My friends and I had been talking about organizing a boys weekend in Winter. We would all get together at my friend Mark's farm and have a few beers, light a fire, and listen to some good music, get away from our girlfriends or wives. We picked a date and made some rough plans. When the weekend finally came around, people had mixed up the dates, made other plans, or plain forgot and it ended up being just me still able to go. It was fine though, we'd catch up and kick back for a couple of days.

I arrived in the morning and we spent the afternoon riding motorbikes, and checking out the farm. We gathered some wood from the shed down the back of the property and sorted out some good food for dinner. I lit the fire, opened up a beer and we sat down to talk nonsense, took turns selecting the music and stoking the fire, drinking more and more. 

We were getting pretty drunk by midnight when we realised we were running out of firewood.  It was pouring rain outside, and pitch black, so we decided it would be best if we both made the long trek to the shed to get the wood. Maybe have a cigarette outside on the porch first. We ran down to the shed, collected some wood and tried to run back, but Mark slipped half way back, falling in a huge muddy area and dropping all his wood. I put my wood down and went to help him up, covering myself in mud too. We were now both soaked from the rain, covered in mud, and freezing cold.

When we got back to the house Mark said we can't go in because we were so dirty so he said he'd strip off his clothes and come back with towels so I could do the same. He took his boots, and shirt off, then his pants. He was wearing a red pair of briefs and they were half wet from the rain that had soaked us, clinging to his butt. He went off to grab towels and I stripped off as well, I had a pair off black briefs on and they were stuck wet to my body.

I suggested we towel off when he came back, and sit in front of the fire to warm up. I helped wipe the mud from the back of his hair and he dried off my back which was soaked from the rain. We grabbed a big glass of scotch each, knocked it all back, and then got another and sat in front of the fire. Mark put some good dance tunes on and after awhile we got up and started to dance, swaying from the alcohol and pretending to twerk against each other in our briefs, gyrating and laughing at what we were doing.

When Mark fell over on to the couch after awhile, I pinned him down with my arm and spanked him on the arse several times before letting him up. He grabbed me by the shoulders and we wrestled standing up, before knocking into the couch and hitting the ground. I was lying face down on the floor, Mark had me in a hold with one arm, and with the other hand he started trying to pull my briefs down, grabbing at the back and the sides putting his hand inside the leg holes. I was thrashing about trying to get out and he suddenly managed to pull them down to my knees, and as I turned over to try and stop him, he pulled them all the way off. He stood up, ran to the kitchen and threw them in the sink.

I was standing there near the fire now completely naked, my penis hanging limp, facing him unsure what to do. He was staring right at my naked groin, laughing and picking up a beer. I decided to grab him whilst he wasn't ready, running towards him and knocking him and the beer over, tugging at the front of his briefs and pulling them down, brushing his cock with my hand. I ripped them right off and we wrestled naked on the ground. We were face to face in an awkward drunken position, thrashing about, and our cocks were rubbing on each other. 

Mark pushed me off and turned away for a second, looking embarrassed. My naked body rubbing on his had given him an erection. We were sitting opposite each other on the floor and he had this big rigid cock poking up at his belly button. He was apologising to me, sitting there without covering it up. I said don't worry that I almost got one as well, that it was just the friction. He said I was lying, and I laughed at him, pointing at his cock as it slowly started to go down. He suddenly sprang up off the ground, ran towards me, and pushed me sideways, knocking me over. It took me by surprise and when he grabbed my cock and started pumping it in his hand, up and down, I asked him what he was doing. He said he was trying to get me to have an erection so we both would be embarrassed. 

The next thing I did came as a complete surprise to me. I just gave in. I laid down on my back, completely exposed, my naked body in the firelight, and Mark sat down next to me Jerking off my now erect penis. I could see the moment he realised what he was doing. He paused for a second, looked me in the eyes, then kept going. He was getting faster, and stronger, and the feeling was unbelievable. I started thrusting my hips a little to the pace of his stroking and he leant over and kissed the tip of my cock. He did it a few times, pumping my cock with one hand, putting his other hand on my stomach, he took the end of my cock in his mouth and started sucking, it just the head at first then up and down the shaft, over and over. My whole body was tingling, the glow from the fire was shining on Marks body, on his torso and cock, we were moving in rhythm together. I was thrusting harder, and started to moan and writhe on the floor. Marks warm wet mouth took my whole cock in and I felt my legs, arms, my whole body stiffen, my head went dizzy, my vision blurred and It felt like all the blood in my body race towards my cock and suddenly I exploded.

It was the hugest orgasm I have ever felt. I knew I had filled Mark's whole mouth with my load. He pulled away and fell back onto the floor. We both lay panting and taking in what had just happened. I just couldn't believe it. Mark hopped up and went to the fridge, and came back with two beers. We lay there for what felt like an eternity, not talking, just sipping our beers and basking in the glow of the fire. I leant over and kissed Mark on the lips, I don't know why. He kissed back and we made out for a while lying on the floor, I ran my hands over his body, over his stomach, and over his fuzzy pubic area. I played with his testicles cupping them in my hand and then running my fingers along the top of his shaft and over the head of his penis. He pushed my hand away and said we should probably get dressed. He fetched me a clean pair of bikini briefs from his room and I put them on. He put his briefs back on and hit play again on the music. We ended up staying in just our briefs and dancing for the next two hours straight as if nothing had ever happened.

After that weekend we never spoke about it again. We are still best friends and it's not awkward at all. It's like nothing ever happened. I still think about it though, and sometimes i jerk off to the image of both of us lying naked in the firelight. 




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