My name is Brady; right now I am 19, and enjoying life. Hope you enjoy the story of my first time ever entering the high school locker-room.

My freshman year of high school was a living hell. Being the only gay guy in a small school made me an easy target for harassment. I just took it, never letting it get to me. I managed to make it through the first half of the school year without any confrontation. I was the nerdy type, always staying after to get assignments done, and done well.

One Tuesday, I had just finished my report on the novel 'To Kill a Mocking Bird' when I noticed that the football team was coming in from practice. I instantly slowed my speed down, for if I was lucky, they wouldn't see me. After they all entered the locker room, I decided that it was safe to pass. Walking by, praying that they would leave me alone, I heard the creek of the door. Shit, I thought, walking faster and faster by the second. Suddenly I felt hands on my shoulders, and then more were wrapped around my legs.

Petrified with terror, I didn't say anything as three members of the football team carried me in the locker-room. Dumping me on the floor, they all circled around me. The three that pulled me in the locker-room, then stepped forward and started to strip me of all my clothes, except my tight underwear. Scared out of my mind, I watched as each member of the football team started to strip down to their sweaty jocks. Terrified and a little excited at the same time, I let out a low shriek.

The quarterback of the team stepped forward next. Looking up at him, he pulled his meaty cock out of his jock. Oh boy, I thought, this can turn out bad, or I can go along. The quarterback commanded me to start sucking his cock. I tried to show that I was reluctant, but somehow I must have come across eager as his buddy next to him said, 'Hey look, he wants it!' As I slid my mouth around the quarterback's meaty cock, I felt someone tugging on my briefs. Without thinking, I slid them down and spread my cheeks apart. Just then, I felt a small tug on my own cock. Again, without thinking I took my free hand and pushed whoever's head that was wrapped around my cock further on my pole. Hearing a choking sound I started to slide my cock in and out of his throat. Grunting as I felt a large cock enter my tight hole, I started to give our quarterback the blowjob of a lifetime. Within minutes he was moaning, and bucking his hips as he let a load of his sweet man-juice down my throat.

Without missing a beat the next sweaty cock was down my throat. These guys were using me as their personal fuck toy. Sliding my ass back on the guys cock, he pushed forward and let out a thick steamy load up my ass. Moaning as he did this, I instantly came in the mouth of the guy sucking me off. After swallowing my load the mystery man surfaced, it was the COACH, possibly the hottest guy I have ever met to this day. Taking every cock on the team up my ass or down my throat, I slowly took out the football team.

After the 20 some young men were done with my body, they left me lay there on the floor of the locker-room floor. Some 30 minutes later, the quarter back came back. 'What are you...?' I began. 'Shut up Brady, don't say anything at all.' He then walked to my side, bent down and picked me up, and placed me on the bench. 'You are gonna get nice and hard for me, ok, I have to feel what it's like to have a cock in my body, you seemed to like it. I instantly shot up, and started working on getting my dick hard again. Once hard, I ordered him to pull his shorts and jock down, and told him to get ready. My throbbing cock in hand, I pushed my head up against his virgin hole. 'Dude, take it easy,' he said uneasily. I told him no chance, and as I thrust my cock deep in his hole, he screamed in pleasure. 'Oh, don't tell the guys Brady oh fuck, fuck me, AHHHHHHHH!' After 10 minutes of edging myself I let go, my man juices coated his guts.





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