So I joined a 24 hour gym when I was 18. I should say that at this point in my life I considered myself as straight, although I had started to get curious and had started to occasionally watch gay porn.

I would typically go to the gym at about 4am before work and started to notice a man, about 50 years old, who always seemed to be in the changing room as I got out the shower. 

I noticed one night that he was actually taking pictures of me getting changed. I didn't think it would but it turned me on so much. Knowing someone was watching me, recording me was such a drill.

The next time he was there I decided to take a chance. I didn't know what I wanted, but I when I came out of the shower I came out naked. I instantly had an erection as I walked over to my locker. Making sure my ass was facing him I slowly caressed my self before turning to face him.

He now openly had his cock out as he jerked it. Massively nervous and scared, but at the same time excited, I walked over to him and kneeled down between his legs. I took his oenis in my hands and just held it for a bit. It was the first time I had even touched a mans cock.

He took his phone out and started recording me as I slowly lowered my mouth down to his dick. Having received a few blowjobs from girls and from watching LOTS of porn I instinctively knew what to do. I started with his balls, slowly licking them and taking one in my mouth. 

After a minute of this he stood up and walked to a shower cubicle. Inside I went straight back to his cock. This time however he was a bit me controlling. He got me on all fours and grabbed my head and pulled me on to his cock. Once there I felt his hands on my ass. First just spreading my checks and lightly spanking me.

Again not expecting to like it, I found myself moaning as he spanked me. Then I lost control a little as he started to finger my virgin hole. After a couple of minutes he pulled out of my mouth and asked if I had ever been fucked. I said no, then he asked if I wanted to be fucked right now.

I couldn't believe this was happening, only a month ago I had started experimenting with my ass, first with my fingers, then with cucumbers. I bought my first dildo a week ago when I turned 18, and now I was going to get fucked by a 50 year old man in the gym!

I immediately said "yes please". He then said he wouldn't, until I had begged him. So I begged him. Then he told me to turn around and put my ass in the air. I felt his tongue on my hole and on turn my dick twitch. Then I felt the head of his dick. 

As he pusher his way inside me, I pushed back knowing that I could easily take his 7inch cock, until he was completely inside me. That moment, when my ass completely engulfed hi dick, was the best moment of my life. I moaned and told him to fuck me.

With that he started trusting in and out of me holding my hips. Occasionally lowering his body onto my back, holding and caressing me. Iv been with girls before but nothing compared to what I was experiencing. 

He brought his lips to my ear and suckled on it. I turned to face him and our lips met as our tongues explored each other's mouths. It seemed crazy to me, how romantic it was and how natural it felt. He pulled out of me and told me to suck his cock. This time however he was gentle and stroked the back of my hair as I bobbed up and down on his cock.

I looked up at him with his cock in my mouth. He said he wanted to cum in my ass. I just nodded and let his cock slip from my mouth. This time he got me on my back and lowered himself onto my as he put his cock in my hole.

Much slower than before he continued to fuck me. Stroking my thighs and kissing me. I wrapped my arms and my legs around him trying to embrace as much of him as possible. Then he caught me be surprise as he lifted me up and held me against the wall. I told him I was going to cum. He continued fucking me and told me to keep looking into his eyes.

A few minutes after I came he started fucking me faster and faster until he suddenly, he started slowly but forcefully trusting all the way in. Each time I could feel thick cum hitting my wall. It felt amazing as the cum sprayed deep in my ass, lubricating his cock.

When he finished cuming he, he kissed me for a minute then pulled his soft cock out of my ass and left. I waited a minute or two and also left. The rest of the day at work I could feel his cum dripping down my legs, and trying to hide a boner! 

Since that first gay encounter I have become addicted to being naughty in public and have had a few more exciting encounters. And I still regularly meet up with my first in the gym.



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