My home was one of the Deep South larger cities. The difficulty was finding a glory hole at an adult bookstore with viewing booths or other such as hangouts for homosexuals. The Baptist Church considered themselves as the moral compass of the community controlling the town. The gay community had to be discreet. The County Sheriff regularly raided gay bars and adult bookstores to find the patrons in an indecent action resulting closing the establishment. I am a bi and wanted to meet others that enjoyed the same as I did, sex between two consenting adults. The Baptist crusade, on the morals of the community, did not leave a lot places you could go to cruise for sex. I was always looking forward to meeting someone for fun and games. One of my online contacts told me about the Club. I found a link to the Club. The Club was a gay bathhouse found downtown found across the street from the Baptist Church.

A gay bathhouse passed as a gym, with all the amenities such as a weight room, swimming pool, sundeck, and small rooms for private for discrete activities. At this location, the bathhouse had a steam room, open shower stalls and TV room. The rules allowed men to walk around wrapped in only a towel around their waist. The rules of the Club restricted any direct homosexual behavior, such as touching, kissing, or giving oral. The rules of the Club wanted all gay activities confined to the small rooms. The cost to enter the Club varied during the day you visited. The price for a small room was eighteen dollars Monday-Thursday, on Friday-Sunday; it was twenty-four dollars. If you bought a six-month membership for fifteen dollars, the rates were four dollars cheaper. As a bonus, on Tuesday night, you get a voucher to return free during the week. You could rent a locker getting undress in full view of anyone who walks past. When you rented a locker, you did not have a room to play. The locker fee was twelve dollars for weekday and for weekends, sixteen dollars with a two-dollar discount if you had a membership.

This patricidal bathhouse location was open for 25 years. This was funny because it was across the street from the largest Baptist Church in town. The local churches or the police did not disturb the bathhouse; one theory was it was better having one gay facility than several all over the County were. Another reason might have been the owner of the bathhouse supported the local sheriff with contributions for his election.

The Club was a two-story building, painted gray; location was mid block off a main traffic corridor. The parking lot location was in front of the building. There were spaces for twenty-six cars with spill over parking on the next street. On Friday and Saturday nights, the parking lot would be full of cars from various counties in the state and a few out-of-state cars. Bonus night, Tuesday would be another time the parking lot would be full and kept active most of the night with cars leaving and cars arriving. On the outside, the Club looked like any other build; it could have been an office building, an apartment building or even a church.

The Club allowed men to walk around wearing a towel; where men gave blowjob in the steam room; where small rooms were for rent to have sex. There is a sundeck where you could be naked, and you could be naked in the pool and hot tub. There were open bay showers where anyone could watch you lather up your body, stroke your cock, even bend over in the shower.

Three types of men visited the Club. One group of men was young slim and muscular gay men. Another group of men was married bi of various body conditions. The last groups were straight men from both extremes, healthy and out of shape. The age of the men attending the Club was from twenty-one to seventy-nine. Men over fifty considered a "troll," because these older men would walk the hallways trying to find anyone for action. Sometimes the "trolls" annoyed someone by not taking no for an answer. Because of my age, the younger men would classify me as a "troll," but I did not troll around, and if I did, I did not try to do anything the other guy did not want to be done.

First time I visited the Club, it was to meet someone. I met a man on line named John. He wanted to meet me for oral sex. Neither one of us had a place to meet and play. He suggested meeting at the Club. I agreed to meet John at the club on a Tuesday after work.

I arrived at the Club on time. The parking lot was full forcing me to park across the street, next to an adult night school. I did not know why my heart was pounding. Maybe it was the idea of going to a gay bathhouse, or maybe it was expecting meeting John for sex. I entered the Club standing in a small foyer. On my right was a glassed pass through a window similar to what you would find in check-cashing stores. A sign on the wall said, "Ring Bell for attendant." I saw no one on the other side window, waited a few seconds, yet no one at the window. I rang the bell, ring, ring, ring. A man in his twenties appeared from around the corner, on the other side of the glass. He had a friendly face I explained, "This is my first time here."

The attendant said, "Drivers license please." I reached into my pocket, produced my wallet, and extracted my driver's license slipping it through the hole in the window. The attendant said, "Go through the door," he pointed out with his head towards an inner door. A buzzer sounds; buzzzzzzzzee of the automatic switch unlocks the door. I entered the next small room. This room has a small window with bars. The attendant appears and asks, "Room or locker?"

I responded, "Room."

He asks, "Second floor or first?"

I answer, "Second."

The attendant questioned, "Do you need a membership. It will be fifteen dollars for six months."

I did not know if I were going to enjoy my first visit to the Club. I did not know if I wanted to return, but I said, "Membership," anyway.

The attendant filled out a form from information on my Driver License, then completed a membership card. Next, he handed me a white towel and elastic loop with a key on it. The attendant smiled, "Your room is 28. Your check out time is eight hours from now, two AM. Enjoy your time." A sound of an automatic door locked sounded, buzzzzzzzzzee.

I entered the main room of the Club. A universal weight machine was not in used. Walking forward as if I know what I was doing, I found a hallway with doors on each side. As I walked, you could find some of the doors slightly opened. Peeking in one of the rooms, I spied a man reclined on a single bed. The naked man was stroking his cock. I kept walking peeking in on the next room. This room had a naked man lying face down; I heisted a bit to get a better view. Next room the door was wide open. Looking into the room, I was disappointed not finding a naked man, only the room was empty. The hallway was dark with light filtering in from the weight room and from the end of the hallway. All the other doors were closed. There was background music playing at just a sound level not to be annoying.

A locker room was found at the end of the hall. As I entered there were two men talking as they dressed, or undress, I could not tell. I found the stairs at the end of the locker room and walked to the second floor. This level was similar to the first floor, with a hallway that was dimly lit up, doors on each side. As I walked down the hallway, I noted the numbers on the doors. There were doors partially opened with naked men reclined on the bed, some jacking, some just sitting and a few on their stomachs butt exposed. I found my room at the end of the hall.

In the room was a single bed built on a wood platform, a metal locker like the ones you would find in a gym. The light was on a rheostat allowing one to adjust for light in the room. I took off my clothes locked them in the locker, firmly tucking the end to secure the towel around my waist. Still exploring the top floor, I found the TV room, the sunroof, and the showers. There was a second set of stairs leading down to the lower level leading down to the pool, hot tub and steam room. I was to meet my online friend John at the hot tube. Arriving at the hot tub, I did not find anyone. No one was swimming in the pool. Testing the temperature of the water, I dipped my foot in the shallow end. It was chilly.

A man walked into the pool and hot tube area, removed his towel, hung it up on pegs mounted on the wall and entered the steam room. I noted rule #1 one it was OK to be naked in the steam room. This man did not say hello. I guessed he was not John. I took a seat by the pool waiting for John. Another man entered, walked to the shower removed his towel. He soaped and lathered his body, took a longtime to clean his privates. From his location, he watched me; I watched him. He was only about thirty feet away, close enough for me to make out details about his body. He was in his thirty, had been little nobody fat, sported muscles you would find on a bodybuilder. After the shower, the man walks exposed to the steam room. We made eye contact; I smiled, and he smiled back. He did not say hello. He was not John.

The clock on the wall read half past the hour. John did not meet me as planned. I decided to explore the steam room first. Hanging up my towel, I entered the steam room naked. It did not matter if I were naked or not because the room was full of steam making it difficult to see, hard to walk and find a place to sit. The steam room had a three-level or tier of seats all covered with ceramic titles. One wall had a window that was steam covered obstructing the viewing. The other wall had a showerhead suspended from the ceiling on a chain that turns on the shower. I sat at one end, on the lowest level. The heat must have been 110 degrees sweat started to roll down my face. Looking around the room, I saw four bodies outlined in the steamy fog. The closest man was only three feet away, sitting on the second-tier seats. I saw he was sitting, his legs open, hands playing with his hard cock. Another man was sitting next to him watching. Neither man talked. The watching man placed his hand on the jacking man's leg. He moved his hand slowly up toward the jacking man's cock. The jacking man did not object to being touched. The watching man's hand reached the jacking man's cock; the jacking man allowed watching man to folding his cock. I watched one-member jack the cock of another man, only a few feet from where I was sitting.

Fascinated by this action I stared through the steam. Rule #2 it was OK to touch one another in the steam room. The watching man moved to the bottom tier seat in front of the jacking man, turns and started to suck the jacking man's erection. This was hot, erotic male-to-male action, better than any porno movie. The jacking man has his hands on each side of his cock sucker head, moving his head while he was fucking the cock sucker's mouth. I heard the cock sucker gagged each time he forced to take the full-length of cock in his mouth. The cock sucker did not mind the abuse. He did not try to stop the face fucking. Rule #3, it was OK to give and receive oral in the steam room.

The jacking man grunted, holding the cock sucker head, grunts again then withdraws his cock dripping cum. The cock sucker stands and goes to the shower where he washes his face of any man juice. The jacking man leaves as the cock sucker selected a seat a few feet from me. I did not notice, but my cock was hard watching the past action. My hand was naturally stroking my dick to keep it hard. The cock sucker moves closer to me. He places his hand on my leg. I felt strange and exciting having another man touch me is such a way. I knew what was going to happen. His hand reached my ridged dick. I let his hand replaced my hand. Leaning back, I enjoyed his touching, jacking and the fondling. The steam in the room made his hands soft and warm.

Another man entered the steam room. He walked to the center of the room looked around for a place to sit. There were only three other people in the room, one man in the corner, the cock sucker sitting next to me and me. The man sees my dick in the hands of the man... He walked in our direction. He sat next to me but at the second-tier level. From this position, he could watch, able to see the hand action up to close. Moving my head in his direction, I stared at his crotch. He was a tall man, over six feet with a few extra pounds. His dick was not proportional to his size. Fully erect his dick was less than the width of my hand. He was so close that I noticed he had a cut dick with a large mushroom gland. The tip of his dick had a metal ring pierced through his pee hole.

The cock sucker moved from jacking my cock to kneeling in front of me. He moved his head between my legs and made full mouth contact with my erect dick. The other man looked down and watched the action. I now felt the other man on the second-tier level, leg pushed against my arm. It was not just a bump, but his leg remained in contact with my body. I turned to look at the second-tier level man but only saw him jacking his cock. I had a significant advantage spot and watched him only a foot away; I saw details, his balls, shaved and smooth. The second-tier level man rubbed his cock as his silver cock ring bouncing with each hand movement. The cock sucker was doing an excellent job on my dick, causing me to crave something more. I turned my head again and looked at the other man's dick. As I did, he moved closer I opened my mouth. His cock was smallish, causing him to have to move his body closer to my face. I did not provide any resistant to his advance, accepted his entire dick into my hot, wet mouth.

Having my cock sucked and sucking a cock at the same was erotic. In a few minutes, the other man said, "God, I am cumming." Then he did. That was enough for me, and I came too.

I give the cock sucker warning, "I am going to cum in your mouth." He did not stop his sucking; he kept up with his mouth action on my dick.

My cum exploded in his mouth as I was swallowing the other man's cum. I kept the other man's cock in my mouth as I squirted a large load of sperm into the cock sucker's mouth. It was all over in a few seconds. The cock sucker stood and went to the shower. The other man stood and departed from the steam room. The cock sucker left the steam room. I am now alone with the man who sat in the corner. I did not see, but this man had moved to be able to watch the action. He now stood in front of me, stroking his dick. I still had the taste of another man's cum in my mouth and now needed more. I moved from my seat to a kneeling in front of this stranger, a stranger in the fog of a steam room.

I open my mouth; he knew what to do, slipping his semi-erect dick into my mouth, he grabbed my head. He says in a whisperer, "That is it. Take my cock, bitch." He moves his hips in a fucking motion resulting in my mouth used as his pussy. It was not long when he exploded his creamy ooze in my mouth saying, "Fuck yes bitch and swallow every drop." He squirted a few times, with draws his limp dick, and then exits the steam room leaving me alone.

I was in the steam room for fewer than fifteen minutes witnessing one man receive oral. I had cum in one man's mouth; another man had cum in mine. Now a second man had cum in my mouth. This action was worth the cost to enter the Club. The steam room was hot, made me dizzy, and astounded me. I had to leave the steam room.

Walking back to my room, I noted a few rooms with the door open. I realized the body language of the Club. Show someone your hard cock or jack it was an invitation that you wanted a blowjob. Lying on your stomach was obvious; you were a bottom seeing a top. Sitting in your room, not jacking your cock was an invite to receive oral. With this information, I went back to my room. I removed my towel, turned the light to dim, opened the door and reclined on my stomach with my ass towards the door. I waited as I watched shadows walk to pass the door or stop for a few moments looking into my room. One man stopped, looked for a few seconds, and entered my room, closing the door behind him. He did not speak a word. He dimmed the lights to a level where I barely saw him. He sat on the bed by my legs and rubbed my ass cheeks.

I felt his fingers as they rubbed between my legs playing with my balls, then up to my crack, and fingered my anus. I offered no resistance or conservation. He seemingly came with his own oil because I felt his finger slide easily into my anus, first one finger then two or maybe three. I was getting a prostate message as he worked his fingers in and out. The stranger stood then knelt between my legs; he leans forward, placing his dick between my legs. The stranger leaned forward, with his hands on each side of my body. I now felt his cock rubbed at my anus, and then felt some force as he tried to put his dick at the correct position for penetration. A second later, I felt his cock enter my anus and passed my Sphincter muscles. He penetrated me seeking to fill me with the full extent of his cock. My anus was deeper than a woman's pussy and allowing for a large cock, which was one reason hung men like to fuck ass. I wiggled my bottom to help him have unrestricted access as I met each of his thrusts in an equal and opposite action. The stranger was on top of me. One arm was around my chest the other holding his weight on my body. He grabs my nipple and rubs it. His fucking movement is slow and deep. I am fully aroused lying on my dick as his hard dick fucked my manhole.

I moved my hips in rhythm with his penetrations; I tighten on my Sphincter muscles offering the most resistance to the sides of his dick. This must have caused him great pleasure because it was not long I felt him thrust deep, keep his cock buried in my manhole. I accepted the fact I was being fucked bare; I accepted letting him cum inside me. Feeling his warmth flood deep inside me, I moan as I climaxed, causing me to spill my seed on the sheets beneath me. The stranger's full weight is now on me. The stranger keeps his dick deep inside me. I continue to massage his dick with my anus tightening. He moans with each contraction until the last one that causes him to squirt out my now wet anus.

The stranger stands, wraps his towel around him and leaves. He leaves the door open a little as more men walked past, looking in at my freshly fucked manhole.

A few minutes later, another man stops at the door. I turn to look at him then the nod for him to enter. He is a short man with a beard and a hairy body. He enters my room and closes the door behind him. He walks opposite to my face, opens his towel showing me his cock. Without a sound, I open my mouth accepting his cock. He knelt on the bed allowing me to consume more of his cock. The more I suck the harder and larger he got. When he was fully erected, he said one word, "Doggy." I complied getting on my hands and knees. The bearded man slipped behind me rubbing his dick up and down my crack. He got some of the last man's cum now dripping out of my hole, on his cock. The bearded man cock enters me without resisted. This man's cock moved in and out holding onto my hips, so the position of my hole lined up with his thrusting dick. He slapped my ass cheek. The bearded man says, "Hell yes, fuck my cock, you slut." I move away to let most of his cocks to slip out then dove back to let every inch to be buried deep in me. I kept this movement going as the bearded man says, "Oh yes bitch, you have a hot hole. Yes, fuck me, fuck your Daddy." This fucking and exchange of words continued for a few minutes. The bearded man says, "Oh yes bitch, I am going to cum in your hot hole. Take that you bitch," as he thrusts deep one last time. My hole is flooded with warmth. The bearded man trusted deep a second time, then a third with the warmth spilling out and onto my cock and balls. The bearded man removed his dick, moved to stand in front my face and tells me, "Clean my cock, slut." He leans forward without waiting rubbed his cum covered cock on my face. I did not refuse his direction, open my mouth, and licked his dick clean. When he was satisfied with my efforts to clean his dick, he wrapped his towel around his body and leaves.

My mouth and ass felt used. I climaxed twice. The Club was a happening place. I enjoyed everything about the Club. Men would walk around seeing my naked body, wanted to suck my cock or wanted to fuck my face and fuck my ass. I went to take a shower, cleaned my ass, and expelled a lot of creamy-white fluid. When I went to check out, I give the attendant my towel, the sheets and pillowcase and keys. He returned my divers license and a pass for entry during the week since today was Tuesday. I definitely plan to return. I was disappointed that John was a no show, but I had plenty of dicks for one day.

As I drove home, I wondered, "How many men would use me if I stayed for the full eight hours."



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