I woke up around 9:30 Friday morning to the dinging of my iPhone. It was a text from my sister who was just writing to let me know that she was excited to tailgate with me at the Clemson game on Saturday, and that she was excited to see me after some time. She was also excited for me to meet her new boyfriend, Chad. I had seen a few pictures of Chad on her Facebook, and he's pretty cute, but he's no where near my muscular build. He appears to have good shoulders and a good chest, but he is nothing compared to my tanned beefy body. I stand about 6' 4" and weigh about 190 lbs. of pure muscle. A thin line of hair from my naval to my crotch is the only hair that I let grow on my big, meaty body. I like to shave my ass and keep a clean, hairless appearance both front and back. I left my bed and started for the shower. I loved to feel myself and rub warm soapy water all over my hard body. I stepped out of the shower and put on a robe, and went to my closet to get dressed for the day. I liked to drive to Clemson the night before I was supposed to arrive, because I like to relax before a big college game day. I packed all of my tailgate supplies into my GMC SUV and made the hour long drive to Tiger Town. I checked in to the holiday inn there in town, and got ready to go out for dinner. I of course checked grindr when I got to my room because there's always some tight little ass begging to be fucked on a college campus. I messaged a guy named Chris to see if he wanted to meet me at the hotel bar, and sure enough he was there before I could even get downstairs. I was hungry for dinner, but Chris had me hungry for something else. He was 21, and stood just 2" below me, and had a tight athletic build as he was a member of the rowing team. The conversation seemed to flow naturally, and so I paid our tab and asked if he would like to come see the view from my room. He followed me to the elevator with the biggest grin on his face. When we arrived at the room, he walked over to the window and of course checked out my favorite view. I told him that I needed to slip away to the bathroom for a second and he said that was fine with him.

When I came back from the bathroom, Chris was still looking out the I window, but he was only wearing a little white jock strap that didn't cover his young twink ass. I walked over to him and stood behind him and thruster my crotch into the back of his tight little butt. He began to moan as I threw him down on my king sized bed. I flipped him over and dropped down on him as we began to kiss passionately. As my tongue explored his young mouth, I used my big man hands to feel up his hard little body. I squeezed his muscular thighs and pinched his nipples until he was begging me to go to the next base. He slid down out from under me and readjusted me so he was on top. He gave me light little kisses until he had kissed his was down my torso and had his young lips on the zipper of my slacks.

He pulled the zipper down with his teeth, and began working my briefs with his tongue. I ripped off my shirt and threw it in the corner, and pushed my shoes and pants off as well. He was so eager to suck my thick dick that I whipped it out of my Calvin Klein's and beat him across the face with my semi-hard boner. He was so ready to take it all the way that in one sudden motion he had gone all the way down to my balls. He knew I couldn't take much more, so he turned around and offered up his tight ass to me.

I pulled him back onto my dick and he began grinding on me and getting me rock hard, ready to fuck. I threw him down on the bed and got him up on all fours, and began to work his little pink hole with my tongue. By this time he was moaning loud enough that I knew we were going to get some complaints. I pulled Him back so he was sitting on his knees and had his back arched up, and I positioned my cock right on the crack of his bubble butt. He was rearing back on me ready to take it all, when in one fluid motion, I gave it all to him.

"Ahhhhhh fuckkkkkkk" he moaned. "Good Lord fuck me, take my ass!!"

He was so hungry to be fucked that I was close to coming very quickly. He suddenly began firing off a huge load while I was deep in his ass. He didn't even touch his cock and he was spewing out loads of cum on the white hotel comforter. I pulled out and out him on his back. I threw up his legs and pushed my cock right back into his pussy and then I picked him up and put his back against the wall. His legs were up around my shoulders, and he was loving every thrust of my thick shaft in and out of his young ass. I knew I was getting close, and suddenly I squeezed him into a tight bear hug and unloaded all of my sweet fuck sauce into his ass. We showered each other off, and he fell asleep next to me in that big nice bed.

When I woke up on Saturday, he was gone. I was kind of disappointed because I had woken up I was very horny from the dreams I had about fucking his little ass.

My sisters called and said we were meeting at my tailgate at noon, so I went over at 11 and got everything set up. My sister and Chad came over about 11:45, early, as expected. Chad seemed very quiet and reserved unlike my outgoing and social sister. She saw some friends from her class at Clemson so she walked away for a few minutes leaving Chad and I in some orange chairs with a couple of beers. We began to chat, and Chad told me that he had never been to a real tailgate before. We talked and talked and he came out of his shell a little bit, and we became good friends. My sister came back right as Chad and I were getting up to walk into the game.

We had box seats up over the home in zone, and we had probably the best view in the stadium. It was just the 3 of us in my box as I hadn't invited any friends this weekend. My sister left again to go find some friends, and she said that she was going to sit with them until after the third quarter. I locked the door as she left.

Chad and I sat next to each other back inside the box, and we were very secluded as no one could see in unless they had some good binoculars. This guy seemed to really be getting comfortable with me and so I thought I might just take a chance. We went to the mini bar in the box to grab some more beers, and he bent down to reach into the small fridge under the counter. He bent down with his little ass high up in the air, which I thought was odd. I inched my way closer to him until I had my package right at the crack of his ass. He felt me breeze by him.

I stood there for a minute while he got out some drinks, and when he realized I was still behind him, he reared his ass right back into my crotch. I grabbed onto his hips and pulled him back and circled his ass around on my now raging boner. He let out two big moas and I knew he was ready to take it. I picked him up and put him on the counter, and began exploring his throat with my warm tongue. He had his hands around my neck, and he wrapped his legs around my thighs and jumped onto me. I turned him around and pushed him up against the wall as I began undressing him. He got down on his knees and went straight for my dick. He sucked me like a champ for a good while, and got me so close to cumming. He stood up and I pushed his jeans down to the ground and bent him over the couch in the box. We didn't have condoms or lube or anything at all, but he didn't seem to care. I was too horny to eat him out, so I spit on his hole and got him nice and wet. I spit in my hand and got my Cock head nice and smooth, and I eased my way into his tight hote. He was so much tighter than Chris that've had me yelling out his name. I was so ready to blow my load when he slipped down off my dick and laid on his back on the edge of the couch, I unloaded my thick cock all over his cute face, and he licked it all up. We dressed as the third quarter was ending, and it's safe to say we've had many more experiences since he married my sister.

The End.

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