We all stacked up the frequent flyer miles, burnt ourselves out, succeeded beyond our wildest dreams in completing the project, and sucked up kudos and bonuses and, thankfully, some time off. Then the three of us sat in my office and stared at each other, ties loose, sipping bourbon out of coffee mugs. We'd been working together almost around the clock for so long, there was an invisible rope tied around us. I stared at Sean and Scott, and they stared at me. In silence. Finally, Scott said 'My family has a mountain cabin. Fishing is great up there. Relaxing. Very relaxing.' We were packed and on the way out of town in a matter of hours.

The cabin was incredible, real logs, huge stone hearth, at the end of a dirt road...and of course, right next to a lake. A rustic Nirvana. We unloaded the car, popped open some beers, and went exploring. We ended up on the banks of the lake, sipping, relaxing, idly chatting. Scott stood up and started to take off his clothes. I looked up at him, shielding my eyes from the sun. 'Whatcha doin' there, Scott?' I asked, just as I discovered Scott wore silk bikini underwear. 'Going swimming,' he said with relish, just as I discovered he had a really big, beautiful cock. He walked to the edge of the lake and kept going. I almost got sad as his tight ass disappeared under the water. My cock was hard, and I didn't know where to look. I looked at Sean, who was massaging the lump in the front of his pants as he watched Scott swim. He looked at me and grinned. 'C'mon, Dan,' he said. 'You didn't really think we came up here to kill fish, did you?' We were stripped and in the water in seconds.

The lake was the purest, clearest water I've ever had on my skin, and I think I would have cum from that alone. The sun sparkled on the surface like diamonds. Fish destined to live another day swam up and examined us. We floated around and examined each other. The stress had gone from their faces, and I hoped I looked as young as they did. I'd suspected they were gay, but the subject had never come up, and I didn't' want to drop a brick if I was wrong. Our working relationship was too great to risk fucking up. We kept floating, kept staring, until Scott came flying up out of the water and landed on me, dragging me under. I had just enough time to fill my lungs with air as I went down to the sandy bottom. I opened my eyes and looked at him. Bubbles flowed from his grin, and his hand tightened around my cock. He stroked it a couple of times, then took off. My head broke the surface just in time to see Scott drag Sean under. Judging from the expression on Sean's face when he popped back up, he'd had a cock stroking, too. Scott floated back to the edge of the lake and walked on his elbows until his hard cock peaked out of the water. 'So,' he said. 'Which one of you do I suck first?'

Sean and I had a brief and lively discussion, then decided that, in the spirit of friendship and compromise, we'd put the teasing little bastard on his knees, stand in front of him and he'd suck us in rotation. He grasped both cocks, then started to suck, moving his mouth back and forth between us as we stood and watched. Sean and I rubbed each other's asses, then moved our faces together. We exchanged tongues and Scott made an approving noise. He made this noise with his mouth against the head of my cock, and the vibrations caused me to ooze. My oozing caused Scott to gobble my cock almost down his throat. The gobbling caused me to shoot cum into him. I let out a howl that frightened the woodland creatures. Sean eased me to a sitting position. I lay back and watched Sean plant his feet, grin down at Scott and say 'suck it, bitch.'

Scott sucked him for all he was worth, taking him deep, holding onto his hips for leverage as he bobbed his head faster and faster. Sean's brief moment of dominance disappeared. I got up, stood behind Sean and held onto him as Scott's skilled mouth sucked out every drop of cum he had. Sean's orgasm was too intense for him to continue standing, and it took both Scott and me to prevent him from drowning. 'Damn,' Sean said about five minutes later. He recuperated, and we both put our mouths on Scott, licking up the sides of his cock at the same time. Each time we got to the head we'd slide our tongues all around it, then put them into each other's mouths. Scott loved watching us kiss. Sean took his precum with his tongue and fed it to me. I sucked it noisily and Scott groaned. We kept up the two mouth treatment, feeling Scott's cock swell and start to throb. Sean grabbed the shaft with his hand, put his face next to mine, and made him cum in both our mouths. It took Scott seven minutes to say 'Damn.'

We swam some more, then went back up to the cabin. We stayed naked, feeling a hedonistic thrill at the sight and touch of each other's bodies. We couldn't keep our hands off each other, and didn't even try to. We cooked dinner and ate it while sitting on the floor in front of the fireplace. We fed each other with our fingers, and held wine glasses to each others lips. It was totally sensuous and erotic. We lay back after dinner and stroked our own hard cocks.

Scott got up at one point, and walked out of the room, his hardon bouncing in front of him. He came back with a tube of lubricant, sat and tapped it against the palm of his hand. His eyes gleamed. He tossed the tube at me, then stretched out and rolled over. I ran my hand over his silky, firm ass. Sean bent his head and kissed it. I watched his wet pink tongue flick all over that luscious ass. I pulled Scott's ass cheeks apart gently, so that Sean could tongue fuck the hole. Sean held Scott's cheeks apart for me. I thrust my tongue in deep. Scott started to wiggle and gasp.

Sean held out his index finger for me. I sucked it, then got it all slippery. I watched it disappear up Scott's ass, stroking myself. Sean finger fucked him with one finger, then motioned for my hand. He lubricated my index finger, and I slid mine in next to his. We worked in rhythm, both pulling out and pushing back in. When our fingers were deep in his ass, we wiggled them hard. Scott groaned.

I sucked Sean's cock, then got it nice and slippery and guided it to the crack of Scott's ass. I rubbed it up and down the crack, then spread his cheeks with one hand and guided the swollen purple cock into the tight hole. It was incredible watching the pure white ass take the dark shaft completely inside. 'Fuck him, Sean,' I whispered. 'Fuck him hard.' Sean, obliging sort that he is, fucked the hell out of him. I watched him pump, fast and hard, his cock sliding in and out, his balls swinging. It was incredible. I thought I could cum from just watching. Sean gave one final thrust and held it in as he shuddered violently. 'Damn, damn, damn,' he whispered, then fell to the side. He looked at me and grinned. 'Go for it,' he said.

I put my hands on Scott's hips and yanked him up to his hands and knees, then plunged my rod into his cum filled ass. I felt hot and nasty as my cock was coated with Sean's cum, the tight ring making a sucking sound as I fucked it. My fingers bit into Scott and I pumped as hard as I could. The feeling was incredible, made even more intense by Sean's intent gaze inches from Scott's ass. My cock started to throb and swell, and I concentrated, trying to hold off my orgasm for as long as possible. I had never felt so completely decadent, fucking the hell out of Scott's cum filled ass as Sean watched. When I finally couldn't hold it any longer, I pulled my cock out and laid it across Scott's ass, letting Sean watch my cum pump out all over Scott's back. He dove forward and licked it all up. I think I briefly lost consciousness.

When I got my shit back together, Sean was grinning like an idiot and had a basket in his hand. 'What...doing?' I managed to say. Sean held up a cucumber. 'Fucking with food,' he said grinning. I raised my head and managed to put a question mark on my face. The question was answered when Scott stuck his ass up in the air and Sean knelt behind him...and inserted the cucumber in his ass and fucked him with it. I watched fascinated as Sean's hand pumped faster and faster. Scott was wild-eyed, begging for it deeper and harder. In rapid succession, Sean fucked Scott's ass with another cucumber, a banana, a zucchini. Then he handed me an ear of corn and grinned. 'Play with him for a while,' he said, and got up and left the room. I looked at Scott, whose eyes seemed to be rolling around in his head at this point. 'Do it,' he gasped. 'Fuck my ass with the corn.' OK, I thought, and slid the corn into his ass. The bumpy kernels gave it a nice resistance and extra sensation. Scott was out of his mind.

Sean came back with a pot in his hand. I looked up at him, and he grinned. 'Mashed yams,' he said, and dropped to a sitting position on the floor. He slid the pot under Scott's cock. I looked, and saw Scott thrust his rod into the warm, soft vegetable. 'Son of a bitch,' I said, my hand still pumping the corn into his ass. He fucked the yams as I fucked his ass with the corn...then came so big I really thought we'd killed him. He lay on the floor and twitched. I looked at him, then looked at Sean. He grinned, then shrugged. 'Call it a food fetish,' he said.

We spent the rest of our week's vacation fucking each other mindless, and fulfilling every one of our own particular weird quirks. We happily did things that made the mashed yams look kind of traditional. We never did go fishing.


Morgan Grayson

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