Mark and I worked at the same bar in Colorado and we ended up being good pals. He was very gay and at the time I was mildly curios. He had a big time foot fetish which seemed harmless enough as he loved massaging my feet and I loved him doing it.

We watch a game or a movie together while my bare feet would be in his lap and I loved the attention. He found I was ticklish so it went from light tickling to him saying 'one day I'm going to strap you down and tickle those feet'.

Upon hearing those words my cock stood straight up!! He was still holding my toes as I somewhat egged him on. He was reading me so well and without warning he pulled me to the floor and snatched his belt off his pants while pulling my hands behind my back securing me. He ran to the bed room and grabbed another belt looping it around my ankles and hog tieing me!!!

'You are in for it now ' he said as he began stroking my bare feet and then to my surprise his tongue went between my toes and up and down my soles. I thought I was going to cum right then. It was the most erotic thing that had ever happened.

He never left my feet which surprised me as it was obvious I was digging the whole scene. I was sweating from the torture and could not wait to see what else he had in mind. He untied me and confessed he had always wonted to 'play' with my feet.

I ended up crashing on the couch wondering what we would do next time. We agreed to see each other the following Saturday as I thought continually about him fucking me.

I arrived that Saturday night and to my surprise he was very cocky and playing the alpha male role.. 'take your shoes and socks and lay back he ordered. He sat down on the floor as I did what he said and waved a bottle of red nail polish in front of me... 'This is going to look cute he said' as he proceeded to pant my toe nails RED!!

I was so horny watching him as it was so sexy. 'there now..look at that' He said from now on I was always to be barefooted in his house..what a turn on it was being bossed around.

he climbed back on the couch and since my nails were dry I started stroking his cock with my feet through his pants..He was as hard as me. I'd never done anything like this but his man hood under his pants was driving me wild. I slowly unzipped his pants and pulled his under ware and pants down and started stroking his dick with my long red toes.

He was in heaven as I jacked him back and forth. His cock was beautiful and he moaned out loud as I

slowly teased him. My toes were a perfect fit around his shaft..

His feet were in plain view as I reached down and stroked them. His toes were long and well formed and I whispered that I'd like to pant his to. He said no way that I was the bitch lol some what.

I pulled my shirt off as he looked at me very intensely 'you sure your ok with all this' he asked.. I finished stripping my clothes off and 'Oh yes' as put my mouth over his cock and gave my first of many blow jobs...I loved the feel of his manhood in my mouth.

I sucked him to the point of him blowing his wad but I was ready to lose my cherry. He rolled me over as I saw him grab a jar of lubricant and soon his cock was greased and in one simple motion his cock slid in my tight ass hole. I felt nothing but pleasure as he picked up the pace. His cock was big and I loved every second of him fucking my ass.

I stroked my cock as the orgasm was building up between both of us...I felt him swell up as his condom coverd cock was filled to the brim with his cum as I came all over the floor....

I don't know what happened to me but I love him fucking me..we have separate lives and he is the only guy I've done this with but we have explored each others sexual fantasies and it is the best thing that has ever happened to me.

I love his cock in my ass but he had some fun of his own just the other night.. He stripped me naked tied me and TICKLED me for hours. My cock was hard as rock and to my surprise he slid a rubber over my dick , climbed on top and shoved my cock up his ass...!!! What a climax I felt...

So I get weekly pedicures from him as he paints my toenails every other week and I love seeing them painted red..

We have sex no less then 4 times a month

and the intensity is always there. As I type I'm thinking of our plans tonight...I can't wait to feel his cock up my ass..FOR HOURS AND HOURS....

His latest thing is his new violet wand...till your tied up and this thing is shocking your toes to your cock your haven't lived..

Not to mention he just fisted me for the first time!!! that will be in the next chapter!

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