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My name is Nick I'm 5 8" and Ive played football since I was seven. I have a 7inch dick and a pretty nice ass. My best friend (Garret) in about 5 3" feet tall with a nice ass and a 6and a half dick(we aren't uncut btw) we both have a regular football runners body and were both upper middle class popular.

it was two weeks into football and the coaches had made the team run 14 laps around the field the whole week and today head coach came pissed off and said in the locker room that were doing running drills the whole practice. Coach had always taken roll in the locker room. So me and Garret decided to skip. So we got in our uniform and just did small things until everyone left. After everyone left we sat down on the benches in the locker room and talked for ten minutes. Then I went into the coaches office and took(the only)keys and locked the front and back door. The sat back down. I didn't want to stay in my uniform the time to I got up and started to change. I first took my pants off.

I turned my head just a bit and I saw Garret getting hard. I didn't really give that mind but I then asked him if he was enjoying the show, we both laughed and we became silent as I heard say a slick "yes". At this point my heart was racing, I've known Garret since kindergarten and we've always had that gay vibe between us, and since 8th grade I've always wanted him.

I turned slowly as he got up. He told me to put my football pants back on. So I did the he pulled in and said "we've wanted each other for a long time now, so here's the opportunity" he then kissed me and threw me on the bench and got on top of me and we made out. As we were making out still in our football uniforms he started dry humping me then I put both hands on his ass and smacked his ass with one hand and put my hand down his pants with the other. He then pulled off and undid his pants as I undid mine we started kissing again as I pulled his pants down to his knees after I did the same with mine. Then I pulled his head off mine and said "C'mon let me fuck already" he got down in the middle of the floor as I made him get into a three-point stance I had my dick ready to into his but I made him beg for it"c'mon Garret it's all yours you just gotta ask for it" I said as he tried to push my dick in finnaly he said "urgh fine fuck me hard as hard as you can baby!" i bagan with entering him slowly as he moaned then I started plowing his ass as hard as I could.

Hes now yelling "awwwgh yeah Nick yes oh yes fuck me" I stopped for a minute and asked if we could take off our gear but we both agreed it made the sex alot hotter with it on. We both moaned loudly as i cummed in his ass. We then stopped as I layed down on the bench with my ass out he entered me quickly and started plowing me hard we both moaned out loud as my ass was hurting this went on for another twenty minutes in until he came inside me but then we realized it was an half an hour away from practice ending. We both stripped and went into the showers and I picked him up and put him against the wall and dropped him hard on my dick we both moaned real loud. He got off and pulled me to the ground he fucked me and came inside me again. We were both wet and tired and still horny. As we were done got dressed unlocked the doors and hid with Garret as the team came in.

I told Garret to get his bag and I'll give him my uniform and he'll give me his. As we left the locker room he reminded me that our parent were on a two week bussiness/vacation and had just left today so he asked if wanted to stay the whole two weeks with him I agreed but I had to lock up my house first and get clothes.

I went to his house and rang the door bell he pulled me in and swiftly kissed me he said to me "I only have one rule in my house, and that's to stay naked unless your in your uniform" I got out his football pants from my bag and sniffed them we both stripped and began to put on our shoulder pads and helmet we then went into his room and started to fuck. He fucked me HARD. Harder than in the locker room. Then I got ontop of him and started fucking him like a cowboy. He loved and so did I. We stopped got in the bathtub and he sat ontop of me and sat on my dick.

We dried eachother off and ordered pizza. We ate and put on our football pants to the point where the waistband was on our knees he stuck his dick inside me and fell asleep.

Part 2 coming soon



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