I loved jacking off and like looking at pictures of hard cock, always watched gay porn stroking my cock forever, like really young, I mean young too! As a preteen almost a teenager, like a few months away, while hitchhiking as a young preteen it seemed that I always was offered a ride from a guy who wanted to suck my cock, so I let them, but never did I try sucking a cock, really never did any of the dudes even ask or have me touch their hard cock while they stroked theirs sucking mine.

But mostly I never even attempted what I wanted to do so much because I feared I was really gay. Considering I was always playing with mine and always liked looking at guys cocks in swingers adds at news paper stands all over Berkley California, I also love tits and enjoyed fucking girls since they loved having me fuck them, quite the popular guy in school I suppose since I started really young fucking them in middle school, there it is called Jr. High.

Back to hitchhiking, honestly almost every time I got a ride hitchhiking they had their had on my leg in a few minutes after asking a few personal sexual questions, obviously noticing the bulge I had, wasn't hard to miss in tight 505s jeans, they pull over somewhere somewhat secluded feeling safe to engage in sexual acts with a horny kid. I was and interested in cocks too, so every chance I would easily pull my pants down with my cock springing out hard as a rock throbbing to each heart beat enjoying exposing my cock to another male in a sexual teasing manner. I was so sexually minded it was on my mind 24/7 and all about cock and I liked men sucking my cock so I just let them all suck my cock all they wanted, even met a few a couple of more time too, my feelings were if they wanted to suck my kid cock and they all did want my boy cock in their mouth, I was in sexual bliss with their warm mouths slobbering all over my huge uncut hairless cock, really I think I grew into my cock rather then it growing as I got older, at least if looked like it then, whish I had some of the pictures some took to see if I really did grow in to it size?

When I was finally old enough to go into a adult book store, which believe me I tried so many times failing to gain entry every time. But when I finally did get entrance into the world of sex, to see my first private viewing of porn, I immediately found the gay sex channel and pulled my pants down and whipped out my already rock hard cock and masturbated to guys sucking each others cock and fucking, shooting cum, when I saw a gay eat another guys cum I was stroking so franticly, it must of looked as if I was freaking on gay sex, I was, honestly I am surprised I didn't destroy my cock, but I did have a few tender spots from friction burns during a few all to much just all day cock stroking occasions.

All the while I never noticed there were holes in the walls, being actually quite dark except the light given off the screen showing hard cocks and cum flying which I was fixed on enjoying every bit of the action never even thinking of a hole or even looking around the booth, only noticing how sticky the floor was from my tennis shoes making that sticky sound when lifting them up and down positioning myself for my own great cum shot usually right on the screen itself, dribbling down as I continued my gay fantasies stroking my now frothy from cum cock towards another orgasm. For some reason I noticed a faint light out of the corner of my eyes and looked down, where I saw an eye staring at me with my cock in my hands frothy and all stroking it up and down watching gay porn, I got so turned on and was now harder then ever before, like painfully hard and it felt great, while some other guy was watching me stroke my cock to porn with guys sucking each others cock turned me on big time. Now there is a complete stranger who knows I am into gay porn and I like the thought a lot, crazy but I liked exposing my cock to other men while stoking it, I even turned towards the whole so they could get a great view up close. I knew there and then I was kind of gay and privately there I liked showing this side of my real sexuality.

Being naive about the signals which these guys would give to indicate their desire to suck my cock while I gave them my sexual cock teasing shows, until finally one guy spoke up saying he loved my cock, say sexy things a gay guy would say to another guy, how big it was, how much he would love having it in his mouth, would I like to have it sucked?

Just before I actually stuck my cock through a hole to let a complete stranger supposedly who wanted to suck it, thoughts of maybe he my cut it off or bite it off or worse pull it off ran through my mind. But I stuck it on through all the while these thoughts were running through my head and it didn't matter because I was so hot for a guy sucking my cock hopping I wouldn't lose it and bleed to death there in the booth watching gay porn and my family finding out I died have gay sex with a gay cannibal cock eating maniac.

As it turned out he was a great cock sucker and I had my first load shot off while my cock was still in his mouth, my entire body literally shuddered while shooting each stream of cum down his throat. I was so sexually gratified fully for the first time, it was an amazing sensation and I was now addicted to glory hole sex and still am. I especially get gay crazed while high on crack or speed and I had to do it, suck my first cock so this time while watching what I love to do everyday, watch gay porn and play with my cock, I bent down looking through the hole at the young guy, shaved cock stroking to gay porn too, so I signaled with my finger that i was interested in suck his cock, which poked through throbbing there in front of me and i opened my mouth and wrapped it on to his throbbing hairless cock and started to suck on it like so many men did to me, I went crazy with how it felt in my mouth, now all the wondering what it would feel like was answered and how.

My cock was so hard it felt like it was going to rip apart while sucking on this delicious male meat throbbing in my mouth as I tried to swallow more of it and gagging a few times but kept on devouring what I have wanted to do for so many tears but was afraid I would love it, boy did I ever, I knew I was a cock sucking fagot and knew I would like being one. Also knew I'd be addicted and am I ever addicted to cock now, because I am gay and actually now that I am older truthfully I am a 100% cock suck gay guy, but still love tits so I love transsexuals big time.

So back to while franticly stroking my cock while sucking this kids hairless cock through a hole a strange twinge over took my mouth? He unloading his cum while I am feverously sucking his cock, now I find myself franticly swallowing as much as I can as it is dripping out sides of my lips and on my face, it was everywhere, this guy has big loads, during which I shot my load so hard, each stream jetted out hitting the other side of the booths wall.

I have beaten the best sexual feeling I ever had at that point of my sexually predestined homosexual life, it was so unbelievably sexually draining to experience such a phenomenal homosexual pleasure only fantasized what it would be like till that point in my cock on the brain life. Let me tell you this; real life experience in fulfilling a fantasy which you have had for so many years is so much more then you could ever fantasized.

I regretted waiting so long to have cock finally; Ok so I am a gay, I knew I loved cock sucking and deep down was really a faggot, so are a lot of other guys and we like being cock sucking faggots. So if your hairless cock is interested in so gay pleasures hit me up and let our cocks get acquainted, by the way this is such a true story and it's the first time I have let anyone else know or written anything sexually much less homosexually oriented, I must say I like telling everyone here my true sexuality.



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