I met Joe at Steve's house. Steve lives near the beach in a small one bedroom with a sling. Every weekend Steve finds two or three guys to play at his place. I go when I can and always have fun. I don't make a habit of Steve's 'cause I don't want it to get boring. When I walked in this hot man, Joe, in leather chaps and harness was working the hole of a hot Latin boy. Well we played hard that night and Joe and I traded numbers.

It took weeks to connect, but we finally arranged to go to a house party together. Joe had been to this guy's parties before and assured me it was my kind of ffun. First I went to Joe's for a little pre-party play. Bonus, we kissed and talked and fisted.

Then we took the top down and drove to Dave's house party.

Joe didn't ring the bell or knock; we just walked right in. In the greatroom there was four or five leathermen chatting. Joe knew them all. One very cute guy took me by the arm and showed me where I could change. While I bent down to take off my pants my guide stroked my ass. I turned to see him smiling. "Can I be the one to open you up?" he asked. 'Too late' I thought, but just smiled and grinned. I finished putting on my chaps and let this guy, I never asked his name, lead me to a room with a sling.

There were three guys playing on a rubber matt on the floor; a three way fisting. I climbed in the sling, popped open my poppers and opened my legs wide. It didn't take long for this guy to realize my ass was very open. He laughed and said if he couldn't open me then he was going to go further then whoever got there before him. I inhaled deep to get ready for more.

This man was not only cute but a great top. I have long had a theory that the better looking the top the worse he is at fisting.wrong. This guy and Joe destroyed my hypothesis as well as my ass! I was lost in the sensations he was giving my hole. He just worked slowly and effortlessly. A gentle exploration of my insides. Just when I would get used to one sensation he would start something new. A wall massage. In and out. Twisting. I have no idea how long he had me going - I was in heaven. At one point I noticed that there were several others playing in the room now.

Joe was on the table next to the sling getting his hole played in. With a very large hand in his ass on all fours, Joe leaned into me in the sling and started kissing me deep. Deep being the key word at both ends. While kissing me I realized I felt more full then ever before. I looked up for the first time and saw the reflection in the mirror. I smiled and let out a deep sigh. This man was just inches from elbow in my ass. A first. I have always been a slut for wide fisting but a weenie when it came to depth.

I told Joe I had never taken so much. He smiled. "The night is young stud. We'll see what you can do."

Out of politeness I gave up the sling. I would hate to be not asked back because I was a sling hog. Joe started working on the guy that had been fisting him. I walked back toward the greatroom. There seemed to be more action going on in the family room. Sure enough the family room had a portable sling and rubber covered couches. I recognized a guy from another play party.

Young kid with a hot hole. We started working each other's nipples and making out. When the sling became available he begged me to fist him. I readily obliged.

This was a hot young guy. Almost hairless (naturally not waxed like me), tight body, great tan, a definite hottie. As I gloved up and began to pack his hole with Crisco he winked at me and said that there was enough Crisco up there to open a KFC.

I got the gloves covered and found out for myself, his hole definitely was looser then the last time I had been in it. I was glad, I could spend more time exploring this way. I tried to do to him what had been done to me earlier. I learned a few tricks in the sling earlier and was anxious to use all of them on this boy. After about 10 minutes I pulled out to give his hole a 2 minute break. The kid leaned forward and asked if I had ever gotten both hands in an ass. Subtle.

Well, with another application of Crisco and a few hits of poppers for him, I started to really stretch this hole. I used the fingers of both hands to pull the sides open. I traded hands in and out to get the ring as loose as I could. It was really getting sloppy and the kid seemed to be happy with the progress.

I instructed him to take a deep hit. He counted to five and on his exhale I pushed with both hands.

Unfortunately, it felt like a brick wall. I was afraid it wasn't going to happen when he moaned, his hole slackened and both hands just sunk in to the wrist.

I didn't move. He didn't move. We just stayed like this. I instructed him to take another hit. He did. I started to play around in his hole. He squirmed and moaned and had the biggest sex smile I have ever seen. I started a gentle fuck - barely moving but just enough to rock the sling. That was it. He started to gasp and swear and without a single finger on his dick he explode. There was cum all over my face. As the last mini eruption came out so did my hands.

The boy didn't move. He seemed lifeless. I cleaned him up and helped him out of the sling. He kissed me and told me how incredible that was and how happy he was to have done it and how much he wanted it again after he recovered.

Joe had been in the room watching. He came up behind me and poked my hole with his hard cock. I laughed and asked what got him so hard. He told me that he saw the hot double fuck and really wanted to do it to me. I agreed but made him promise to be rougher. He liked that idea.

I got in the sling, more Crisco added. Someone gave Joe a frozen Crisco ball and Joe inserted it and pushed it deep. I could feel it causing my insides to tighten a bit. But the gentle rocking of Joes talented hands got me relaxed as fast as the Crisco had gone in.

He was giving me the fisting of my life. For what seemed like eternity he would push one fist in, take it out, the other . in and out and in and out. I was in ecstasy and was not able to control my body. A big leather guy watching came up behind me and held me into the sling. Joe fisted me relentlessly. It was like a fuck machine. Somewhere during the fisting he stopped coning his fingers and was going in fist first. As he pulled out he would make sure to catch the rim a bit so that I could feel it even more.

I was speaking incoherently alternately begging him for more and begging for him to stop. Just when I thought I couldn't take it anymore I was fed more poppers by the big guy. Joe continued. The punch fucking started a tingle throughout my body. It was wild. A sensation I had never felt. He was really pounding now. People were gathered to watch and cheer. Finally someone said, "I can't believe it, that is the hottest double fist fuck I have ever seen."

I caught Joe's eye and he gave me a wicked grin. He was double punch fucking me and I was in heaven. He nodded at the boy I had fisted and the kid started to suck me, the leatherman started to work my tits hard and Joe pounded my ass. In seconds I came with a roar.

I saw a couple flashes and the host ginned as he put away his camera. This was on permanent record. It took two bottles of Gatorade and 10 minutes of fresh air to recover. Oddly I wanted to jump back in. The host joined Joe and I outside and dropped to his knees. As Joe and I kissed we were each gently fisted from below. It was slow, sweet and very hot.

Since then Joe and I have fisted regularly. We tried a romantic thing but that hasn't clicked, but the hole play is the greatest.

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