The equipment in the hotel fitness center wasn't quite what Jay was used to in his own gym at home, but it was more than adequate. As he was working out, he noticed a slightly older, but handsome, man staring at him. He tried to ignore him, but the man walked over, smiled, and introduced himself as Bob. He asked Jay if he would be willing to spot him on the bench press, and he seemed friendly enough, so Jay agreed. Bob lay down on the bench with Jay leaning over him, ready to catch the bar if necessary. Bob did 10 reps and asked Jay if he wanted to take a turn. Jay agreed, and Bob asked if Jay wanted to change the weights. Jay added up the weights from the barbells and the bar and knew that he could easily handle it. He decided not to push it, though, since his body was still adjusting from the flight and the jet lag. He easily managed the 10 reps.

'More?' asked Bob.

'OK,' said Jay, realizing that this exercise was quickly turning into a competition.

Bob added 5 pounds to each end of the bar. He again did 10 reps, but this time, it seemed to Jay that Bob's eyes were focused on his crotch instead of the bar.

'Your turn,' said Bob, not waiting to see if Jay wanted to press on.

Jay again did 10 reps with no difficulty.

'Damn. You're good,' Bob remarked. 'Let's see just how good you really are. He added 10 pounds to each end of the bar. Once he got in position, he took a deep breath and licked his lips. Was he preparing himself mentally, or was he just salivating at the sight of Jay's crotch once again. On the last three reps, he panted and gritted his teeth, but he managed to hit his target.

'OK, sport. Let's see whatchya got.'

The word sport stopped Jay dead in his tracks. That was one of the nicknames that Rick used to call him. God, he missed Rick.

'Are you OK, man? Is something wrong?'

'Uh, no, no. Everything's fine. I just had a flashback for a moment there, but everything's cool. Are you ready for me to kick your ass?'

Bob laughed and questioned Jay with his eyes. Jay added 10 more pounds to each end of the bar. 'Whoa! You are a cocky sonofabitch, aren't ya?'

'It ain't cockiness if you've got the balls,' quipped Jay.

'Touche, dude.'

Jay, too, panted and gritted his teeth on the last three reps. 'One more,' called Jay. When he got the bar about half way up, it seemed that he couldn't go any further, but Bob urged him on.

'Push. Push. Push, dammit! What are you, a pussy or a man? I thought you said you had the balls for this.'

That did it. Jay pushed with every muscle he had. He thought he would break apart, but he did it. He finished the 11th rep. Bob helped him lower the bar so that he would not drop it on his chest, and as he did so, he squatted closer to the bench and lowered his crotch closer to Jay's face. The motion caused Bob's gym shorts to tighten against his body and highlight a well-defined crotch.

'Well, you said you had the balls, and I guess you do,' said Bob admiringly. 'I don't know about you, but I'm ready to hit the hot tub and the sauna. Wanna join me?'

Jay didn't mention that he had a Jacuzzi in his suite. 'That sounds great, but I left my swim suit in my room.'

'Oh, you won't need it. The spa has separate facilities for men and women. We can shower in the locker room, grab some towels, and head straight for the hot tub.'

'OK. Let's go.'

In the shower, Jay again noticed Bob trying discreetly to check out his package. In the hot tub, Jay learned that Bob worked for the company that operates the hotel spas. Even though the health clubs are located in four-star hotels around the world, they are owned and operated by a separate company. 'I'm in charge of customer satisfaction,' explained Bob. 'My job is to travel around to all of our facilities and make sure that our customers and clients are satisfied with our services.'

'Well, I've only been here once,' said Jay, 'but I'm more than satisfied so far.'

'Great! Glad to hear it,' said Bob. 'How long are you staying?'

'Just a couple of more days.'

'Well, I certainly hope that we can do more to satisfy you during that time,' said Bob with a devilish grin. 'Are you ready to get all sweaty?'

'Huh?' asked Jay.

'In the sauna.'

'Oh! Yeah, right. The sauna. Uh, sure. Lead the way.'

On entering the sauna, Bob removed the towel that he had wrapped around his waist and spread it out on one of the upper tiers. He then lay down stark naked on the towel. When in Rome... Jay spread his towel on the lower tier. With the two men facing each other, Bob could look down and get a clear view of Jay in all of his sweaty glory.

Back in the shower, Bob asked Jay if he would like to come up to his room for a drink. Jay thanked him for the invitation but explained that he had to prepare for a presentation he would be making that evening. Bob looked disappointed until Jay asked for a rain check. Bob smiled, and they parted ways.

As he was about to exit the health club, Jay noticed a sign advertising massages. A massage. That's exactly what I need. He inquired at the desk and was informed that the masseur had just had a cancellation and could take him right away.

'I'll buzz you in at that door,' said the attendant, pointing the way, 'and let Tank know that you are waiting.'


'You can go ahead and start removing your clothes if you like. He'll be with you shortly.'

Jay had gotten down to his underwear when he heard a door open. When he turned around, he was stunned at the sight of Tank. He was a true bodybuilder'muscles on top of muscles. He looked like he could crush Jay with one hand. Jay struggled to contain his reaction, but apparently Tank was used to it.

'Don't let my appearance concern you,' he said. 'I may be big, but I know when to be rough and when to be gentle. I'll take very good care of you, and when I'm done with you, you'll feel like a new man.'

Tank instructed Jay to hop up on the table and lie down on his stomach.

'Should I remove my underwear or not?' asked Jay.

'Whatever makes you comfortable,' said Tank. 'Some guys leave em on, some guys take em off. Makes no diff'rence to me.'

Jay removed his underwear and got up on the table face down.

Tank asked about Jay's work and what brought him to Chicago. Jay asked about Tank's bodybuilding. The walls were covered with pictures of Tank posing in Speedos with ribbons and medals around his neck and huge trophies in his arms. The man obviously took his bodybuilding very seriously. Tank ribbed Jay like guys do when he learned that Jay had two beautiful Swedish women sharing his suite.

'It's not like that,' Jay tried to explain.

'Yeah, right! A good-looking guy like you? But two of them? You could at least leave some for the rest of us.'

'Well, you don't look like you'd have any trouble getting a date,' Jay shot back.

'Yeah, I guess you could say I get my share.' The two men went on to joke about their conquests, exaggerating as guys always do.

'Oh, man. You're all tied up in knots,' said Tank, as he massaged Jay's neck and shoulders. 'Lots of stress?'

'Yeah, I guess.'

'Well, don't you worry about a thing. If them two Swedish babes don't take care of it, ol' Tank will.'

Tank rubbed warm oil onto his hands and kneaded the knots out of Jay's neck, shoulders, arms, back, and buttocks. When his fingers rubbed against Jay's balls, Jay flinched.

'Sorry. Did I hurt you?'

'Uh, no,' Jay stammered.

Tank took Jay's response as permission to proceed. He reached underneath and gently caressed Jay's balls. Jay moaned, and Tank grinned. Tank rubbed oil all over Jay's buns and ventured further. He spread Jay's ass cheeks and rubbed his fingers all the way down to Jay's asshole. Jay tensed up.

'Oh, man. You really are uptight. Relax. Let yourself go.'

Jay tried to relax, but when he felt the tip of Tank's thumb piercing his asshole, he tensed up again. Tank backed off and went to work on Jay's legs and feet.

'Let me ask you something,' said Jay. 'Do you know a guy named Bob who works for the company that operates these health clubs?'

'Oh, sure. He comes around about every three months or so. Always gets a massage when he's here.'

When Tank learned that Jay and Bob had just worked out together and relaxed in the sauna, he added, 'I'm surprised he didn't hit on you.'

'Is he gay?' asked Jay.

'Gay, straight, bi, I dunno. I think he's just constantly horny. Always looking for some place to park his pecker.' Tank finished massaging Jay's back and instructed him to roll over.

'Uh, this is kind of embarrassing,' said Jay, still on his stomach.

'Oh, that. Don't sweat it, man. Happens all the time. I'm used to it.'

Sheepishly, Jay rolled over to reveal his raging hard-on.

'Wow!' exclaimed Tank. 'I see lots of those in my line of work, but I gotta tell ya, man. That's a beaut! It's no wonder you got Bob AND two Swedish babes hitting on you. I should give you one of my medals.'

Jay turned beet red, but he was flattered.

'Ya know, with your looks and that dick, you could be a porn star.'

Jay choked on the thought.

'No, really. You could make a lot of money in porn.' (Tank did not stop to consider that if Jay was staying in the executive suite, he must already have lots of money.) 'Of course, gay porn pays a lot better than straight porn. That's why a lot of straight guys do gay porn'for the money.'

'Did you learn this from your clients?'

'Nah. I made a few flicks myself when I lived in California.'

'You were a porn actor?'

'Sure. Can you think of anything better than having sex and getting paid for it?'

'Straight or gay?'

'I started with straight porn, but when I learned about the money, I branched out.'

'Are you still?'

'Nah. My girlfriend got real pissed about it, so I gave it up. Then, wouldn't you know it, she left me for one of my gym buddies a couple of months later. Turns out he'd been bangin' her all along, and I didn't have a clue. I still get calls from the studios from time to time, but right now I just wanna focus on my bodybuilding competitions. This is my year to become Mr. America; I just know it!'

'From what I can see, you've got it in the bag.'

'Thanks, man. Too bad you're not one of the judges.'

By this point in the conversation, Tank had massaged his way up from Jay's feet to his thighs. Jay's stiff cock had never gone down, and when Tank's arm brushed up against it, Jay felt an electric shock that coursed through his entire body. His dick twitched noticeably. Tank just looked at him and smiled. 'Relax,' he said softly'almost seductively. After Tank brushed against him several more times, it became obvious that this was no accident. 'You know, I can take care of that for you if you want,' he said, with his hand now firmly wrapped around the shaft. 'No extra charge.'

'No, that's not... Ah! Oh, God!'

Tank had not waited for permission. He had already coated the dick with oil and begun rubbing it between both of his experienced hands.

'Oh, shit! Fuck!' screamed Jay, writhing on the massage table.

'Easy, man. If you fall off the table, you might crack this board in half, and then we'd both be in deep shit.'

Jay tried to laugh, but another sharp jolt set him off. 'Oh, God! Oh, God! Oh, God!'

'If I'm hurting you, just say the word, man, and I'll stop.'

'Oh, shit! You goddam motherfucker! You stop now, and I'll rip your fuckin' balls off, and there goes your bodybuilding career. Aaahhh, gawd!'

'Nah, I think this is hurting too much,' teased Tank. I think I'd better stop.'

But it was too late. Jay shot rope after rope of his hot man-juice all over himself and Tank. Both men got it in the face and in their mouths. Jay also had it all over his chest and stomach. Tank paused long enough to lick his lips and the cum on his hands and to let Jay stop quaking, but then he went back to rubbing Jay's meat.

'Argh!' Jay screamed at the top of his lungs, nearly jumping out of his skin. Tank was taking advantage of his ultra-sensitive state to torture him. Jay gripped the edges of the table to keep from flying into orbit, but when Tank rubbed his tender corona again, Jay clamped down on his wrists so tightly that Tank had to release the purple-headed yogurt slinger or risk having his hands amputated.

'See, I told you ol' Tank would take care of you. And I'll bet you've still got plenty more for them blondes you got up in your room'although that was quite a load you shot there. And a tasty one at that,' he added as he scooped up some of Jay's baby puddding with his finger and slurped it down.

Jay started to get up from the table, but Tank gently pushed him back down. 'Whoa, dude. What's your hurry. We ain't done yet.'

'You may not be finished, but I think I'm done for.'

'Unh, unh. You wouldn't deprive me of the chance to get my hands on those husky pecs of yours, would you?'

'I guess not,' smiled Jay.

As the hulk continued to massage Jay's torso, the two men talked'mostly about Tank's bodybuilding and movie career.

'Tell me,' said Jay, changing the subject. 'Does Bob ever get your special massage?'

'Are you kidding? Bob gets the Deluxe Package.'

'Deluxe Package?'

'Yeah, like I said before, Bob is always lookin' for some place to poke his pecker.'

'Oh! And that's OK with you?'

'Well, Bob is the boss. His job is to keep the customers happy, and my job is to keep the boss happy. Besides, Bob can really be a lot of fun. 'Damn! If you ain't as bad as Bob!' exclaimed Tank, looking down to see that Jay had sprouted another hard on. 'It's a good thing I don't have another client waiting.'

'No, please, you don't have to... Oh, God! Shit!' Once again, Jay was too late. Tank had already pounced on Jay's meat, only this time he had swallowed it down his throat. Once Tank had Jay at his mercy, he pulled back from his cock and leaned into his face. 'How bout the Deluxe Package, stud?'

'Deluxe? Uh, I dunno. I've never...'

'Ah, c'mon. I know you've fucked tons of chicks, and I bet you've fucked more than a few of em in the ass.'

'Yeah, but...'

'A hole's a hole, dude, and mine's just beggin' for some attention.' When Tank saw that Jay remained unconvinced, he pinned him to the table and leaned right into his face. He panted, 'You're so fuckin' hot, man, I can't stand it. I've been wantin' that beast of yours deep inside of me from the moment I first laid eyes on it. If you don't get up from this table right now and fuck my brains out, I'm gonna hop up there and rape your gorgeous ass.'

Jay was sure that the muscle man would not actually rape him, but he also could not dismiss the desperation in his voice and in his eyes. He had wanted to experience man sex with Rick, but that was not to be. His conscience told him that he should laugh away Tank's advances, but the hot breath in his face and the prospect of dominating the mammoth hunk had set his testosterone aboiling. With his hands firmly planted on Tank's chest, Jay pushed as forcefully as he could. 'Get off of me, bitch, and spread your fuckin' legs. I'm gonna rip your sorry ass apart.'

Jay hopped off the table. Tank spread his legs as he had been commanded and leaned forward with his elbows on the table, but Jay grabbed his hair and pulled his head back. Jay got right into Tank's face and snarled, 'You want my dick?'


'Yes, what?' Jay shouted.

'Yes, sir,' Tank whimpered.

'That's better. Now, take off your fuckin' shirt.'

Tank complied, but when he went to remove his pants as well, Jay slammed him forward and pressed his face against the mat. 'You do only what I tell you to do and nothing more! Got it, dickhead?'

'Yes, sir.'

Jay marveled at the muscles in Tank's back and the thickness of his arms. He rubbed both sensually. Then, he reached between Tank's legs and fondled his balls. They felt huge. He leaned forward against Tank's warm body. He reached underneath and clenched his enormous, solid pecs and pinched his erect nipples. He slid his hands down and reached inside his pants to grab his thick cock, which was already hard as a rock. He squeezed it tightly and yanked on it several times to let Tank know who was in control. Only then did he pull down Tank's pants to reveal his body in all of its naked glory.

'You've been a naughty boy today, haven't you, Tank?' Whack! Jay slapped his butt cheek.

'Ow! No, sir, I...'

Whack (to the other cheek)! 'Don't lie to me, boy. You think I don't know what you did?' Whack! 'I guess I'm just gonna have to teach you a lesson.' Whack!

With that, Jay grabbed the bottle of oil that Tank had used to rub down his body. He rubbed some onto his hands and poked one finger into Tank's asshole. He inserted a second finger and then a third. With each probe, Tank flinched, and Jay slapped him. Whack! Whack! Whack!

Jay poured oil all over Tank's back. He rubbed it in and reached around and rubbed some on his chest and stomach. He twisted his hand around the sensitive head of Tank's cock, and Tank screamed at the sensation that is both pleasure and pain. Jay squeezed his balls and slapped his ass. Whack!

Jay could not understand what had come over him. He had never even imagined that he could behave this way before. Of course, he would never really hurt anybody, but he finally understood why Rick had enjoyed such rituals.

Jay poured more oil over Tank's tailbone and spread his ass cheeks so that the oil could seep down to his asshole. He rubbed his cock and balls up and down the slit and squeezed the cheeks together like a hot dog in a bun, pumping Tank's shaft at the same time. The two men moaned in unison, and Jay relished sharing the moment with the muscle stud beneath him.

Jay leaned against Tank's slimy body again, grabbed his hair, pulled his head back, and spoke breathily, but domineeringly, into Tank's ear. 'You want my cock, don't you, cocksucker?'

'Oh, yes! Please, sir!'

Jay licked the back of Tank's neck and around his ear. 'You want it bad, don't you, fag?'

'Oh, God. Yes, sir. Fuck me now. Please, please, I can't wait any longer. Fuck me now! Please! Please fuck me!'

Jay bit down on Tank's ear and pinched his nipples. Tank screamed. Jay slapped his ass cheeks and then spread them wide. 'All right, motherfucker. You asked for it.' He took aim and rammed his pile-driver up Tank's ass in one savage thrust. Tank screamed in pain as Jay knew he would, but he didn't care. He had to show him who was the boss. Once inside, though, he did pause'partly to give Tank a chance to adjust and partly to soak up the sounds of his conquest over the much larger man. Jay leaned forward again and whispered sinisterly into Tank's ear, 'You asked for it, bitch. You got it.'

Sheer joy came over Jay as he fucked a man for the first time in his life. He wanted to experience it in all of its dimensions. At times, he glided slowly in and out, savoring each second. At other times, he fucked like a con who had just been released from six months of solitary confinement. His sexual gratification was enhanced by the feel of Tank's throbbing meat in his oily palm.

He struck Tank's prostate, and Tank shrieked with delight. 'Oh, God! Yes! Aaah! Aaah!'

'You like that, huh, bitch?'

'Oh, yeah! Shit, man! Fuck! I'm gonna cum!'

'The hell you are!' barked Jay, pulling out his pole and slapping Tank's ass. Whack! Whack! He squeezed Tank's nuts, not enough to really hurt but enough to let Tank know who was in charge.

'No, please. Don't stop!'

Jay squeezed harder. 'Ow!'

'You'll cum when I tell you to, dammit, and not a fuckin' second before! Now, roll over, cunt.'

With Tank on his back, Jay got his first look at Tank's naked chest, abs, and crotch. He gasped at the sight of the man: a chest at least 54' around, massive pecs that Jay couldn't wait to get his claws on, eight-pack abs, huge low-hanging balls, and a mouthwatering dick that probably measured no more than 8' long but was as thick as a beer can.

Jay dove for Tank's pecs, clawing at the muscles and sucking on the nips. He rubbed his face against the oily chest and abs. He sank the stiff cock in his mouth as deep as he could and relished the feel of the monster in his oral cavity. He stuffed several towels under Tank's lower back and buttocks. 'Lift up your legs and put them over my shoulders.' It was not enough for Jay simply to fuck Tank; he wanted to watch his face contort and his chest heave in response.

Jay entered Tank again. This time he started out more slowly, but once he realized that he could press his dick deeper from the new angle, he picked up steam and pumped harder and harder. He could feel his balls slapping against Tank's ass. When Tank gasped hardily, and threw his head back, Jay knew that he had once again struck the prostate. As he fucked, Jay stroked Tank's shaft, but Tank was so horny, he surely would have cum anyway. And cum he did! He shot rope after rope of joy juice all over Jay as well as himself. He trumpeted and writhed like a speared elephant. The contractions of Tank's ass muscles around Jay's cock caused him to blast off as well. He shot his load deep inside of the wounded mammoth. Now it was Jay's turn to quake uncontrollably. He gripped the sides of the table to keep from flying off'or being thrown off. When he could take no more and had no more to give, he collapsed onto Tank's solid frame lest he black out. He imagined for one brief moment that he might die, but he didn't care because he had just experienced heaven.

Jay lay on top of his new lover for a good 10 minutes. When he finally got up, Tank washed him up, and they both got dressed. As Jay approached the exit, Tank grabbed his arm, spun him around, pinned him to the wall, and rammed his agitating tongue deep into Jay's mouth. Jay had never been kissed so aggressively before. His knees shook, and he wondered again if he might pass out. When Tank finally let Jay come up for air, he pierced his soul with his ebony eyes. 'Next time,' spoke Tank in a whisper made of steel, 'I call the shots.' The prospect excited and frightened Jay at the same time'each emotion fueling the other.

[Author's note: This story is excerpted from 'Contradictions,' 17 chapters that span 12 years in the life of Jay Sherwood. The first chapter can be found here at Gaydemon under the category of voyeurism. The full story can be found at It was posted 7/17/08 under the categories of Bisexual/Beginnings.]


Brock Archer


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