I'm Joseph and I'm bi, this is the story of my first time.

The day started when I was in home ec class. It was a day of a project assignment and I got partnered with Trevor, he is a dirty blonde 5'8, he is a jock and has an amazing body he doesn't quite have abs but he's almost there and he has a perfect tan. The project was planning a future with the person you were assigned with. I thought about what we could do for the rest of the day.

After school I went to Trevor's house he was in the shower but I waited in his room. While he was in the shower I saw a jockstrap on the floor. I went and picked it up and held it to my nose. It was the most intoxicating aroma I had ever smelled. I put the jockstrap in my pocket. I got bored and went onto Trevor's computer I saw his history was open so I took a look, there were some gay porn sites on there. I and everybody else in school always thought Trevor was straight.

Trevor got done in the shower he walked in the room with nothing on. He saw me on his computer and ran toward me. He tipie toed Over my head so he could see what I was looking at and his cock was in my face. Just then he started to get hard as if just reading the names of the sites gave home bone. He got an enourmous boner about 11'' it was touching my face.

I took that as an offer and I put the head in my mouth and began to suck his dick. I put as much as I could in my mouth slowly and when I was halfway down he grabbed my head and pulled it toward him. He was face fucking me and I loved it. "oh god" Trevor said. Then he moaned and all of a sudden the door slammed opened it was trevors dad. "What the fuck is this" he yelled. Trevor's dad is named Noah he is 39 and he is HOT he is ripped and has some washboard abs that make you want to be gay just to lick them up and down. "FUCK IM CUMMING OH GOD YESSS YESSS OHHHH." Trevor yelled in pleasure. As I looked over at Noah his pants got bigger.

Then I gave Trevor a kiss that had tounge I took him to his bed and I began to strip. Trevor helped me undress and kissed my neck then my chest and my stomach when he got to my pants he undid them then he got to my male thong is was neon blue and he licked my cock through them. He took of my thong with his teeth and sucked my 9'' cock he went all the way down. I was filled with pleasure. He pinched my nipple. "OH GOD" I shouted in pleasure. Then Trevor turned me around and he rimmed me. It was an amazing sensation and I loved it. I glanced at Noah and he had stripped naked and was stroking his 12" uncut dick. I motioned him come over to me. He came towards me and got on the bed i licked his balls and went from the base of his pole to the head and he was filled with pleasure. Just then I felt something in my ass. It hurt like hell. "FUCK!".i said. He pushed it in further and faster and I was hurting but then when he got it in all the way I felt so good. He fucked my ass rough and slapped it constantly. Then Noah got behind he and stuck his dick inside with his sons. "THIS FEELS SOO FUCCKIING GOOD!" in that instant I came all over the bed. Trevor and Noah were kissing as they pounded my ass like a nail. Then I felt a warm stream inside of me it was the most amazing sensation ever and it was Trevor who came in me. Noah then pulled out and came all over my face.




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