing butt naked, trying to find their dry tracksuits in their sports bags. No one on the team knew I was gay, and lately I had an increasingly hard time trying to hide it.

Jamie bent over to look under the bench, and I got a full view of his ass - God it looked so good. His cock dangled between his legs - it must have been at least 7 inches, and that wasn't even hard!

I felt my own starting to tingle, and hastily lifted my sport bag onto my lap, trying to hide my growing erection. I looked at Jamie for a second longer, before turning my attention left. Jimmy, the centre midfielder, was staring right at me. I flushed red, and looked back down at my phone.

I had a text message - 'FROM MUM: Stuck at Work - Will be there in an hour. Sorry xx'

Great, I thought to myself. An hour stuck in a change room waiting for a ride home.

My teammates started to shuffle out, uttering their goodbye's as they left, running out into the rain to their waiting parents. Jimmy was still there, still in his damp sports kit, not seemingly doing anything. When there was just the two of us left, I went over and sat besides him.

'Hey, Jimmy. Your parents not coming either?' I asked his casually.

'Yeah', Jimmy replied. 'My Dad's not coming for an hour or so.'

We sat there for about 5 minutes in silence, each occasionally glancing sideways at each other.

After a while I noticed that he was starting to shake with the cold.

'Man, you should get that kit off before you get hypothermia!'

Jimmy smiled in return, his dazzling blue eyes highlighting his beautiful features.

'I forgot to bring a tracksuit! I don't have anything to change into!

'You'll still be warmer naked than with that wet kit on. Just put it back on when your parents arrive!'

Jimmy got up and yanked his top off, letting it drop to the floor. Jimmy was easily the fittest in the team, and had the physique to prove it. He took off his soccer boots and shin pads, before sliding his pants and jocks down over his ankles. He sat back down again, but not before I stole a glance at his huge, beautiful cock.

'That's quite the package you have there', i said jokingly.

Jimmy laughed in return.

We talked for a while, about school and football. Every so often I stole a glance down at Jimmy's cock, lying in between his thighs. Eventually the conversation fell away, and i tried to preoccupy myself with the tin roof. Out of the corner of my eye i tried to steal another glance at Jimmy, and to my surprise saw him stroking his cock, a smile spread on his face. My cock started to throb as well, and it was clearly tenting through my tracksuits.

Jimmy looked up at me, still stroking his cock, a thin smile spreading on his face.

'You don't mind, do you?' He asked casually, noticing the tent in my own pants.

'Nah, man. I might join you.' I replied as casually as I could manage, despite the excitement building up inside me.

I took out my huge erection, walked over to Jimmy and sat beside him, and began to jack off, following Jimmy's lead..

I was so caught up in the pleasure that I didn't really notice Jimmy's hand on my thigh. I suddenly looked over to him, barely trying to contain my excitement, as Jimmy's hand slowly slid down to my balls. He began to fondle and squeeze them, still while I was jerking my cock.

He stood up, and casually knelt in-front of me, smiling his dazzling smile. Without a word, he put his lips to by balls, and started to lick them with his tongue. I released my grip on my rod, and let Jimmy slide his tongue up the shaft to the head, and then take the whole cock deep in his mouth. Oh god it felt so good. I lightly grabbed his golden hair and pushed his head deeper into my crotch, mouth fucking him harder and harder.

He played with my balls as he sucked me, pre-cum oozing out of his mouth and down his chin. I could feel his tongue sliding around my cock, and it felt so unbelievably good!

He continued to suck my cock, taking it deep in his mouth, swallowing my pre-cum, while he slid his hand down to my asshole. He gently played my rosebud, teasing me, making me moan with delight. He kept my cock deep in his mouth as he began to finger me. The feeling was unbelievable! He slid his finger in and out, deep into my hole. I moaned with absolute pleasure. He slid a second in, and then a third, deeper and deeper in my hole.

I slid my cock out of his mouth, and Jimmy gave me a smile, pre-cum smeared all over his cheeks. He lifted my legs up, and bent his head to my ass hole. He gently licked around the edge, his tongue barely flitting over my hole. Eventually, he slid his tongue into my hole, licking my rosebud. The feeling was like nothing I had ever felt before. He continued to lick my hole, forcing his tongue down into my ass, making me gasp.

He shoved his tongue deeper into my hole, flicking it in and out.

'You like, that, huh?'

'Oh yeah' I managed to gasp in response.

I turned over, so I was on my hands and knees. Jimmy kept rimming me, and I was moaning with pleasure. Suddenly, he removed his tongue. I could feel my ass juice dripping out of my hole, down my legs.

He walked around in front of me, dangling his huge erection in my face. I took his whole cock in my mouth, licking every last bit. Jimmy roughly grabbed my hair, and forced his cock deeper in his mouth. He began to mouth fuck me, in and out, and his moans of pleasure became screams of delight. I caressed his huge balls as he mouth fucked me, and his moans began to turn into gasps of pleasure.

He pulled out of my mouth, and walked behind me.

'You ready for my cock, Andy?

I nodded enthusiastically in response, and arched my back so Jimmy would have better access to my butt.

I felt the head of his cock tease my hole, and then felt it being gently pushed in. My hole stretched to accommodate his huge penis. Suddenly, Jimmy pushed hard and his cock slid in. I gasped with a mixture of pain and pleasure.

Jimmy slid his cock in and out, slowly at first, then faster. Oh God if felt so unbelievably amazing. He spanked me as he fucked my but, before running his hands up my back and down to my nipples, caressing them as he fucked me. He leant down and kissed my back, his huge cock still filling my ass hole.

He began to fuck me more violently.

'Oh Fuck yes.... Give me your cock!' I screamed in delight.

'You like this, huh?' Jimmy muttered back, breathlessly.

I stood up and leant against the wall, and Jimmy entered me again, humping me into the wall, making me scream with absolute pleasure.

'Oh Andy, your ass feels so good! I'm gonna cum!'

Jimmy removed his cock, and shoved it straight into my mouth. I could taste my ass on his cock, and it drove me into a complete frenzy. I sucked his cock hungrily.

I saw the look of satisfaction spreading across Jimmy's face. He started to shake. He forced my head onto his cock, just before he let loose a torrent of cum into my waiting mouth. I swallowed as much of the creamy liquid as I could, letting the rest spill out over my chin and onto my cock.

'Oh fuck yeah Andy, oh shit!'

I slowly sucked him until he withdrew. Jimmy kissed me passionately, tasting his own cum in my waiting mouth. He licked my nipples, and then moved down to my crotch.

Once again, he took my waiting cock in his mouth, and started to suck it hard and fast. He gently fingered me as he sucked.

'Oh fuck yeah, this is it!' I screamed with delight.

The feeling was unbelievable as I cummed into Jimmy's waiting mouth. He swallowed every last drop.

Half an hour later, both our parents arrived at the football shed. Both Jimmy and I had managed to wipe most of the excess cum off ourselves, but not before both of us shared a passionate kiss before we left the shed.

Who knows? Maybe I could start to like soccer in the rain a little more...



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