"Open your eyes" Maxxie coaxed, lifting his hand onto his lovers' cheek and stroking it with his thumb. "You don't have to be afraid, I won't hurt you." Harry opened his eyes slowly, his breathing fast and his pulse rushing. Maxxie smiled at him encouragingly, his blue eyes were calm and loving as he gazed at his lover. He leaned in slowly towards Harry's lips, tilting his head slightly but keeping his eyes half open to see Harry's response.

Harry felt the soft press of his lover's lips and relaxed, letting him slip his tongue into mouth. He moaned involuntarily as he felt the other boys tongue trace a line along his teeth and flick lightly across his own. Maxxie reached up under Harry's t-shirt and slid his hands up the boys' hairless stomach. He traced his hands to his back where he held him in place as he continued to kiss him; Harry was beginning to relax now as he melted into his lovers' arms.

Maxxie pulled away and smiled at the young boy in front of him. Harry had dark hair, it was thick and seemed like it was flying around in the wind, even when there wasn't any. His fringe draped down part way across his dark green eyes, and his lips were full and light pink. Maxxie was the opposite of his lover, as he had shocking blond hair and blue eyes with a square jaw and a muscular physique which gave away his talent at sport and fondness for the gym. Harry, however had a nice swimmers build, not rippled with muscle but toned and firm. While Maxxie stood at around 6'4 Harry stood shorter at 5'10, and while Maxxie was outgoing and loud, Harry was shy and withdrawn. They were an odd couple.

Maxxie lifted up Harry's arms as he removed his T-shirt, smiling fondly as Harry shivered with both cold and nervousness. It was not that harry had not had sex before, it was that his first time had been painful and with someone he did not care for. It had been at a party and the 18 year old had been drunk and unable to put up any kind of resistance when an older boy from his college made a move. Harry had been treated roughly that night and had nursed several mental wounds since. Maxxie and Harry had been dating for a while and though Maxxie had never pushed his lover into doing anything he didn't want to do, harry felt guilty that he could not satisfy him.

It was thus that they now found themselves sat on Maxxie's bed both with their t-shirts removed and kissing each other softly. Maxxie kissed his lovers neck, he moved further down to the boys nipples, licking and kissing them gently. Harry moaned as Maxxie proceeded to kiss down his stomach. Maxxie pushed him back down onto the bed and licked down to around his white boxers. He could feel the bulge emerging in the boys' cargo shorts and gently placed his hand onto hit, rubbing through the thin fabric.

He undid the shorts and, with Harry lifting his bottom off of the bed slightly, he pulled them down to reveal his boxer covered erection. Harry measured around 7" so while not small he did not measure up to Maxxie's 9", which he always felt self-conscious about. Maxxie removed his own pants to reveal his Calvin Klein boxers, resting on his hip bones seductively, not even beginning to hide his enormous boner.

Harry glanced uneasily at the other boys' boxers; all the while Maxxie was carefully sliding off Harrys' only to be greeted by a throbbing penis in his face. Maxxie looked into Harry's eyes and held the base of his cock in his hand, rubbing it gently. "Are you sure you want this babe. I won't make you do anything you don't want to do".

"I want this...I want you" Harry answered, for the first time he had some strength in his gaze and Maxxie knew that this was what he wanted more than anything. He went down on Harry's cock, licking up to the head and then back down to the base. He took it deep into his throat (this wasn't his first time) and repeated his movements safe in the knowledge that Harry was enjoying it. As Harrys moans got louder, Maxxie knew that it was time to stop; he didn't want his lover coming just yet.

"Why d'you stop?" Harrys almost painful expression made Maxxie laugh and he slid back up Harry's body and planted a tender but firm kiss on his lips. He took off his boxers releasing his long, thick penis from its cotton cage, Harry gasped at the sight of it.

"Don't worry it's not that big once inside you, it looks big but I've never had any complaints!"

"I'm not complaining! I just...It's been a while since I...you know...since..." Harry stammered as he remembered that drunken night at the party. He remembered how he had said he didn't want to do anything but how the older boy had just laughed as he struggled. He became more distressed as he remembered the pain he felt when the boy had shoved his dick into his ass in one movement, no lubrication used, just a condom. That was his first and only time with a man and as you would expect he felt scared about doing anything like it again.

"Hey, hey" Maxxie placated his nervous lover, holding his face in his hands "I've already told you, if you don't want to do this, or if you change your mind once we start, I will stop. I won't ever be angry at you if you're not ready. This is supposed to be something special for both of us, and I won't have it any other way!"

Harry felt calmed by his lovers re assuring words and leaned in to kiss him. After a minute or so Maxxie pulled away and reached for a condom and a bottle of KY Jelly. "Lie on your front...here use this pillow under your stomach...that's it." When Harry had lain down in the correct position and he was comfortable, Maxxie coated his finger in the lubricant and gently poked it into the boys' hole. Harry winced at the slightly uncomfortable feeling and gritted his teeth. Once the boy relaxed a little more, Maxxie inserted another finger and began to move it in and out, gently finger fucking him.

"Are you ready?" Maxxie asked once he thought Harry was relaxed enough.

"Yeah...just go slow" Harry replied, finally used to the feeling of his lovers fingers inside him. Maxxie put on the condom and applied more lubricant to the boys hole, then lined up the tip of his head, ready to enter. As Harry felt the pressure from Maxxie's cock at his asshole he tensed automatically already beginning to fight it. "Harry babe, you need to relax, I don't want to hurt you." Harry tried to relax but wasn't very successful, making Maxxie's slow penetration even harder and more painful. As Maxxie got a small way in, Harry gasped in pain, gripping the bed sheets he bit down on his lip, willing himself to take the pain. Maxxie pushed in a little more, but the pain was too extreme for his lover. Harry had tears rolling down his cheeks and he let out a small sob which alerted Maxxie to his discomfort. "Babe I'm nearly in now, it'll be ok in few minutes, you'll get used to it I promise." Harry nodded, holding his breath and willing the pain to ease.

Sure enough as Maxxie's cock was completely inside of Harry, the pain began to ebb away, and Maxxie began to thrust slowly. After a few minutes of this Maxxie was hitting the right spot and Harry was moaning with ecstasy. "How does it feel babe? Does it still hurt?"

"A little but it feels amazing...don't stop!" harry was no longer gripping the bed sheets in agony, rather it was the only thing he could do to stop himself screaming with pleasure. As Maxxie relentlessly hit the boy's prostrate, Harry began to experience a new kind of feeling, and he knew that he was about to come. "Maxxie....Maxxie...I'm going to come!" he shouted at the top of his voice as his cock exploded all over the bed. Maxxie came at the same time and then slumped exhausted on top of his lover.

"That was...un believable!" Maxxie rolled off of Harry, watching the boy as he too recovered. "You ok babe?" he asked a little concerned by his lovers' lack of movement.

"Yeah...I'm...I'm...that was amazing!" He turned round to face Maxxie and beamed up at him, his eyes bright and happier than he had ever been.

That night Harry did not nightmares of the drunken night at the party as he usually did, rather he slept in his lovers strong arms and dreamt of happier things.



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